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Ran’s crying in Gosho’s poster for M22. Again. She really does serve no other purpose than being the main romantic interest and constantly crying. I still don’t understand your defense of her. If Ran was taken out of the story completely then nothing would change. She’s basically window dressing that distracts from characters who serve an actual purpose and should be more in focus.

The movies shouldn’t be relevant to any of my view of her in canon. And, even if you didn’t mention it, neither should the openings, which also put Ran in a useless and damsel role.

If Ran were removed from the story, the story wouldn’t have happened, for one. It was her winning a Karate tournament that drove the plot of going to Tropical Land and noticing Gin and Vodka and setting the entire situation off. It’s because her dad is useless and she’s the one who takes care of him that she’s in the position to chose to take in some random kid whose parents aren’t around. It’s because of her role in taking care of her dad that she has a voice in the house. Shinichi wouldn’t be staying with Kogoro had it not been for Ran, and Kogoro as the character he is also wouldn’t exist if Ran didn’t. No Sonoko, because, she’s Ran’s friend. No connection to school. No mundane reasons to be out and about and happen to come across random murders.

I really couldn’t care less if you chose to dislike her for arbitrary reasons and ignore any positives she’s shown, especially when the animated material doesn’t help her. But whether you like it or not, her and her overall character traits are what hold the setting and story together. It’s not in a major way, it’s subtle, and I’m fairly certain that regardless of what I say, you’d only be able to see her in a negative light.

But without her, the very idea of a teenager getting poisoned and shrunk to look like a child wouldn’t be the DC we have today. Without Ran, there’s a good chunk of the cast that wouldn’t have any reason for coming into contact with Shinichi, information that was never learned, and motivations that don’t exist.


So, because of my inability to NOT fuck up a timeline by either doing role reversals, or changing something because I had a what if, in the span of 12 hours I have somehow created an AU and Timeline split(Canon Divergence) for stranger things. Here’s the AU (here you go kiddo! @acecreates )

Stranger Things Role Reversal

  • Okay, a few things to note here, Jane is adopted by Hopper, as her parents were killed in an accident and Hopper decided to not let her go into the foster system. She was adopted when she was about 2, so she doesn’t remember a life without him. Kali was taken in by Joyce when she was 7, 2 years after her son Will was kidnapped and taken away from her. Nancy is best friends with not only Barb, but Jonathan as well, as they bonded when both of their brothers disappeared(whether or not they get together is up to you). The Sinclair’s and Henderson’s moved away, so they don’t exist here. The swap: Jane and Kali with the boys and Max. Max replaces Kali’s role(in a different way). Dustin is 007(goes by Sev or Seven), Lucas is 010(goes by T), Will is 008(Goes by Eight), Max is 009(goes by Nina) and Mike is 011(Goes by Lev). Sev can understand animals, control them and look through their eyes if he tries hard enough, T can mind control, tweak memories, put people to sleep(very difficult) and do mind wipes(depending on how much he’s wiping, it’s either super easy or near impossible). Eight has Kali’s original powers. Nina is a speedster, (essentially think the Flash. She can do everything he does, except for going to a different dimension or travel in time, albeit with varying difficulty. The hardest for her is to go through walls.) Mike has Jane’s original powers. Lev and Eight were kidnapped together, not born from a program, and both were friends before getting kidnapped. Because of this, they both relied on each other HEAVILY to the point where they were unhealthily codependent. They needed each other if not the other would go into a panic. The facility tried breaking the bond, but it always ended with one of the men injured or killed. They used it as a punishment and to get progress though. For punishment they’d put Will into a completely dark and cold room and they’d put Lev into a small dark room. To get progress, they’d put Eight into a small room and Lev into another. Lev could see Eight but Eight couldn’t see him. Lev would DESTROY the room to get to Eight, and Eight would create illusions to make it seem like he was in the room but in reality he left and was trying to find Lev. T, Sev and Nina had a similar bond, as they were all there from the beginning and separating them also ended with one of the men getting injured or killed. Although Nina ends up being taken away and T and Sev are so distraught and broken that separating them even for a second resulted in someone getting gravely injured. Okay I think that’s it for backstory.
  • Jane Hopper and Kali Prasad Byers are the weird kids, but mostly keep to themselves. Someone tried bullying them once and pissed their pants because they got so scared.
  • After hanging with Jane for awhile and helping each other out with homework, Kali goes home, where she is promptly taken to the Upside Down.
  • When Kali isn’t found, Jane takes matters into her own hands and goes to look for her in the storm while Jim is out. Instead she finds a ragtag group of boys with shaved heads, soaked oversized clothes, and number tattoos on their wrists. She takes them to her house, miraculously finds some clothes for them to change in and tells them to change in the guest room. They all change and she starts to interrogate all of them. Then she finds out none of them can really… Speak.
  • She goes to Steve (who is an acquaintance, as he used to babysit her. He isn’t as big of an asshat here in the beginning, as Hopper sort of gave him life lessons. But still an asshat.) and asks him how the hell do I teach 4 ragtag children how to communicate properly. He is fucking confused, then worried, then goes mama bear.
  • The entire season is them hiding these children (Jopper finds out about them, figures out where they came from and doesn’t let any of them out of his sight.) While finding Kali. Everything is smooth sailing (by that I mean goes according to the series) when they do the whole “we need to find my daughter” and Nancy and Jonathan see their FUCKING BABY BROTHERS AND JUST- yeah this is angsty what were you expecting- BREAK DOWN BECAUSE THEY’RE ALIVE. Lev finds Kali, and everything SHOULD go back to normal except one of two things. 1) Lev does go to the upside down, but comes back fairly quickly. 2) Remember how I said T can alter memories and do mind wipes? Well he tweaks the memories so that they all look a wee bit different, and that they all died, so the bad men don’t look for them again. The Byers are reunited, Hopper takes Lev in, and Steve? Steve takes Dusting and Lucas in, fuck his parents “Steve sweetie, you should reconsider-” “they have nowhere else to go and I’m the only one they trust. Fuck reconsidering.” And they all go to school. Lev and Eight start going by Mike and Will, as it attracts less attention (and it’s their birthnames). They’re still codependent, needing to see each other 24/7, hell, they’ve broken into each other’s respectable households multiple times to make sure they’re there, and all of them, Joyce, Steve, Jonathan, Nancy, Hopper, the Kids start carrying Walkie-talkies so they can find each other. Just to make sure everyone is alive.
  • But oh boy season 2. Everything’s still the same, except that Officer Jopper(and begrudgingly his kids, and Will because Steve and everyone who can take care of them are not available) is called to Chicago, along with some other policemen, to bust a drug operation. They find it, bust it, and are told a runner is still in the city escaping. They find her but she gets away by going through a small alley way, fit for a child. Mike jumps out of the car because she looks familiar who is she? And follows her until they both can’t walk. He stares at her and just says “sister?” She is confused, so he makes a few things float and she just goes “brother?” And shows him her numbers 009. And they hug because it doesn’t matter if they weren’t that close, they still are family no matter what.
  • Nina gets off easy, (Jopper got her a lighter sentence stating that she’s what, 12? And that they can punish her a different way, just not with jail time.) And comes back to Hawkins and Steve takes one look and states that this kid is his now, no iff ands or buts. Jopper doesn’t argue. Steve’s parents sigh. Sev, T and Nina embrace each other because they felt so incomplete without her but she’s here now and that’s all that matters. Season 2 goes all according to the timeline with major tweaks here and there and honestly I’m too tired to rewrite this so that is all you are getting.

Please please please don’t hurt me, I didn’t incorporate ships in for a reason. It’s up to you guys if you want ships in here, but I’m not going to do that. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’d be really happy if someone could help me make this make more sense! If you want the Canon Divergence one, please ask!!!



Jaal would totally adore cats and nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise. End of discussion.

Having said that, I’m sitting sick at home and when I’m sick my brain comes up with weird art ideas, so here you go. AND I STILL HAVEN’T PLAYED THE GAME. *SCREAMS* I’m waiting for all the patch work to be done, I’d like for it to be May now plz.

I’ll get u all the cats, Jaal, buddy <3333


JoJo and Caesar’s Authentic Switzerland Experience

Look, I’m not done shitting on how expensive my country is, and there’s not a lot of fiction taking place around here, let me have this

Here, have a thing

i woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep until i finished this