things are shiny here

“Keep your eyes on me.” God reminds me, for the billionth time.

“Nah, this thing over here looks shiny and fun, brb!” I respond, wandering off.

Two weeks later I’m back, empty handed and full of regret. “That was not as fun as I thought it would be and bad things happened.”

“Keep your eyes on me.” God reminds me.

LLSHP 8 - The Nest

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A/N: I’ve successfully kept up with the update schedule, yay (✧∀✧)/! A longer chapter than I expected, but action and stuff do eat up the word count XD; I’m still slowly editing Arc1 so the FFN uploads are still behind… Anyhoo, thanks for reading and any feedback is appreciated as always!
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majestic-tumbleweed  asked:

If you don't mind, what brushes and technique do you use for your shading? Your art is so gorgeous!

Not at all! Thank you for the lovely words :)

For brushes, I switch between three different packs:
Ahmed Aldoori’s PS brushes
Istebrak’s Skin and Blending brushes
* Marc Brunet’s Starter Brush Pack

The first is completely free, and is actually the one I use the most!

As for shading, I don’t really have a set technique… but I guess there’s some method to my madness. This is also a good excuse to get some use out of a sketch I abandoned.

There are three things to note before I get into it. First, I work on a form shadow to cast shadow system. Second, I paint skin in the same way I put on makeup. Thirdly, this probably isn’t the best way to go about shading, but it is the way I do it… Most of the time.

1. I start off by working with “form shadows”, and from dark to light. Basically, I make deeper set areas darker, focusing on the nose, eyes and cheekbones to give them definition.

2. Next I add in the lightest areas: cheeks, nose and chin. All on the same layer.

3. I create a new layer underneath the first, with a mid toned colour, generally warmer than the highlight and shadow colours.

4. Next, I add another colour into the mix, generally a pink or a purple. This is what I use to start blending the shadows in. I use the eyedropper technique (here).

5. Detail work… Mostly just me adding makeup and shiny things.

6. And here comes my favorite part: adding in a secondary light source and then going crazy with the highlights. Still on the same layer

7. Time for cast shadows! Taking into account my choice of secondary light source from before, I add in strong shadows on a new multiply layer (just in case I mess up). I tend to focus on the shadows cast by the nose, the brow ridge and the neck.

8. More detail work. Here’s where I add warmth (and by warmth, I mean blushies) and texture to the skin. And eyes! If I’m working on an important piece, I’ll also blur out or erase some of my linework, to make things looks more polished.

9. Rinse and repeat on everything else. Except not here, because this sketch is a throwaway and I’m lazy.

I hope this was somewhat helpful! Here’s a process gif for good measure :)


Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983

“What do you think??” She asks excitedly.

I stare, dumbfounded, at the remnants of our bedroom. Furniture has been pushed aside, shredded blankets and cushions litter the floor in a messy pile and some sort of canopy covers the whole thing. Shiny objects glint here and there, and I notice great claw marks gouged into the wall, marking our territory.

The makeshift den is a complete shambles, but I can’t help the bright smile that takes over my face.

“I love it,” I say, and I mean it.

generatorcat  asked:

JayTim, “kick his ass for me.”

A cross of the legs, a slight pout of the lips. Jason is done for, and Timothy knows it.


Timothy cants his head just slightly, loose bangs falling across his face. Jason scowls.

“I said no.”

He does nothing, just stares. Blinks. Jason’s fingers twitch.

“Fuck off.”

Somewhere behind him, a police cruiser turns on its siren. Jason’s gaze jerks away but Timothy keeps his steady. His eyes won’t leave that red domino mask until he gets his way.

To their left, a man in a ridiculous vigilante outfit with a pink crop top over mesh armor is looking between them, clearly confused.

“I’m not taking the fall for this.”

Jason turns back to him, shaking a gun Timothy knows is full of rubber bullets at him.

“This was your idea. Your heist. You said, and I quote ‘No one will even notice.’ Someone noticed!”

Timothy holds his arm up, dangling the multi-million dollar necklace he couldn’t resist between his fingers. He smirks as Jason snarls.

“Um..excuse me. I can’t let you leave with that.”

“Shut up!”

Timothy can’t help but laugh at the way the vigilante trying to stop them from robbing this museum flinches when Jason turns his gun on him. Maybe if he was observant he’d have noticed the Bat on Jason’s chest.

Timothy pushes himself up from the bench he’s been lounging on and dusts off his slacks.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Timothy turns. Smiles. “Home. I can feel my skin getting dry and itchy.”

He’s got a new tattoo, a series of feathers on his ribs. Something he’s refusing to let Jason see until it’s fully healed.

The other man’s lips part slightly, like he forgot about the new addition to Timothy’s body. He swallows and he’s caught. A simple reminder, a promise, and he’s wrapped around Timothy’s pinky.

Jason has a kink and Timothy will exploit it fully.

He reaches up and fastens the choker like necklace dripping with diamonds around his throat.

Jason visibly swallows.

More than one kink Timothy is willing to fully exploit.

“Kick his ass for me, baby.” Timothy waves and fires a grappling hook into the shadows. “And pick up some wine on the way home!”

“Fuck off!” Jason yells back at him before the sound of someone being punched in the face reaches his ears.


Alright so always make friends with the animals around.
My house has a bunch of crows that moved in and I’m like ohh they are smart birds let’s make friends. And of course my family said I was crazy. But I kept putting out shiny things and food for them whenever I see them.
Now here’s why its worth it.
Today I found $25 while checking the mail. Later my mom gets a text from my dad saying he must dropped his wallet on his way to work on our sidewalk or something, its missing. So I go out and check where I found the cash. When I went back to find a perfect trail of cash leading to the neighbor’s tree where his wallet was sitting there. Nothing was missing. It has damage of claw and pecking marks but that’s it. Then I look up and there’s my friend crows! It had to be them because there was a perfect trail to the tree they were in and nothing was taken or destroyed like any other animal or human would have done.
When my mom and I came out to go somewhere there was more cash I swear wasn’t there before. My dad said he couldn’t have had more then $60 in his wallet but we found $125 in total.