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(Request) Save Me, Keep Me

Title: Save Me, Keep Me

Characters: Negan x you/Reader

Requested by: @jeffreydeanmorganownsme

The reader is rather young (between 20 and 25) and she has been living her last months in the company of a man she hated, for he had created nothing but trouble in the group she had and basically made all her friends die for his bad decisions.

Warnings: NSFW, 6k+ words, filthy smut I guess lol

Note: Looooooooong overdue request! Sorry it took me so long to get this up ugh. Anyway, this was requested by my fave girl and I hope you’d like this! There’s more details to this request but that’s basically the summary of it. To be honest, this isn’t my best piece and I apologize. Please forgive me if this sucks lol.


Fending for yourself was something you were weak at and you totally hated yourself for that. World’s gone to shit and it’s been shit for a few years now and yet you were still struggling. It wasn’t easy to just fight off the dead and for some reason, you never got used to it. The fact that you had to stay with a man you hated in order to survive made you hate yourself even more.
Jake had been a part of your survival team from the beginning and although he was a good fighter, he brought trouble along with him. He played the part of a leader, a terrible leader to be exact. He never listened to any of you and always did things on his own, which eventually led to everyone you know, dead. Now you were stuck with him simply because you want to survive, you needed to.

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God’s Wife

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Title: God’s Wife

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Word count: 944

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3 <3

Being in the bunker with the Winchesters was proving to be a challenge for Chuck.  He missed seeing you all the time.  Defeating Amara was the only way he could protect you.  He was willing to do anything for you.  The bunker was one of the safest places on Earth for the time being.

Chuck snapped his fingers without a second thought, bringing you to the bunker.  When his eyes fell on you as you stood before him, he could only smile.  “[Y/N],” Chuck spoke softly, causing you to turn around.

You spun on your heels facing your husband.   A smile immediately spread across your face as you threw your arms around Chuck.  “Hey Chuck,” you beamed.  “How have you been?  I haven’t seen you in a few weeks.  Is everything okay?”

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Imagine PTA Sans always making sure he’s as nice as possible to Frisk’s human friends at school at the PTA meetings.  All kids sitting on the gym bleachers, absolutely bored to tears.  Sans can’t blame them.  Every time Helen’s monotone voice speaks up, he instantly falls asleep!  Linda shakes him and lectures ‘Sans, if you’re not going to participate, than go on the bleachers!’ 

Frisk overhears Linda and gets excited when Sans (after quietly mocking Linda under his breath) comes to sit with them and their friends.  Frisk hopping around and introducing each student to her awesome uncle Sans. “So you’re all Frisk’s friends huh?  Aw, kid that kinda hurts… after we got to the surface, ya replaced me and your other pals with humans!’ Sans smirks and ruffles their hair.  Sans turns over to a curly red haired little boy, who couldn’t be an older than Frisk.   The kids are quite confused and apprehensive at first.  But after shaking… oh, let’s call this kid… Mickey or something, and hearing a loud *PHBBBBBBT* from his hand!  Mickey draws back, absolutely confused until Sans shows a whoopee cushion hidden inside a glove.  

All kids are pretty much frozen in shock, until Frisk is absolutely hollering from laughter.  Soon after, all kids start laughing!  So whenever Sans got sent to the bench, he’d always entertain the kids and give them his best tips for pranks and setting people up to bad puns.  Soon, all the children after they outsmart there own parents are repeating ‘Get dunked on!’

Linda does not approve of these children’s behavior.  And begins telling the other parents that Sans is a bad influence as a guardian for Frisk and as attending the PTA meetings.  Sans pretty much ignores her and keeps enjoying his time to grow closer with Frisk and their friends… until Linda says something like ‘Ugh, just like a monster to teach their rude behavior and influence on our children… I bet that poor child is going to grow up in mental institution since it seems like she enjoys being around insane monsters so much!’ 

Yep.  That did it.  Sans could always brush off Linda’s comments with a quick joke since they were always directed at him.  But people he cares about?  And on a child no less?  Frisk, overhearing Linda’s cruel remark, tried to fight back tears in front of their best friends and pulls on Sans’ coat with as they looked up ‘S-sans?  What’s a institution?   Is it bad?  Am I really going there?’  Sans tried his best to hold in his anger for now, just long enough to comfort Frisk and give them a hug and tell them in the calmest voice he could attempts right now ‘Listen kiddo, nothing bad is gonna happen to ya… but I can’t guarantee something won’t happen to these humans in a few seconds.  Now go outside and play, make a sand sculpture of Linda’s face and spit on it for your uncle Sans, cause things are gonna get pretty ugly in here… in other words Frisk. Linda and her goons are in for a VERY b a d  t i m e’ Frisk knew that Sans’ full black eyed icy stare meant Sans was being completely serious. 

Frisk looked to their friends as they shouted out ‘Hey!  I call our own recess break!’ all the kids cheering as they rushed out the door.  Blue magic closing the squeaky gym door with a sudden slam.  The gym light’s flickered almost completely in sync with Sans steps towards Linda.  ‘So lemme get this straight Linda… I’m the monster here?’  Frisk felt the icy tingle of fear going down their own spine.  Frisk could only hope Sans would at least spare them.  

Fire, Water, Sun AU! // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: AU, action, fluff

Summary; Your entire town is being evacuated due to a roaring wildfire. Jaebum helps you escape, but you both get separated trying to run from the fire in the woods.

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What We Left Behind In The Past (2/?)

Bucky Barnes x Daughter! Reader

Part One Found Here

Genre: Angst, Family, Friendship, Mystery, Humor, Adventure, Action, Suspense


Warning: Swearing, Angst, MORE TO BE ADDED


Steve stood in front of the window, arms crossed while one hand rubbed his chin. He was watching the lab workers as they held hair blow dryers and ice picks and a red light, emitting heat, was placed over them. Her head was out along with parts of her chest, feet, hands, and legs. They had been working all night and all day now. 

“I would of never thought that there was another Barnes.”

A voice emitted from beside him. Steve said, never looking away from the girl. 

“No one knew except for Howard, Peggy, Bucky, and I. She was a secret. Bucky had a one night stand with a girl and nine months after, there was a baby on our doorstep and a note saying that it was Bucky’s. There were DNA results and everything. Bucky had raised her until she was seven…”

“That’s when he had to go to war, wasn’t it.”

Steve nodded.

“I had raised her for a bit and then I went into the military. she came along with me and Peggy had taken care of her for me. I had told them she was my little sister. Peggy had raised her like she was her daughter. When Bucky had came back from the HYDRA base, he was angry to find out she was here but Peggy told him to be thankful. We stayed at the camp for a while before we set out for Red Skull.”

He swallowed thickly. 

“That was the last time me and Bucky ever saw her. I think…I think Bucky knew….we had to literally pry him away from his little girl before he left. I guess that’s why he was a bit careless on the train.”

The voice beside him asked as Steve looked at the person. 

“What did you say her name was again?”

“Her name is (Y/n)….(Y/n) Winnifred Barnes…Bucky wanted to remember his mother by giving (Y/n) her name as her middle name. I…I still can’t believe it, Natasha.”

Natasha Romanoff had a soft look on her face as she stared at the girl. She said to Steve.

“Did you think that she grew up and got old, maybe even died?”

Steve nodded. 

“From a young age, Howard, Bucky, Peggy, and I saw that she was very adventurous. One time, she got out of the camp.”

He chuckled at the memory as Natasha looked over. 

“Bucky had been so worried. When we found her, she was playing with one of the tanks. The tanks! Aw man, Bucky had been so angry at us for letting her out. She always slept right next to Bucky. I think she was the only thing that really kept him going after Red Skull and all.”

Natasha nodded and she asked him, looking at the girl who was now completely out of the ice and now breathing on her own, lab workers wrapping her up in a blanket and rushing her into the infirmary.

“What are you gonna do now?”

Steve said, walking with Natasha. 

“I’m gonna do what is right. I’m gonna tell her everything that happened.”

Natasha nodded and Steve sighed, once again looking through a window at the girl. 

“She looks just like him, Natasha…just like him. Same cheeks, same nose, same eye shape, the same lips…she’s like a female portrait of Bucky…”

Natasha watched the Super Soldier and said, standing up straight. 

“We should ease her into the information that she’s been frozen. You should do it. I think she’ll recognize you. Fury’s been informed and he’ll want to meet her. I’ll try not to tell the other avengers unless…you want me to?”

“No…I want to tell them because I want to set up rules with them about her. She’s got a Barnes attitude. Trust me.”

Natasha nodded and Steve walked inside, sitting beside the bundle on the bed. Blankets were wrapped around her to keep her warm and Steve bit his lip. Constantly, the workers were dabbing her face, absorbing cold water, and blow drying her hair so it would dry and not keep her cold. Steve bit his lip and sighed, watching her as the heart monitor was attached. There was no heart eat but it was expected. Then, a pulse. Slowly and steadily, the heart monitor beeped, gradually gaining a steady rhythm. She breathed, the oxygen tubed in her nose and mouth no longer needed and slowly, the doctor took it off. Steve watched slowly. What was he going to say to her when she woke up? He had to play it right. He had to. If he messed this up, things could get ugly and he didn’t know how she was gonna react. He sighed and watched. Then, an hour later, she moved. Steve shot up and watched carefully, sitting on the edge of the bed as her eyes slowly opened. Steve took an sharp inhale of breath. Her eyes were blue. Just like Bucky’s eyes. Her long eyelashes fluttered against her dark brown eye brows as she looked around. She stretched and sighed, looking around the strange room. When her eyes landed on Steve, Steve bit his lip a bit and smiled kindly. Her eyes watched him a bit until her voice, raspy and hoarse, asked. 


Steve broke out into sobs and nodded, smiling widely at her. Her voice was so lovely to hear. Steve carefully cupped her face, his thumb rubbing against the lukewarm skin as he whispered to her. 

“Hey, Honey B…”

Her eyes lit up and he sobbed out a bit when her face lit up into a smile. She looked around a bit and asked. 

“Where am I…what year is it….did Howie’s machine work?”

Steve nodded and whispered to her.

“It’s 2015, Honey B…You’ve been asleep for 73 years.”

(Y/n) looked at him and asked him, a small smile on her face. 

“Did we win the war?”

Steve felt tears run down his face as he cried, nodding while smiling at her. (Y/n) nodded and whispered. 

“That’s…that’s good…Where’s Daddy? Did you find him yet?”

“No, Honey B…but I’m working on it. I’m gonna tell you everything once you’re clear to get out of the infirmary. There’s some people that want to meet you.”

He looked behind him to see Natasha, Coulson, and Nick Fury. They stepped in and (Y/n) sat up slowly with the help of Steve, bones cracking after being kept in one position for so long. She looked at Fury and Nick said. 

“Hello Ms. Barnes. I’m Nick Fury and I’m with an government organization called SHIELD. I know that waking up like this is a bit confusing but we’ve got a lot to talk about.”

(Y/n) nodded and Nick introduced. 

“This is Agent Phil Coulson. He’s the one that found you.”

(Y/n) nodded and reached her hand out, her Brooklyn accent very very thick.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Agent. Thank you for finding me.”

Phil shook her hand and nodded, saying. 

“I found you on accident but glad I did.”

Nick then introduced. 

“This is Agent Natasha Romanoff. She’s a highly trained assassin in the Avengers Initiative.”

Natasha nodded to (Y/n) and the teenager nodded back before frowning and asking. 


Nick said.

“We’ll explain that later. Ms. Barnes, do you remember your father?”

Steve looked at Nick, almost in warning but Nick ignored him as (Y/n) frowned, nodding. Nick said, handing her a file as (Y/n) grabbed it with the wrist that had the bracelet she made for her and her father.

“Your father was taken by HYDRA over 73 years ago. After reading the note that Howard had sent to Steven, we know that he had been frozen. Your father has been awoken by HYDRA and has been brainwashed to kill everyone associated with HYDRA. He’s already tried assassinating me and has successfully killed over 200 other agents of SHIELD..”

(Y/n)’s gaze shot up and Steve held her hand, squeezing it as she yelled. 

“My father would never do such a thing!”

“He’s been wiped of his memories, Honey B. He doesn’t…remember anything. He thinks what he is doing is right.”

(Y/n) looked over at Steve and a sad look over took her face. Nick continued. 

“I know this is hard for you Ms. Barnes but there’s a reason I’m telling you this.”

(Y/n) looked up, frowning a bit as she looked on at the man. 

“We need your help.”


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Seriously tho the whole situation with the"blackface" gem is getting out of hand .Lamar and Rebecca should say something or else things are gonna get ugly really fast especialy in tumblr

I agree. We can’t know yet if they know about the discourse, but the longer that they go without responding, the worse this is going to get. And if they don’t say anything at all, ever, that’s going to be pretty telling.

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I'm sorry but I cannot agree with your post when you start off sounding like you're calling out all the big ships but then make it all about nalu fans, I think you antagonize them to much.

not really.

gruvia - juvia is going to get her answer, it’s only a matter of time before they’re officially canon.

gajevy - gajeel already confessed to levy and that needs to be addressed + their kids were already spoiled.

jerza - confirmed mutual feelings a long time ago. even if there hasnt been much progress, i’m pretty sure mashima will canonize them.

nalu - no progress, it’s iffy whether he’ll go through with it or not.

if any ship will be left out it’ll be nalu and in that case things are gonna get ugly on their side.

so, last christmas kara got me a “YOU CAN DRAW” book since i’ve always said that i literally cannot draw, but it would be cool! so in honor of inktober fest, i decided to start going through it. one page a day for thirty days. i’m calling it the “oh really?” series. because to this book’s assertion that YOU CAN DRAW, i say “oh really? you sure about that?” here is day 1: Herman the Hedgehog

Boltoncest shippers: People fear you.

Thramsay shippers: Good.

Boltoncest shippers: You are mistaken. It is not good. No tales were ever told of me. Do you think I would be sitting here if it were otherwise? Your amusements are your own, I will not chide you on that count, but you must be more discreet. A peaceful land, a quiet people. That has always been my rule. Make it yours.

  • Kidnapper: You better start talking now, Stark or things are gonna get pretty ugly. I have the thought of dropping you in the middle of a desert where you'll pretty much die of thirst. No one to hear you and help you.
  • Tony: Yeah, that wouldn't be the first time that happened.
  • Kidnapper: I...what, wait?
  • Tony: Yeah, I've been through a lot of shit, okay? So if you want to threatening me, you've gotta be REALLY original.
  • Kidnapper: I, er, I'll drown you in the bucket over there if you don't talk!
  • Tony: ...Do you even know how to do your job?
  • Kidnapper: That's happened to you as well?
  • Tony: Yep.
  • Kidnapper: Holy shit, what the hell happened?
  • Tony: My life.

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» jay park x reader

» 1.1k
» anon asked: Hello!~ I love your scenarios! Could I ask for a funny Simon D or Jay Park scenario where they get jealous? I have a cat and I swoon over him all the time, so maybe something based off of that? 

“Look at him! He’s so cute!”

Jay’s ears pricked at the sound of your voice, his eyes moving from the sheets of paper on his desk to his office door. He’d sent you out about an hour ago because he was trying to finish reading this contract someone had shoved in his hands as soon as possible – so that he could spend the rest of the afternoon with you – and he only felt bad for doing so when you left with that impossible pout on your lips.

“I think I could marry him, he’s so cute,” you continue. Jay was sure you were in the room next to his – coincidentally Kiseok’s office – and it wouldn’t have surprised him if you were being loud purposefully so that Jay would hear. “He wouldn’t kick me out of his office, I bet.”

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the sun literally just implied that liam chucked a sickie and didnt show up at the attitude awards because hes homophobic… like, if you dont think this is a smear campaign against ALL the boys and that theres people working together to make the boys lives harder and ruin their reputations, regardless of your opinion on any of these matters, then i dont know what to tell you


Hello all! I had such a great time tonight I don’t even know where to begin. I actually really don’t though because I wasn’t able to take notes tonight. So, this post probably won’t be too detailed but I plan to take some notes tomorrow. I’m tempted to say because I don’t have the setlist or other tidbits I saw written down, that this won’t be too long… but we all know that’s not gonna happen. Sunggyu’s my bias after all… we’re talkers lol. More under the cut ^-^

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