things are getting bad again


“U-Um, do these questions have to do with anything?”
“Yes, I feel more motivated if I get to know you better.”

Welp,,, all the Anti stuff is happening so I decided to draw some fanart of him,, I don’t know what the official design is but I think this is close enough

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introductions by matsuoka rin

  • my name is matsuoka rin. i previously went to sano elementary school. i have a girly name, but i’m a boy.
  • my name is matsuoka rin. i previously belonged to the sano swimming club. i have a girly name, but i’m a boy.
  • my name is matsuoka rin. i previously went to samezuka academy. i have a girly name, but i’m a boy.

I am still holding onto hope that everything is gonna be okay in the end. But the problem is, maybe things won’t get better. I’m not gauranteed a happy ending, not everyone is. And I think that’s the worst part about living.


The progression of my Tom photos before my friend taking the photo and panicked the picture wasn’t coming out and threw Tom the camera saying ‘the lighting sucks, better selfie it!’ (followed by “ok here we go, you ready?”). Before the photo I asked him to sign a Coriolanus speech, which he (obviously) recognised and said “Great speech! I love this one”. 

Guys, the episode is called Broken Heart. I am steeling myself for the fact that Killian is almost certainly NOT going to turn away from the darkness when Emma tries to convince him (as per the press release) and suggest that you do likewise. Because:

  • As much as Emma loves him, she couldn’t just give up the darkness when he asked, even when she was mostly herself, even when she wanted a future with him more than anything. Likewise, he can’t do the same thing, even if at the point he’s no longer mad at her (or at least not AS mad at her, assuming the spoiler is correct and he finds someone else to be pissed at). There is no way to say, “Okay, I’m not dark anymore.” He might listen, but at the end, in THIS EPISODE, he’s probably not going to make that choice. YET.

  • Because they have to do a “darkest before the dawn” moment. They have to have Emma believe that she’s failed, that she’s saved his life but lost his soul, that the darkness has taken him in payment and that’s the price she’ll have to live with forever. I fully expect that 5x10 will end with things looking really, really bad. That is what they are going to do, so everything is on the line heading into 5x11 and we are on the edge of our seats. But it will also prove that “ultimate test” of Emma’s love: she’s still going to love him (and he’s still going to love her, which will result in the darkness’ ultimate undoing). She will think she’s lost him for good and she’ll still love him and be trying to save him, even if it means living without him (as he was prepared to do for her).

  • They mentioned a “new unsuspected evil” being released, which is almost certainly the old Dark Ones/hooded minions/heralds of the underworld, that Emma and the Charmings and Regina are going to be dealing with. In other words: KILLIAN AIN’T THE BIG BAD FOR THE FINALE. It’s not going to be about them vs. him.

  • Because let us not forget, the winter finale is Killian-centric. It will show a flashback to him with his dad, where with 99% certainty something bad is going to happen. It’s going to contrast that moment, with Killian at his pirate worst, with the moment in the present where he ultimately and finally chooses to turn away from it. It’s funny that the first thing the darkness/Clippy Rumple tempts him with is getting to kill his crocodile. That’s it. No “rule the world/snuff out the light” etc. Killian doesn’t care about that. And no, I don’t think he’s thinking about Milah and his hand (at least not as much). Last season Rumple took his heart, controlled him, nearly killed him, nearly killed Emma/tried to steal her magic, and then spent the second half of the season terrorizing Storybrooke with the QoD, culminating with having Isaac write them into an AU where Killian died. He has plenty of CURRENT reasons to want revenge on Rumple, and that’s what the darkness is going for.

  • And yet…. Rumple is still alive by the end of 5x10. Killian is the Dark One and has Excalibur. All he has to do is NICK Rumple with the damn thing, especially now that Rumple has no magic, and that would be it. Are you really telling me he couldn’t actually kill Rumple this time, just as the darkness is promising him?

  • Q.E.D: he either chooses not to, or Emma poofs in and is able to reason with him, a la him stopping her from crushing Merida’s heart. I think, however, it’s more likely that he himself pulls back, and that will be key to his ultimate decision in 5x11. He’s not making the decision for Emma, much as he loves her. He is making it for HIMSELF.

  • On a more practical level, Jen and Colin were filming alone together before the big sacrifice scene. That is most likely when Killian comes to Emma, they reconcile, and he begs her/urges her to kill him and destroy the darkness. Remember, whatever they’re telling you is the case at the end of 5x10 is ACTUALLY NOT THE CASE. Either Emma and Killian reconcile (as I said, I don’t think so) and it looks like everything is briefly going to be okay before all hell breaks loose (literally) and he dies. Or it looks as if all hope is lost and the darkness will take Killian over and never be defeated, which, frankly, WE ALREADY KNOW DOESN’T HAPPEN. So either way, they’re setting up the finale to invert your expectations. Things have been made good and look as if they’ll be okay = oh shit, Killian has to die. Things have been made terrible and look as if they will not be okay = no in fact, he’s going to choose to reject it, defeat the darkness, save her, and for all of them to go get him.

  • Eddy said if you were a fan of Captain Swan, to keep watching. Brigitte said a while ago the winter finale would make us cry, in a good way, and that it had tons of payoffs for long time fans. And what do you know, this episode is entirely centered around Killian’s past, choices, Captain Swan, the darkness being defeated, and Emma being saved. There is no way, absolutely no way at all, in Killian’s flashback episode, that this happens without him bringing his character arc full circle and doing what he’s always been intended to do: defeat the Dark One, cement CS as ultimate True Love, and become a hero worthy of everyone heading to the Underworld to get him.

  • /drops mic, exits stage left