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It’s been three months in canon and Allen’s hair grew enough to keep tied, which makes sense because of course he didn’t have the time to get it cut BUT you know who else couldn’t possibly have had his hair cut in those three months? Lavi - point being, when he’ll finally appear again will I be graced by the sight of him with long hair

god I sure as hell hope so

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I was tagged by logna

Name: Benjamin
Time and Date: 11:49 pm, July 5, 2015
Average hours of sleep: 8-12 
Last thing I googled: All Will Be Well lyrics
Birthday: October 9th, 1996
Gender: Male? haha
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Height: 5′10″
Favorite color: I enjoy all colors, but green and blue are my favorite
One place that makes me happy: beach house my family rents in South Carolina
What I’m wearing right now: No shirt and sweatpants
Last book I read: Bossypants by Tina Fey, even though I’ve read it like 3 times and listen to the audiobook religiously
Most used phrase: “idk” according to my friend brooke
Last thing I said to a family member: “Do we have a calculator?” to my sister
Favorite beverage: Dr. Pepper and hot caffe mocha with extra whip from Starbucks
Favorite food: Pizza, pasta–italian food
Last movie I watched: Bridesmaids
Dream vacation: Hawaii
Dream wedding: Small and intimate with a beautiful setting
Dream pets: No dream pets :) Maybe a dog
Dream Job: Film director/producer/writer

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