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Egotober, Day 06 - Sepsis

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Didn’t really know how to go about this day so I decided to break out some good ole gross gore. Poor Anti isn’t really feeling well…


I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!

"Vampires lose all abilities in Direct Sunlight"
  • Alucard: Ugh, it's-- it's so fucking bright out here
  • Alucard: How the fuck does anyone even see to do shit what the hell
  • Pip: Well it's just--
  • Alucard: (walks into pole) fuck

BMC= Brooke Marries Chloe

anonymous asked:

Idk if you want requests or anything but could you draw Pidge in one of your favorite outfits that you own???

Hi there!
This is actually really funny because I JUST drew Pidge in one of my favorite dresses but I really didn’t like how it came out? But I’ll post it here anyway since you asked!

[EXORUN] Sehun vs. EXO-L

when he ranked no.6: 

oohsehun: 나는풀업그레이드했는데.. 진짜잘한다EXOL

Even after i did a full upgrade…. EXOL are really good at this

when he ranked no.2: 

oohsehun: EXOL진짜못한다😇

EXOL are really bad at this 😇

when he ranked no. 6:

oohsehun: EXOL뭐야 맨날이것만하는거에요? 왜그러는거에요? 

What are you EXOL, is this the only thing you do every single day? Why are you like this?


Raymond Reddington in 4x13

Really the more I watch the older episodes, Grif is kind of like that babysitter that you think is absolute garbage, but always knows where those POS kids are.

  • He’s the one to give Sarge CPR when Sarge got shot in the head
  • He’s the one that goes to Simmons when Simmons is having his mental breakdown in season 4
  • He jumps into action when Donut steals the flag in season 1 and is getting chased by the blues
  • Is genuinely worried when Donut gets captured by the Blues
  • He wants to dig Sarge up after the “funeral”. Simmons would have just left Sarge in the hole
  • Grif is immediately concerned with getting his sister home. Failing that, he makes sure the Blues will treat her ok before letting her into Blue Base
  • When Donut shows up in Valhalla, Grif is the first to notice it
  • Grif volunteers to go with Caboose on what sounds like a very stupid mission to rescue Tucker
  • In a deleted scene, Grif goes up to Epsilon to see if he can fill some of the gaps in his memory thanks to Caboose’s story telling
  • Fighting the Meta and Washington to rescue Simmons
  • Jumping on the Meta’s back to steal the Grifshot so that the Meta was a little less deadly
  • Being genuinely distressed when Sarge looked like he was doing a suicide charge.
  • Getting so stressed out during his time with the New Republic about their missing team members and the progress of the New Republic troops that he emulates Sarge.
  • “I spent my whole life following orders I want to do, I’m not going to make someone do that for something I want.”
  • And generally just being an emotional constant for most characters to bounce off of.

And in return he gets 

  • His life threatened constantly
    • “Simmons, I want you to poison Grif’s next meal” “Yes Sir!”
    • All of Red Team’s emergency plans
    • All of Sarge’s plans start with his death
    • Remember Fake CT? “Tell me what you’re doing here, or I’ll kill the orange one” …. ….. …. “Yeah, you’re a little new around here. That’s not going to work.”
  • Gets SHOT at repeatedly
    • Sarge is the biggest culprit here, but Simmons has done it
    • dont forget the time Sarge shot him with a TANK
  • Generally belittled and mocked

Also you remember the other time that Grif tried to leave? Back in Season 10? When Church and Lina wanted him to go after the Director? Church called him selfish for wanting to leave then too, The rest of the Reds only stood behind him then, it seems like (at least to Grif now) because it was also something they didnt want to do, not because a member of their team was being attacked.

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I'm surprised the voltron staff hasn't hired you yet

Originally posted by elblindoguardiano

haha the likelihood of me being hired to do anything for Voltron is slim to none 


To Jinyoung and Jaebum, the two people who have brought not only me but a lot of other people endless happiness. The two people who were meant to be together from the very start, who had their ups and downs just like everyone else but showed us that you need to have experienced failure in order to fully appreciate success. #1700DaysWithJJproject

passin’ time

Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

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Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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If an artist comes on to your show and performs a song, you pay them (by them I mean their label/publishing/etc I always get confused about the backend stuff). 

You pay them extra if you want to put that performance online afterwards. 

Generally you pay X dollars to have it up for Y months. Then, when Y months is up, you have to pull it from your site (youtube/apps/web/etc, wherever you have paid to put their content on your show’s page, where you are making money).

Date night~