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“The future,” he said, looking down at his open hands, “begins here.”
  - Iron Man #325

  • Lance: Quick, take my hand!
  • Keith: *grabs Lance's hand* Now what?
  • Lance: *trying not to laugh* Nothing, I just wanted to see if you'd hold my hand.

To Jinyoung and Jaebum, the two people who have brought not only me but a lot of other people endless happiness. The two people who were meant to be together from the very start, who had their ups and downs just like everyone else but showed us that you need to have experienced failure in order to fully appreciate success. #1700DaysWithJJproject


Raymond Reddington in 4x13

“Because he was false, and you are true. I have never known a truer man. I think if i gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly”

you know, when I first refused to read the books and only saw things about it on my dash, I was SO SURE that Laurent said this to Damen cause OF COURSE you’d trust that big oaf and protector Damen to treat a heart tenderly. but NO IT WAS DAMEN WHO SAID IT TO LAURENT. 
after everything they’ve been through he knows Laurent is a TRUE person, that he can be trusted and that even though people judge him as ice cold Laurent will treat his heart and his love so carefully, so tenderly, that Damen feels safe putting his love and trust in Laurent. 

and that is the reason this quote means even more to me. I’m just completely overwhelmed

My sister’s boyfriend is a flavor scientist; he designs flavorings for soft drinks.  He told me two things about the business:

a) The flavor that tastes “right” to most people often isn’t the actual flavor of the purported fruit/spice/whatever.  For instance, a flavor compound naturally found in peaches might be the magic ingredient to make a raspberry-flavored drink taste correctly raspberry-y.

b) “People really like anything that’s sweet and red.  People are basically hummingbirds.”

this is old, and also unfinished. i think i was just in the mood for drawing dresses at the time

"Vampires lose all abilities in Direct Sunlight"
  • Alucard: Ugh, it's-- it's so fucking bright out here
  • Alucard: How the fuck does anyone even see to do shit what the hell
  • Pip: Well it's just--
  • Alucard: (walks into pole) fuck

For terumob valentines day, I want lil mob going to school and seeing everyone else get all their candies and hes happy for them! Hes just like “ah yeah glad they got some good things.”

And then at lunch time hes eating at his desk and Teru waltzes in with a huuuge bouquet of flowers, a bag of all kinds of candy and a homemade sweater. Mobs class is stunned and Shigeo is really happy as Teru starts listing off the flowers and what their meaning is. (Mezato probably tells Teru to go back to his own school.)

And before he goes Mob gives Teru a small but expensive box of chocolate and a phonecase he got made for him. Its got a few stickers of fruits on it and a keychain of an egg. Teru cries a little.

My dad read this tumblr post about how great he is and then emailed to ask me to amend the post to read that he does “the bookkeeping and talks to accountants and lawyers, but that other wonderful people actually run the businesses of DFTBA Records, Crash Course, SciShow, and so on.”

This is true. (Michael Gardner helps run everything; Alan Lastufka runs most of DFTBA Records; etc.)

But also: What kind of an awesome/crazy guy is my dad to be like, “Thank you for saying those nice things about your mother and me on tumblr. You should edit the post to reflect the fact that I am not as awesome as you are implying.”

Dad, this is tumblr. This web site literally runs on exaggeration.


44. Do you flirt?

I never really thought what I was doing was flirting! B-but I guess I didn’t really think about it haha

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Rowaelin Soulmate AU Part 4

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I’m really sorry that this took so long, but thank you for everyone who inquired and was patiently waiting!! Enjoy <3

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In germany we don’t say “you’re too late”, we say “Du bist schlimmer als die Deutsche Bahn” and I think that’s beautiful