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I was watching that video of Baby Bunny Bucky Barnes wrecking things with his metal arm and I thought “You know what would be great? A way shittier version of this with my wife Peggy Carter beating people up while set to Feeling Good”

So that’s what I did tonight instead of other, more responsible things. Here ya go.

sherlockshuck  asked:

A) OMG Percival and Gwaine B) Please do a Helnik/Zelvar domestic AU with kids

a) not in that fandom, sorry b) here you go ♥ it’s long ofc. i shamelessly love prompts about the future that i can get sappy and cheesy with??? so thanks for this!

  • this is some time way into the future
  • like i said with kanej, a minimum of ten years after ck
  • and nina makes sure they’re definitely on the same page about how they would raise their kids first, particularly if they have a girl because…matthias was raised ignorant let’s be real
  • they’d have the nicest house
  • a towering three story made of scalloped shingle sidings and patterned stone. it’s embellished with those classic finishings like gabled roof, conical tower, broad porch, ornamental spindles, white trim.
  • no one else in the area has a house like this, they had it custom built, inspired by something they saw in passing once
  • matthias has his concerns when he sees the finished product, “it…looks like a cake?? please tell me the whole point wasn’t so it looks like a cake!”
  • inside there’s a lot of white and sleek lines and small pops of color in the accents
  • but basically they regret all the white because not only do they have a dog, they end up having twins
  • and once they’re toddlers, little grubby hand and paw prints are all over the white marble day in and day out
  • matthias runs around the house after them with cleaning products, wiping down everything they touch
  • they laugh at him
  • he thinks they roll around the dirt on purpose just to track it in the house and watch him in a cleaning frenzy
  • nina flops on the couch mid morning, “how are they this energetic? the day just started! i blame you for this.”
  • “me? what did i do?”
  • “no children of mine would ever be morning people. it must be in your genes.”
  • “i don’t think that’s how genes work.”

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fantastic beast characters + text posts (pt 2)


You asked me if you were a good man. And the answer is, I don’t know. But I think you try to be. And I think that’s probably the point.