things I do instead of doing homework

(( *gets a new sketchbook and super wants to draw in it* ))

(( *has literally been staring at the blank page for an hour* ))

Debating on whether I should be watching Netflix or playing Lego Star Wars instead of doing my class assignments. It’s the second day… What’s with the homework? We should still be doing that thing where we stand up and say what we did over the summer. Am I right?

So I haven’t been keeping up with this all that much which isn’t good but are some things that I have been doing for myself lately.
For Myself
-blocking out people who have repeatedly hurt me (both figuratively and literally)
-drawing pretty things (psychedelic clouds, the moon, skeletons etc.)
-playing guitar regularly…I learned how to play West Coast by Coconut Records !!!!
-being strict about my skincare routine !!!!
-hanging out w ppl who truly care
-eating like a normal human being
-doing all my homework ahead of time
-doing my makeup really nice when I feel like it
-telling myself that I love myself when I do something wrong instead of saying I hate myself

-burning nice smelling candles

akingoftheworld  asked:

Ok so based off ur posts I imagine you're rly sweet to ur friends and are passionate abt things you like. But you need a push to do what you don't want to do, instead of just going "I have to do this" you go "I don't wanna do this." Also you're super fierce and I wouldn't want to fight you. 10/10 would befriend (also! You can do ur homework I believe in you!!!)

This is pretty much accurate lol. Except that normally I do just do whatever it is I have to do, but every now and again there’s something that’s just like. Pls no. Definitely passionate, definitely try to be as nice and positive as possible for my friends, and if love to be your friend! 😊 and I did get my homework done. But of course there’s immediately more lmao