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Me at 84, probably: why was Bahorel not included in the stage production of Les Mis, why was Bahorel not included in the French productions of Les Mis, why was Bahorel not included in the various adaptations of Les Mis, why was Bahorel not included in the—

                                                “My turtles.”

It only lasted half a second, but this moment was pivotal.

You don’t consider teaching ninjutsu to a bunch of creatures you consider as humanoid pets. You consider teaching ninjutsu to children.

This is the moment he stopped being just their caretaker, and started to become their father. They are his, & he is theirs.

Based on Ao3 hit count, here are the 


  1. Hiding Out In The Kitchen by LittleMousling 
  2. Smaller Than Me by checkthemargins 
  3. Crawl Into Your Atmosphere by spibsy 
  4. Louis Lucas by theteapirate 
  5. Horizontal Like A Quarter To Three by orphan_account 
  6. He Wants by three_miles 
  7. Through The Darkest Of Your Days by robpatFF 
  8. After Hours by thilia
  9. Louder Louder by orphan_account
  10. To Be The Friction In Your Jeans by heartroots
  11. Nice Boy Seeks Same For Hook-Up by LittleMousling
  12. All Full Up With Your Love by orphan_account
  13. To Be A Fool by flimsy
  14. Like Every Party Is Just Us (Five) by LittleMousling
  15. All The Corners Of The World by robpatFF
  16. Darcy’s Dad by DeadBegonia
  17. Leave You Drowning Until You Reach For My Hand by orphan_account
  18. Roll The Dice (And Swear That Your Love’s For Me) by trustingno1
  19. Only Several Miles From The Sun by robpatFF
  20. One Of The Beautiful People by cantgetnoworse
  21. Someone Who Knows How To Ride by orphan_account
  22. Google Says Cut That Out by LittleMousling
  23. To Build A Home by orphan_account
  24. Familiar Strangers by LittleMousing
  25. Just A Memory (And All That We Could’ve Been) by trustingno1
  26. The Next Big Thing by PoorMedea
  27. Faith And Trust And Pixie Dust by kotabear24
  28. Once Like A Spark by flimsy
  29. Agent Provocateur by orphan_account
  30. I Hate You by mediwitch3
  31. We Took The Slow Way by dangerbears
  32. The Wall by Rory_Croft
  33. Grow Into You by lorinhazuzu
  34. Better Than Angels Raining Down by Randominity
  35. A Game That I’m Destined To Lose by we_are_the_same
  36. Keep Me Forever, Tell Me You Own Me by unapologetic_thirst
  37. Fevered by cyclogenesis
  38. Paint You By Numbers by shrdmdnssftw
  39. Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City by ithacas
  40. Three Days Underwater by theteapirate
  41. The Distance Between First and Second by badjujuboo
  42. Stick Your Heart Inside My Chest, Keep It Warm Here While We Rest by moutonrose
  43. We Grew Up Together, And We’re Gonna Last Forever by kotabear24
  44. Sippage by orphan_account
  45. Just A Quick Look by DeadBegonia
  46. Something To Be by aguantare
  47. Paper Planes by cathedralhearts
  48. Gemini by DeadBegonia
  49. These Tornadoes Are All For You by withmyteethsharper
  50. The One In Which Harry Styles Has Blue Balls by Thelonelycoast

Post 1/? of the Louis & Harry Fic History series

A Little Apritello Thought

Before The Power Inside Her aired I made a post about how Donnie is always reaching out to April. He offers her his hand again and again throughout the series. Not surprisingly, we see April almost take his hand over and over. But nearly every time, it’s not the right time. For example:

April reaches up to accept his help and Donnie is smacked in the face by nun-chucks.

They’re so close! But their fingers brush and April plummets into a vat of mutagen.

Donnie can’t reach her with his hand. I don’t think this was an accident. It seems that, by this point, the writers had already decided that Donnie couldn’t take April’s hand until the right moment.

And we all know what happens here. But, once again, here he is… reaching out to help her.

So, my theory still stands. When Apritello becomes official, it will be when they take one another by the hand. It will likely be a case of Donnie extending his hand to April, but what I wouldn’t give to see her finally reach out to him.

Either way, I really hope this show ends with the two of them hand-in-hand.

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