things 1 and 2

Write a story including a set of three things

1) An island, a brick, something broken 

2) A mysterious force, a gun, an abandoned building 

3) Aliens, a cat, a motorbike 

4) Marbles, summer, a cardboard box 

5) A ghost, a childhood game, a thunderstorm 

6) A pack of wolves, a dance, a photograph 

7) A disturbing retelling of a fairytale, an empty room, a scar 

8) A natural disaster, a dangerous mistake, a missing poster 

9) A house fire, a childhood memory, a forest 

10) A lie, a fight, a trapdoor 

Stephen Sondheim-themed Asks!
  • 1: Least favorite thing about your favorite SS show
  • 2: Favorite thing about your least favorite SS show
  • 3: Best SS character
  • 4: Worst character
  • 5: Favorite collaborator
  • 6: Best book of a SS show. Why?
  • 7: Worst book....
  • 8: Erase one show and all its traces from SS's canon (question courtesy of @non-binary-sally-bowles)
  • 9: If he ever jumped the shark, what show is emblematic of that?
  • 10: Favorite bitchy moment
  • 11: Who would SS marry as part of a sham marriage?
  • 12: Thoughts on the book to Follies
  • 13: Make one edit to SS show xxx
  • 14: What would SS do to you in the sex dungeon?
  • 15: Cast Patti in a role she hasn't done yet
  • 16: Which Tony would you take away
  • 17: Novel/book/play SS should adapt
  • 18: Favorite quote
  • 19: Desert island song (singular)
  • 20: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being Foxy Sondheim and 10 being the Virgin Mary, rate how good of a mother Rose is
  • 21: What's your gimmick?
  • 22: Nervous breakdown song that best represents your last mental breakdown
  • 23: Has SS ever written a true love song?
  • 24: SS sex jam
  • 25: SS funeral jam
  • 26: SS wedding dance song
  • 27: Toss in the trash- his music or his lyrics
  • 28: Which SS do you perform in front of crowd
  • 29: Which SS song replaces Don't Cry for Me, Argentina in Evita?
  • 30: Choose a ALW song to replace Color and Light in SITPWG
  • 31: Which Brecht play does SS adapt at gunpoint
  • 32: SS's current thoughts on Lady Gaga
  • 33: What pastry do you order at Mahler's?
  • 34: What would Oscar have made of Follies?
  • 35: FMK: SS, Hal Prince, and James Lapine
  • 36: Is SS a sub or dom?
  • 37: Miscast Bernadette
  • 38: Miscast Elaine Stritch
  • 39: ALW goes missing and SS offers you some pie. Do you eat it?
  • 40: What do you order at Mrs. Lovett's?
  • 41: Is Road Show an unappreciated masterpiece or a lesser entry in the SS canon?
  • 43: Which American president do you cast as Bobby? Georges? Sally? Fosca?
  • 44: Other than Rose, who is the most Shakespearian character?
  • 45: That Frank or Rich and Happy?
  • 46: Rob Marshall-ize a SS show
  • 47: Which show is most problematic ®
  • 48: Most Sobdhemian Seth Rogen movie?
  • 49: Who would play SS on SNL?
  • 50: Does Bobby find happiness by age 50?
  • 51: Tumblr user most likely to be the man himself
  • 52: A SS show you seem to forget exists

anonymous asked:

I saw a comment you made on Reddit where you said the Crying Child/Bullies flashbacks in 4 happen after 1. I thought those happened in the 80s and FNAF 1 takes place in the 90s? Didn't you say you believed 1 and 3 were the two latest games chronologically?

Don’t know where you think I said that. My personal theory on the order of the games is:

SL —> 4 (minigames only) –> 2 –> 1 –> 4 (gameplay only) –> 3.

Also, I don’t think the minigames are flashbacks, but rather a straightforward retelling of previous events for the audience’s sake.

monkeyseenoevil  asked:

A lot of people are going about the events in ch. 13 the wrong way because they can only see it from an objective standpoint (or only Yuuri’s but that's the great thing about first person narrative on top of Yuuri being an unreliable narrator.) Your characterization is AMAZING. Of course characters fuck up and do shitty things but they won't see themselves as the villain when they do those things until after the consequences. They think they're doing the right thing in the moment. (1)

(2) So I just want to say that the way you write your characters is absolutely brilliant and realistic. I can see the happy ending on the horizon but it will definitely take a lot of communication (including the both of them confessing their damn feelings for each other.) Yuuri already seemed like he was ready to forgive (with the “still love him” line) but he justifiably needed some space and time to take in everything that happened so that they could move forward.

Thank you! One of the things that I love about writing umfb&mha is that everyone is in the wrong at some point, everyone hurts someone else and everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing. Including Yuuri. No-one is the hero and no-one is the villain of the story, they’re all just people trying to do their best and making a lot of mistakes along the way

tempus-vulpes  asked:

Since you brought up "Monkey Barber" and you obviously knew that people would ask about it, it makes me realize one of three things. 1. You intentionally shape the conversation on Blogatog in unexpected ways. 2. You have designed a Monkey Barber and wanted to tell people about it. 3. You wanted people to request a Monkey Barber so that you could work one into a set somehow. (Even if in an UN set) I could be missing something, but regardless, bravo MaRo, bravo.

: )

anonymous asked:

1/2 idk if this is an infp thing but, why is it so hard for me to let go of somebody even if he's constantly causing me pain, & believing that if i keep fighting everything will be fixed eventually? i mean, i like this guy & i told him how i felt through a letter but until now i still haven't gotten a response even though he acts like he also likes me back. & i can't really elaborate everything cus it's too complicated,

2/2 but rn i’m just patiently waiting for a response cus i think he’s scared of being vulnerable, but sometimes waiting is just too much ya know? but here’s the catch, the longer he stalls, the lesser i feel something for him. but my stupid brain believes that if he confesses how he feels about me, my feelings will also eventually come back. how messed up is that?

When i was in a relationship it was sometimes emotionally turbulent when I had to wait for a response, especially after pouring my heart out. I’ve noticed that when I am impatient to a point of agitation, it’s not because of the other person; rather, it is because of my own anxiety. The uncertainty of what will come next, how that person will respond to what you’ve said. I would try not to assume anything until he responds. Maybe the reason that the longer he stalls, the less feelings you have for him is because you are processing the possibility of him never responding? It might be a coping mechanism. It isn’t messed up. However, you should never base how much you like someone with how much they like you. And you should be patient with how long it is taking him to process his own emotions and get back to you.

What makes you think you have to let go of him? Does he cause you more pain than the pain you are feeling due to the anxiety of him not responding? If so, I would take into consideration how that pain will still continue -and perhaps even be emphasized- in a relationship, if it is pursued. The annoying, strange, or “bad” qualities that you do not accept or make you feel bad will not magically go away once in a relationship. They will enlarge. If you feel you cannot accept those qualities and characteristics, and the amount of pain you endure from the sample of the qualities he is showing you thus far is too much too handle, I would do a double take on whether you want to be in a relationship with that person.

A side note: Always remember that the purpose of a relationship is to help you grow into a better you, to help you feel more at peace, to make your life a better one. You should find someone who is comforting, puts your mind at ease, enhances the best qualities of yourself. I don’t believe there should be too much damaging anxiety when in a good relationship- friendship or romantic. However, I understand that he is just your crush right now and the anxiety is coming from the uncertainty of whether his feelings are reciprocated or not.

I was tagged by @rosetti21 ; thank you for the tag! This is pretty unique!

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bag:

1. Hello Kitty wallet

2. Tissues

3. Lip balm

4. Cellphone

5. Small hand towel

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom:
(I live in one room flat so things closest to my bed:)

1. Big Billy Idol poster

2. Practice Naginata

3. 8 pillows

4. Extra blanket

5. Tissues

Five Things I Want To Do With My Life:

1. Get filthy rich

2. Learn to be happy pretty much 24/7

3. Publish a book - maybe a movie related to it too!

4. Find as a loyal and lone wolf type of a man as I am for partner

5. Go to Japan as often as possible

Five Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Starry night sky in the middle of nowhere in complete darkness


3. When someone leaves me a comment to my fic or/and tags my art with their own words

4. Stickers

5. Freedom to do and be whatever I want

Five Things On My To-Do List:

1. Finish my own original novel

2. Honestly get more tattoos instead of thinking getting them

3. Get myself cast iron sukiyaki pan

4. Get into my own positive vortex more often

5. Finish my Promptis doujinshi

Five Things People May Not Know About Me:

1. I’m missing a tooth and I’m covered with chickenpox scars

2. I support Bikers Agains Child Abuse, Love146 (rehabilitates child prostitution victims globally) and I’ve got a sponsor child in Sri Lanka

3. I’m a childfree by choice (knew that already when I was 6yo)

4. I can wake myself up from a dream if I don’t like it

5. It’s important to me that my house is quiet and smells nice

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anonymous asked:

(Art anon) I wasn't comparing fat people to anything, I was just saying that people draw different things and concepts. I'm also not talking about sexual art. 1/2

So by this logic - if I’m fatphobic for not drawing fat people, I’m also ableist for not drawing disabled people? Am I misandrist for drawing only woman? Am I homophobic for drawing man and woman kissing? 2/2

You literally compared fat people to something. You literally stated that fat people are as interesting to draw as bugs. 

And following your questions:

I’m also ableist for not drawing disabled people?

If all your characters are able bodied, yes of course it is ableist. Like… even when I was a boy and I had this whole story for a manga that I thought I would draw some day… Even then that i didn’t know anything about social justice I had blind characters, deaf characters, characters without one arm or without legs, characters with chronic illnesses…

Am I misandrist for drawing only woman?

Usually it is the opposite. Especially for male artists. Say Milo Manara or Frank Cho. Focusing and objetifying/sexualizing the female body.
Women, or non cis artists filling their works with good female characters is not misandry. It is an act of justice because of the unbalance between male and female representation in the arts and the media. 

Am I homophobic for drawing man and woman kissing?

Again, you said you “are not interested in drawing fat people” so I’m guessing that with this example you mean you aren’t interested in drawing gay people neither. So of course you are a homophobic pos. DUH.

- Mod Guillermo