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&*- NAME/NICKNAME: Don’t have one.
&*- GENDER: Female
&*- HOGWARTS HOUSE: Wouldn’t have a clue! Don’t really follow Harry Potter.
&*- FAVORITE COLOR/S: Blue and purple.
&*- FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D LIKE AS A SIBLING: Oh that’s a hard one. I’m really not sure. Maybe Tris Prior from the Divergent series.
&*- NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: None in summer, one in winter.
&*- DREAM VACATION: New Orleans, California, Arizona. Anywhere in the U.S. really.
&*- WHAT I’M CURRENTLY WEARING: Shorts and Mick Jagger t-shirt.
&*- WHAT I POST: The Walking Dead, show & cast. Also lately lots of JDM ❤️
&*- DO YOU GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS? No not many, but I’d like to get more :)
&*- AESTHETIC: Mmm, another hard one. Anything to do with empty places/spaces, train stations, motels, Hollywood, clouds, stars, night sky, grunge… the list goes on!
&*- STAR SIGN: Scorpio
&*- LAST THING GOOGLED: Lyrics to a song I think.
&*- FAVOURITE MUSIC ARTISTS: Soooo many, a bit of everything. Lana Del Rey, Miranda Lambert, Hozier, Hinder, First Aid Kit, Devendra Banhart, Kings of Leon, various soundtracks. Also a lot of classic stuff like Led Zeppelin, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Heart, Guns ‘N Roses. But seriously the list is endless!!!
&*- DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS? I have a movie blog @mmcconaughey
&*- WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? At the time I thought of different scenes from the show and they seemed to be on the highway or driving quite a bit. Lol, idk!
&*- AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP? I love sleep so about 8.
&*- LUCKY NUMBER: Don’t really have one, but I like even numbers for some reason!
&*- FAVOURITE CHARACTER: Can’t pick just one and it always changes! But first ones that come to mind are Rick Grimes, Negan, Jesus and also, Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel. But once again, there’s so many characters I love from tv and movies!
&*- DREAM JOB: Working with animals in some way :)
&*- FOLLOWING: Not a lot, less than 100, only cause it’s too hard to keep up with everyone!

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jimin’s breathy voice makes everyone melt

A Few of an INFP’s Favorite Things

- hot tea and a good book

- relaxing inside our homes at the end of a long week

- intimate conversations with close friends

- cats

- creating art

- telling people about our passions

- sitting in silence with people and feeling completely comfortable

- learning about other cultures

- traveling to new places

- glasses

- star gazing 

- national parks

- being in love

- feeling nostalgia

- thinking about old memories

- feeling understood and known by other people