after a very busy, not-super-relaxing weekend away, i am incredibly grateful that we are home and in our own bed (yes, at 8:52pm…#tiredoldpeople, but we do have an excuse, we barely slept all weekend and did lots of driving lol).

thank you so very much for the love on my stella dot style posts so far - i am really enjoying sharing these looks with you guys! <3

i am going into school tomorrow to work on my room (workshops start thursday), but i am not forcing myself to go at any certain time. when i get up, i get up. i’m exhausted and i’m not going to rush or push myself in this instance.

hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week ahead. more soon, my lovely friends.

So here’s how that Fun Grandparental Visit is going. Other notable instances include both grandparents scolding each other for the greed with which they laded their bowls of high-fibre extra-misery wholemeal dark-beige breakfast cereals, and declining croissants then glaring at everyone else having a croissant as if to say “Well you’re all alright then with your croissants, aren’t you, you just carry on gorging your sinful selves, we’ll sit here, don’t bother offering us any.”

I have since escaped, and done some yoga with the cat, and am trying to write.

Things that are a little bit bristly

Unshaven chins, velcro, rope, the floor of the broom park at a low-budget witch conference, hedgehogs, those toothbrushes you find at the back of the cupboard, the dry grass of late August, surprised cats, lost brushes that are looking for their dustpans, artisan carpets, donkey nuzzles, old fences, minor mistakes, little round piglet bellies, injured pride, astroturf, pin feathers, conifers, sackcloth.