kim yoonho about mark lee: i dont know much about idols so–when i first met him, everyone were still awkward with each other. it’s hard to have a conversation and i thought mark was a cold ice prince. but it was a mistake.

we become closer when we prepared ‘sing sang sung’ together. what shocked me was, he sleeps at 3am then wakes up at 5am to go to his schedules, then immediately come to film/practice for highschool rapper. he has such an impossible schedule. yet (whenever we meet up) never once did he mention about being tired. i always thought abt how tired he probably is yet he never says anything. he’s always being supportive and say things like “let’s do well” etc we work together until late on our performance and he’s always giving suggestions. with the thought of wanting to make a good performance, we worked well.

honestly i thought, he’s really a pro. we’re the same age but i really learnt a lot from him. he’s like a hyung that i can look up to.


I was scrolling one of my folder with arts and i found this little piece of doodle that i made because of remix So Cool~ xD C: I thought that my idea for this was cool heh 8) xD and only the realization could be better so i thought that i’m gonna redraw it :P
And now you can see the results :D And i don’t care if it’s not perfect, i’m just super happy and proud when i see how much i progressed over that time C:
So anyways, Mark in Space C: Hope you like it! :D
I think that you can tell which doodle was draw now and then xD If you can’t then the colorful doodleios from now c: xD


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  • A- age:
    Age is of no importance to immortals. Forever 21. Nah, I’m 22.)
  • B- birthplace:
    Penis-shaped country Sweden ( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ)
  • C- current time:
    18:40 (or 6:40 PM for ya’ll who don’t use 24 hours)
  • D- drink you last drank:
    A glass of milk along with my dinner. Woo so interesting. (⑅∫°ਊ°)∫
  • E- easiest person to talk to:
    ??? Talk to?? I talk to myself. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) I get the best advice that way.
  • G- grossest memory:
    I had this friend when I was…idk, 6?? 7 maybe. We were playing by his house and eating these really weird candy bananas, right. And I told him something along the lines of ‘this looks really yellow, it’s kinda nasty’ and this boy just ‘I’ll show you nasty’ and started picking his nose and showed me this big…disgusting bugger. Well, he wasn’t wrong. It was very nasty.
  • H- horror yes or no?
    YES. PLS. I love the chills, the goosebumps on my skin and, mostly, the story to horror films. Ideal date or evening plans would be to chill at home with a horror themed film playing. yES. (⌬̀⌄⌬́)
  • I- in love?
    Nah mate. _ノ乙(、ン、)_
  • J- jealous of people?
    Some, yea. A bit of jealousy is good, I think. If you want something someone else have then you just gotta try to do your best at achieving it. (Maybe not by killing or hating on the person, but through hard earned effort and struggles.)
  • K- killed someone?
    Why would I reveal something like that on here, pfff¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯
  • L- love at first sight or should I walk past again? Don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’ so by all means walk by me again and this time maybe chat me up? *wink wonk*
  • M- middle name:
    Anna, Pernilla
  • N- number of siblings: 
    3 younger brothers. I’m the big firstborn sisteR!
  • O- one wish?
    Mmmmm, for my mum and dad to never die. Also, have like a big garden when I get a house. I live in a flat now and there’s only room for a limited amount of plants! *sobs*
  • P- person you last called?
    Home. I was asking my brothers what sort of thing we’re gonna give mum on mothersday.
  • Q- question you’re always asked:
    honestly have no idea omgg eehmm??? I guess some ask about my tattoos? Like “did it hurt?” or “you’ll still have this when you’re old, I’m sure you’re gonna regret it”. No, Susan, having a needle pierce your skin and literally drawing out blood doesn’t hurt. No. And yes my tattoos damn well stick with me ‘til I’m old and saggy. I paid a lot of money for them, I’ll be mad if they’re not gonna stick.
  • R- reason to smile:
    My otps always manage to make me smile. Food does as well.
  • S- song you last sang:
    Don’t mess with me - Temposhark (srsly if u love Orihara Izaya you have to listen to this song. It suits him perfectly.)( and you feel like a dick badass when you sing it.)
  • T- time you woke up:
    around 9:30 or sumthin??? ┐(´∀`)┌
  • U- underwear color:
    Like…just my underwears?? not my bra? I wear duct tape.  (๑ゝڡ◕๑)
  • V- vacation:
    My family and I went to visit Crete once! It was so hot I thought for sure I was gonna combust. It was very pretty there tho, I’d love to go again. (although more prepared..and with a sunscreen 300+…)
  • W- worst habit:
    I always get too emotional about things and it has lead me into trouble more than once. I’m an open book about my feelings and it’s no good.
  • X- x-rays:
    I don’t think I’ve done an x-ray? Not on myself, but when I was working at the hospital I had patients who I got to test it out on.
  • Y- your favourite food:
    GIVE ME FISH OF ANY KIND AND IM YOURS. There’s also this swedish dish called ‘renskav’. Look it up, it’s so yummy.
  • Z- zodiac sign:

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So the other day I made azule this little tent thing because he’s been getting cold at night, I wasn’t sure if he’d like it but after the initial “what the heck is this thing?!!” He climbed in and wouldn’t get out (I even had to hang it up in his cage with him in it which proved difficult) but anyway he kept making these happy “grr” noises and it was adorable! He’s also learned how to say my name which scares me when he does lol

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Dad, I need an art of yours that is perhap more lazy, or less detailed? Because I want to use your style of drawing hair, but I am in no means at your high level of art.

Well first of all, thanks a lot, I’m very flattered to read that you like my art so much that you’re basing part of yours on my style hah ★

Then I’ll keep that request in mind and try to remember to post more sketches, unpolished stuff and all (I got like a shitton so I guess I just have to remind myself to not just let it sleep in a folder or smth ★ )


If you want to use my way to draw hair, then I guess shawing a step by step could help !!!!

so yeah <3 

I always draw the hair fully (or partially fully like the approx shape) before doing the hair, that way im sure i don’t get a flat looking head becausse i didn’t put enough hair on top or something haha !

The hair is drawn following the shape of the head and the hairline.

Curly hair takes much more space than straight hair, but it can still be pretty thick !! 

For straight hair I like to think water for the way it slides along the head/face/shoulders etc… and the curlier I go, the more I make it light and fluffy. 

You can also think of fabric, straight hair would fall like heavy ones like velvet or silk while curly hair would be more like tulle or georgette

This is the part that can easely make a difference in the hair, add more volume, more depth etc… It’ll take a bit more time and thought as to where the hair would separate, flow etc… but I find the result way worth the effort. 

I also used this step to refine some parts like the end of the hair for Straight, making it less pointy to give the “freshly and neatly cut” effect.

It works especially well afterwards, when you colour, and when you can easely pick lighter/darker parts. 

Addind stray hair is a super fast way to add interrest imo. You just put a few free hair there and there and BOOM it looks more real. I tend to put them on the borders, but also putting some in the inside really gives a messy look which can be really interesting. 

When I colour fully (with shadows and all that bs) I also put some white hair where the light hits the hardest, in the same way. 

(goodbye jojo I didn’t have the faith to flat colour his mess of a hair)

This also is really up to you, but colouring the line can change how the drawing feels.(it feels all shiny and pastel and light when recoloured i think) If you draw in traditional media tho it’ll be harder to do it ofc. (though you can still own many inking markers of different colours, but yeah) 

When I recolour the hair, for simple colouring I take three shades (one darker, and two lighter -a lighter and a VERY MUCH lighter) so I can play and play with depth. Though if I’m lazy I’ll just block one colour and it looks just fine. It’s really all up to you, I’d say experiment and find what suits you best <3 

(I’ll probably post a bunch of sketches still soon enough so you get so many little heads full of hair that’s you’ll have all the reference you need :* )

 (also I’m sure your art is very good already haha we always tend to have a negative view of our own things. 

If you want to come in PV to show it or somethingI’d be more than happy, and I’d even be glad to give reviews IF YOU WISH. Like I’m no expert and still have a lot to learn but I can still give an opinion I guess)