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Finished one of this month’s commissions! The client already has a tattoo to represent Arthur on one side of her arm, and wanted a matching one for Merlin. Looking at plants that are native to the British Isles, we settled on acanthus for genius, fern, for sincerity and magic, daisy for loyalty, and hawthorn, since the hawthorn tree has been closely linked with Merlin. A hawthorn grows on Glastonbury Tor, one of the locations rumoured to be where Merlin studied his magic, and it’s a hawthorn tree that Nimue, the daughter of the Lady of the Lake, trapped Merlin in.

Harry and Merlin are the most bestest couple to ever exist.

Right now for instance, Merlin is on his way down to the kitchen to make coffee for Harry and himself. Coffee, of course, being the only thing he is allowed to make in the kitchen since The Situation occurred a few years back. So while Merlin is occupied brewing coffee while not stepping on several dogs that crowd around him in hopes of some early morning bellyrubs, Harry reaches over to the nightstand and checks Merlin’s clipboard for any pressing news or Kingsman alerts.

There are none for once, giving them the rare opportunity to spend a lazy morning together in bed, waking up slowly instead of rushing into clothes and out of the house.

Soon they’re cuddled up together in bed, sipping their coffees, legs tangled under the sheets. Merlin reads the paper on his everpresent tablet while Harry is still not quite awake, leaning against Merlin’s shoulder with eyes closed, dozing a little.

It’s a good morning.

They share a smile around toothbrushes, Merlin fixes Harry’s tie even though there isn’t really a need for that and they bicker about how many cheese-treats are too many for their dogs.

They get to the tailor shop together, kiss in the bullet train and wish each other ‘a nice day and please try not to get blown up we have dinner reservations tonight’

See? They’re amazing.


“And there she was unreachable,
a hurricane and a woman.”


“Merlin?” said Hunith, her voice going suddenly shrill. “Merlin? tell me you didn’t seduce the Prince of Wales? You’re not having an affair with Prince Arthur, are you? You’re not, are you? Merlin?”

He was smiling so broadly that his cheeks hurt, and when he dragged his eyes away from the screen she made a shocked sound at the expression of dazed delight on his face.

“You’re having an affair with Prince Arthur!”


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