thing: dreams do come true



we’re going out for ice cream, he’s taking me to the park, and who knows what else! I’m so excited but so nervous, you guys! this all feels like a dream, and I’ll definitely keep you all updated on my journey because you’re all so supportive & kind✨


Oh my God, I can’t stop watching this.

@missharleenfquinzel @atomic-poison-ivy @supervillainesses @amanda-jp I feel like this is something you all could appreciate.

March 19th, 2016: The day I met my hero.

I was so nervous and excited. The first time I met him it was for the autograph session where I had him sign my favorite DeLorean model. I remember going over what I’d day in my head, but when the time came all I could make out was, “Hi Michael, my name is ____. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me, and for being here today. It really means a lot.”. He said my name, was soft spoken and kind.

Looking into the man’s eyes I was overwhelmed at the kindness and compassion I saw in them. I remember him just kinda looking at me. He never said a word about the costume, but he regarded me.

In a daze and disbelief, I carried my model DeLorean back to where three of the coolest guys I know were waiting for me: Joe, Andrew, and Steve. Their presence in that moment meant so much to me.

For the photo session a little later all I could think was, “Man you get ONE shot at this. You get this photo ONCE in a lifetime. Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.”. I calmed my nerves best I could, and walked through the curtain and greeted him. He looked over, regarded me once more, and said, “Nice to see you again!” I’ll never know if he was being kind, or if he actually remembered me. I really want to believe he did. Having your hero remember you? Damn. THAT is heavy.

For the photo there was a strict “no touching” rule, and when I accidently and instinctively moved too close, the photographer called me out on it and I was horrified and promptly apologized. So if you look at the photo, I have my arm kinda behind my back. That’s why! After it was over I simply told Michael thank you, and left.

Those of you who know about Parkinson’s know it’s a big deal that he flashed that wonderful smile in the photo. I remember picking up my photo after it printed and being near tears upon seeing it.

A year ago today I met Michael J. Fox.

Ok so I know a lot of people have seen the big concept art for possible season 2/spinoff with Eva, Aikka, Rush, Spirit, and some unidentified Crog, but I STALK the OSR tag, both popular and recent filters, and I’ve only seen one person mention once that there was a piece about Nourasia and looks like Aikka is fighting a fire bender.

Well fear not good people! I scoured the internet and finally found what they were talking about. Can we take a moment to appreciate this? We finally get to see another extremely large bug, there’s freaking PAGODA’S in the background, and I now have a new headcanon that some Nourasians are born with magical abilities linked to certain elements and they get enchanted weapon to channel that ability into a physical form!