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do you think you'd write a part two to interview?

Since King Daddy won’t let me go, this is an inevitability. He’s starting to punch me in the ovaries just as hard as any form of Ignis ever does, and that’s a feat.

Well played, your Highness. *begrudgingly lifts wine glass* My muse is infatuated.


Why not ask Rick to take him to the Jerry Daycare? It’s a place entirely dedicated to keeping Jerrys content and well cared for, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a price associated with it, some Jerrys were just abandoned. Jerry could just live there instead of washing his underwear in a sink and eating shitty microwave dinners.

I’m not going to be able to get over this now I thought about it. Did everybody else forget about this? Does Jerry not consider this an option for some reason?

I tried really hard to keep myself from ranting about this but the sexualization and fetishization of Daphne Blake is something that deeply disturbs me. Fine, people are allowed I guess to draw their fanart porn and everything –– I won’t claim to understand that but fine whatever. But when that fanart starts to fetishize her and make her as nothing more than a sex object, that’s when it becomes a real problem. Daphne started as nothing more than a punchline to a joke, a stock character. More recently WB has been working hard to erase that perception of her and make her more than a damsel always needing to be rescued. And then there’s all these fan arts of her tied up and defenseless and it makes me sick. It just revolts me, because it’s not like there’s a story behind it, it’s not like she’s trying to reassert herself NO it’s gross artists using her as nothing but jack-off fuel because it’s “sexy” to be scared and defenseless and afraid. 

They don’t consider what being kidnapped so much means and leads to. They don’t care about her as a character, and that’s what bothers me. Some artists won’t use a certain color on a male character because that character dislikes it, but they’re fine bending reality to suit their gross fetishes? having daphne all tied up despite the fact that she likely has terrible associations with it?? and that’s not just me, like that’s practically fucking canon?? you don’t need to read between the lines to infer it’s possible. like, fuck outta here. i know male artists are capable of taking detail into consideration, but for some reason that consideration flies out of the table when it comes to female characters??? FUCK OUTTA HERE. treat female characters with the respect they deserve. treat daphne blake with the respect she deserves. god. 

Let’s be really real this morning before 7 am: if The Get Down was about the (white) history of Rock n Roll in the 70’s and starred white teens, a lot more people would’ve been like “OH THIS IS SO COOL, MUSIC HISTORY” and Netflix would’ve marketed it differently. Tumblr would’ve lost its mind if Dizzee Kipling was a white kid who thinks he’s an alien who is in love with white Thor. Mylene and the Soul Madonnas being an all-girl rock band would’ve been a huge draw. Merch would’ve been everywhere. Coming of age for a moody poet and his reckless and troubled friend trying to make it big with the music they love? They would’ve eaten it up.

This tea isn’t even piping.


Me: *watching How to Train Your Dragon* Doesn’t Toothless look kind of like Deku’s mask?

Me: … know what, he kinda does…. 


I Feel it Coming
Robbie Daymond (Prompto's VA)

I’ve been listening to Robbie Daymond’s cover from one of the old L.A.V.A streams on repeat and I wanted to draw Prompto with an acoustic guitar. 

i ship klance but...

will watch voltron even if the ship isn’t canon and i will RESPECT whatever dreamwork does because it is their show, not ours

i don’t support the idea of blackmail because it is downright wrong but i won’t let it ruin a series or a ship i like

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