I know that I still have a long way to go. But there is one thing I do: I forget what is in the past and try as hard as I can to reach the goal before me.
—  Philippians 3:13


rules: post 10 actresses and/or actors (or a mix of both) you would kiss and then tag 10 blogs.

in no particular order:

  • paige turco
  • henry ian cusick
  • bob morley
  • melissa mcbride
  • christopher larkin
  • andrew lincoln
  • john cho
  • sachin sahel
  • patrick stump (he was on an episode of a tv show once, he counts)
  • ming na wen

tagging: @shefollowedfires @skaihefamarcus @heda-reyes @criminalxchemist @fandammit @ellanainthetardis and anyone else who wants to do this!

So many things have happened in my life during the past year and its all been soundtracked by The 1975. ILIWYS has been a gateway for me to feel some pretty heavy things and in a world full of chaos, hatred, and the unknown; the 1975 have been the burst of color needed to give me hope. I’m so thankful for this band and all the happiness and love they bring me. I get emotional at the idea of the ILIWYS era ending, but I know that whatever comes next will be full of just as much love, thought, and support that they’ve always shown.

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anonymous asked:

I'm confused about the gas station thing. What happened? :o *clueless*

i’m just gonna copy and paste what @randomugly dm’d me!!

“I saw it a couple of weeks ago so I was surprised to see it come up again…basically someone had posted from Korea (non ARMY/non shipper) that they saw two guys hugging outside of a secluded gas station…and when the guys noticed they were being watched they separated all flustered. And because their faces weren’t covered, the person who caught them recognized them as Tae and Jungkook. My heart did backflips..but it’s still just a rumor.”

blabdafish  asked:

i totally understand calling out alex for what he did, i respect that, but over half of these things happened years ago. don't you think it's a little creepy to dig up things that he did in the past? no disrespect, that's just how i see it. i'm not saying i agree with everything yandev does, i just think it's a little weird that you have a blog dedicated only to calling him out. (i understand that it's for a good purpose, tho, i respect that)

you know whats even creepier though is alex brushing off any mention of this without showing any kind of growth from it. we wouldn’t pick it out if we thought he wouldn’t do the same thing today.


my mutuals: make a really thirsty post about wanting someone to get over here and fuck them already

me: do they… want to be flirted with?  is it… is it more rude for me to scroll past the post, or for me to make a pass at them?  i’m sure by someone they don’t mean “ANYONE”, its probably a dogwhistle for someone specific, or because of tumblr’s social lack of distinction between the personal and the public, perhaps they’re just venting their sexual frustration and don’t really expect anything from anyone

my socially anxious and sexually inexperienced ass: *quietly scrolls past while i contemplate those things*


Some characters + spirits/ancestors → requested by anonymous

Comic N-032: “Frisk drops an F-bomb”

A second comic??

EDIT: Added word bubble, changed undyne’s face, and fixed some coloring issues!


mccree’s filling his flirting quota before going on a mission with reyes