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Atlas had been looking to going to the space needle since he saw the list of planned stops, but the second part of his task was taking away some of his excitement. He loved Francis, they had been having fun this entire trip and maybe that’s because Atlas wasn’t being fully honest with him and he definitely felt like the other boy was hiding things too. But they had both just been ignoring that for the sake of just enjoying this adventure. But there were more and more things eating away at the raven-haired boy as each day passed and more than being worried about hearing some truths he probably didn’t want to hear, he needed his friend. Francis was always the first person Atlas went to when things went wrong, but lately a lot the things weighing him down had to do with Francis and those closest to him. He didn’t want to risk losing any of those people, but if he kept it bottled up much longer we was going to lose it. As he got close to Francis’s door he wiped his sweaty palms on his pants, hoping his nerves wouldn’t show. He wanted Francis to just think this was a fun day out for the two of them. “Franny, are you ready to go?” He knocked as he called for the other boy. 


Sometimes I wonder what lies you tell your therapist.
Sometimes I wonder how I would have turned out if you hadn’t invited yourself into my body so many times, or if i would have left the first time your hands clasped around my throat.
Sometimes, i wish i would have stopped breathing.

There’s a lot of things that I think about late at night when everything goes quiet or after work on the subway. You are there way too often.

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What about this has been tiring?

Hummm…just a lot of things lately? It’s been overwhelming and the fact the every character is way out of character, trying to keep up with their AU image and personalities is too much sometimes. Usually I was ok with it, but as it goes on…😞plus my art block has been extremely awful and it might take weeks to do one simple comic. Idk I just…idk with a full time job it can be tiring.

Sometimes I wonder what lies you tell your therapist.
Sometimes I wonder how I would have turned out if you hadn’t invited yourself into my body so many times, or if i would have left the first time your hands clasped around my throat.
Sometimes, i wish i would have stopped breathing.

There’s a lot of things that I think about late at night when everything goes quiet or after work on the subway. You are there way too often.


Author’s Note: Ahh I like Bayern I was sad when they lost :( (even if they did knock Arsenal out haha). Anyway, this is for the anon from before. Hope you see it and like it :) Peace!

Fic Description: You and Manuel fight.


Safe to say you weren’t exactly looking forward to when Manuel got home. You two had been fighting a lot lately, every small silly thing would seem to set it off. Plus, they’d lost today so he wouldn’t be in the best mood. It was against Real Madrid as well, the Champion’s League, a match he’d desperately wanted to win. You resolved to keep out his way as much as possible, yes, you’d give him space. That would work.

Manuel gets home soon after the match ends, you figured he didn’t want to hang around. You hear him slam the door and wince. He walks past you without a word, you feel tense now. He walks into the kitchen and you hear him sigh.

“(y/n), why isn’t the washing up done?” He asks. Oh crap, you’d meant to do that before.

“I’m sorry, I forgot”

“Nothing ever gets done round here!”

“I’m sorry”

“If it’s not the washing up, it’s the laundry”

“You know, you could help out too”

“I do. It seems I do everything round here” He shouts.

“I’m sorry. I’ll do more”

“You better had. You know I have no time”

“I know, I will. I just got busy”

“Busy with what? It’s not like you do anything!”

Ok, you had to admit, that hurt.

“You know I’m trying to find a job” You say.

“Trying? It’s been a year”

“It’s hard ok?”

“Yeah whatever” He says, he storms past you and goes upstairs. You decide to give him some time to cool down.

You put the TV on and settle on some gameshow, trying to take your mind off the fight, off everything. You’re just getting into it, it must be about an hour later, when Manuel comes down. You tense up but relax slightly as he sits next to you and puts an arm around your shoulder.

“I’m sorry” He says.

“It’s ok”

“No it’s not, I was frustrated with the match. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you”

“No, you shouldn’t”

“I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you I promise”

“Thank you”

“I love you” He says.

“I know, I love you too”

“Thank you. And I am really sorry”

“It’s ok. I’m sorry about the match. I thought you played well”

“Thanks. They were better” He shrugs “Oh well there’s next year”


“I’m tired anyway”

“Yeah me too.”

He takes your hand, pulling you off the couch.

“Come on” He says “Let’s go to bed”

I’ve been having a hard time with a lot of things lately. I just found out this weekend that I know haven asthma, woo. It’s not that big of a deal, I’m still alive. I’m starting to think that I’m letting my guard down so much and so often, that I am forgetting to take care of myself. School is still a drag, I’m passing, but nonetheless, a drag. I’m just hoping that all this anxiety doesn’t continue to build and that at some point I feel like this is all worth it. I’m not at that point yet…

okay so there are lots of things happening lately so I won’t be able to be on tumblr too much (as if I actually spend my free time here, well). I have my life to fix. My health is not good lately, I have exams pretty soon, I have some science to do. If any of you wants anything from me - you can text me on fb/mobile/instagram/pm but I won’t be there to look at my dash and scroll through friends’ blogs. Sorry for that. I am tired. 
I feel well mentally, though I still need a time for myself and to make thing clear to myself. And to heal myself from stuff I started to suffer from. 
From good news - I’m going to Berlin to see Night Vale live show with my friends. I’m really glad to have you around, guys. <3 Thanks! 
Okay, it was some personal shit but hello sometimes I just feel like to tell something. 
To the tag stuff - I am going to do them all but not so soon. Sorry. I do not have time right now.
That Ass (Property of James Barnes) - greenbergsays - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Oh boy. OH BOY. THIS. This is the best thing I’ve read lately ! (And I’m neck deep into the Stucky tag in AO3, have been reading a lot lately) BUT THIS THING HERE. I am DEAD. I can’t even. I am choking, I forgot how to breathe, I can only make those weird wheezing noises, because HOLY BLOODY HELL, this is AMAZING. It’s totally ridiculous, I mean, you can guess that just from the tin, but it’s the excellent kind of ridiculous ! Here’s afew choice extracts to make you all drool and see what I’m talking about (and because Phil is always a win) :

It’s interesting to note that unlike Tony, his entire world view has not been poleaxed, and unlike everyone else, he does not feel a loss of innocence. That particular ship sailed over twenty years previous when a young Phillip Coulson wrote his first Captain America/Bucky Barnes fanfiction. No one is aware of it but the expression on his face is that of a fanboy realizing that his ship is canon.

“This changes everything,” Rhodey says, hushed.
“I can finally take those stupid disclaimers off,” Phil agrees. His placid expression doesn’t even twitch but he sounds positively gleeful. “Take that, haters.”
“Everyone said we were crazy.” Rhodey shakes his head, grinning. “Everyone said we were reading too much into it. Ha!”
Phil holds his drink up between them. “To canon.”
“To canon,” Rhodey echoes and their glasses clink together.

Just … read the whole freaking thing. You won’t regret it, promise. (Also, pisses me off : only 4103 kudos for 40961 hits ? Come on, now guys, at least leave kudos, it doesn’t take a lot of effort …)

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So... He's been doing this a whole lot lately. The things you do for those you actually give a frag about, eh? Thus, he finds himself opening a comm link he has stolen from a certain blue femme, and pokes it, non too gently. You better pick up, mech. He's got all the time in any 'verse.

He’s at his workstation when the comm goes off. His helm tilts to one side, putting down the soldering tool and turning it off as he turns to the console. A couple of pushes of the button bring up messages and incoming calls. His optics narrow in curiosity as he looks at the designation, and he’s half tempted to call ‘Mia in.

But, something in his tanks stops him- and instead, he answers it with his normal gravely greeting.


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Can I be really honest? And I don't mean to stir things up but IMO Nino looked a lot more depressed lately because he had a problem with one of the other members (watch Shiyagare and you will pick up on something).

What episode? Also why be vague? Just tell me what it is lol. Was it a while ago? Because he’s been more depressed for a while.

A friend that I met in the hospital posted online that he needed someone to “talk to [him], please”.

I texted him to let him know I was thinking about him (I really was).

He told me he is taking his last electric therapy session today for his suicidal depression. I told him how I named my personal journal comic collection after something he absentmindedly babbled for his own personal giggles while we were in the common area. He thanked me and told me that the help he was getting was finally working for him, but he’d (un[fortunately]) have to relearn a lot of things.

Lately– in my own mental and physical recovery from the hurricane that was bipolar 2, bulimia, and a struggle with my sexual and gender identity– I am feeling that way a lot, too.

I have a lot to (re)learn, too

365 Day Challenge

Day 10

What’s the hardest thing you’re dealing with?

This past week I’ve been struggling with finding motivation to do my work. I keep trying hard to wake up early but as soon as I wake up, I just sit in bed for an extra hour or so. And then when I try to commit to working during the day, I struggle with just starting my work. I think this is because a lot of my tasks lately have been bigger things, so I know they’re gonna take a lot of time and energy and therefore I don’t wanna start them. I’m not sure, but I know the longer I put things off, the more stressed I’ll be later. 

Hiatus notice;

Idk I’m just not feeling anything anymore like I’ll get happy about shit and then something else will ruin it and a lot of things are going on lately and I’m extra stressed with work.

This probably won’t be a long hiatus, don’t really know yet like I’ll still be around but I just…I don’t know anymore, doesn’t feel right roleplaying anymore and that makes me sad.

I’ll be around whether it’s on here or on discord, ask for it I’d you want or if you have it, feel free to message me