thing a lot lately

Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around

Don’t emotionally bully someone that you know has a crush on you just so you can get free art out of them. Please, just don’t…and rethink a few things in your life while you’re at it…

so i’ve been seeing lately a LOT of people posting that they are considering ditching the show because of what happened to sansa tonight. 

so if you are considering not watching game of thrones because of the show’s treatment of sansa this last episode, PLEASE REBLOG.

Mermaid-edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Okay, don't freak out- but I'm actually a mermaid/man."
  • "You don't have to be afraid of me. I only want to see your tail."
  • "I knew I saw something in the water!"
  • "Stay away, you sea monster!"
  • "I heard you sing. It really was the most beautiful sound."
  • "Watch the tail!"
  • "How long were you gonna wait to tell me about the whole I-actually-have-fins thing?"
  • "I noticed you've been hanging around the water a lot, lately. Hoping to find a mermaid or something?"
  • "Let me out of this net!"
  • "Could you teach me how to swim? Cause you seem like an expert."
  • "You can't be real. Things like you aren't real!"
  • "Now do you see why I always like to swim?"
  • "Step out of the water. Let me see."
  • "Don't swim to close to me. My fins might hit you."
  • "Ouch! Your scales are sharp!"
  • "I didn't think creatures like you existed."
  • "You're stepping on my fins!"
  • "Are those scales? Are those actual scales?"
Be proud of your blog

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Tag ten blogs you think should be proud of what they do, whether it’s art, writing, edits, great choices of what to reblog, brilliant tags, lovely responses to asks…. spread some positivity! I’m tagging: weeping-who-girl, blueboxtraveller, rosetylered, rundalek, badwolfrun, anniviech, alaska-riversong, cremeanglaiseandchocolatedreams, davidtennantrequests, cooltennant, thearkenstone braveten, fiftysevenacademics, amindoccupiedbytennant

Years ago, Marvel HQ used to be situated in the building in which I work. I discovered this information when cutting up an old comic and promptly freaked the fuck out.

At least twice a day, I ride an elevator that once housed, well, many antiquated opinions about race and gender and the proportionate amount of pouches necessary for fighting crime, but also the history of some of the characters I really love.

There were people who sat in the very building I’m sitting in right now and talked about exactly what I talk about, but when they did it, it was doing their job instead of how they spent their lunch break. How fucking cool is that.

This city is huge and it is tiny, and I love both parts of it.

I’ve been working on a lot of new things lately! I will be announcing my next shop update very soon. It will include a lot of one-of-a-kind items including vintage linen tablecloths in which I’ve printed my images on! These will be must-have for you tarot readers! More details coming this week. 💜 #PoisonApplePrintshop #witchesnight #walpurgisnacht #hexennacht #witchcraft #supporthandmade (at Poison Apple Printshop)

I feel like messing up a friend’s pronouns is like calling a teacher “mom”

You both know that you messed up but its way more awkward if you don’t correct yourself and acknowledge that you messed up. That being said, over apologizing just makes the whole deal uncomfortable.

Because we’re all going to mess up pronouns or names, whether or not they’re the pronouns and names of trans individuals, and it’s just better for everyone if you admit to the mistake, correct yourself, and move on.

But please. Don’t try to ignore it. You can be positive the trans person heard your mistake and will feel worse if you ignore it.


A lot of news lately but I have another thing I’ve been keeping under my hat and I’ll try to keep this brief* and not flip out too much**: we have a special co-headliner for one show this tour. It’s the show in Pioneertown. As is often the case, I have a little story to tell here. 

In 2012, we toured Transcendental Youth. Shortly before we left for tour – like, two days before – my emotional health went through the floor. I hadn’t been on tour in that kind of state since 2008; I hadn’t missed it. If you are in one of those crying-while-awake ways, it does not help the situation to wake up and get in the van every day. But I did two things that helped me find my way back to the surface. The first was I made a conscious effort to trying letting the shows do some kind of work for me: to try to use my own songs the way I use other people’s songs to heal or find catharsis or in some way patch me up. It worked. Not every night, not every song, but I came to really look forward to the ones where it felt like I was journeying into some hidden cavern in my heart and retrieving something of value. It did not hurt my secret project there that the album we were touring was Transcendental Youth. I took this strategy into the future and it has been a great thing for me personally, I recommend it if you make stuff: let the stuff you make work on you, be open to it. 

The second thing I did, which is what I always do when things get hairy, was find a song that I couldn’t even sing the chorus of without crying, and then start listening to it about ten times a day. I don’t recommend this to everybody, it is just something I do. I can’t go looking too hard for the song: I have to just be listening for something that crushes me and then embrace it. Past listen-several-hours-a-day lifesavers for me have been KT Tunstall’s “Hopeless,” KT Tunstall’s “Fade Like A Shadow,” Amy Grant’s “Nothing is Beyond You” plus three songs off of her “Legacy…Hymns and Faith” album, Andrae Crouch’s “Take a Little Time,” Ana Gabriel’s “Mi Talisman” and also “Quien Como Tú” and wow I didn’t actually know how long this list was until I started typing, there’s probably a half dozen more, Gwen Stefani’s “The Great Escape” is one and a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song called “I Tried” is another and there’s also Christine Fellows’s “Migrations” and “Vertebrae” I still can’t even listen to those ones.  

Anyhow, my song for that tour, the thing I listened to on headphones in the back of the van all day, was Aimee Mann’s “Labrador.” Aimee Mann’s ear for songs that will crush me like a bug is extremely keen. The video for “Labrador” is a shot-for-shot remake of a video she made with her band in the ‘80s, and it’s totally brilliant; the chorus is one of the saddest things I have ever heard in my life. 

This is the only show of the tour we’re playing together. I kind of can’t believe it’s happening. If, during Aimee’s set, you wanna find me, it will not be hard. I will be the guy completely losing his composure and making everybody uncomfortable by just letting the tears roll right on down my face for about four minutes during “Labrador.” 

Also, the venue only holds 350 people. This is going to be rad. THANK YOU AIMEE FOR SAYING YES TO THIS IT WILL BE SUCH A HUGE HONOR TO PLAY A SHOW WITH YOU!

*once again, did not succeed in keeping it brief

**not exactly acing this one here here, as it turns out

Goals are important. I can find myself idealizing change in the nonspecific, which can lead to frustration with not moving fast enough. It’s rather hard to move fast when you haven’t picked a direction.

ok but give me muggleborn witches and wizards teaching their friends about science and math. they’re running a little lesson in the room of requirements each week to teach basic chemistry and biology and maybe even physics or algebra or calc and each week more and more students show up because they think chemistry is so interesting. it’s so similar to potions and magic, but it’s still not?? magic??? and how the hell did they not know their bodies could do so much? What do you mean muggles have potions for when they’re ill or unhappy? Who is this Bill Nye and are you sure he isn’t a wizard? Now, dammit, I know this Neil DeGrasse Tyson must be a wizard.

thewhimsicalfaesorceress asked:

At first it felt a little strange seeing another version of herself.. "Hello there.." she slowly approaches but when she gets a full view of her. "Oh my aren't you a cute one" Lulu giggled a little. "So, How're you doin'?"

“Oh hello there, uh… me?”

Lulu was perplexed at the sight of, well, Lulu. No matter how confused she is, she doesn’t mind seeing another friendly face around her. Especially if she was called cute.

“I’m in a super mood, everything is all fine and dandy. Thanks for asking!”

The little sorceress began to snicker, amused by a thought that came up in her mind. Does it really matter that there is someone that is exactly like you? That just means that there’s another friend to make for the child.

“Hey, if you’re really me and I’m really you, then what do we call each other?”