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To everyone going to the Falsettos cd signing: please post everything about it, you are not being annoying I promise, I literally want to know everything that happened and everything that was said because I love this musical and cast too much and this things are the closest I’ll ever get to see/enjoy it live, so please, just write everything you can, we’ll love you for it

Signed: fans who don’t live in NY

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hi Bea! ♡ We never talked before but just know I'm so, so happy to see your posts on my dash every day. You and other content makers are the main reasons why we can still feel connected to the boys + what also brings all of us iKONICs together. Whatever negative people say please always remember that we all are grateful for the time and passion you put into this. Thank you for the gifs and the CDs and the scans and for just being so kind and generous with us. Love ya + have a good day! xx

Hey Elena 😚

Thank you SO much for writing this cute message and also thank you for writing the awesome post 💖💖💖

The whole thing is not really about me but I know how it is when someone claims your work as their own 😑

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

❀ a good book ❀ portable charger ❀ notebook ❀ tampons ❀ lip balm ❀

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

❀ books (all over the room in stacks help me) ❀ dried flowers ❀ clothes ❀ cd’s ❀ plants ❀

5 things i want to do in life:

❀ learn as much as i can ❀ own a small bookshop/cafe ❀ play the piano at a concert standard ❀ travel ❀ be happy ❀

5 things i’m currently into:

❀ jazz music ❀ reading classical books (like latin n ancient greek stuff) ❀ writing ❀ playing piano late at night ❀ berkoffian theatre ❀

5 things on my to-do list:

❀ finish my piano compositon piece ❀ gcses ❀ rewrite all my revison notes ❀ sort out the music on my phone ❀ bake the biscuits i make that my friend loves in the shape of her dog for her birthday❀

5 things ( most ) people don’t know about me:

❀ i like eating lemons ❀ big trucks make me uneasy ?? ❀ writing in blue pen makes me feel uncomfortable ❀ i still have my baby socks in a drawer somewhere ❀ i’ve kept every letter anyone has ever written me ❀

i tag @ddevour @daehyus + idk anyone who wants to do this i tag u !!!


Welcome! After going back and forth with what to do with this tumblr, I decided that I would share my love of music in the only way I can; by sharing the music that seiyuus give their voices to! This way you can what else your favorite seiyuu has done and their amazing singing! All upcoming and released CD will be posted here and will be updated frequently.

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

Posts will not be in chronological order of when it was released (it would be eons to write up lol). 

This tumblr will only feature male seiyuus (not that I don’t like the female ones). It will also feature groups or bands that are associated with seiyuus. For example, OLDCODEX since Suzuki Tatsuhisa is the lead singer of the band.

I will post what I can when I can. 

I will post ONLY CD’s that have music in them; so no drama CDs (unless it has them singing in it). 

I will NOT be posting downloads to any CD or music at this time. I want to try and see how this kicks off first.

Each post will have the CD image, the artist, the title of the CD, when it was released and the tracks (only vocal ones). If it’s a drama CD, I will only list the song in it, not the entire track list and it will only have the artist who sang it. For example, if there are multiple voice actors on a drama CD but only one of them sings the song in it, only that artist will be recognized.

If there are multiple artists on a CD, then it will be titled “Various Artists” and will have the names of the artists in tags.

The titles of the CD and its tracks will be in Japanese or in romanji. 

I will try to be accurate with my information but things can happen. 

Thank you!

So I totally meant to get a story out for you guys tonight but in true me style, I got distracted. As you can see. By this anti-possession tattoo I gave Dan Howell. But really, I think we’re all better off for it. 

Anyway! While I procrastinated, I did listen to this awesome, awesome new cd I bought this week that’s giving me lots of story ideas and I’ll have one to you tomorrow. Or today, since it’s two am as I write this. Sunday. Whatever. I’m going to bed. You’re welcome for this picture.