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I could desperately use a hug. I saw my fiancé for the first time in months (he's in the Navy, I traveled to see him) and I was with him for an entire weekend. Now that I have to go home tomorrow, I'm crying hard af in the bed we're sharing and he fell asleep (before I started) and my heart is just shattering at the thought of leaving.

*hugs tight* aw sweetheart, I cant even imagine how hard it is for you right now! I’m so sorry! I wish my virtual hug could turn into a real one ;A;

I wish I had some really grand and amazing encouraging words but I’m not well educated in the military aspect of life;; 

i do have many friends who go through the same thing and all i can say is I truly hope you feel better soon!

Distance isn’t easy and the feelings won’t get easier but I know you are a very strong person and you’ll be able to handle it! I know you can! I believe in you!

It’s okay to cry and its /definitely/ okay to miss him, just remember that your love will always connect to two of you no matter distance or time apart! ~Admin 404

A’ight guys. Classes start Tuesday and things are going to get pretty fucking hectic pretty fucking quick. I’m starting my school work tomorrow to start getting ahead of the game as quickly as possible. The more work I get done before my project heavy classes get project heavy, the less I have to worry about it down the line. I’ll blog on weeks when I have some downtime but, considering my graduation project, any time I’m not spending on homework will probably be spent on that and any time not spent working on both of those will be spent working on my personal projects like my Meade bio or my book and if not those then finally whatever posts I have stewing in my drafts (there’s, like, 40 of them).

In less words: If I disappear for days or weeks at a time over the next 9 months, don’t panic. I’m just drowning in work.


mama does not condone cursing (´∀`)

inspired by this that was inspired by this lol

s/o to aces with libido

s/o to aces with kinks

s/o to aces with fantasies

s/o to aces who experience sensual attraction

s/o to aces who like to be sensually intimate with their partners

s/o to aces who like to be sexually intimate with their partners

s/o to aces who aren’t “perfect” asexuals, you are still valid and you are all ace af


WHEN U HEAR SOMEONE TALKIN SHT ABT UR LEADER [aka. mfw shujin students still gossiping 6 months into the school year mfff 🔥🔥🔥)

basically the guys’ days out turns in2 akira babysitting sessions… again


The Night Court - Inner Circle ~ The court of dreams

“The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares. And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”

Mor / Amren / FeyreFeysand / Manon / Courts

I love and support Taeyong
I love and support  Ten
I love and support Johnny
I love and support Doyoung
I love and support Yuta
I love and support Jaehyun
I love and support WinWin
I love and support Taeil
I love and support Mark
I love and support Haechan
I love and support Jaemin
I love and support Jeno
I love and support Jisung
I love and support Chenle
I love and support Renjun
I love and support Yukhei
I love and support Hansol
I love and support Kun
I love and support Jungwoo

I love and support each and every member of NCT

I will love and support all the trainees we don’t know about that will debut in NCT because that’s what each and every member deserves


favorite comic character meme ✦  [1/3] platonic relationships: bruce wayne

“But the whole truth was obvious. Bruce liked having Jason out here.”

Headcanon where Tony loses his voice after a fight against Loki. He keeps it as a secret at first because he doesn’t want to see another doctor or even worse get the teams pity.

But… nobody even notices that he can’t talk. No they seem happy that they don’t have to listen to his usual chatter. They seem relieved when he doesn’t tell jokes anymore.

And when Tony gets his voice back, he stays mute. It’s better for everybody anyway.

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i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him