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Okay but am I the only one who's extremely pissed off with Lou Teasdale? Like she can get TF out for all I care. She is a fame whore and uses the boys.

she isn’t the greatest but harry knows her and feels comfortable with her and it’s understandable he’d wanna stick to what he’s familiar with since you can’t really trust many people in the industry

*sigh* My genius dog who will do multiple step mobility and psychiatric tasks in public with a shit ton of distractions around her, refuses to do basic obedience. Her Focus and Heel are fine, but asking for her to sit is like talking to a brick wall and she’ll settle down fine in restaurants but nowhere else. This weekend will be a back to the basics training session for as long as my body holds out. 

Service dog training is always a surprise. 

I get a lot of people asking me about the organization that trained AIRLIE. And I love to talk about it! I love sharing the word about this program because it is incredible. 

This organization is not your typical service dog organization for a lot of reasons. People who inquire into getting a dog from there should know what they are getting in to. The biggest difference between this organization and other service dog organizations is that you are expected to do two things
(1) Earn your dog and
(2) Join the family

I would like to address what each of these means to me.

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Written Ship 💖

Hi love! 💕 I absolutely adore your blog!! May I have a ship with BTS and Got7 please? I’m an Aquarius and my personality type is INFJ which means I’m sensitive, caring, and passionate. My friends see me as altruistic, loyal and kindhearted. People may think I’m shy but once they get to know me I can get pretty weird and crazy. I love skin ship and cuddling. My hobbies include listening to music, doing makeup and creating things. Animals (ESPECIALLY DOGS) and children make me super happy! I’m an open minded person who loves traveling and exploring different places. I’m always up for trying new things and new experiences! Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you have a lovely day filled with smiles, positivity and lots of kpop. 💖 사랑해~

@irresistible-paradise Thank you for the love and support, I hope your day is just as brilliant <3 나도사랑해~

In BTS I ship you with V. I think he would adore your INFJ personality and really care for you back. The weird and crazy side of you he would get to know and love as he is pretty similar and you could get weird and crazy together :D He would love to snuggle up with you and give you all the skinship you deserve. He would actively listen to music with you and love watching you put on your make up and getting creative. Your love for dogs and children is something that you and V share and he would be able to be extremely happy watching you interact with either children or animals. Exploring different places with V would be so much fun and your open minded views would help V understand more of the world, you would be able to experience so many new things together. You would both be very cute together :D

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In Got7 i ship you with Jackson. He would adore how passionate and caring you are, he would also give you so much love back. Both of your weird and crazy sides would blend well together and be something exciting and fun to see.He would highly appreciate your loyalty and give you the same back. He would give you all the skinship requirements you need and make you feel like the happiest girl on earth, especially with the warm cuddles :). Seeing you be so happy when with animals and children would make him think about your life together and he’d want to enjoy his time with you now, by travelling and seeing the world with you, experiencing those new things and making many fond memories together, and later think about how he can spend the rest of his life with you <3

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I hope you enjoyed it :)

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magnus burnsides, shaking where he stands, balling his hands into fists at his sides, trying his hardest not to go pet or hug a service dog

“magnus…don’t do it”

“i know.  im just…im so proud of him.  look at him he worked so hard to get there im so proud” he replies, tears in his eyes

Pidge actually did take up gardening after all, with some help from their Trash Buddies of course!

I am your partner.
Happy bithday Tsuki-san!!!・:゚*:・。゚ぉ誕生日(★´∀`)
What i expected from Jack and the Wolf...

What i actually got…