thing on a stick day

I like to think that at some point, when Fen’Harel’s agents are being particularly shady, or the Inquisitor’s team takes a blow, Sera goes and sets up a mannequin with a bald cap on it and just starts throwing darts at its crotch.

And eventually it becomes a ‘thing’. Rough day in the field? Go hit Solas with a stick. Fen’Harel’s agents clear out a base before your people could get there? Go chop off Solas’ head. Potential for impending doom getting you down and filling you with existential dread? Go light Solas on fire.

They have to replace the mannequin pretty much every day.

And then one evening, late, Sera spies the Inquisitor, sitting out in the training yard. Next to the mannequin. Talking. Not even shouting, just talking quietly, like she used to see the two of them doing sometimes. Long blah blah blah boring conversations, but sometimes Solas looked happy during them. And usually, so did the Inquisitor.

The next day, she takes down the mannequin and doesn’t put a new one up.

“It got old,” she says, when anyone asks. “After all, we’re trying to save the stupid arsehole, not lop his head off. Right?”


Silverflint Domestic AU: Inspired by @mrbarrow‘s awesome Domestic AU gifset. Silver and Flint go back to Miranda’s house and make a peaceful life there with good books, plenty of food, and a comfortable bed. They go fishing, tell each other stories, and tend Miranda’s vegetable garden. It should be too quiet, too sedate, but they’re both so tired of fighting and pretending that it’s only a relief. They’re safe and comfortable and happy together, and finally James can return Flint to the sea and become himself again. 

(Oh, and of course Silver comes home one day with a parrot and Flint is far less than impressed, but his irritation only makes Silver more pleased with his impulse purchase.)

you grow up breaking bones and hearts;
falling out of trees / falling out of love.
here’s what your mother forgets to tell you:
fractures heal—the things that stick around
are only fragments. people you can’t remember.
// these days you’re hungry enough
to swallow yourself whole. bite back
your words, end up tearing off skin
you didn’t know you had. these habits
haunt you in eerie symphonies; oh god
the silence never seemed so loud //
every year comes around like a battering ram,
echoing from end to endless, every age after
the war you never thought you’d have to fight.
honey, here’s an inheritance built for survival:
you’ll always have more hope than you need.
// there’s a reason nostalgia aches: it rests
on loving a place you’ve left behind
and a time you can’t rewind to. when
they ask you how to run from the past
you answer god, if only i could //

— history’s iron grip (amc)

4 bag celebratory shots are nice 😋💉


I see Adam related posts everywhere… IT´S ADAPOCALYPSE NOW !!!!



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Happy birthday to the beautiful wonderful hilarious Noora @iamnotbeingsarcastic!!

Dear Noora, I love you so much! You brighten up my days with your wonderful blog content. You’ve get the best taste in Louis pictures, aesthetic outfit posts and puppies. All the puppies. You also make my day with your stories and when you share things about your wonderful self. That’s what I love about you most Noora, you always tell these quirky details about yourself and they always stick. Lots of things remind me of you every day: bright lipstick, big grey sweaters, heaps of snow, pronouncing sifjdisjfds out loud and so much more, somehow these things all become very YOU to me. I’m so happy we became friends, you always make me smile and even belly laugh. You’re smart and interesting, and I could never ever get tired of talking to you. 

I hope you have the best birthday and that you can celebrate on days you don’t have to pull kids out of the toilets or whatever mess they’ve gotten themselves into that day. I hope lots of people buy you tons of lipstick (dream Harry can comment all he want!), or giant purses, or anything that makes you smile and makes you feel loved. I love you Noora, happy birthday! <3

15milbosses Day 6

What made you stick around the channel?!  What are your favorite things about Jack and why he is so special to you?! @starlightcrystalgem 

What made me stick around the channel?! Great question :) The reason that I’ve stuck around the channel for almost 2 years is the fact that the channel and so may other YouTube channels are my ticket to pure happiness!

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Jack’s videos give me energy (I’m guilty of watching them around 9pm, oops, hahaha). 

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What are my favorite things about Jack?! (I’m actually going to talk about Seán for a moment, no not Jack just Seán, Okay?! Great :)) 

Oh goodness, where do I start?! 

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*Stares at gif for 10 minutes before realizing that I’m writing a post*  hahaha 

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One of my favorite things about Seán is his lovely baby blue eyes *blushing* I can just stare all day! 

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In my eyes Seán is more than a loud mouth, Irish YouTuber who only plays only Happy Wheels and swears and who has green hair! Seán William McLoughlin to me you are DEDICATED, KIND-HEARTED, HARD WORKING, person that I’m very happy to call you my friend :)