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what the up is fuck. darigan stan and baby magnus. fight me

darigan stan is basically gargoyle stan but purple. I threw a steven in with magnus because I’m a giving person that way

superglue sideburns to your children, folks!

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

Steven Universe Fan comic, Dioptase


About this comic: After The Kindergarten Kid, before Gem Harvest. Peridot and Lapis have been bonding during their time on earth, but Lapis still can’t let go the feeling of being fused with Jasper, so she asks Peridot to help her but, things don’t always goes as planned…

Story and art by me, updates on fridays/saturdays. DON’T REPOST.

Wanted to have this ready yesterday but I returned home late :3c so yeah, happy late Christmas guys! Have an extra update~

When I was concepting this scene, I wanted to make them dance Genghis Khan (yall know) but I was listening lots of Wada Kouji and end up liking Grace for this scene, but you can make them dance whatev you want xD also don’t dance in the roof, it can be dangerous :3c they don’t need words rn~


That world, and the people inhabiting it, was a reflection of your own desires. What might have been if Komaeda Nagito lacked his good fortune and led a quiet, uneventful life.

Supergirl Writer Problems

When you have James Olsen, who helps Kara, loves her for who she is:

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But decide he isn’t good enough for Kara

Then you have Lena Luthor, who fills Kara’s office with flowers, tells her that she’s her hero, has a relationship built and trust and respect:

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But somehow she isn’t good enough for Kara so you decide this guy is:

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I was asked several times to do the “Meet the Artist” thing and ya– Here you go lol It’s like 6am 8)))

kiddie asks!!

stuffie: what was your very first stuffed animal? what is your favorite stuffed animal you’ve ever had? do you name your stuffed animals?

crayon: draw a picture using only your favorite color!

toy: what is a toy you miss that you wish was still being made?

soft: do you have a favorite blankie? what does it look like?

bunny: what is your favorite animal?

slime: what are three textures you love and three textures you cant stand

disney: what is your favorite kids movie?

memory: a positive memory associated with kiddie things, whether its from your childhood or more recently

safety: do you have any security / comfort objects? what are they?

harmony: what is a childrens song that makes you feel happy

tv: favorite kids tv show?

rainbow: do you prefer bright colors or muted colors? primary colors or secondary colors? whats a color that makes you happy?

carebear: who is your favorite carebear?

ponies: who is your favorite pony from mlp? what generation is your favorite?

warmth: who is your very best friend? why?

sweets: whats your favorite candy? whats your favorite kind of cake?

blocks: what was your favorite toy when you were little? what is your favorite toy now?

This is the result of me trying to draw something nice digitally at 2am and getting super frustrated  

I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link:

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!