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Mirror For The Sun - Part 2: Cedar Point

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Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. 

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2057

Author’s Note: I LOVED Cedar Point as a kid, but hubby pointed out to me while I was writing this on the road that not everyone knows what it is… I think I’ve explained it in the fic, but if not, google it and be jealous. It’s mind-blowing. Ok I added this gif after because it totally looks like a roller coaster harness…

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“Okay! Okay! I recognize this!” Y/N shouts slapping my arm absentmindedly as she leans forward between the front seats. “Go left up here.”

I had been pleasantly sleeping before this rude awakening. I groggily force myself more upright and swat her hand away “Stop hitting me.”

She stops, but doesn’t answer me in any other way. She doesn’t lean back to include me or tell me where we were, or even turn her head in the slightest to acknowledge me. Shit. I’ve really pissed her off. I thread my hand into my hair, pushing it off my face and catch Steve’s warning glare in the mirror. I can practically hear his mom-voice ‘You don’t have to snap at her Buck, she’s just excited.’

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Frisson - Rule #1: Never come home drunk

Excerpt: He could feel it, the tightening in his sweatpants around his crotch, the rushing of adrenaline in his veins. He could feel the heat radiating from his face as he tries to stop himself from just-

“I love you, daddy.”

Summary: A loosely connected chaptered series about a taboo relationship // Dan realises that coming home drunk was already a bad idea, and Phil, realises that tying him up was even worse when the next morning came.

Genre: sin

Warning: age gap, incest(not related by blood tho), daddy!kink,

Words: 2, 950 sins

Alice: wowowowowie we have anoTHER COLLAB AND IT’S GONNA BE A SERIES??!??! woOAAOHAH. i mean, come on, it’s not necessarily incest since it’s more like sugar daddy but then phil is an adoptive father s o (come on). charlie’s a/n is so fucking long wtf.

Charlie: all things evil but wonderful, all demons great and small, all things kinky and disgustening – hail satan he made them all. it was just one night man and now im married to this person and we’re working writing porno together I HAVE NRVER PLANNED MY LIFE TO TURN OUT LIKE THIS. no but srsly this was rly awkward and amusing to write pls enjoy my shaem. speaking of shaem, dedicated to glossybutt u bitch why

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Phil is woken from his deep sleep by a ruckus from the front door, and a scream of “Dan!”, making him go out of his room, only to find Dan face-first on the floor, and one of the three maids hovering over him with both her hands clasped to her mouth. 

Their doorman is picking up the fallen umbrellas from the plastic pot by the door, and Dan is looking up dopily at him.

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Color Me Satisfied

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Bucky Barnes x reader

Request:  Hello, I love your writing and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I would like to request a Bucky x Reader one shot with the hair color Soulmate AU. Please and thank you! Stay well Captain


A/n: So there were a couple of those but since i only did one, I presume that you want the highlights thing. If so, here you go, if not, oh well. I tried lol.

Genre: Humor, Romance

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing (C’mon, It’s Bucky. What do you expect?), Humor


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain


Soulmate AU: If one or the other dyes their hair, their soulmates gets highlights of the color in their hair. If they return it to their normal color, their soulmates hair returns to it’s normal color.

The smell of ammonia was heavy in the air as people filed in and out of the place. Shelves were set up seven feet apart, stocked full of merchandise. You were in the cosmetics aisle of the Walgreens in your town, fingers gently touching the boxes of the eccentric colors as you chose the different boxes. You were going to dye your hair and thought that you needed a change. After all, having one hair color for so long can get boring and become so trending, it hurts your eyes. So, you picked out about thirteen different boxes of hair dye, your coupons and check clad in your hand. From two different blues, four different reds, a green, platinum blonde, two different blondes that could be mistaken as yellow, and three different shades of orange. You were ready but didn’t know what you wanted to try first. So, when you got home, you closed your eyes after setting the boxes down and had your friend rearrange the boxes. The first box you touched, you grabbed and opened your eyes. You smiled. You were so ready to make this big change.

Bucky and the other Avengers were sitting in the lounge area. Steve sat next to Bucky, both of them just sipping on their beers while Tony and Pepper sat with each other Banner and Natasha and Clint were on the couch, all playing Trivia while Thor watched, tilting his head every few times. Steve had said to Bucky. 

“You know, I think we should…get you a….hair cut…….”

Bucky frowned and asked him. 

“What’s the matter, punk?”

Everyone turned their gaze and widened their eyes. Bucky glared and asked, hands slightly raised. 


Tony snorted and replied. 

“See for yourself.”

Tony handed Bucky the phone and Bucky widened his eyes when he saw his reflection. Strands of his hair were a dark teal, standing out against his dark hair and Natasha teased, making Bucky look at her.

“I guess Bucky here has a soulmate that’s alive after all.”

He didn’t know why, but excitement went through his veins as he processed what the Russian assassin said. He had a soulmate. She was alive. He smiled a bit and Steve said, his blue eyes wide with mischief and excitement. 

“We should see if we can get her attention by dying your hair!”

Bucky felt his smile drop and he glared, saying while his metal shifted. 

“Oh no we are not. You are not touching my hair.”

Steve coaxed, bribing him. 

“Come on, don’t you want to know who she is? What if we could get her attention?”

Bucky sighed and muttered. 

“The things I do for your ass.”

Steve cheered and Natasha called, shooting up. 

“I’ll get the hair dye!”

“Don’t make me look like a freak, Romanoff or I’ll slit your throat in your sleep.”

You felt good with your teal hair. It made you feel free and independent. So, you had went to bad with a head full of love, not even suspecting what was about to happen in the morning.


When you woke up, you stretched and sighed. The clock red 14:00 hours, which was 2:00pm in Civilian time. You sighed once more and went to the bathroom, freezing when you looked in the mirror. Blonde streaks ran through your hair and your mouth dropped. You had totally forgotten about the soulmate thing! You face-palmed and wondered. 

‘Can I dye my hair with the word ‘Sorry’ in it? That’d be cool…’

You smirked and grabbed the Platinum blonde, light red, and dark blue. Time to show just how patriotic you could be.

With a blonde head of hair in a man bun, Bucky was waiting for the reaction. How would she react? Would she dye her hair back to it’s natural color or what? Steve had burst with laughter when red, white, and blue streaks appeared in his hair. Bucky face-palmed himself with his metal hand and Tony took a picture. 

“If that ends up on social media, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Bucky threatened, his blue eyes glaring hotly at the billionaire. Tony scoffed and Natasha said, holding up silver and red. 

“We can let her know who you are. After all, Who is Captain America without the Winter Soldier?”

You coughed, choking on your batman cereal when you saw silver and dark red streaks go into your hair. Hmm, it kind of reminded you of something. 

“Hey, that looks like Winter Soldier and Captain America colors!”

Your roommate said laughing and you coughed more. Could it be? You ran to your room and grabbed your friends white hair dye and immediately set to work.


Everyone was in hysterics when white streaks appeared in Bucky’s hair. However, the ex HYDRA assassin was not amused. At all. He glared hotly at everyone while Steve tried his hardest to keep his laugh in. Bucky yelled. 

“Go ahead, punk.Laugh it up!”

Steve doubled over and Bucky growled. Tony said. 

“This has to go on social media! Has to!”

He took a picture and ran, screaming as Bucky chased after, screaming in his ‘Winter soldier’ voice. 

“I’m gonna rip off your billion dollar dick and shove it down your billion dollar throat!”


When you had gone on twitter, a new picture made you choke once more, only on your spit this time. 

Looks like Weiner Soldier’s soulmate decided to make his age really show. Kudos, WS’s Soulmate. You gave the avengers an amazing laugh. #priceless

Could it be? Could it really be him? You had ran out, grabbing your keys and ran to the tower. Upon arriving, with your white hair now having navy blue streaks in it, you requested to see Mr. Stark. The body guard was hesitant but when you showed him the picture, he let you up. You heard a voice call when you arrived. 

“Mr. Stark, there is someone here to see you.”

The elevator doors opened up and there stood Tony. He widened his eyes and you said, quickly. 

“I-I’m so sorry to bother you but…”

“-You’ve come to the right place, holy shit you are gorgeous.”

You blushed heavily and Tony gestured you to follow him. When you arrived in the lounge area, your eyes found the man you were looking for. He was chuckling a bit but must of felt eyes on him because when he looked over at you, everything stopped. His eyes widened and everyone looked over. Bucky shot up and slowly, he walked over to you. His blue eyes were cautious, curious, but…longing. Tony backed off and you blushed a bit. 

“I…I uh…hi…”

Bucky smiled a bit and replied back, making both of you kind of chuckle. 


He smiled and said, a metal hand carefully touching your hair. 

“You know, I think this suits you.”

You shook you head, smiling. 

“I think now that I got the message, we should go for a more natural look. No more need to go spangling each others stars.”

Everyone laughed and Bucky smiled widely at you. He took your hand and for a long time, you never let go.



🙌 My SNL Experience on 10/15/16🙌

One or two people were wondering what my experience was on Saturday and everything, so I’ll go ahead and post about, in case anyone else is curious too.

I arrived at the standby line about 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday and I was about the 24th person in line (there was this whole thing with this guy trying to cut the next morning). It really went by quickly. The girls next to me were super sweet, we played card games and such and ate pizza together. When we weren’t doing that, we just talked a while. People would ask what we were waiting for so frequently that we starting throwing out different things, like saying we were lined up for the psychic across the street because it was a full moon. Coming up with different ideas for that was fun. It was kind of like urban camping, with strangers.

I slept maybe a total of an hour between 1:30 and 3:45 or so; waking up on the street is pretty disorienting and running on only an hour isn’t the greatest feeling. Honestly if/ when I try to see the show again, I may try to stay awake the whole time. I was woken up by the guy who gives out complimentary breakfast to people in the line (for some reason you have to have your ID and be 18 to accept the free stuff). I didn’t get breakfast and sat there for the next two and half hours trying to feel like a human being again. Once they had us pack up at 6:30 though, I woke up more. It was actually happening. I ended up being number 16 for the live show. I went back to my hotel and slept until about noon and then did some more stuff around the city before I came back to the room to get ready.

I went out to eat before the show but I was so excited and nervous that I couldn’t make myself eat. I got to 30 Rock about 9:45. When you get there you have to go to the NBC store. They line you up in the back and then you wait. And wait some more. And make small talk with the people around you because you may end up sitting with them.

At around 11:00 a big authoritative guy came down to tell everyone it was time to turn off their phones and that he would take the first thirty of us up. We went through metal detectors, up a flight of stairs, into this massive circular room with displays all around it, showing different moments from SNL History. My heart was pounding at this point. I’ve loved SNL all my life; I never imagined I would be in NBC, let alone possibly going to see the show being broadcast live.

We were given wrist bands and sent through to the elevators. Before we got on, they took our tickets. Once we arrived on the floor we were sent to, the order of the line sort of got all whack, as everyone was just wanting to get into the studio and get a seat. There’s a long hallway lined with framed photos of sketches ranging from the 70s to now. It was honestly magical. Right by the studio doors, they had three costumes displayed; one was target lady and I believe the other was Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, but I’m drawing a blank on what the 3rd was, although I remember recognizing it.

Walking into the studio itself was utterly surreal. The band was playing and it was phenomenal; the energy was just so palpable. Once I sat down I took a moment to try and process everything but it was just so breathtaking. Seeing the crew organizing backdrops and sets, watching the band, it was all just so astonishing.

Michael Che came out and did some stand up to warm up the crowd; stand up is definitely his forte because the crowd was dying. He had his makeup and bald cap on for the cold open, which made it even funnier.

After that, Kenan came out with Vanessa, Sasheer, and Kate as his backup singers and they sang for us. Seeing Kate there performing was when it hit me that I was actually there, and then I started to get emotional, which was crazy. I’m not an emotional person. I expected that seeing Kate would be a bit of a big deal to me because I just respect her so much. But I didn’t expect to be on the verge of tears. Not only was I getting to watch these incredible people in their element in the closest way possible, but this show really does mean a lot to me. I remember being young, probably too young, and watching older SNL skits with my dad. Stuff like Matt Foley, Gap Girls, Jimmy and Justin as the Gibbs brothers on The Barry Gibb Talk Show. I guess it’s just sort of a simpler times type thing. I remember being so happy watching those sketches with my dad; we’ve always been close but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed some emotional detachment problems from my parents. Sitting there in the studio, I just wish that my dad could have been with me.

Off topic stuff aside, the song was incredible and all three women looked stunning in these shimmery dresses. I was honestly astonished Kate came out to warm up because I knew she still had to get into her Hillary hair and costume. After they left, the band played some more while backdrops and sets were rearranged and moved. Once it was time to get ready for the show to air, you could hear one of the production assistants counting down the last minute from 60.

I have this image ingrained in my mind of Alec Baldwin standing just off of the debate set. His back was turned from us but seeing him standing there was really neat. Everyone was getting situated. I could see Leslie from where I was. As soon as I saw Bobby I knew he was Ken Bone; it was sort of neat knowing that everyone watching at home was in for that treat because Bobby really was the perfect Ken Bone. Once the screens started displaying the opening title for the debate, the energy in the room heightened unbelievably.

From where I was sitting (farthest back row but in the center) I had a great view of Kate and Alec; getting to watch them there felt like such a gift. The way that sets are put up in the room is astonishing; they really do use every nook and cranny of the room. In fact, only the monologue, weekend update, and the short film sketch were on the main stage. There was another sketch, the Hamster one, that was to stage left of the main stage. Musical guest’s stage is to stage right. The rest of the sketches were out wherever audience seating wasn’t, so sometimes you couldn’t see them at all. It’s really meant for television; but even though it’s tempting to watch the monitors, if you can see the actors and what’s going on, you should really try your hardest to watch them because there’s so much that you don’t see on camera that’s just so cool.

That specific show went over really well with the studio audience. I don’t know how much you could actually hear us laughing, but most of the time we were dying up there. It’s easy to read the room; they can’t do that over the broadcast, so often sketches will come across differently at home. After being to the show live and seeing not only the cast perform, but the crew working, I have the utmost respect for everything that goes into the show. I was initially coming to NYC to look at schools to possibly transfer to, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was leaning toward wanting to do television and such but I was so worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it. After being at NBC, talking to people that work there, and seeing everything that goes into just one episode of SNL, I know now that television is something I want to do, even if I still end up wanting to do other things. I keep telling myself that I will work at NBC for SNL one day, maybe in production, maybe in set, maybe in makeup or hair or costume. I just know that’s something I want and if I keep telling myself it will happen, I’ll stay motivated to work toward that. Going to see this show was probably the best thing that could have happened to me at this point in my life so far.

After the show let out I went outside, and honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to wait for the cast. I had drawn this picture for Kate. But I’m also super iffy about approaching celebrities, because even though I want them to feel appreciated, I don’t want to bother them, and sometimes leaving them alone is the best thing to do.

But in the end I decided to go to the barricades on 49th, if for anything then to get to say hi to people as they left. After a while the first person to come out was Melissa. She went to a few people and then left pretty quickly. The. Kristen Stewart ran out right to her car; she looked really good.

After her Sasheer came out, and then quite a few others. Sasheer is absolutely stunning in person. People were saying hi and waving, and she decided to come over to us, which was cool. Because we’re both from Indianapolis, I decide to ask if I could get a picture with her, and she was incredibly sweet about it. I also got pictures with Aidy and Bobby because they decided to come over to the barricades after people were saying hi. Vanessa also came over. They were all incredibly sweet.

After they left, the doors on the side of the building opened and out stepped Jon Hamm, like Jesus emerging from the tomb, which was an interesting surprise. I think my jaw dropped. He pretty much booked it down the street, I think he stopped for one person. And yes, I know you’re wondering, and he is just as chiseled looking in person.

It was pretty slow after that, but around maybe 1:35, 1:40, Kate came out. Everyone started yelling for her and she waved and went to talk to the guy who was directing their cars. She didn’t really look like she was going to come over to the barricades, which I don’t blame her for, because she worked her ass off for that show and looked utterly exhausted. She was alone and she may have been heading right home instead of to the party. In hindsight, I wonder if it would have been better to just let her leave; looking back I feel bad for keeping her any longer than she needed to be kept there.

Hindsight is 20/20 though, and I as she was getting ready to get into her car, I just felt my heart sort of seize up and the next thing I knew, I was yelling over to her. I said, “KATE, I have a present!”

At first I wasn’t sure if she heard me, I was too scared to look up. If you’ve seen that picture around with her next to an open car door with a surprised look on her face, that’s what that moment was. She responded with, “A present?” She sort of looked around and then wondered over. I vaguely remember saying something like, “That got your attention,” which looking back on it, I hope sounded relieved and not condescending or anything. I definitely said it out of relief; my heart was just pounding, like insanely. God, I hate word vomit. I have it so badly when it comes to people I admire. Of course telling all of this now I’m overthinking everything I said.

As she came over, I hurriedly opened my notebook so that I didn’t waste too much of her time but my hands were shaking ridiculously. I’ve never reacted like that to someone before.
As I was flipping through the pages, she said, “What is it?” She sounded almost cautious, and I remember saying, “You sound so apprehensive.” Duh, you idiot. You’re someone she doesn’t know and you said you had a present. I wouldn’t go near you, that sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. For all she knows, you could have wrote her a declaration of love or drawn her like Rose from Titanic. Her apprehension makes me wonder if she’s had any gifts that were a bit too much or too weird.

Creepy possibilities and imagery aside, I found the page and just started talking, because I felt I had to explain why I got the idea to draw her cat; handing someone you don’t personally know a picture of their cat without an explanation just seems weird to me. Again, in hindsight I could have been much smoother and faster and just been like “I did this, hope you like it, go get some rest and eat some soup please.” But that dang word vomit just happens. I’m worried she was thinking something like “get on with it already”, but again, over analyzing is my specialty.

Basically I said (all while avoiding eye contact because dear god, we’re the same height), “I really respect you a lot. I wanted to show you that but I wasn’t sure how. I was watching Jimmy Fallon back a couple of weeks ago and it just hit me, so I drew Nino for you.”

I turned the notebook around and I honestly can’t remember her reaction because I was too scared to watch her. I think she liked it though; if anyone was there and they’re reading this and they actually remember her face when I showed her the picture, please PLEASE tell me about it because I’m weak and couldn’t look at her while I showed her.

I do remember her saying, “That’s my baby boy. You captured his essence in this so well.”

I think I asked, “Do you want it?” because I didn’t want to make her take it if she didn’t want it, but also you dingus, of course she would say yes, you said it was a gift.

She was like, “Yeah I want it.” So I started to tear it out, all while putting my foot further into my mouth by continuously talking, saying stuff like, “Okay cool, then it’s yours, I just have to tear it out,” etc.

She said, “I’m sorry you have to tear your notebook,” and I said, “No worries at all, it’s okay!”

I gave her the picture and remember her looking at it and then bringing it to her face (those other pictures). Then she put it really carefully into her bag. I think she said thank you? At that point I was just overwhelmed so I don’t fully remember.

She started to go, and reacted to the girl next to me who said she was going as her for Halloween, and took one picture with a guy for his daughter, and then saluted as she got in her car.

Truthfully, I hope she really did like it. I was so worried about being invasive or making her uncomfortable. She seems incredibly private and I’m sure she’s been made uneasy by fans before. I didn’t want to come across as someone who had no regard for her privacy. I was worried drawing Nino was overstepping those bounds; but I know she also really loves him, and I wanted to give her something she would love and that would be worth her time. I reblog her a lot on here and I really am a huge admirer and fan, but I also just want to see her treated like a person. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that these people in the public eye all the time have real lives outside of their jobs. It would break my heart if I made her uncomfortable in any way, so I really do hope she felt okay with it. Everyone seems to think she did. No matter what, I’m really touched that people like the drawing so much.

If you took the time to read this incredibly long post, then thank you for that. I just wanted to be as in depth as possible and to properly explain myself and my experience. You’re all lovely, beautiful humans. I wish you all the best in everything. ❤️

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💐 💕 🍂 ~?

Thank you!! 😃

💐- Are you in love?
Yes! I have a wonderful boyfriend he’s worth at least 3x2 potato I love him masses

💕- List two reasons to love yourself

There’s things I think are ok about myself, I hope that’s alright!

1. I have a good work ethic
2. I’m good with money

🍂- List simple things you can do to make yourself happy everyday
Texting my boyfriend good morning and saying good morning to my mum and talking to them both throughout the day and spending time out to blog, write, listen to music, compose scores myself or even just daydream! Snuggling up in my blankets and pyjamas no matter what time of day it is can be great too - especially when it’s raining outside and I can hear the rain patter against my window - on the flip side of the coin getting some fresh air and going outside taking in the sights and smells and sounds can do wonders as well!

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ahem, hello yes. i was wondering how u think Zen would propose. asking because i want 2 marry him so bad

Hi! I wanna marry him too don’t worry anon…
I’ve been thinking about this all day (when I should have been doing oh no) because there are so many things I think he’d want to include!
This is what I settled on his plan being, although it would vary slightly depending on the interests of MC! <3

The Morning
He would be so nervous! But he’d wake up early, maybe a little earlier than usual but not much. He wouldn’t wake you on purpose (he wants this to be a good day for you!) but if you did wake up he would make you breakfast and ask if you wanted to eat it with him on the roof to watch the sunrise.
Then he’d suggest you go back to bed and get some more sleep while he goes for a run because it will be a late night, because it’s the last day of his latest show and he’d really like you to come along, and maybe celebrate afterwards…. ahem.
The Day
During most of the day he’ll just be really extra affectionate and do whatever your favourite activity is with you. If you wanna watch movies, go for a walk, whatever you got it! He needs to go do a last rehearsal towards the end of the afternoon/early evening so he drops you off to hang out with whichever member you like to hang out with, or if you prefer alone time, will leave you at home to relax at your leisure!
During this time he will be at the theater with the rest of the RFA that you are not spending time with, setting up. There will be a table and chairs in the middle of the stage, a piano to the side, plenty of flowers, white curtains, decorations. It would be cheesy and fairy-tale like!
The Evening

He’ll tell you when to be at the theater, and you would either leave with whoever you were spending the afternoon with or be met at your place by everyone anyway. You’d be amazed that they all wanted to come see the play with you, especially Jumin and Saeran who were there too, but didn’t think too much of it.
They’d take their seats with you in the front, and just as you thought it was weird that nobody else was coming the lights would shine onto Zen sat at a piano. He’d sing a love song, probably one he wrote himself. V would be taking photographs (7 would be working the lights, Jumin said they could hire a professional but Zen wanted it to be just between him, MC, and the RFA so it wasn’t too awkward or pressure-y). Zen would declare his love, drop to one knee and propose. Probably something along the lines of
My darling y/n…. I love you more than anything in the world. You support me and help me be the very best version of myself, make me feel like I can touch the stars. You make me happy and fulfilled in a way I didn’t know was possible. Would you do me the honour of being mine forever? More pictures from V as MC says yes, Zen bounds down off the stage to hug them, and then helps them onto the stage to kiss them, so many hugs and kisses and little squeals. Probably tears. Zen would spin around delightedly while MC was clung to him and V would capture the joy as much as possible!
Then the RFA would leave, offering their congratulations and MC and Zen would sit down to eat at the table, some beautiful music playing in the background, and they would be talking about how much they loved each other and Zen would be so over the moon! Still more tears I think.

The Night~
Thought it was over? Not on this hopeless romantics watch!
He’d take you on the back of his bike to his ~secret place~ which during his “rehearsal” time he (and Jumin and/or V, if you weren’t with them during the day!) had decorated with fairy lights and cute lanterns and candles etc. A hamper with champagne, strawberries and chocolates (and blankets for if you get cold!) were set out and ready.

He wanted to look out at the stars with you like you did when you first met, but from somewhere that was important to him (although not as important as you babe~)
This would be because he wanted to be able to share his proposal with his friends and family in the RFA, but also wanted to have part of it be just for you two.
There would be a lot of kissing and snuggling and compliments…
Lots of “Gah! The first time I got to call my fiance divine!” “The first time I get to squeeze my fiance’s hand!”
He would joke about you teasing him saying that he might end up releasing the beast right there and then, but instead he would actually take you back home on the bike first, wanting to break in your bed for your first time as his fiance.
(Although he would, if you wanted, be perfectly fine to go back to the place another time……..)

Luxury Automobile:Maserati Ghibli

So since last year HK has been insisting on getting me a car because he hates that’s I have to take transit, when going to class, or to do just about anything and its especially difficult during the winter—I live in Canada, long story short, it’s not nice.

So of course, I’m not assuming anything extravagant, I was thinking basics… maybe an Acura or a Lexus. I wasn’t even thinking Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, Porshe or anything along those lines. So of course when I say, how about a Lexus he’s like “What, think bigger!” and then says “What about a Maserati?”

I was like “Biiiiiiiih, whatchu mean?”

(I didn’t really but you get it)

The only issue was, I still hadn’t gotten my second level of driver’s permit, ie. Test #2 of 3. So it made no sense to get me the car yet.

So we hadn’t spoken about it for a while, and I kind of assumed I wasn’t going to get it anymore but…. Last night we were having such a good conversation, we literally spoke from 8pm-5am in the morning and he’s talking about how much I mean to him and how wonderful he thinks I am, how he’s sending me things for Valentine’s Day, like he was just buttering me up. So he’s telling me about how his friend has some funny GPS voices in his car, and then when I buy a car I should make sure I have a Jamaican GPS—he’s weird lol. So then I thought hmm.. maybe this is the time to spring the idea of the Maserati on him again.

But it sounded to me though like he was saying when I personally buy a car. So I was like no, no we’re cutting that idea right now, I am not spending my own money on a car (well it’s his money he gave me, but it’s mine now lol), so I said “no more Maserati? :’(“

Then this conversation ensued,

You got it right from the source, come September, this baby will be mine.

Much love and blessings,

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multiples of 10!

Thanks so much for asking!😋

10. Do you like the way you grew up?
Yea definitely! I have wonderful parents and moving a lot molded my love for traveling and meeting new people!
20. What was the last thing you watched on tv?
I think it was Elena of Avalor. My niece rly likes that show lmao
30. How’s the weather right now?
It’s peaceful outside from what I can see!
40. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Probably “god it’s too early to be waking up”
50. 5 random facts about yourself:
1. I have an older sister that’s older by 8 years
2. I’m half Chamorro and half white
3. I tried auditioning to sing We Know the Way for choir but instead the advanced choir is singing it (and pronouncing the Polynesian words wrong)
4. I can’t sleep without music
5. We’re moving into a new house this weekend!

[trans] Nochang’s STARAZ interview (2014.10.29)

‘Genius Nochang’ wasn’t introduced well to me. I just know that he is in Just Music and he produces, raps, and sings as well. His real name is No Changjoong and his date of birth is 9.24.1991. That’s all the information that is available. So I wanted to know more about him.
When I was first asked to be interviewed, I thought to myself, 'Me? Someone who’s less popular than the other members?’ My name as an artist is Nochang and my real name is No Changjoong. And my favorite word is “genius,” so I made myself Genius Nochang. I’m not actually a genius, it just has the meaning that I want to be one. My blood type is A. My hobby is drawing and watching movies. My favorite color is black (I’m wearing a black underwear right now as well) That’s about it. Since kindergarten, my dream was to become an artist or a comic artist. But my parents didn’t like it, so I went to school and prepared to go to a foreign high school (I was even the top 9 in class in middle school). During high school, I really hated studying for entrance exams so I started looking for other things to do. I learned how to act back then. Not because I wanted to be an actor, because I just wanted to be famous. And right before entrance exams, I wanted to start doing music. It just looked cool and there were no other particular reasons. That’s how I started music, and after a while, I just wanted to be good at music.

Your music is not popular music, it’s rather 'manic.’ Where does your inspiration come from?
I just listen to other artists or watch a movie, about that much? A year ago, I had a time when I was really depressed and I had to travel to Canada to produce tracks for Hong Kiyoung designer’s fashion show (Hong Kiyoung is a designer who’s part of JM). I think that was the most peaceful time of my life. After the trip, my personality changed and there was less 'depression’ in my music. The power of traveling is great. But I can’t travel every time to get inspired, so I just write about my emotions that I feel at the time. When I started music around the end of my senior year, there were lots of times when I was alone at home because my family was out working or at school. When a person’s alone, you start thinking about all kinds of things. So to be honest, when I look at the lyrics that I wrote back then, I can’t understand them. Of course, I can feel the emotions I had back then. So I hope you don’t take my words too much to the heart.

I think your fans will wonder about what you like. So what does Genius Nochang like?
1. I like apples. Since elementary school, I had the habit of eating an apple in the morning (the apple has to be good, of course). 2. I’m busy so I can’t watch a lot of movies, but I recommend <Meet Joe Black>. When I first met Swings hyung, he asked me to go to his house and watch a movie with him. I couldn’t say no because it was my first time seeing him (I’m a person that doesn’t know how to say no in the first place), so I went and watched it. I fell asleep while watching the movie back then, but I rewatched it later and it made me very happy. Also, there’s an American TV series called <Breaking Bad> and it’s a masterpiece. You have to watch it. 3. All songs of mine after the time Swings hyung released his mixtape vol.2 are my favorite, but if I had to pick, it would be 'Outro,’ '더 (More),’ and 'hongkiyoung#2.’ (they’re all in Ripple Effect) 4. I also like comedy movies too, they don’t have to be dark movies. It might be because I couldn’t have a lot of fun when I was young because I was too busy studying. For example, I get jealous when I see something like <Hangover>.

I didn’t start being vegan because of a belief. It was for my body. Before I moved to Seoul (when I was in Incheon), when other members ate meat, I would just drink water. These days, it’s kind of hard to eat healthy when you’re living by yourself, so I eat it sometimes. I just started doing it because I wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The voices in the middle of my songs are either from me or from a movie. I don’t like the same loop that repeats itself over and over. So I put in a screaming sound or something like that in the middle so it’s not boring. To be frank, I just like the sounds that I put in.

Just Music
I went to elementary school with Giriboy. He was very popular back then and we were not close friends, but he’s very impressive. He always listens to the top 100 songs on music charts, and that shows that he’s an artist that is ready to be successful. C Jamm is the cutest guy friend that I’ve ever had. Swings hyung sometimes reads books to us. I usually don’t read books, but Swings hyung reads to us, flipping pages and all in front of us. We’re all innocent and naive. We all play like we’re in middle or high school.

Show Me The Money
I was on it for a performance. I didn’t know it would have such an effect. I felt the power of TV once again. I was very stressed because there was little time to make the members’ songs. But now that it has passed, it feels good and those were fun times (of course, because it passed). After that, I’ve achieved things that I wanted to and it became reality. Now I want to make things that I dream about reality as well.

I didn’t learn from anyone or anything like that, I just started it because I thought it was cool (it’s different from acting). I wasn’t the type to go outside a lot, either. I just stayed in my room. The person that inspired me most was Swings hyung. Other than that, there are Verbal Jint, Dynamic Duo, Kanye West, and Drake. I think making music has become a part of my daily life now.

I first started smoking right before I became 22. I had to write lyrics for Black Nut’s 'Smoke and Drink’ and I wanted to write lyrics that sounded like I was actually someone who “smoked and drinked.” But I didn’t know how that felt back then, because I didn’t smoke. So I started smoking to write the lyrics. I haven’t been able to quit until now though…

세계일주 (A trip around the world)
It’s a song of mine that I hate now (it’s different from who I am, now). And I don’t listen to old songs of mine. When I listen to old songs, I don’t even remember why I made songs like that or wrote lyrics like that and it’s kind of embarrassing to me. So when Just Music members want to make fun of me, they turn on old songs of mine. 'A Trip Around The World’ is a song like that, too. But I actually want to take a trip around the world. I want to have that feeling that I had when I traveled outside of Korea.

(Compared to the past) It’s easier for me to go on stage now. They actually like it and sing along with me. One time, all these fans who were in middle school, boys and girls, followed along with all the members’ songs. When I see things like that, I become happy because I feel loved. There are a lot of fans that leave messages on SNS, but it’s hard for me to check all of them because there are too much. I sometimes go on fan cafes and smile. I’m really thankful for people like that.

Sometimes (if time allows), I exercise. I really hate it when my body gets ruined. Other than that, music. When I was in Incheon, I used to watch movies at home, but I don’t have time to watch TV in Seoul. But I actually like the busy life that keeps me from being lazy. Most of the time, I’m at Hongdae.I’ve been in Bukcheon once and it was really beautiful (to the point that it made me want to live there).

It doesn’t matter what they look like. They just to have something of their own, something they have to do, and a dream. Someone who has her own charms - that could be her face, attitude, or capabilities. To talk about celebs, maybe Beyonce? (I still like CL). I think a relationship between a male and a female is developing together and walking together. I’ve dated two times until now, once last year and once this year. Both didn’t last for more than a month. I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I’m starting to think there’s a problem with  me. I liked my first girlfriend for 10 years. My music even changed directions back then. Even if I date someone again, I’m going to have to mediate it. It my music changes like that again, I don’t think I would want to date anyone ever again.

I’m curious about your future plans. Not just music, but in general.
I think I’m going to stick to supporting other members of Just Music until the end of this year (I’m a slave until then). I think I’m going to make an album of mine maybe next year? To be an artist that makes popular music, I think I have a long way to go and a lot to think about. I want to grow old and become an actor like Mr. Choi Minsik. I’m also interested in music in movie films. First of all, I’m thinking about making tons of money. I want to have a house in different places of the world and fly in a personal jet. Money isn’t happiness, but I think money can give you happiness. I want to do things that I want to and live without worrying. Right now, I’ve achieved things that I wanted to and it became reality. I want to make other things I dream about like that, and I want to keep developing like that.

There was something here, he thought, that nearly belonged to the gods. Humans had built a world inside the world, which reflected it in pretty much the same way as a drop of water reflects the landscape. And yet… and yet…

Inside this little world they had taken pains to put all the things, you might think they would want to escape from – hatred, fear, tyranny, and so forth. Death was intrigued. They thought they wanted to be taken out of themselves, and every art humans dreamt up took them further in. He was fascinated.

He was here for a very particular and precise purpose. There was a soul to be claimed. There was no time for inconsequentialities. But what was time, after all?

His feet did an involuntary little clicking dance across the stones. Alone, in the grey shadows, Death tapdanced.


He pulled himself together, adjusted his scythe, and waited silently for his cue.

He’d never missed one yet.

He was going to get out there and slay them.

‘And you can be Death itself to him. Now!’

Death entered, his feet clicking across the stage.


He hesitated. He hesitated, for the very first time in the eternity of his existence.

For although the Death of the Discworld was used to dealing with people by the million, at the same time every death was intimate and personal.

Death was seldom seen except by those of an occult persuasion and his clients themselves. The reason that no-one else saw him was that the human brain is clever enough to edit sights too horrible for it to cope with, but the problem here was that several hundred people were in fact expecting to see Death at this point, and were therefore seeing him.

Death turned slowly and stared back at hundreds of watching eyes.

Even in the grip of the truth Tomjon recognized a fellow actor in distress, and fought for mastery of his lips.

'“… lock will hold…”’ he whispered, through teeth fixed in a grimace.

Death gave him a manic grin of stagefright.

WHAT? he whispered, in a voice like an anvil being hit with a small lead hammer.

Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

I love this book. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is already one of my favorites. And I can tell that this is definitely going to become my favorite bit out of the entire thing, due to it 1) being about stories, and, as I have repeated thousands of times on this blog – stories about stories are my favorite kind of stories; and 2) Terry Pratchett making Death a character in his novels and then giving him stage fright. I mean. Don’t act like this isn’t the most amazing, most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. This made me so unbelievably happy and I shed literal tears of joy during my commute this morning. It’s been forever since a book has done that. Gah. Miss you, Terry. Miss your wonderful brain. Thank you for these stories. Thank you.

Leave A Note.

Originally posted by m-arteta

If there was one more sticky note added to the surface of my Apple desktop, I was going to lose my mind.

Blue, yellow, pink.

They were an array of colors all dazzling the screen in every free corner so much that I could barely even navigate a webpage without having to snatch one of the commands off. They were pointless anyway, right? If I could have just had the courage to maybe say no to the various intern-like demands my superiors and peers were planting onto my desk, maybe I wouldn’t have been staring at sticky notes with a reminder to grab coffee from the Starbucks down the street at 1 p.m. sharp.

Throw a cake pop into the order too, the note demanded with what was supposed to be a smiley face. To me I just read it as a harsh reminder that I was everyone’s flunky, here to serve coffee and answer forwarded emails that weren’t even addressed to me rather than the ones I should have been answering: my own.

“Look who is hard at work as usual.” The always chipper Daniel popped up at my cubicle, resting his arms on the top as his tall figure towered over my work area. I rolled my eyes and grumbled, “What do you want, Danny? I have a shit ton of work and no free time to do it so if you could stop distracting me with your match recaps from the weekend, that would be great.”

“Sheesh. Harsh morning? Little Ramsey not putting it on you this morning like he used to?”

I cut my eyes in a sharp glare towards him as a warning. Did I fail to mention that Danny and my boyfriend, Aaron were best friends?

Well they were and if there wasn’t one thing worse than working in a place where you were underappreciated and underpaid, it was working in a place like that with your boyfriend’s best friend who seemed to know every little thing about you.

Hmm. Wonder how that happened.

“For the record, Aaron and I don’t have sex every morning. I’m more of a night owl,” I teased with a blatantly fake smile. Spending so much time with Danny thanks to Aaron meant that I wasn’t uncomfortable sharing some things with him. Hell, he probably already knew that without my telling. “And shouldn’t you be doing work? You have a big proposal to present in exactly…” I used my mouse to click onto the calendar of my computer. A shame I didn’t even know what today’s date was without looking. “2 days.”

“I’m well prepared, thank you. So prepared that I don’t need to bother wasting my time preparing. Hey, entertain me for a bit. I got a guest coming that I want you to meet.”

A groan pushed past my lips as I leaned back coolly in my chair, resting my hands on the for now petite round belly that was somewhat hidden behind the fabric of my dress.

Oh! Surprise! Add on the fact that I was pregnant and stuck still being overworked. My co-workers congratulated me by pushing back my usual coffee run an hour later so they could douse me in conversation about how lovely the baby shower they were planning for me was going to be.

Definitely wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up the planner on that one.

“I am not coming to meet any of your new stupid girlfriends that are going to be around for two months tops and then disappear into the abyss of ‘Daniel’s Lost Girlfriends’. No. They should really revolve a show around your life. Wade Corporation’s Most Eligible Bachelor would be a pretty nice title, no?”

Even Aaron had fallen trap to the shit show that was his best friend’s love life, forcing me to make dinner for what could be ‘Daniel’s future wife’ according to him. They ended up not being so. Every time. And for every girl that complemented my apple pie, there was another right around the corner who could say she tasted the same.

God, I hated making those things now.

“It’s not a girlfriend, I promise. Just come on.”


“Rammy,” he protested and hearing that nickname only made me groan again. Why Daniel had created a nickname for me revolving around my boyfriend’s last name that wasn’t even close to mine made no sense but he insisted. Aaron encouraged it saying that one day I would have his last name so it was pretty cool to start early.


‘Rammy’ got me weird looks in the office. “No! I’m not getting up from this spot until 1 p.m. when I have to go get Moreland’s coffee now if you would please leave the productive ones of us in this office to work, I have some clicking to do.” And so I did, moving my computer mouse randomly about to pretend to look occupied.

That didn’t get him to walk away. Instead he just took out his phone and began dialing a number. I assumed the other person picked up because he was soon saying into it, “She won’t leave her desk.” Nothing else was said as a few seconds later he was hanging up the phone and a chipper voice was sounding through the once somewhat quiet corridors.

“Is someone stuck at their desk again?” Aaron’s voice was easy to recognize especially considering I probably heard it throughout at least half of my day. Most girlfriends would have jumped for glee to have their boyfriend visiting them unexpectedly at work but me? Me, no. Having Aaron around my co-workers was like toting around a gigantic rare exotic animal that no one had ever laid eyes on. They stared, they prodded, they whispered probably wondering how the pushover in the office ended up with the hot guy.

And not only with the hot guy but pregnant by the hot guy.


I dropped my head onto my desk, murmuring dramatic cries of ‘Why me’ while the two best friends greeted each other in that bro-like way they always did. Aaron walked around my desk, probably with quite a few eyes on him and stood behind me, beginning to massage my shoulders under the pressure of his fingers. “Are you not excited to see me?”

“Do you have to do these random pop ups? I’m fine, Ramsey. Seriously. My belly is still bellying. My heart is still beating. My feet still work even though these heels are kicking my ass.” I raised my head from the desk and turned my chair on a swivel to look up at him.

“You sure about that, Rammy? Because you weren’t looking too good earlier,” Danny cut in. That earned him his second hard glare of the day. Third and I was going to have to send a harsh kick to his shin.

“Can a boyfriend not show up and say hi to his girlfriend? Security loves me in this building. Mr. Cyprus says hi by the way. He says you never come by and see him anymore.”

“That’s because I purposely avoid that entrance so he doesn’t stop me and spend 20 minutes asking about you and your freaking team.”

“Has she been feisty like this all day?” Aaron commented to Daniel and while his eyes were distracted I hit his thigh, causing him to wince for a moment and drop his hands to protect himself just incase I was eyeing another target.

“Yes. Yes she has.”

“Well maybe I should just leave instead of taking her out to lunch like I planned.” Aaron began pulling at the sleeves of his t-shirt but my eyes were too busy staring at the figure who was entering the room.

My boss.

And I was sure by his quick steps in my direction and bypassing all of the other cubicles, he was probably on his way to ask me to do something or another. Was it something important? Probably not. Would it take up my time unnecessarily? Sure it would.

With quick thinking, I tugged on my boyfriend’s arm as soon as he began walking away. “Please. Please stay,” I began to plead while holding my tight grip on his wrists.

“You just told me to leave,” he playfully scoffed.

“I know but…just stay. Let’s do lunch. I can squeeze in thirty minutes.” I began grabbing for my wallet on my desk before he could protest and my boss soon showed face next to us, giving a smile and greeting to Aaron first.

Arsenal FC season ticket holder right there.

“Mr. Ramsey. I was just coming here to see your wife but I see you’ve wanted to pay her a visit as well,” he smiled behind those intimidating glasses. Why they were so intimidating I didn’t know. The expensive designer logo on the side? The fact that they remained put on his face 24/7?

“Ah well. Yeah. Figured I’d take her out of the office for some fresh air and food. I hope that’s okay.”

Please let it be okay.

“Sure. Sure. Take Daniel with you,” he joked as he put a pat to Danny’s back who only offered a grin with no teeth showing to show just how much he enjoyed that comment.


“We will,” Aaron and I responded in unison. We took a brief moment to glance at each other, probably mentally scolding one another for being so in tune before I stood up and grabbed for my things. I was definitely ready to get out of here for a bit.

“I’ll be back soon,” I assured my boss while Aaron snuck his arm around my waist so as to lead the way.

“Oh take your time. I’ll just leave another post-it.” He chuckled and waved about the stack that was planted on my desk for convenience.

Oh I’m sure it’ll be waiting with the rest.

gif credit to m-arteta

if you guys have followed me for any amount of time you’d know i post often about my frustration with acne and i know many of you are struggling too so i thought i’d share my recent discovery. i deal mainly with really persistent hormonal acne which means every month i break out BAD like i wish i had a before and after picture to show because it’s horrible. i ordered this cleansing brush called the “soniclear elite” by a brand called michael todd as kind of a last resort because i didn’t know what else to do. the brush is similar to the clarisonic which is super popular but it’s different because it’s anti bacterial and you don’t have to buy new heads all the time like you do with clarisonic (and honestly the product itself feels much less cheap than the clarisonic like the bristles are soft and don’t hurt your face). the results are not over night at all but i’ve been using this freakin thing morning and night for 2 months and it has done WONDERS for my skin, i’m at a time in the month now where normally i would have huge painful cysts all over my chin and i literally have nothing. i still have bad scarring but breakouts are extremely minimal. i’m just saying if you’re losing your mind because you don’t know what to do about your skin this is what i would recommend trying

anonymous asked:

I remember seeing you talk about coconut oil a while ago and I wanted to try it. What do you use it for?

Coconut oil is a godsend, I use it for literally everything.


  1. Put some coconut oil on your ends before washing your hair to protect them from the drying effects of your shampoo
  2. As a hair mask. Apply two tablespoons of the oil all over your hair and massage it for a few minutes. Leave it on your hair for at least a half hour (I do this once a week).
  3. As a scalp treatment. Apply the oil generously to your scalp and rub it gently to make sure that the oil spreads well. This helps to improve blood circulation on the area and makes your hair grow healthier. It’s great for everyone, but specially if you have dandruff
  4. Frizz control. Rub a little bit (very little! You don’t want your hair to look oily) of coconut oil to bottom half of your hair to keep those annoying flyaways in place.

Face & Body:

  1. As a face and body moisturizer (even if you have oily skin - which I do). It’s a lot more moisturizing than the usual moisturizers because it penetrates deep layers of the skin, without causing breakouts. 
  2. It is a great makeup remover.
  3. Mix it with some brown sugar for a great (and delicious) lip scrub
  4. You can also use it as a lip balm.
  5. As a budget-friendly under-eye cream
  6. Mix ½ a cup of coffee grounds with 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and some sea salt for a body scrub that also stimulates blood flow.
  7. Put some oil on your cuticles to get rid of those ragged cuticles.
  8. It’s also a good substitute for shaving cream.

Other uses:

  1. Oil pulling. Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes first thing in the morning. It reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth, improving oral and dental health. (It’s a little gross, I know, but it does wonders for your teeth and gums!)

I’m sure there are a lot of other uses, but these are the things I have personally tried. There are a lot of articles about coconut oil out there so check them out! Oh and one more thing: buy unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil, since it is closest to its natural state.

The Moment I Knew by @titaniasfics

Written for Love in Panem’s 12 Days of Christmas

Thank you to my wonderful, patient betas and readers, @eala-musings, @akai-echo and @thegirlfromoverthepond.

Prompt: Day 2, Carol

Pairing: Everlark

Rating: T

“When did you know you were in love with Mom?” Philip asked me one early, winter morning as we frosted the cupcakes Delly had ordered for her Winter Solstice dinner party.

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When I posted The Moment I Knew, I had no plans to take the story past the night of the met gala.  However, after some prompting from a few people, I have now decided to make this story a multi-part fic.  I’m also pleased to say that #hiddleswiftplease will be collaborating with me on this fic (she also provided much guidance and vision on part 1). 

If you missed the original, The Moment I Knew, here is where you can find it:

And here is part 2….


The Moment I Knew Part 2: Serendipitous


By the time he reaches London, he has four voicemail messages from his mother and one from Sarah.  He doesn’t have to wonder what they are calling about; knowing that his mom was likely worried about his early morning phone call and phoned both sisters in concern.  That’s the good and the bad of having a close knit family, they are there for each other at all times, even when it’s the last thing he wants them to be at the moment. 

He spent the entire flight fighting visions of the haunting beauty he had met at the gala, the one who had stolen his heart even when he didn’t think it was available for stealing.  It perplexes him how he can still feel her presence; even smell her scent, even though she is long gone from him.  He’s taken two showers in attempt to wash some of that presence away, and perhaps save a bit of his sanity, but nothing has yet to work.  She’s still there.  Everywhere. 

Part of him is relieved for that, longing to continue to feel the exhilaration and intense chemistry that he felt with her.  The other part, however, knowing that she is likely in the arms of another man at this very moment so washing away hope of her is a necessity. 

He texts his mother when he reaches his flat and tells her that he will visit tomorrow.  He will give her a day to prepare questions for him and give him the same amount of time to come to grips with everything that has happened.  He’s doubtful that is possible but knows he must try.

He pours himself a glass of Irish whiskey and settles into his favorite chair.   He rubs his hand down his tired face and closes his eyes.  She’s instantly there.  He takes a sip of the whiskey and lays his head back against the chair, knowing he is in for another long night. 

He wonders if he looks as exhausted as he feels as he walks into his mother’s house many sleepless hours later.  He’s greeted by the smell of a roast in the oven.  This must be bad, he thinks to himself, his mother making his favorite meal.  When he steps into the kitchen, Diana rushes to greet him, placing her hands on his arms.  He immediately leans down to place a kiss on her cheek.

“You look worn out,” she says as she steps back and surveys his face, “perhaps you are travelling too much.”

“Perhaps,” he laughs and then turns away from her.  He chuckles to himself when he sees rosemary potatoes and popovers sitting on the counter.  Yes, it is bad. 

Diana scurries about the kitchen, grabbing potholders from the table and removing the roast from the oven.  “I forgot to tell you … . Emma is coming for dinner as well.”

He nods his head knowingly.  “Ok, do you want me to set the table?”

Not waiting for an answer, he takes a few strides to the cupboard and starts pulling out plates and cups.  He keeps himself occupied with this task for longer than it should actually take, trying to yield off the inevitable conversation that is coming for at least a few minutes longer. 

Just as he finishes, he hears the front door open and Emma’s voice, “I’m here, momma.”  She steps into the kitchen and pulls a bottle from a brown bag.  Her eyes move to his.  “And I brought wine.”

They eat dinner without any mention of his previous phone call to his mother, instead chatting about Emma’s plans for a garden and his mother’s latest shopping venture to London.  He realizes they are biding their time but he is thankful for their allowance of a peaceful meal.

Diana suggests dessert on the porch and Tom pours glasses of wine as Emma cuts wedges of pie to carry out with them.  He doesn’t touch his plate, opting instead to enjoy the wine.  Emma is a couple bites in when she finally breeches the topic.  “So … . who is she?”

The simple reference to Taylor brings her image storming back into his head, not that it ever truly left.  He closes his eyes and shakes his head, forcing a nervous laugh.  But even in his nervousness, the memories that are streaming through his mind bring a gentle smile to his face.  “You might be surprised,” he says, knowing that the moment he mentions her name, their minds will be flooded with images of the woman whose face is everywhere, images though far different than those in his mind.

“Oh, so it’s someone we will know,” Emma pokes, “please do tell.”

He takes a deep breath, readying himself to actually speak her name aloud for the first time since that night.  He leans into the side of his chair, crossing his legs and placing his chin in his hand as he rests his elbow on the edge of the seat.  “Taylor Swift.”  He speaks her name slowly, softly and his eyes flutter shut briefly as he awaits the response of his mother and sister.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” his mother finally responds and he knows they are shocked by the name that just came from his lips, “but I’ve always thought that she is lovely.”

He nods his head, opening his view back to them.  “That she is.  But she is completely and unexpectedly much more than that.”

Emma smiles softly and he sees her rest back in her chair and cross her legs.  “Well then tell us more about the singer who has my normally very composed brother so shaken.”

He takes a sip from the glass in his hand as he composes his thoughts in his head.  “I don’t even truly know what to say.  I met her at Anna’s the night before the gala.  She was, of course, very beautiful but I had little chance to speak to her that night.”  Placing the wine glass on the table beside him, he rubs his hands together before he continues.  “I was seated next to her at the gala dinner.  We spoke and I found her to be utterly charming and wonderful.”

Diana smiles at him, nodding her head and urging him on.  He can see the glimmer of hope in her eyes and he knows that she is silently wishing for his happiness.

“She asked me to dance with her because she was disappointed no one else was dancing.”

“And you did,” Emma interjects.

He nods, “And I did …  It was all very playful and fun.  But then there was this moment.  I don’t even know how to describe it.”  Tom’s gaze moves to that of his sister and she smiles at him.  “It was magic.  That word perhaps doesn’t do it justice but . . .” He shrugs, lost in how to convey how he felt, how he feels.

He glances up toward the ceiling, once again rubbing his hands together and placing them on his crossed legs.   “We ended up spending most of the night together, just dancing and talking.  I can honestly say that I have never in my life been drawn to someone they way I was to her, that I am to her.  She is refreshing, enchanting.”  His eyes meet Diana’s once more.  “Amazing.”

Feeling uncomfortable with his own words, he pushes himself from the chair and walks to the edge of the porch, watching momentarily as a butterfly flies from flower to flower.  “When we said our goodbyes at the end of the night, I hugged her.”  He waits for a few moments, continuing to stare into the garden.  “And at the risk of sounding very much like a fairytale … . there was this serendipitous moment that completely rattled my soul.”

“And,” Diana encourages.

Turning to them, he stuffs his hands into his pockets and shrugs his shoulders.  “And she felt it to.  I am certain.  But …”

He sees Emma nod from the corner of his eye.  “But Calvin Harris,” she says.

Moving his eyes to hers, he lets them set on her for a moment before he shakes his head again.  “Yes, her boyfriend, Adam.”

“I don’t know much about them,” Emma states, “but I follow pop culture a bit.  I didn’t realize Calvin wasn’t his given name.”

“I don’t know him,” Diana adds, eliciting a slight laugh from both Tom and Emma.

Emma continues, “He is a DJ.  Scottish I believe.  He’s pretty successful.”  Tom feels her gaze on him before she goes on.  “I think they’ve been together for a little while … . did she say anything about him?”

He nods quickly, “Yes, just that he was busy working and wasn’t going to be attending.”

He watches as Emma gulps down the rest of her wine and then smirks at him.  “Well I guess he probably should have.”

Shaking his head, he turns away from them once again.  Perhaps he should have attended he thinks but then quickly dismisses the thought.  For even though his absence has brought forth an intense emotional turmoil for him, he is well aware that Adam’s presence could have meant that he may have never met Taylor, or at the very least, never truly got to know her.  And even with all that meeting has elicited, he is very grateful for this woman’s magical entrance into his life. 

“So what now?”  His mother’s voice breaks him from his thoughts and he turns quickly to the concerned gazes of his family.

He shrugs one shoulder, “Now, I do nothing.  I cannot do anything.  Regardless of what I want with this woman, I cannot impose on her existing relationship.  It’s certainly not my place to do so.”

“And not your character,” Diana adds softly.

“Yes.  Not my character.”  He glances at them and smiles, “So I’ll return to London.  I have the Graham Norton show to film and many other commitments coming up that perhaps will help ease my mind.”   He forces a chuckle as he turns to Emma, “And as our lovely mother has said, I will be patient.”

He watches as Emma nods her head very gently, moving her eyes to the ground briefly before returning them to his.  “I would believe, considering what you have just told us, that she is thinking of you too.  And, perhaps, in time, she will realize where she truly needs to be.  And that, my dear older brother, is with a man who describes their meeting as serendipitous and magical.  We should all be so lucky.”

“I’m pretty hopeless aren’t I,” he laughs.

Both women shake their head quickly.  “No, you just happened to meet the woman you want to be with at a time that isn’t exactly in your favor,” Diana says as she smiles at him, “But patience may change that.  I believe quite strongly that it will.  And I, for one, can’t wait till the day I actually get to meet the enchanting Taylor.  When she arrives on your arm.”

“Instead of just in my heart,” he adds, somberly lowering his eyes.

“That’s not a bad place for her to be right now.”  He glances up at Emma, acknowledging her comforting words.

He’s just about to reach for his wine glass again when something brings him to pull his cell phone from his jeans instead.  He turns on the screen to see six missed calls from Luke and then notices that he has inadvertently turned his ringer off. 

“Sorry,” he mumbles as he glances up at his mother and sister and starts to head inside, “I have a call to make.”

Luke answers on the first ring and Tom utters an apology and an explanation for his lack of his response.  “What’s going on,” he asks as he steps into the kitchen and picks up the now empty wine bottle to read the label.

“I assume you haven’t been online,” Luke says and Tom shakes his head, knowing Luke will continue on, “the media is all over your dancing with Taylor at the gala.  I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for a while to let you know.  It’s not bad, they are calling it some sort of dance off, but I wanted to give you fair warning because I would almost guarantee this is going to come up during your scheduled interviews.  Since it’s Taylor.”

He barely hears Luke finish speaking before his mind starts drifting and he is back on the dance floor with Taylor.  His vision is flooded with images of her smiling, laughing and then, finally, of her eyes as the elevator door closed on her. 

“Tom,” Luke says loudly, shifting him from his thoughts.

“Yes, sorry,” he stammers, “thank you for letting me know.  I will be prepared for any questions that come up.”

He can hear Luke sigh on the other end of the line.  “That’s not what I asked.  I asked if you were ok.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” he says, uncomfortable in his white lie and knowing that Luke reads him well and likely already knows that he is not.    He recalls Luke’s text after the gala asking what Taylor was like.  He had simply responded “glorious” and ignored the questioning texts after.  He knows he probably could have added marvelous.  Sublime.  Magnificent.

“Well then,” Luke says as he sighs once again, “please do keep your ringer on in case I need to reach you again.”

He utters an ok and ends the call before quickly searching the internet to find the videos posted from the gala.  He laughs as he watches their awkward dancing but then he feel his breath hitch as he witnesses the moment where he spins her into him and her gaze shifts to him momentarily. 

He watches it again, seeing for the first time her initial reaction to his touch on her back.  She knew, he realizes, she knew at that exact moment that there was something extraordinary between them.  But he also realizes that this is the moment that she understood she couldn’t let him touch her again, that forced her to try the rest of the night to not let him touch her again . . . . until he brought her into his embrace at the hotel.  This moral dilemma he has been facing, she started facing at that moment. 

Forcing his eyes away from his phone, he rolls his head around and then stops to stare out the kitchen window.  His mind shifts to Adam, the reason for this moral dilemma, and he thinks for a moment about Adam seeing the videos, seeing the moment he just witnessed.

Glancing at his watch, he takes note of the time, before he pulls up the contacts in his phone and scrolls down to find Taylor’s name.  His thumb hovers above it for a few seconds, remembering the moment when she put her info there after their conversation about his role in I Saw The Light and his insistence that she provide input into his portrayal.  He had briefly considered deleting it after the gala but couldn’t bring himself to do so.

With reluctance, he finally pads his thumb onto her name and places the phone to his ear.  He counts each ring, somewhat hoping that she doesn’t answer, before he hears her say hello.

“Taylor,” he says, his voice hitching.

“Hi,” she stammers and he can tell she is surprised at his call, “how are you?”

He’s unsure how to answer.  If he should say that he’s been missing her without fail since the moment she left his view or that she plagues his thoughts every minute or that he feels like they were meant to meet, that it was kismet. 

“I’m fine,” he chooses instead, hoping that she doesn’t catch the nervousness in his words, “I just wanted to call you to make sure everything was ok since apparently our dancing garnered a great deal of attention.”

She says nothing for a few seconds and he wonders if perhaps he shouldn’t have made the call.  Finally though, he hears her sigh.  “Everything I do garners a great deal of attention,” she says softly, causing a pang to sear through his heart, “I probably should have forewarned you.  I apologize.”

“No apologies, my dear.”  He walks over to the counter, placing his arm down and leaning into it.  “I have no regrets.”

“Neither do I,” she says quickly and he closes his eyes, allowing the sense of relief to wash over him.

He allows the feeling to continue before he takes a deep breath and continues, “Is … Adam ok with it?”

She grows quiet again and he knows that she is pouring over her response.   He hears her take a deep breath before she speaks.  “He’s upset.  He says that it makes him look stupid.  Makes me look fickle.  But it’s ok … he’s ok.”

“Do you want me to speak to him,” he asks softly, knowing that speaking to him is not what he would prefer to do but also knowing that he would if she requested. 

“No.  It’s fine, really.  It’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before.”  He believes he notices a hint of sadness in her voice but he pushes the thought aside, knowing it will only bring him more grief, more of the moral dilemma.  Before he can bring himself to speak, she continues, her voice soft and simple, “Tom, thank you for calling.  Really.  You have no idea what it means to me that you actually care about feelings.” 

Her words bring a smile to his face but cause a ripple of pain to his heart.  “Always, dear,” he mutters after a few seconds.

He contemplates furthering the conversation, his heart longing to keep her voice here for a few moments longer, but he knows that he can’t, that he shouldn’t.  So he whispers something about letting her go and awaits her goodbye.

“Tom,” she says, her voice breaking, “I just want you to know that I consider our meeting that night to be serendipitous and I won’t ever forget it.”

He feels as if his soul is on fire as her voice fades and he glances as the phone to see that she has ended the call.  His eyes flutter shut and he takes a deep breath, leaning into the counter for support.  

Her words, her voice, repeats in his head over and over. 

He never knew one word could tear at his soul.  Serendipitous, he thinks.  The happy accident that could destroy his heart.  But as he hears his mother laughing as she enters the kitchen behind him, he forces himself to remember her words. 

Love.  Is.  Patient. 

It’s all he can cling to at this time. 

Don't Defy Me, Doll pt. 1

I’m really excited about this. I never thought I’d try writing fan fiction! This is just the beginning, it will be a longer series. Hopefully. So, hang on, and enjoy! ~♡


It was a cold night, the type of night that usually had you curled up reading a book by your tiny space heater. Tonight was different though, the air had a fresh, clean smell to it. It was perfect for enjoying a hot cup of lavender tea from your apartment balcony. The street below was strangely quiet, it was normally pretty busy this time of night. Men walking their lovely dates home, mothers bringing their children to bed, people just being people. Nobody was out, and that was very unsettling to you. 

Staring down the naked street, you noticed a fast moving light. Headlights? Headlights. Really fast headlights. Right after you decided what they were, you saw more headlights close behind. Soon you could count at least seven pairs playing tag, barreling towards your complex. 

ZOOM. One car passed. 

ZOOM. Two cars passed. 

ZOOM. Three cars passed.

ZOOM. Four cars passed. 

Four out the six midnight racers had safely made it away from their seventh pursuer. A single loud gunshot sent the fifth car spiraling out of control directly in the street in front of you. You had front row seats to this incredible, unbelievable action. Unsure if it was safe to watch this unfold, you decided this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the impossible. The sixth car jerked trying to avoid slamming into the fifth but ended up t-boning it, flipping itself over the top. The Seventh car was beautiful, noticeably colorful in a chrome purple. A Lamborghini. Those actually exist in Gotham? There’s only one person who could possibly own one of those, and nobody has ever really seen him. …right?

The purple dream on wheels swiftly came to a stop inches away from the chaos. Smoke, sparks, and small flames were coming from the two crunched metal tombs. You could hear grown men pleading for mercy as The Clown Prince himself stepped out of the Lamborghini. His skin was pale in the dark, he looked like an angel. His hair shimmered a bright green in contrast to his dark maroon shirt. His face was stern, he looked angry; Joker walked fluidly to the fifth car and with one hand flung the driver side door open, making it fall to the ground with a loud crash. >

“Joker! Boss! It was an accident! Plea-“ BANG. The jester pistol had heard enough excuses. Satisfied with his quick decision, Joker giggled to himself and skipped over to the sixth car. He tapped a childish tune on the passenger window. You could hear a panicked shriek come from the inside. What are you seeing? Are you going to be in trouble for witnessing this?

“Oh, shit. Shit. I’m so sorry. Fuck! Boss, please. I can explain. Just let me make this u-“ BANG. The jester pistol wasn’t in a listening mood tonight. Smoke still dancing out of the barrel, Joker spun around to walk back to his own car. He walked with grace and determination. He looked like he had somewhere else to be, more business to be taking care of. 

Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks. Directly below your balcony. Very slowly, he looked up and caught you staring in disbelief at the scene that just played for you. He turned to face you. The shadows from your building made him hard to see clearly. You couldn’t make out his expression, or what exactly his hands were doing. It felt like you had been staring at each other for hours, then he smiled. The Smile that people associated with death was peeking out at you. Silver glinted around his teeth, casts from a lost battle with the Batman. His green hair was falling around his face, imperfect after his casual murders. You heard a low growl, followed by a quick laugh. It made your heart skip. His frightening demeanor paired with his undeniable beauty made it hard to look away. How could a stone cold killer, someone you literally just saw shoot two people, be so attractive? Maybe it was the fear inside you erupting in an unusual way. 

Joker held one finger to his ruby lips, “shhh,” was all he said. 

He was gone and around the corner, swallowed back into the winding streets of Gotham City. Probably never to be seen again. You had just seen something nobody else had seen. You wondered if it had really even happened. 

Sleep was not an option after that. You had to go back to work at the Ironlake Diner four blocks away in the morning. There was no way you’d be able to focus. 


i wrote this late last night, soni apologize if there’s any errors or things that don’t make sense. Please, please, please don’t hesitate to give me any feedback! Oh, and let me know if you want more! I have part 2 finished.

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Headlights ||Nate Maloley||


“It’s not my fault! It makes two to make someone pregnant,asshole!” You could already feelk your neck vain being prominent,but you don’t care anyways,Nate makes your blood boil to the extent that all you want to do is smack him and punch him.

“HEY! It’s not my fault! I never told you to open up your legs to me! You’re the one who said you were ‘ready’ and that you don’t want me to wait anymore! So it’s not my fucking fault!”

The smack that you were planning to do was given right back at you.It hurt what he said,the way you put it,now you can feel yourself heat up because both of you knows that you’re the one who wanted something to happen,for God’s sake,you’re dating for more than a year and you wanted it to be Nate but it turned out to be a bad decision.

You couldn’t answer anymore,out of shame you quickly turned away hoping that he wouldn’t see the tears that started to pour down,you rushed through the door and slammed it behind your back.You don’t want to give Nate the satisfaction of seeing you hurt because he pointed out your mistakes.

You don’t want to be here,where all the good things and the bad things that happened took place,you made your way to the car and headed towards a bar,any bar,that would make you forget all the things that happened,you don’t care anymore about your baby,you don’t want a piece of Nate and you together in one.

The lights turned green and you made your way,but before you get the chance to cross headlights blinded your eyes.

The time is too slow that you get to smile at the irony of the situation,you didn’t make it to the other side because of a blinding light,just like what happened to your life,you were a good girl that went to college to get a degree,but you didn’t get to cross the other side called the adult life,because the blinding light stopped you,just like what Nate did,he entered your life and everything trashed,the efforts,the late night studying,for fuck’s sake,this was your dream uni since 6th grade.

The headlights was all you saw before everything went black permanently,even to your baby.Now Nate doesn’t need to stress about something and own up to responsibilities that he shouldn’t be getting at his age.


Hey,I wouldn’t be online for the next 2 days because I’m going to the city.The house that I’d be staying at doesn’t have an internet connection so I thought I’d post a ton of things today because I’ll leave tomorrow morning,if you’re ever wondering why I’d go to the city with no internet connection,well I’m going to a one direction concert :3 But Zayn wouldn’t be there which kinda sucks. 

I hope you enjoy this one,it’s just a blurb so yeah.You can request some imagines here.

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