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To all my wonderful fic readers,

I apologize but I’m putting Eleutherophobia updates on hold for the moment.  I’m a week out from defending my thesis (eep!), battling some kind of virus (double eep!), and getting ready for the hour-long speech to an audience of ~100 students I stupidly scheduled for the same day as my thesis defense (quadruple eep!).  Ergo, I will get back to my Animorphs writing, both fan fiction and meta, when I can, but it’s going to be a few days or weeks at minimum. 

Thanks for understanding!


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You probably getting tons of messages. But when you have time can you speak about Clarke giving Roan the Flame? I mean she stood there thinking about it; Eliza acted that scene out so well! Even while she was offering it you can see she really didn't want to. Then the tear & the face of realizing what she just gave up. The "I loved her mom" Got me in the feels; but her giving him the Flame was just another a "god Clarke. why do yo suffer so much" moment for me.

honestly, i was touched by both scenes simply because clarke and lexa’s relationship was actually in the foreground in both interactions, which is something i felt was needed, because if the writers want clarke to move on they need to give her the moments in which she can face her own emotions and share them with someone else - thank you abby. damn if the scene with roan didn’t hurt me more though. everything clarke and lexa have been through in s3 was re-called in that moment and you felt their history in every single corner.

there is a great personal alchemy at play during the entire scene, because clarke’s goals, hopes, memories and priorities are also greatly tied to what she wanted to achieve with lexa, but ultimately couldn’t. the way she shares her experiences/knowledge helps her with her otherwise sentimental state and overall pain, because it is (as eliza said) not destructive, but constructive.

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Holy flurking schnit, there’s a ton of great movies coming on TCM over the next three days!

3/23 (Thurs)

  • 8:00pm (EST): Gojira (1956; i.e., the “Americanized” version the original Japanese version with English subtitles!)
  • 10:00pm: King Kong (1933)

3/24 (Fri)

3/25 (Sat)

3/26 (Sun)

So many movies… so little time…

Type: Null is some real Shin Megami Tensei stuff. “We genetically engineered a chimera in the image of god to fight monsters from another world“ is not a thing I ever expected to see in a Pokémon game.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here before, but I actually really like Gladion’s whole arc. I know he has his detractors because he’s an angry, mopey teenager; but as someone who ran away from a bad home at a young age, his story hit hard.

Anything You Can Do - Part 1

Idea provided by @avengersrulez1536Hey again I have had another idea so the reader is Hook’s daughter and she’s ends up on neverland with Baelfire and they have a brother/sister bond. She fights against pan and pan enjoys the challenge and he always win but she had caught him off guard when Baelfire escapes… then years later when Henry is there she takes Henry right from pan under his nose and pan takes Henry back. She meets her father and the charmings, Emma, Rumplestilskin, older baelfire (neal)and Regina and tries to help them to save Henry but Pan has other plans for her..

Note: This was quite a detailed idea and as you can see from how long this started to get I am going to have to do it in two parts. The second part will be up at the weekend :) Hope this is looking good so far!

Peter Pan x Hook’sDaughter!Reader

Words: 2,248

Warnings: Intimidating behaviour, threats, mild sexual advances (used as a distraction so nothing too detailed)

Disclaimer: None of the GIF’s used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Bae hide!”

In a hushed demand you placed a hand onto the young boy’s chest before pushing him behind some of the foliage that surrounded this part of the island. He may not have spoken out to make his presence known yet but you had been here long enough to know exactly when Pan was about to make an appearance….he never did leave you alone for that long. If you didn’t know any better you could have sworn he had some crush on you the way he followed you around like a lost little puppy.

“You stay there until I say otherwise okay?”

Your whole time on Neverland had consisted of some cat and dog chase with ‘The King’ as he liked to call it. He got one over on you once and apparently that meant it was now a daily requirement to continue doing so.

He was getting closer, you could feel it, it was like his smugness was at such a level that it radiated around the entire island. For the love of pixie dust if you could just outwit him….just once, you would be the happiest person on this island. You had dreamt of seeing that look on his face as he realised that you had bested him.

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