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If you’re tired of your favorite fantasy stories having obligatory teenage romance that’s completely underdeveloped and unnecessary to the plot clap your hands.

Your Fandoms Are At RISK

With the FCC trying to strip away our Net Neutrality, think about what will be lost. Not only will your internet be controlled by cable/phone companies and your information sold to wherever said companies decide, if you are someone who loves to float away into your favorite fandoms/ships, they WILL be taken away from you. Not might be. They will.

Do you love reading fanfics? Do you love writing them? Say goodbye to that luxury if Net Neutrality is destroyed. You can especially say GOODBYE to Ao3 almost immediately. Sites like them rely on donations from fans to stay running and the FCC will chop them to shreds when they decide to block/make you pay extra to use it. Even if you’re non-american and believe you won’t be “affected” by this, honey you have a big storm coming. You can guarantee that US-bound writers will disappear and fickle out to only those who are willing to pay. Are you in a small fandom that doesn’t have a lot of creators to begin with? You won’t even have a chance. No Net Neutrality will be a direct hit to your form of relaxtion.

Do you like to watch edits? Do you slave over edits of your favs? Where are you going to see/post them when Net Neutrality is no more? Same as fanfictions, from short and quick to complex and elaborate edits, editors will be affected when they are forced to pay extra to use YouTube and Tumblr, for example. Do you sometimes lay late at night watching a marathon of edits of your favorite shows? That will be a thing of the past if the FCC ends Net Neutrality.

Are you an artist that draw your favorite ships and characters? Do you enjoy art of your favs? IT. WILL. ALL. END. IF. NET. NEUTRALITY. ENDS. Even worse if you’re a struggling artist that works off commission. You’ll be spending more money than you’re bringing in when you have to pay extra a month to use Tumblr, DeviantArt, Instagram and other sites used to upload original content. Then you’ll have to pray others who are paying extra are willing to pay for your art. Chances are, if you’re strugglin now, you won’t even last if Net Neutrality is out.

Do you download your favorite shows and movies whether it’s just to watch or create content? Where are you going to download them when sites are blocked from your internet? If you don’t have cable for whatever reason, you REALLY aren’t going to be able to catch your shows now. If you can’t afford cable, what makes you think you can afford several internet packages?

Do you like being kept up to date on what your fav is doing such as tour dates, new music, and news in general? Best believe there won’t be a such thing when you are forced to pay for Twitter, Snapchat, and other apps.


I can go on and on but I think you get the picture. Many of us use fandoms as a way to escape from the harsh realities of our lives. If you do not join us in help fighting against these greedy out-of-touch monsters who want to take control of the internet, you will experience a true dark age that you don’t want to be apart of.

I know phone calls can make people anxious even when they want to help so welcome in ResistBot! They will be your new best friend. Just by texting RESIST to 50409, Resistbot will find out your representatives, create a message, and fax it over to their offices on your behalf within minutes to urge your reps to support Net Neutrality! AT NO CHARGE.



Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion


some of u……are too bitter..not to vague but like… women aren’t ur oppressors……..u can experience lateral aggression, but they don’t hold societal power over lesbians……… women often experience violent biphobia from men that they date…..that’s not rly a privilege….