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ok so i am going to need you to download this collection of poems (it is free) and read it and have your life ruined by how absolutely stunning every single word and the combination of said words is in it RIGHT NOW!!! 

Like most people I enjoy a good love story. And its usually pretty fun to imagine characters that I want to be together to get together in the show, book, or movie. Usually there are signs for how a relationship is going to go and when it is going to start. And as much fun as it is to root for your favorite pairing to actually be together romantically, there is one thing that kind of ruins it. And that is shipping wars.

I absolutely loathe shipping wars. They ruin some of my favorite shows. I get that we all have our own views on who should be with who, but that shouldn’t mean that people get mad about it, or worse be complete jerks just because some people don’t agree with them. I have seen people who ship things too seriously try to get shows canceled when they end, like the 100 when Lexa died because the actress committed to a different show, so would not have been able to be a full cast member. And that was really rude, especially when the show was still pretty good and has a pretty diverse cast. Right now the ship that seems to be getting a lot of hate is Karamel on Supergirl. Some people are going so far as to call the relationship toxic or abusive, just because everything with Kara and Mon El isn’t always sunshine and roses. It seems like a lot of this uncalled for, and frankly ridiculous, hate stems from people who ship Kara with Lena Luthor. While they have great chemistry and seem to be pretty good friends, its not the direction the show is going in at the moment. That doesn’t mean that current relationships should be given hate. Another dreadful shipping war started out of the best book series of all time, Harry Potter. People attacked Ron for not being good enough for Hermione, and that she should have been with Harry. Ron is a great character and didn’t deserve to be so disparaged, and Harry, much as I love him, has many flaws. Sure people can have their own headcannons, but they needn’t go to such lengths to bad mouth great characters just because things didn’t go their way. 

This pattern repeats itself time and again. Whenever a couple in fiction isn’t shaping up how some people think, they begin to try to ruin it for everybody else. They point out every little flaw, or make some up. I know I’m not the first one to say that shipping wars are stupid and can get cruel, but I feel like people still haven’t learned and it irritates me so much. I wish we could just all enjoy something, celebrate our own thoughts, and not try to force our opinions down other peoples’ throats. 

My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
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you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to struggle with things other people find easy

you are allowed to have a hard time with things people say you shouldn’t

you are allowed to acknowledge your difficulties and struggles

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to need accommodations 

you are allowed to demand accommodations

you are allowed to use accommodations 

you are allowed to be disabled

you are allowed to exist without being “useful”

you are allowed to exist without meeting abled people’s expectations

you are allowed to exist as a disabled person

you are allowed to be disabled

soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name 


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)