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I Love All Parts of You

A/N: I did my best with a request from a dear anon; hope it makes you as happy as you made me with your kind message, nonnie : )
Summary: Emma celebrates her beloved pirate aboard the Jolly Roger, with particular attention to his scars.

Word Count: 797; one-shot;  ffn ; ao3

If the captain’s quarters of the Jolly Roger wasn’t beginning to look a lot like home, it was sure beginning to feel like it.
Emma loved her pirate—and she loved spending their quiet moments here. What wasn’t there to love? The desk where he charted out his many journeys, and the journeys he wished to take her on, free of curses and giants and responsibility. He had many random baubles and he’d tell her of all the things he admired before he met her. There was the bed, her favorite place, where her head would find comfort on his chest, his hook would wrap around her waist, and he’d kiss the top of her head.

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Anon said: Hey friend sorry to bother you but I’ve been having a real bad time of things lately and it would mean a lot if you could just piece together a little doodle. If you could just draw up some Clexa being cute and happy I’d really appreciate it but I mean it’s totally up to you. Hope I didn’t annoy or bother you or anything.

Sure I can do this! Have some Clexa love!

Cheer up anon. Hope you’ll be fine! And hey, you didn’t bothered me at all ;)

Random Thought: My favorite thing about Supernatural conventions is when Jared and Jensen look at one another, stop speaking into the mics, and just have a private conversation that no one else can hear for a moment on stage in front of everyone. It usually involves laughter, and it’s super cute to watch them in a moment like that. It’s so genuine.
WWE 2K16 - WWE Universe, meet the Terminator!
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WWE has been doing lots of debatable things lately, but this trailer is fucking amazing and made me fangirl out pretty hard.

To Have and Hold

I’m finishing Fenhawke week with a prompted drabble! I hope you enjoyed this week, it’s been a lot of fun, and Dragon Age will be sticking around in my permanent fic schedule, so please come prompt me. Check my Fenhawke tag to see everything I wrote!

Anonymous said:   Hawke is a very cuddly person, and often Merrill or Isabela will sit on his lap/lean on him in the Hanged Man (merrill also likes to sit on his shoulders.) Fenris gets jealous so Hawke shows him that he is the mage’s favorite person to cuddle with.

“You’re looking glum,” Hawke says behind you, close enough you start and hiss an oath through your teeth. You used to react much more viciously to him sneaking up on you. Now he waits for the cues, seems to know when you’ve become aware of him, even its subconsciously, and beyond a curse and a glare, there’s not much else for him to fear.

Would that it were not so, and he still avoided sneaking up on you entirely.

“…I needed air,” you answer dismissively, focusing intently on the opposite wall of the alley. He snorts, coming and leaning his shoulder to the bricks beside you, and even without looking at him you can feel the infernal smirk on his face, heating your cheeks and your chest all at once.

“I think,” Hawke begins in that one voice, that awful voice, the one that creeps up your spine and has your breath catching in your throat, “that someone is jealous.”

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Wanting to call you and explode everything that’s on my mind. But you told me I think too much and you hated that part of me-
—  acidrainxx

Okay, I read in a fic once - I wanna say the suzukiblu Darcy is an alpha fic - that Johnny Storm’s girlfriend lived on the moon, but I thought that was just a random made up thing. I didn’t think there were actual superheroes that lived on the moon.

I was wrong.

And apparently, Tony Stark goes up to visit them/invade their sovereign territory. You know, like the rest of the ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT CRAZY things he’s been doing a lot of lately. Idk. There are too many supervillians pulling strings, and Tony doesn’t seem to question why he thinks the SHRA is a good thing? why he and Cap being enemies is a good thing? Reed believes in his math, but what does Tony believe? What are his reasons?

Idk man sometimes I love the fandom and sometimes the fandom casually unintentionally makes me feel really shitty and there’s also a lot of in between.

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