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IN MY DRAFTS. Ready to be written– BUt other fics that need to be written are going first. A fic for a 239472978 year old giveaway I’m taking too long to write omg I am so sorry Shyzone sweetie the first paragraph is ready~

Sequel idea was inspired by the lovely nonnie who dropped this in my askbox when votes were open:

Another vote for Jumin punishment! Maybe make a sequel with Jumin getting revenge on the other guys hehe~ ;)

I’ll have Jumin hunt down the others one by one and be a nasty little vengeful ler in this detailed tickly sequel-to-be. If you want to contribute to this before it gets written down *probably not until next week* now’s your chance, ideas and hc’s are welcome!;)

[Read Jumin’s Punishment Here]

If you can’t keep a friendship afloat because you two aren’t the same people anymore, don’t push it. We all change. Do not force yourself through a relationship - friendship or even with a significant other - if it is no longer natural and is clearly only carried by habit. Do not force yourself through activities that bring no enjoyment and are sometimes even accompanied by underlying tension. Even if you had good memories with someone, people change constantly and you shouldn’t dedicate time and worry to something that is blatantly no longer meant to be. This is too exhausting and the both of you wouldn’t be bad persons to just acknowledge it and move on : that would actually make you considerate, for both yourself and them. It doesn’t negate the good times you’ve had, it’s just about knowing what’s best for the both of you. Let go and be the new you with people that correspond to that. You deserve it.


Me in middle school (I blamed everything on things lol) #forreal 〜 ​フレント

Why? Why did you break?

Why? Why? Why would you do that?



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Someone said Glitchtale?! :DDD (?)

Ugghh… I freaking knew it she was evil… and I LOVE THAT lmao x’D
RIP for the poor souls that watched the episode… RIP Sans tho

I just loved the episode, it was amazing and just right in the feels :’D

thank you Camila for this amazing au <3

Glitchtale by @camilaart