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1. Name: Christy
2. Nickname: Im not sure if I have any nicknames tbh lmao
3: Birthday: June 20 1995
4: Star sign: Gemini~
5: Gender: Female

6: Height: 5′3!
7: Time right now: 3:28AM ; n;
8: Average hours of sleep: 8-11, it varies
9: Last thing I googled: “vtec just kicked in, yo” lmao
10: Number of blankets I sleep with: My comforter & 2 other blankets bunched up at the foot of my bed or around me
11: Favorite fictional character: Ahhhh hmmm oh lord. I really love Lily & James Potter!! I also really like Pyro~
12: Favorite famous person: Ummm… Not sure tbh. None come to mind??
13: Favorite band: Probably Marina & The Diamonds or Issues! I like a lot of different genres tho
14: Last movie I saw: HP & the chamber of secrets!
15: Dream trip: I would really love to go to Paris & see the catacombs there! Plus France is so beautiful~
16: Dream job: I’d love to be a forensic pathologist! Or something in the medical field c:

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MIGHTY AVENGERS - Dream Roster by Pryce14

Another dream roster, this time is the Avengers.

Valeria acts as team leader/main strategist, working with Bucky Barnes, Captain Marvel, War Machine, Sersi, Thor, Thing, and Nova.

They would be the Mighty Avengers aka The Wall, a first response team to cosmic threats against Earth.