Outfits of the Tatooine Revolutionaries
Thimister, Spring 2012

What if… While Republic and Separatists are at war with each other after Invasion of Naboo, a Slave Uprising breaks out on Tatooine. Even after the Clone Wars and the Republic is reorganized into an Empire, the latter leaves the Desert World, that’s embittered in civil war between the Hutts and Revolutionaries, alone. Among them is 21 year old Revolutionary Anakin Skywalker, a force sensitive human male who is trained in the ways of the Force by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn or rather their Force Ghosts. The problem is Anakin doesn’t really agree with most of the Jedi Code and thus refuses to become a Jedi…

Padmé blushed when Skywalker offered her cup of blue milk before sitting down besides her. Taking careful sips of the beverage, she waited until he spoke. “Your lucky didn’t crash in Hutt Territory.”


“Pretty girls like you and your friends… well let’s say the Hutts have a thing for them,” Skywalker smiled but their was nothing cheerful about it. “that is if they hadn’t instantly collected the bounties of your head.”

Padmé froze for a second, before forcing herself to reply. “So you know.”

“Tatooine might be a backwater planet in the Outer Rim that’s currently involved in a bitter civil war, that even Empire leaves us alone for now. However that doesn’t mean we don’t get news about rest of galaxy. Not mention this planet still attracts smugglers, bounty hunters, mercenaries and other scum like flies.”