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i started google translating housewife radio back & forth bc i might do 1 of those google translate sings and every mistranslation of the "thimbles coat my fingers" and so on part crack me up????? highlights: "dog food blocked" & "Pink shirt/closed dog/ Hank problem/I love beautiful things/" its wild



Okay, now what am I doing?

*laughs* For the twentieth time, the first red button is to jump and the joystick helps you move.

And you can do so much better?

I grew up on this game.

Of course you did.

Now you want to dodge the-



Nope, I was trying to end this game, therefore I succeed!



You know, most try the opposite, yes?

I’m not like-

No, you’re not, because you’re-



The Department of Impossible Cuteness is currently flipping all the chair cushions and digging under car seats to find loose change to store in these ridiculously adorable coin purses shaped like stout little birds. Each one is the handmade creation of Japanese crafter Left Thimble, aka @piyorizan. Their eyes are made of garnet and their beaks are polymer clay.

Left Thimble makes her avian coin pouches in small batches to sell online or at special events. Most recently she made a batch of 10 for the Java Sparrow Festival in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo. Keep an eye on the Left Thimble Facebook page or Twitter feed to see her latest kawaii creations.

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A chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp worn at the waist with a series of chains suspended from it. Each chain is mounted with a useful household appendage such as scissors, thimble, watch, key, vinaigrette, household seal, etc. They were very popular from the 1860’s until the end of the century.

The top photo is a cabinet card circa 1880 that shows a well-dressed woman wearing a needlework chatelaine, a rarity in posed photographs.

The bottom photo is a A sterling silver chatelaine complete with a whistle, folding buttonhook, coin purse, vinaigrette, and thimble bucket.

DIY Pincushion RIng Tutorial from I Always Pick the Thimble. Do you know anyone who sews? This is a “stick and glue” DIY - meaning it’s really easy to make. For more ”stick and glue” DIYs go here:

Or you can try this DIY Felted Ring from Dans le Townhouse here.

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For anyone who has had their heart broken, many understand what you went through and you’ll be okay.

{She Was Broken}

Broken is the only word to describe her at the moment, she was shattered by the only person that gave her hope, strength, breath…above all things he made her feel important and loved, like she was finally someone.

She gave him everything and never expected anything to come from him, not from his pockets, not from his head, but she did hope for something to come from his heart. To love and hold her even if things ended.

She doesn’t sleep at night without the constant remembrance of what used to be her happiness, given to her by one person and taken by the same person months later, broken ,she is a piece of paper among the millions but she was the one that had been ripped into billions of pieces and was waiting to be restored again, be back to her.

She’s tried putting the pieces back together on her own, with her friends, her family but there’s still that one missing, the one that holds all the trust and love she once had, that one piece that holds that one person, the one person that taught her everything, the one piece she knew would leave someday …but didn’t think forever, the one piece that hurt her but she still wants back, the piece she needs with her to be herself again. Her honest, unique self. A person who loved every bit of him flaws and all.

All hope is lost for her, she didn’t even get a sorry for the pain that has been brought upon her by the person she loved and in all honesty still does.  She has been brought to feel shame, disappointment, heartbreak, loss. “Useless” is the only word she can think of to describe herself now. She can’t eat, can’t sleep. If she tries guilt comes over her and everything comes back.

Guilt!. Why did someone she put so much into and loved no matter what, was there for them through anything, forgave anything big and small, took the time out of her day every time he was sad or angry, the money out of her pocket, all the care in her heart out and gave it to him so he would feel whole again, take everything from her, everything that kept her going.

Being without him everyday to her is like walking on shattered glass, every step she takes she ends up hurting. “Just stop” she says to herself “no one needs you” “if someone that needed you so much can betray you, what’s the point” is now her life motto.

Life just isn’t worth it if trust is no longer in the picture, her happiness is no longer there, her happiness was the friendship she had with him, only him.

Faking the fact she wants him back every second of the day makes it worse as she isn’t being honest to herself, breaking her one and only rule “honesty”. She loved and she lost

She didn’t think being replaced would be such an easy thing for him to do, he claimed he loved her more than anything and she was important to him, but then just like that he was gone, and someone else was in.

“Worthless” she thought again, she goes to sleep feeling this, thinking this, wishing for three things, him, an apology, friendship.

Going to someone close to her was the only thing thought in that moment, quick thought, quick action. “He wanted me back then maybe he still will” is what she thought, she felt unwanted, thrown aside. She never wanted to hurt him like he hurt her, she loved him…still does. Hurting him wouldn’t do anything for her, she would forgive him no matter what he did.

His innocence has been swiped, to her he’s beautiful in every way. For her going anywhere is hard, every normal thing is a reminder of what she’s lost, home,her own bed. Familiar foods even take her back a few steps, clothes, being comfortable. She just doesn’t like it anymore. It’s all lost its meaning, her life has lost its meaning.

She could’ve turned her back and hurt him like he did to her, but all her promises were true, she loves, cares and is there like she said she would be, honesty

His smell, his smile, taste, everything about him she loved, it comforted her, made her life easy and carefree, now it’s full of trying hard and disappointment. She even loved being tormented by him, around other people, just in general. He knew him doing that was just him showing he cared.

Treating herself isn’t even a treat anymore, it’s a chore. “I use to treat him” she thinks “he was my treat” her reward. She spent a long long time putting up with things she didn’t like, all of that was for him and when he finally wanted her too it took a lot of relief off her shoulders, he loved her, she loved him, no more pain, she had one him over.

Only to be once again brung straight back into the fire, of having to fight hard for the person she loved, being hated on, being unwanted. She had lost him

To say she’s dying would be an overstatement, but what it’s done to her is a death to who she is, to everyone they have lost her. She shouldn’t feel like she’s a piece of trash, he was all she had together or friends, everyone thought her life was perfect but no one actually knew the truth  not even him, now it’s far from that.

She misses him more than anything she’s ever lost in her life, she lost way more than her boyfriend, she lost her best friend, her trust, her happiness.

She wanted to do stupid shit, with him not someone else.

She tried to master it all so she would still be wanted because she knew she wouldn’t not want him, it was too late.

When he was happy, she was happy because he was. She really did want to do all those things for him and weird enough still does even though she’s in pain, as much as she tries to banish the pain or the thoughts, they come back because she loves him.

She saved him from things no one has ever helped him with, she genuinely wanted to make sure he was okay.

She’s found a lot of people that care about her through all of this but that one person is always there in the back of her mind, she wants him to care more than the rest of him. He did once care for her more than anything, but she, she will always care about him more than anything or anyone, as much as she wished she didn’t . “I’m sorry” may be only two words but for her it can heal at least 100 or her sores. A gesture so show he cares heals 1000. And asking for forgiveness and friendship is the world. Wishes are free, but for her they’re the only hope.

She will always want him, he was the fight she won

She needed him too