thimble tattoo


wanted to make a photoset of my tattoos! which is way harder than it looks and involves a lot of weird arm angles and not the greatest quality. my dcu half sleeve still needs its background and then it’ll be finished, and my bioshock infinite quarter sleeve is only about half done (wayyyy overdue…)

forearm tattoo is from a versaemerge song and the bird and birdcage collar bone tattoos (that of which alix and i got matching sets together!) are from bioshock infinite, also

when we were designing catwoman i asked that her face be made to look like audrey hepburn and with short hair. for harley, we kind of took quite a few different styles of her and put them together, but i wanted the traditional costume. originally it was supposed to include both her mallet and her popgun, but we only had room for the gun. and with poison ivy, i just wanted her to have rad hair and striking eyes and vines embedded in her skin. my bioshock infinite quarter sleeve is a combined version of a design i made and a design my tattoo artist made and it’s come along exactly as i wanted so far. (the hand elizabeth has on songbird’s unfinished beak even has her little thimble on the pinky!!)