thimble talk

And I Will Grow With You

By InsominiacArrest

I just really wanted to tell a love story :’)

She spots her nose on strangers faces. When she walks through the library she sees her in a man with hair sticking on end, and women with a crooked mouth and can’t help but think. Peridot.

And all she can think, is ‘oh there she is!’ And her heart races.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. But here Lapis was, seeing her in strangers and feeling sick like a million little pin pricks of ice in her stomach.

That is when she is 16.

When Lapis was 5 she met a shrill little girl with bad manners and the outlook of a mad doctor. The girl told her she looked like a sad llama-face on the first day and Lapis ignored her for half a year.

Half a year later she sat down next to her at recess and says, ‘I heard you poured sand down Johny T.’s boxers.’

She sniffed, ‘he deserved it.’ She defends, Lapis nodded sagely.

‘Rose said it wasn’t nice… How do you feel about Rose and her friends?’ Lapis asks curiously.

“Bleh,’ Peridot screwed up her face and stuck her tongue out, Lapis smiled like the sun came out. Finally.

‘Let’s build a sand castle together.’


Lapis frowns, ‘we can pretend to live in it– and that we never have to go to school again.’

‘I like school .’

‘You can be the princess of it.’ Checkmate .

Peridot agrees and Lapis is her knight and they build a castle out of sand. John T. tries to kick it over with all his might, she chases him away and she feels sunburn on her back as a just a shallow kiss of warmth.

Lapis is nine. She says she wants to kiss Timmy Thomas, and Peridot says that’s gross and Lapis pouts.

They trade clothes like it’s the stock market because Lapis saw that on TV and thought that’s how best friends acted.

Peridot walks like she has rocks in her shoes, and her parents tell her to walk taller still. Do better, join more.

Lapis wants to fight them. But she wanted to fight a lot of things, her parents call her a ‘firecracker,’ a quick whip when they’re happy and other things when they’re not.

Lapis likes Peridot’s house. Peridot hates it, and they trade clothes and stories and Lapis feels a little safer in her own skin and firecracker mouth.

She tells her she wants to kiss Timmy Thomas, she says she needs to practice. Peridot is indignant, Lapis reminds her of the time she took the fall for her when Peridot threw a tantrum and broke the art room. 

Peridot says, fine, ‘but Timmy better appreciate it.’

It was her first kiss, a peck, only a peck. She didn’t think it counted, she wasn’t sure it meant anything. But that was when she was nine.

When Lapis is 14 they got in their first fight.

Peridot said Lapis shouldn’t try to smoke, Lapis says it was her body she can try what she likes. Peridot yells about how strange she had gotten, a weirdo with Indie rock mixes and friends that blink like the world is turning in slow motion.

Lapis breaks, she bites out that Peridot didn’t have enough friends to fill a thimble, only Jasper talked to her and Jasper was the worst. She held herself like an tiny, angry army general whose parents march her in line to the beat of good grades and bad people skills.

Peridot cries. Lapis was a firecracker, one who blew up in people’s faces. She broke her favorite CD that night.

Somehow, somehow, that same year after a month they find each other still visiting the same ice cream place they always did and give and take begrudging ‘sorry’s’ and then jokes and recipes, and laugh again. And again.

Lapis didn’t know why she fought her. But she wanted her safe and whole, and if she had to find new friends that didn’t stick cigarettes in her open mouth then so be it.

Lapis is 16. She saw her in strangers faces. Her heart skips a beat at the placement of her hair and crooked slope of her mouth and people in green doing silly victory dances over anything.

She saw her in strangers faces.

Peridot’s voice chased her across her dreams and she wakes up in cold sweets and little pinpricks of tears at the corner of her eyes.

Was this it? Was this love?

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as much as i love da:i’s companions i don’t think a group will capture my heart as completely as da2’s

and it’s probably because they are all assholes and like a super dysfunctional family I DONT KNOW



i am in a bind in terms of money. i have enough money to last me until the end of school, but i have a lot of doubts that i’ll get a job right after graduation so i need to start earning…money…but i can’t because grad school.


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Thimble Talk - [Time Jump: After Duke Heals]

It was early evening, the sky only just beginning to take on its jewel hues. The air was warm and smelled ever so slightly of spices that left the inside of your stomach feeling empty. It was thick and heavy, and as Ezzie ran with what might look like carefree abandon it left her face bright berry red. Really, Ezzie was running to catch up with someone. She’d thought she’d glimpsed him, earlier in the day, and again a little later. Dismissing it every time, she only realized that she had seen him - and that he was hurt - after hearing his muttered growls which carried only a short distance through that air. Or so she’d thought it was a short distance.

It was taking too long for her to reach him, and Ezzie no longer heard him. It was beginning to seem that she’d lost him, and that her sudden and perhaps careless mission to find and help him - and rectify what she had caused - would all be for naught. Then, she heard him. Faintly, yes, but it gave her a sense of direction that she immediately followed. This time, she found him. Ezzie approached from the side, clearing her throat loudly between her attempts to catch her breath. “Duke.”


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 66

Last week Heiko promised “something special…. or not…” I can promise that this will indeed be special. Very special.

On Monday Heiko and I met in Cologne, and  I will tell you the real and honest story of our meeting. There is no need to read Heiko’s version, because he will (as usual) only write a lot of nonsense. So forget about it. Just don’t read it, okay?

Stephi: I spent a couple of days on a workshop in Cologne, and on the first day Heiko ambushed me at my hotel to literally force a tour through his hometown onto me. First he begged, then he tried to blackmail, and finally bribe me. And only because I pitied him so much, I gave in. Thank Goodness Cologne is much smaller than Munich, but nevertheless the 3.5 hours with him seemed to find no end.
Yes, he is boring. VERY boring. And he doesn’t have the slightest sense of humor. Did I mention his vanity? We had to stop at each and every reflective object – no matter what it was, so that he can “take a photo” (actually look at himself). And Heiko wasn’t satisfied until he showed me even the last and smallest tiny little place of  Cologne. Can you imagine the stress? After 4.5 hours by train?

And if that wouldn’t have already been hard enough, the self-proclaimed Heterotopian (I still don’t understand what that means), not only took photos at every exact same spot as I did, but also copied me. All of the time. Well… he tried…  Can you believe that? And can you believe that he was so naive to not even see that I realized it?

I was so very relieved when we finally came back to my hotel. After 3.5 hours (which felt like 3.5 years), I was so tired of  his constant swooning over Cologne, and his claims that everything is so much better than Munich.
And just when I thought I can disappear for good into my hotel-room, unnoticed by Heiko, who was (as you might have imagined) again looking at his reflection in a shop window, he tricked me into having beer and dinner. Okay… that wasn’t fair. I had to force him to finally honour his betting debts and buy me some beers (Haha! “Beer” - Haha! We are talking about thimble sized drinks. Not real beer.).

I am more than happy to be back in in Munich. Far away from mini-Cologne, mini-beers, and far away from Heiko and his reflections

Heiko: First of all this might be goodbye from this series, as Stephi wants me to be serious and honest when I speak about what happened to me last Monday, the day Stephi and I met for the second time. And I can tell you; it’s not going to be pretty. Trying to be a nice person, I left work early to have some time to show Stephi Cologne by daylight, as she requested. Of course, Stephi made me wait and wait and wait. To show someone the city best, especially the center, you go by foot. Stephi knew that, of course, but still started complaining after just a couple of minutes. Imagine hearing someone complaining for hours while trying to show her your beloved city. The complaints didn’t stop there as I was almost immediately reminded of how small Cologne is compared to posh Munich. What do you expect when you have a hotel close to Klingelpütz? But I am digressing while talking about one of the most horrendous days of my entire life. Even being born was easy in comparison… Next to showing her parts of the city and explaining everything, I also had to talk with Stephi. Can you imagine having to talk and listen to one of the most boring and superficial people in the world? But then again: what was I expecting of a blonde hair stylist who willingly admitted not to be good at it. (I might have gotten that part wrong, as it was really tough listen to her all the time.)
But that wasn’t all. I even had to sit down with her to have something to eat and drink. She even made me pay for the beer. I should have started with the beer actually as that heavenly stuff dumbed me, so I was finally able to see Stephi’s babbling as it is: nothing but a background noise. And that is still flattering. Altogether, this whole experience took me seven hours of my life I will never get back and I even have to look at all the pictures she made me took while walking for almost 20km. I really didn’t know it would be like that one day when I started this little tale of two cities…

so today I am 25 (on the 25th which is cool har har)

25 is weird because I’m now as old as my mom was when she had me and I am nowhere near having a family or even a house at this point in life.

but, I’m a game artist, and I am out of school for a year now! officially! I could make this longer and sappier but I’m on mobile and that’d be a pain so

ilu guys <3 it’s dumb but tumblr has helped me with a lot of things in a lot of ways and I’m more comfortable with myself today than I ever have been in my life so! there’s that