because sometimes reality is too much to take and i need something to hang on to.


Ok, so I was watching my favourite acorn scene and I need to share my thoughts with you. When Dwalin is interrupting, Bilbo looks disappointed (couse he wanted to tell him something) and Thorin is looking at his face with total joyness for a while longer. My feels. And these are only expressions from one scene ♡

Homophobia and racism in Middle Earth (or the lack of it)

Since the end of the Hobbit series I’ve seen a lot of fanfics,headcanons and metas about the main ships: Bagginshield (Thorin+Bilbo) and Kiliel (Kili+Tauriel) and could perceive that a lot of people are bringing issues like homophobia and racism to the ships in the sense that Bilbo and Thorin would have some problem in getting together or in acknowledge their feelings for one another because they both are men (and that´s why Bilbo said “he was my friend” at the end of BOTFA), and Tauriel and Kiliel would have to face the world to live their love because she’s an Elf and he’s a Dwarf, implying that Middle Earth was as homophobe and racist as us (please, I’m not saying the characters or the people who brought these issues to the fandom are homophobes or racists, I’m only talking about the interpretation that Middle Earth’s society would have said traits just like our society has right now). 

My point here is to say that we really can’t know this. Actually, what we are doing is fill an empty canvas with the prejudices, costumes and moral of our times.

First I want to make clear that I’m refering solely to the Hobbit trilogy, the books will only be used to contextualize the movie’s Middle Earth historically and geographically. The Lord Of The Rings happened about 76 years after the events in The Hobbit so the culture may have changed in the meantime.

Now back to the Hobbit: 
At any point of the movies it is said, literally or implicitly, that there is a problem with homossexuality. We just don´t see that and if we consider that, according to Tolkien, the story happens 600 thousand years before our era, everything happened waaaaay before the appearence of any of our current religions, especially judaism, christianism and islamism.
As we know, homossexual relations started to be condemned, in our era, after the rise of said religions, especially christianism (in the ocident), where before its rising the homossexuality was viewed very differently. Ancient Greece, for example, not only tolerated but stimulated male homossexual relations. In India, before the conquering by the British Empire, the transexuality were also almost celebrated, it only was treated like a bad thing after the British Empire imposed their culture, moral, religion and beliefs in India. The same goes to some brazilian tribes, despite the lack of informations, it’s known that some tribes celebrate homosexual relationships, but unfortunately the portugueses did not make many registers of those questions when they arrived here. But it’s correct admit that our current problems with homophobia has roots in the impose of the christianism as only acceptable religion (candomblé and umbanda, an african brazilian religion, for example, do not condemn homosexuality,but they’re not even half as big as christianism here).

So we have a lot of examples that societies with different religions have diferent views in homossexuality.Now, if we analyze the movie itself, in any moment it is stated any kind of sexual taboo, for the good and for the bad, any assumption is based entirely in our personal opinion and by consenquence our culture, in which, at the moment, in the greatest part of the world, is homophobic, however, it do not make this view applicable to the Hobbit. Actually, the fact that Thorin shamelessly flirted with Bilbo in front of everybody and none of the dwarves seems to care shows that, at least in the dwarven society, male homosexuality isn’t a problem at all. Bilbo do not seem to care either, but he is stated many times as a very different hobbit (he went in a adventure, something absolutly crazy for the hobbit society), however, it does not implies they would have any problem with same sex love, suppose that means that homophobia is the default of the humankind and history show it is not.

About racism now. It is pretty clear that the dwarves and the elves aren’t very fond of each other. In the scene where Tauriel appears at Bard’s house to help Kili, she was received with a lot of suspicious to put it mildly. But we have to consider that it was not necessarily always this way, actually, the movie implies this rivalry between dwarves and elfs begin, or at least, turned stronger, after the elves deny aid to the dwarves when Smaug took the lonely mountain.
But even if we consider that elves and dwarves really do not like to mix with one another, we cant just suppose that they only like to mix with their own race. 

After all, Bilbo was a hobbit and once again, no one seems to care with his possible envolvement with Thorin.

In their case we can argue that this happened only because by the time Thorin started to stare at Bilbo smiling like an idiot, they already knew him for quite a time, already respected him,and this made them overcome any problem they could have with mixing races, Bilbo could be an exception.

So here is really hard to know either that all races are against, in favour of or neutral about romantic involvement with people from different races. What we do know is that in the Elvish society marriage between people from different social status is a taboo. When Thranduil talks to Tauriel for the first time that Legolas may be in love with her, she reacts by saying that she never thought that a prince could get involved with someone with a lower status and Thranduil basically agrees, which shows that this thought is current in their reign, this is something wildly known and accepted (which do not mean right or fair). But can we say that everybody in middle earth thought that way? Obviously not, even in nowadays, with globalization, people from different countries has very different opinions about the same issues. What is common in Norway may be a taboo in Brazil and vice versa, for the whole world. The same rule can be applied to Middle Earth, specially if we took in account they were not a globalized world and people could live their whole life without ever get out of their own region.

To finish, obviously, if you like to project nowadays’s issues in their history because it improves your identification with the characters or because you want to write a fanfic that way, there is no problem at all, but do not feel obliged to think that way because there is no evidence to think that, had Thorin survided, he couldn’t have married Bilbo and be happily ever after. And for Kiliel, it’s a bit harder, but you can hope ;)

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, english is not my first language.

Hmm, I personally think dwarves see more colors then any other species and as such they have more words for it.

So I’m under the personal opinion that if bilbo were to learn The dwarven language that Thorin would like to see where Bilbo’s progress is, and at some point they would play a bit of a colour game, where thorin is holding up a card.

“Baraz” Bilbo is rather proud of himself, as he smiles fondly at the king. But all those puffed up feathers are instantly pushed down with the shake of the kings head and a kind smile returned.

All the same the card is put back into the deck and bilbo gets the next three with ease. Of course that is until another Baraz is warily called again and Thorin reacts the same.

At this point Thorin just thinks Bilbo is making tiny mistakes and is patient, but not bilbo. No bilbo has fixed the king with a glare and expects at this point the royal pain in the backside is messing with him.

“No it’s red. Thorin, I do think I would know red when I see it I only had to wear it for the better part of a year.”

“Now I am not at all doubting your impeccable knowledge of colours, But you can’t expect to have perfected a language-”

“Oh yes I can. Let me tell you something about languages. I know three of man, two of elves and dwarves, and every slang, translation, and context, of anything a hobbit has been able to spew out. So when I say that I know I am right then you can bet your right hand I am right. And perhaps it is you who should be learning Khuzdul not I.”

“Bilbo you are wrong.” The king ground out.

And at this point the guards are shifting from foot to foot. Nervous because just inside those doors there is a rattle that would make a dragon flee in the hopes to be spared. the foolishness of a hobbit and dwarf who were told they are wrong is unmatched to this day.

Thorin is pulling every reddish piece of furniture, clothing, and book, from
His shelf and calling out it’s name. While the hobbit has his fists balled up, ranting about how red is red is red and the stubborn ness of dwarves.

And of course anything the hobbit ever received as a gift from the company from that day on, is, or course, red.


N is for need

“For the last time, boys, stop throwing my mother’s dishes around,” Bilbo yelled as he saw Fili and Kili throwing dishes instead of washing them.

“Why not?” said Fili. “Frodo doesn’t mind.”

“Boys, listen to Bilbo,” said Thorin.

“And then what happened?” Frodo cut in, as he begged Fili and Kili to tell him a story.

“Well, when our uncle walked in,” Kili began, but Bilbo snapped, “Can you boys take Frodo and go outside for a while?”

“Do we have to?” Fili and Kili cried out.

“Yes,” said Bilbo with a frown on his face. He needed some alone time with Thorin; so far, he wasn’t getting any with the boys around.

“Why don’t you play in the river?” said Thorin.

Frodo heard the word “river” and began to cry. Thorin felt bad, knowing that Frodo’s parents drowned in the river while on a boating trip.

“Was that really helpful, uncle?” Kili snapped at him as Bilbo tried to console an upset Frodo.

“You made him cry!” yelled Fili.

Bilbo frowned, knowing that there was no way he was getting his alone time today.


“Why don’t you boys take Frodo outside for a walk?” He said.

“Are you sure this is wise?” said Thorin.

“Don’t worry,” said Bilbo. “It’s absolutely safe for the boys to walk around. There’s no monsters to bother them. Plus, Frodo can introduce Fili and Kili to his friends.”

Within a few minutes, two young dwarves and a small Hobbit rushed out of Bag End. As soon as the door closed, Bilbo said to Thorin, “Alone at last.”

Lay Down Your Heart  (Bagginshield fanfic)

My new story about Thorin and Bilbo :)

AU Slash/Romance/Angst Rated T Implied Sexual Content

Summary: Newly wed to Thorin, Bilbo’s honeymoon bliss is shattered by the awareness that he will never be able to bear Thorin an heir. Reconnecting with his past and receiving Thorin’s tactful reassurances helps him understand that, sometimes, love is enough.

Warning: may contain acorns.

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Our Vices Part 2

This is a fanfiction I have written about Fem!Bilbo Baggins x Thorin Oakenshield just for the love of it. I do not own any rights to the characters or storylines in the Hobbit (duh) and are simply writing this to unleash one of my favourite ships! It is only recently that I’ve really gotten into female Bilbo Baggins as I usually don’t enjoy rule 63. But for some reason this really caught on to me. Also I really wanted to have a chance to write some verbal exercises and experiment a bit with my writing style – thus why it doesn’t seem like any of my other work. But let me know what you think – mega curious :D AND HERE IS MY STORY :D IT IS R RATED, NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!

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L is for love

Bilbo didn’t believe in love at first sight. He was content to stay in his home in Bag End and enjoy his books and garden. In fact, he scolded Gandalf for daring to intrude in his life and forcing him to want to go on an adventure. He said, “You can’t make me do anything!”

“I can and I will, Bilbo Baggins!” Gandalf snapped at him. “You’re going on this adventure whether you like it or not!”

Just then, a very handsome dwarf walked into the place. Thorin Oakenshield stared at Bilbo before grabbing his hand and kissing it. “Thorin Oakenshield, at your service,” he said.

“And who is he?” said Bilbo, whose heart rate had shot up as he stared at the dwarf.

“Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of our company,” said Gandalf.

Thorin said, “You must be the Hobbit. Would you like to come with me to Erebor?”

“Oh yes,” said Bilbo as he clung to Thorin. “When do we leave?”

T is for treasure

“Home at last,” said Thorin as the caravan pulled into the gates of Erebor. He, Bilbo, and Fili and Kili had spent the entire summer in the Shire, where they took a vacation and (unexpectedly) gained a new member of the family. Little Frodo Baggins could hardly contain his excitement in seeing the mountain after Fili and Kili told him about it.

“Yes, we’re home,” said Bilbo. “But why do I get a bad feeling that we’re going to run straight into the treasure room?”

Thorin glared at him. “Do you have so little faith in he that you would accuse me of greed?”

“No,” said Bilbo, “but I’m just saying don’t even think about going to the treasure hoard. The gold there isn’t worth my pain.”

“And why would I ever do that?” said Thorin as he hugged Bilbo. “I don’t need gold, not when I have the greatest treasure of all.”

“And what is that?” said Bilbo.

“You,” said Thorin. “You are the greatest treasure that I have, and I have no intention of replacing you with anything less.”