Sot po te te le te shkosh.
Po e leshoj doren tende dhe po te le te vraposh ne lendinat e mekateve prej te cilave kaq shume pata frike.
I them vetes qe jam e lodhur duke te pritur, e lodhur duke te dashur, e lodhur duke pasur nevoje per ty.
Po te lutem te me harrosh por ne fakt gjithcka dua tani eshte te me mbash mend.
I them vetes qe jam e lodhur duke menduar se si te largohem nga ti, por mendimet e mia jane thjesht thika ngulur ne lekuren time te bardhe. Eshte pak me e bardhe se e jotja dhe mbase me e bute.
Po te shkruaj nje eulogji te gjate a thua se te ka perpire dheu dhe nuk je me ne kete bote, duke hedhur mendimet e mia zemerthyera ne letren e bardhe. Dreqi e marrte edhe ajo leter te urren.
I them vetes se do jem me mire pa ty, ne fakt e di qe do jem me mire pa ty. Por mbase, thjesht mbase nuk dua te jem me mire dhe, c'eshte me e rendesishmja nuk dua te jem pa ty.
Po qaj edhe pse me duket e pakuptimte te derdh pika uji te kristalta nga syte per nje qenie te gjalle ashtu si une. A nuk eshte e padrejte qe njerezit ne Afrike vuajne per uje ndersa une e coj dem ne ndjenja te gabuara adoleshenteske?
I them vetes se dua te largohesh. Duhet te largohesh. Por une dua te rrish.
Dua te me mbash prane vetes dhe te me thuash se cdo gje eshte mire. Se une jam mire. Se ne jemi mire. Por ne nuk jemi mire.
Sot po te le te shkosh.
Te lutem shko.
Ose….ose te lutem qendro me mua.

Philip Onyancha is accused of murdering 19 women and children in several areas of Kenya over the span of five years. Some of his alleged victims include:

  • An unnamed woman whose remains were located in the sewer of a compound that was adjacent to the German Embassy in Nairobi; Onyancha led police and media to her remains.
  • Jacqueline Misoi, who was murdered on May 30, 2008 in Nairobi. 
  • The skeletal remains of Catherine Chelengat, who went missing in November 2008, were found within a small, clandestine space at the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company offices near the Karen Shopping Centre; Onyancha also led police and media to her remains. Before she went missing, Chelengat had recently graduated from Kabete Technical Institute and had a 9-year old daughter. During the period of her disappearance, Onyancha was serving as a security guard at this office.
  • Onyancha stated that he strangled two sex workers at Rwambogo Lodgings (Hellen Nyambura, pictured left) and the Suitable Lodging House (Jacqueline Wambui, pictured right) in Thika. Nyambura’s body was found under a bed in one of the rooms with her neck broken. Wambui’s body was discovered naked with her neck broken in February 2010, a week after Nyambura was killed. Before her death, Wambui served as the main source of income for her mother and two daughters, and her mother claimed she was not aware her daughter was a prostitute until after her death. Onyancha later stated in an interview, “The killing that troubled me most was Hellen Nyambura’s. She was 25 years old and I met her at Nkurumah Road. After the killing, her body lay there for several days. I went back more than 10 times to look at her body and asked myself if what I did was real. When police removed her body from the scene, I was in the crowd that had gathered to witness the operation.
  • Anthony Njirwa Muiruri, a 9-year old boy, was murdered in April 2010 and his body was found near the Lenana School in Dagoretti, Nairobi. Onyancha is accused of his murder alongside Tobias Nyabuhanga and Douglas Obiero Makori.

Onyancha once commented on these alleged murders, saying, “I felt like I was trapped between good and evil. I would recall hearing my victims plead for mercy as I killed them, but I didn’t remember them dying.

Jetojme ne nje vend ku te kesh nje zemer te mire eshte disavantazh. Eshte disavantazh sepse jetojme ne nje vend palacosh e te poshtrish. Jetojme ne nje vend ku asnjerit nuk i intereson askush e asgje. Ky eshte vendi ku te gjithe kerkojne vemendje dhe asnje nuk merr asnjehere mjaftueshem. Duan vetem fame e fjale qe qarkullojn per to. Nuk duan asnje me te vertete. Luajne me zemra, i thyejne e ndihen krenare per kete. Ky eshte vendi ku i keqi mbahet per te mire. Eshte vendi ku askush nuk eshte me te vertete ai qe pretendon se eshte. Eshte vendi i te papergjegjshmeve e i egoisteve. Flitet se si ai e la ate per nje tjeter dhe se si ajo filloi te dilte e te puthej ne rrugica vetem e vetem per ta bere xheloz. Per te bere xheloz ate, palacon qe thoshte se e donte e ne fund te fundit beri ate qe di te beje me mire; I theu zemren. Jetojme ne vendin ku themi se kemi gjetur me ne fund shoqe per jete, shoqe qe pak veta e kane, shoqe qe e do me shume se gjithcka e qe se le e ste le kurre vetem. E per sa kohe ? Deri ne momentin qe zihen per gjene me te vogel, fillojne shahen dhe e merr vesh I gjithe vendi. Fillojne pastaj e flasin per to. Flasin sepse I duket e pamundur qe nje shoqeri si e atyre te perfundoj. Epo po, perfundon. Dhe te gjithe e dine. Sepse ne kete qytet asnje ndjenje nuk eshte e vertete dhe cdo lloj lidhje do prishet; eshte vetem ceshtje kohe. Ne kete qytet askujt nuk I intereson askush deri ne momentin qe zihen. Pasi cdogje perfundon me thika ne kurriz, objektivi kryesor I diteve te secilit behet felliqja e tjetrit. Hapin fjale, foto, thashetheme e genjeshtra. Palacot I besojne, I pelqen ti besojne dhe fjala kalon goje me goje duke u rritur e hiperbolizuar gjithmone e me shume. Gjithashtu, eshte qyteti I kokeboshve qe mendojne se e kane te ardhmen e ndertuar kur dijet I kane jo-egzistente dhe xhepat bosh. E pra, eshte vendi ku gjithsecili eshte per veten dhe vetem veten por ne syte e te tjerve duket sikur nuk kane thjesht miq por familje, shoke si vellezer e shoqe si motra. Por ku te vije momenti te gjithe do e tregojne fytyren e vertete. Eshte ai vend ku te gjithe mendojne se jan ne maje te qytetit por ne te vertete askush, asnjehere nuk do ta arrije ate maje. Ketu, te gjithe jane askushi pa shoke qe njihen e qe “respektohen”. Pse njihen e njihen ? Po sepse ate here u lidhen me ate kokboshen qe e puthnin neper rrugica e qe I mbushnin mendjen njeri-tjetrit me budalliqe dhe pas nje fare kohe e la. E la dhe si cdo palaco dhe frikacak tjeter ketu e felliqi me gjera qe idiotja ja kishte besuar pasi ajo mendonte se ata duheshin dhe asgje s'do I ndante. Gjithashtu edhe e anasjellta. Prandaj te kesh nje zemer te mire te shkatarron ketu. Pasi te gjithe te marrin si te dobet, duan te te vene ne loje e normale , tipike per kete vend mbajne emrin tend ne goje. Te marrin si shaka pasi ke zemer te mire. Zemrat e mira ketu detyrohen te behen egoiste e arrogante si pjesa tjeter e qytetit. Fillojne te bejne te njejtat gjera si ata ne menyre qe te fitojne respekt. E pra, jetojme ne nje vend ku ka njerez por jo humanizem. Jetojme ne nje vend ku ka shpirtera por jo ndjenja. Jetojme ne nje vend ku nuk jetohet. Vetem mbijetohet.


“I was never born a serial killer. I was molded into one.”

Philip Onyancha is a Kenyan serial killer accused of raping and murdering 19 women and children. His murders spanned throughout the city of Nairobi and towns of Naivasha, Nyeri, and Thika. 

Onyancha was born to a farmer, Samuel Onyancha, and businesswoman, Esther Moragwa Onyancha, in 1978. He did well in his studies at a primary school in Kericho and was described as being a well-mannered and committed student by school administrators.

But according to Onyancha, his childhood was less than idyllic. He experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted female guardian. He also claimed he was recruited into a cult by one of his teachers, Elizabeth Wambui Kimani, while he was a student at Kenyatta High School in 1996. This cult supposedly commanded that Onyancha murder 100 people and drink their blood in order to receive good fortune.

“One day after we had sex, she (Kimani) took a razor blade and cut my chest and sucked my blood,” Onyancha said. “She also cut herself and mixed our blood, which she asked me to suck too. She then applied some foreign substance on my chest and told me we had become one body, mind and soul, and I would get supernatural powers that would take me to any place I wanted.”

Kimani was arrested but later acquitted in September 2011 of charges accusing her of binding Onyancha to an oath to commit murder — despite several accusations by others that cult activities and the worship of evil spirits did occur at the school in the 1990s.

After graduating high school, Onyancha got married and had a career as a watchman at G4S, a global company specializing in security-related services. However, he soon took on the alleged cult’s deadly charge and enacted a killing spree than lasted five years until he was arrested in 2008. In addition to selecting women and children as victims for their perceived vulnerability, Onyancha claimed he sought revenge against women in particular because of the sexual abuse he experienced as a child. He believed that spirits granted him with the ability to lure and subdue his victims before killing them. He stated that he strangled all of them and drank their blood, though he recounted this vampirism in later interviews.

“My target was to kill 100 women. I managed 17 and there were 83 to go,” he once noted.

In 2010, Philip Onyancha was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the assault and attempted rape of a woman in Nairobi, and in 2014, the trial for the murders finally began. Trial judge James Wakiaga is expected to make a decision on the case on September 20, 2017.

Here are the three beauties, Toka, Thika and Iringa (L-R) as they were in their Toronto Zoo enclosure on Jan.12, 2013.

Now they’ll have 35 hectares to explore at will. 35x the space their Toronto enclosure provided! \0/ 

It’s not the African savannah, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Toronto. 

Topeca Coffee - Chania Natural, Kenya

We visited Topeca Coffee Roasters previously on the blog with a delicious El Salvador offering.  If you remember, Topeca has the fully vertically integrated Seed to Cup model, with family farms in El Salvador from which their offerings come from, but they do much more than that.  Aside from sourcing other selections from around the world, they wanted a way to highlight some stand out selections. 

The offering we are getting ready to look at is the first of the Topeca Limited Edition Series coffees.  Limited Edition coffees are coffees that go above and beyond our normal expectation of specialty coffee.  The series is reserved for coffees that exhibit the rarest, most unique and highest qualities produced in the world.  What a way to kick off the series than with an offering that you don’t see very often - a natural Kenyan.

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