thiiiiiis much

  • jess: *screams at rory for not living her life the way HE expected years ago*
  • logan: make your decision based on what you want for you. you do what you want.

“Am I the finale you craved?”

Ice Cream & Destroying Bullshit

Requested:  Are you still doing requests? If so I have requested this before but like a John Laurens x chubby reader? I’d really like to see what you can do, since you’re like the best writer ever! (Loved breaking btw!!)

Wordcount: 655 (just a lil drab)

Warnings: Language, fat shaming, cute

Tags: @abi-sans05 @tayahqr (You did say tag in everything)

You adjusted the bag strapped to your back and walked down the street. You decided to wear a cute yellow dress today that really showed off your body because you were feeling really confident. I hope I’m not to late, I was supposed to meet John ten minutes ago! As you approached the café you and John planned to go for a little date you passed by a man. He whistled at you.

“Hey there, you’re liking mighty fine, sweetheart!” He hollered, you rolled your eyes. Gross. You ignored him and continued on your way. “I see how it is-” You didn’t listen to him finish that statement and instead walked inside the coffee shop. You saw John turn his head in your direction. He waved you over as you strutted to the seat he saved for you. He shot you a sly smile.

“Well don’t you look as pretty as ever!” He praised, you fanned yourself in an exaggerated manner.

“Oh my! Mr. Laurens you flatter me so!” He chuckled at your performance and handed you the coffee he ordered you as you sat across from him. You took a sip. “Perfect as always, love! You always know what my order is!” You joked. You took another drink and you could see John staring at you from the rim of the mug. “Can I help you, sir?” You asked as you set the cup down.

“What the heck did I do to deserve you?” He questioned with dreamy eyes, a few stray curls sticking out from his ponytail. You pretended to think for a moment.

“Let’s see… You’re cute, you’re funny, you like turtles… actually it’s because you buy me coffee, I’m sorry I lied.” You teased.

“Fair enough, I’ll take it!” He shrugged.

“I’m just kidding! You know I love you thiiiiiis much!” You extended your arms out wide.

“Stop being so cute!” He clutched onto his chest like his heart was aching. “I can’t handle it!” The two of you talked about your day as you finished your drinks.

“You wanna go get ice cream?” You grinned mischievously.

“Hell yeah! Mint choco-chip for the win!”

“Oh God, you’re such a dork!” You snorted, he took your hand and laced your fingers between his, leading you out of the shop. As you both walked beside each other, you saw the guy from earlier. Ugh, this asshole. He noticed you with Laurens and laughed.

“Well, look who’s back! And you brought a little friend, I can’t believe someone actually can deal with all of that! Dude, do you just ignore how big she is or something?” What a fucking dick! You felt John’s grip on your hand tighten.

“You want to take care of this or should I?” He whispered.

“I got this babe, don’t worry.” You looked the douchebag in the eye. “Oh trust me sweetie, he has no reason to ignore my size! He loves every single inch of me and more importantly I do too. It’s too bad an ass-hat like you will never be able to handle this much woman, or any woman for that matter!” You clicked your tongue and he looked genuinely offended.

“Dude, control you fucking girlfriend!” He whined, John chuckled.

“Don’t ‘dude’ me, first of all. Second of all, I don’t control her. Lastly, my girl is the most gorgeous thing on this fucking planet, your ass wishes it even had a chance with her!” John high fived you and you placed your hand on your hip.

“Damn right! Come on babe, we’ve got something more important at hand, ice cream!” The two of you walked past the dude, leaving him speechless.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” John asked.

“Yes, but you can say it again if you want.”

“I really fucking love you!” He smiled.

“I love you more than ice cream and destroying bullshit, which means I love you more.”

When their gf says his name and how much she loves him while she is asleep, but...

Awww that’s so cute ;A; I will try my best, thanks anon<3!

Here goes~


*Exits the room in a daze. Super happy and keeps grinning to himself.*

Later when he meets her.

Y/N: ‘’…Ya.. why do you keep looking at me like that.’’

‘’Just because~’’


Super happy when he hears it.

‘’You know what you said last night~?’’

Y/N: ‘’??? What?’’

‘’YOU LOOOOVEEE ME~ Thiiiiiis much!~’’


Keeps teasing her about it, whenever he can.


Keeps grinning at her all the time. 


‘’Why don’t you tell me you love me like that, when you’re awake?’’

Rap Monster

She keeps denying what she said while being asleep.

‘’Fine be that way. It’s not like I care.’’ *mentally crying*


‘’You cannot deny what you said last night. I have it on tape, ya know.’’


Waits till she wakes up only to tell her that he loves her so much.

Thank you anono <3!! That was a really cute request!

I make Monsta X, EXO and BTS reactions :)

the signs as out of context quotes from the group chat im in

aries: i just misread my bioshock poster as “no gods or kings, only anal”

taurus: I am a very insecure man

gemini: how much sin? like [spreads arms] thiiiiiis much sin? 

cancer: i have consumed so much gingerale in the past few days. is this safe. am i gonna die

leo: The only thing that’s ending is the pitiful ghost of somethin ivysaur never was. It could never be a true champion and never will. 

virgo: im not going to be in a chat called gooch

libra: say goodbye to the succ


sagittarius: [muffled sounds from bottom of meme dumpster]

capricorn:  i cant believe i didnt come online to a long string of memes

aquarius: I saw a shirt that had a lobster on it and said “when you’re finished sucking the head, bite me”

pisces: Do I Look Gay

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Best Friends/Friends
  • cutelucas - Where will I start with you little shit? Like, you’re all perfect and stuff and everything. Someday, we will finally meet and just like what you’ve said, I will tease you because you’re small and I’m tall. I’m glad we’ve been best friends for a bit long time now and I also really enjoyed the one-on-one session of us in Skype. I would love that to happen again, probably in summer vacation because I know we’re both busy in school. I love you so much, okay? Stay what you are, baby.
  • slutlucas - We became best friends so fast and that’s actually so cool. I’m really thankful that I have you as my friend because not just you’re clingy, but also you’re sweet and caring to your friends. I’m hoping you will go back on tumblr like normal because I miss seeing you in my dash, beb. Just remember that you’re perfect no matter what and you can do anything. I love you so much, Alli.
  • clifftits - You’re one of my lamest friends ever. And every time we tinychat, you never failed to make me laugh because of your lameness. And I love our little conversations in twitter. Hehehe. Just stay perfect, okay. I love you thiiiiiis much.
  • thugcal - Bow down to your face because you’re so pretty. And I don’t know, I like how you’re just cool with anything. And your blog is literally the best and I’m glad we’re friends because you’re so nice. I love you, baby. And I also missed teasing you with your name. Hehehehe.
  • fknmichael - I’ve missed you so much, Lillie. I really feel like we haven't talked for a long time and I would like to catch up with what’s happening with your life lels. But just always remember that I’m always here for you and I will always listen to your problems. I hope we can talk again soon, beb. I love you, ya dork.
  • 5sozfam - You still hold the record for being the fastest friendship because of how fast we became friends. But I hope our friendship wouldn’t fade fast too but whatever, I know that wouldn’t happen. You’re really really so beautiful ya know. And you’re so nice and such stuffs. I love you so much, twinnies. #rhirhi5eva
  • sarcalstic - Hi, snapchat buddy. I really missed our snapchat conversations so damn much, but I guess it’s me who’s very busy with school that’s why it’s been long since our last one. But in summer vacation, I wish we can bring that back. You’re one of my cutest friends and I love the way you talk okay. Hehehe. Please never do change a thing about yourself because you’re already perfect. I’m happy that you’re always there for me, Esther. I love you very very much.
  • whoamikey - I actually find you very cool and I don’t even know why, but in the same time, you’re also very lame. And I’m also glad we’re friends because you’re so nice okay. Stay fab, Ashleigh. I love you sooo much.
  • lukeyharry - I hope you know that you’re one of my first friends here in Tumblr and I also do missed you a lot. When I’m finally rich, I would go to your place so we can finally meet. Hehehe. You’re so kind and you’re a ball of sweetness and adorableness. Always remember that you’re so beautiful, Peachy. I love you very damn much.

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