fawnsoftly  asked:

I wanted to ask you this forever!! what's your favorite..ANIME!!! Like something I would fall in love with and devote my life to, tysm ily

OH MY GOD. THIS. THIIIIIIS I cannot answer. I have waaaaaay too many. Lemme just casually list the ones I die for and nerd out too much about _(┐「ε:)_♡

-bungou stray dogs (its SOOO AMAZING I CANNOT)
-kyoukai no kanata (I love the story)
-world trigger (idk the entire thought of aliens from another dimension and having to fight against them is super cool)
-ao haru ride (I’m a sucker for shoujos)
-say I love you (same as shoujos)
-ao no exorcist (rin is just so h o t)
-Tokyo ghoul (I’m not sorry)
-no game no life (I’m mean of course)
-owari no seraph (I love yuu x Mika I’m sorry)

I need to stop the list is endless LOLOL

Also I’m really loving maid dragon, and masamune kun no revenge it’s bomb af (*´꒳`*) ♡

Update: how I could forget. HIMOUTO UMARU CHAN WTF IS WRONG WITH ME, ☆


Considering a lot of you agreed to the idea of doing a Noragami BigBang to increase the number of Noragami fanfics and encourage writers in the fandom by doing something fun, I am writing this post to organize the event! 

I’m personally willing to participate in hosting this project, but I can’t do it on my own because I already have a lot of work and basically it’d be more fun if more people took part in it. If you are interested in participating by either making graphics/promotion/whatever, please contact me via private chat or regular ask. I was thinking we could create a separate blog just for this BigBang. We would place all the information, rules, requirements, deadlines, etc there.

As per the date, it would hopefully take place in March or April, but that’s up for debate depending on how much work we have done or how big the event gets. In fact, @fushiginokunino suggested we could expand this project and actually make it a monthly thing, with different themes and prompts for each month!

That’s all I have to say for now. Reblog for signal boosting, use the ‘noragami bigbang’ tag to leave your ideas and suggestions and contact me if you’re interested in helping. I’d say around 5-7 people would be enough to run the blog, create graphics, etc, but we wouldn’t be closing the doors to anyone who wanted to participate!