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Aw really? How can you not like sweet baby Peter? :') and the prompt was gonna be something about how Peter's still a little shaken about Civil War and overwhelmed and not knowing what to do with himself really so Tony comes to visit and ends up tickling him to turn him back into the happy kid he was when they first met <3 ~ sherl

Hope this works for you, babe! And I dunno, I was never a Spiderman girl *shrugs*

“Kid?” a knock and a quick entry, Tony not hesitating.

“M-Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark, hi! Yeah, I was uh, getting some homework done–why don’t you sit– no sorry, haven’t had time to clean up or anything,” the nervous teen bumbled, scratching the back of his head as he seemed to scramble to put haphazard items away. 

Tony held up a hand, “Hey, don’t worry about it. So, how’ve you been?”

Peter looked up at his idol and glanced to the spider suit hanging in his closet, “Fine,” was the curt answer.

Tony removed sunglasses he had on and hung them on his shirt collar, “No, you aren’t fine.”

Peter sighed, “Did Aunt May call you?”

Tony gave a slight smile to Peter and the teen groaned and slumped onto his bed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Stark. I didn’t think she’d annoy you when you have bigger things on your–”

“Peter,” Tony cut off the rambling, “How are you?” he eyed him.

Peter took a second, knowing exactly what Tony was asking about. He looked at the floor and then folded his legs on his bed, his hands, Tony noticed, were shaking. 

“How do you…. I mean, how are you?” Peter questioned, “Those were your friends. That-That can’t be easy on anybody.”

“Are my friends,” Tony corrected, sitting himself on the edge of Peter’s bed, “We’re…. going through a rough patch.”

Peter nodded, “Right.”

“Your aunt told me you missed class, and that you’re not focusing in anything you sit through. Granted, high school… that wasn’t for me. But Peter, you have to do better. Because I know you are better–”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have recruited me,” Peter snapped. 

Tony let out a breath, not even glancing at Peter, just pondering.

“I-If you knew the amounts of anxiety I get from school alone and now crime fighting and what we did to the others, I….”

“Breathe,” Tony turned his body and rested a hand on Peter’s knee, “Breathe, Peter.”

The teen’s chest began to heave with short breaths, fists clenching. 

“I know you can handle this,” Tony said and shrugged his shoulder, “That’s why I recruited you. You’re brilliant. And I suffer from…. heh, you wouldn’t even wanna know what. So don’t ever think you’re alone in this battle. Not the battle’s out there. The ones we face every day within ourselves.”

Peter’s eyes had filled with nervous tears but he wasn’t crying. He took a slow breath and laid down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Stark…”

“Wanna know how I get away from all the superhero bullshit?”

“How?” Peter asked, seemingly intrigued, “I thought you never get away from it.”

Tony grinned softly, “Told you you were a smart kid. Well, there’s this game I play with everyone else.”

“A… game.”

“Yep. And it’s a total relaxation, happiness-restoring game.”

Peter just looked at the Iron Man, not following quite where he was going with this. But when he felt a curious poke to his side, he jerked.

“Ah! Hey! M-M-Mr. Stark, I think I understand what you’re– haha stop!”

Tony smirked, “You’re not ticklish, are you, Peter?”

“D-Deathly…” Peter swallowed nervously.

“Well, then you’ve already won the game,” Tony announced happily and he wormed his fingers into the agile teen’s sides.

Peter, taken completely by surprise, couldn’t even use his enhanced senses to predict this. Nor do anything to stop it. He was laughing. He hadn’t laughed since before the fight. 

“Stahahahap! NahahaHAHAHA THIHIhihis isn’t f-fahahahahair!” 

“Life isn’t fair. Neither is school, unfortunately, when you’re as smart as you are,” upon digging into Peter’s ribs, Tony discovered that particular sweet weak spot. 


Tony grinned, “Spider’s got sensitive ribs.”


Tony knew he didn’t hear mistakenly when those words spilled from Peter’s lips. Fortunately, the teen didn’t even seem to notice, too preoccupied with wrenching Tony’s devious digits off of his hypersensitive ribs. 

Tony did take his hands away, “You okay, kiddo?” the name of ‘dad’ still had him slightly stunned but he tried not to let it show.

“Y-Yeahahah…. cahan you never doho that again?” Peter sat up, a much more actual childlike expression gracing his freckled face. 

Tony smirked, “No promises,” he stood up, “I should be going, kid. Do you need anything else? Adjustments for the suit?”

Peter shook his head, “No, Mr. Stark–”

“Call me Tony.”

“Tony,” Peter smiled appreciatively, “Thank you. For everything. Get home safe.”

Tony grinned, “Always do. See you later, Peter,” he ruffled Peter’s hair with care before heading out of the tiny bedroom. 

His Crimson ~ A Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Ego Fanfic

It’s time for some ROMANTIC DANTI YALL 😍 i’m so happy that this lovely little fic has been birthed from my subconscious👌there may be a bit of “implication” if ya catch ma drift BUT it is still filled with sfw lovey dovey floof with emo boi and the glitch bitch being absolutely cheeky goofs 😍 SO LET US BEGIN!

Let’s be real, they weren’t an ordinary couple. They didn’t go out for picnics in pastured scenery or for candlelit dinners at five star eateries or michelin star establishments. They didn’t need to, each of them just being themselves was enough for the other. Although they did partake in certain soppy things, in complete and utter secrecy of course. The figments known as Darkiplier and Antisepticeye did have very specific images to maintain. Not now though, since Anti was sat atop Dark’s lap as they both inhabited a comfy couch.

‘Open up…’

Anti grinned as Dark fed him a green grape, grinning as Anti yanked it off the stem with an exaggerated wink. Dark shook his head before pecking the giggly man with a light chuckle, the deep tone sending warmth down Anti’s spine; they withdrew, Anti with a gentle flush. The green-haired man giggled heavily as he nibbled his bottom lip, breaking off a piece of chocolate from the 75% cocoa bar he held in his hands. He held the piece up in between his fingers.

‘Okahay you nohow!’

Dark chuckled as he opened his mouth to let Anti slip the piece of chocolate into his mouth, his eyes glittered deviously as he pretended to try and nip at Anti’s forefinger.


Dark laughed melodously at his boyfriend’s yelp, smirking widely as Anti narrowed his eyes with a gentle pout.

'Well that was rude…’

Dark snickered as the chocolate melted in his mouth, he swallowed lightly with a teasing grin.

'You loved it really.’

Anti sneered as Dark smirked teasingly.

'Shut up.’

Anti stuck his tongue out and went to break off another chocolate piece, but Dark placed his hand under his chin gently. Their eyes met and Anti found himself leaning forward until their lips met, Dark ran a hand through his messy locks and caressed the back of his neck. They hummed as they kissed. Dark’s eyes fluttering shut as he let Anti push him down deeper into the couch, said man was enamoured at the bittersweet taste that coated Dark’s lips. Anti withdrew only to peck lightly down Dark’s jaw, he let his lips trail up to his ear, but then Dark seemed to…flinch?

Anti leant up to look at him, and was made curious to see him biting his lip harshly.

'You okay Darky?’

Dark swallowed gently before setting his expression into that of a calm suavity, he smiled.

'But of course, don’t stop now…’

Anti was still a little unsure, but he smiled back before going back to his neck and relishing in Dark’s relaxed sighs. But….his curiosity was insatiable. Anti let his eyes fix on his lover’s face as he moved to the back of his ear, and he grinned when Dark flinched once again as the corners of his lips twitched. Oh my god, this was priceless.

’D'ya like this spot Darky?’

Dark cleared his throat as he kept his eyes shut, his lips twitching as Anti’s lips traced the shell of his ear. He didn’t want his composure to break, he didn’t want Anti to find out about his…sensitivity.

'It’s fi-ine…’

Dark cursed the little blip in his voice, but Anti rejoiced in it as all the puzzle pieces fell into place in his mind. Dark, his brooding and sulty Dark, was ticklish. Anti would be damned if he didn’t have some fun with this, he giggled and felt a wave of exhileration when Dark shivered fractionally.

'Are you suuuure?’

Anti smirked before nuzzling behind Dark’s ear, which made the owner jump in surprise before breaking out into a stream of chuckling.


Dark tried to clamp his mouth shut as he fought the urge to scrunch his neck, but Anti’s soft lips and rough stubble meant he couldn’t stop himself. Anti giggled furthur as he nipped teasingly at the shell of his ear.

'Yes Darky dearest?’

Dark cackled as more vibrations spread through his ear and down his spine.

'Stahahap thihis ihihimmehediahatly!’

Dark felt his cheeks going a light pink when Anti laughed loudly and mischievously before rearing up with a feral grin.

'Oh baby I’m just getting started…’

Dark gulped when Anti took hold of his wrists tightly before pinning them under his knees, Anti was straddling his thighs now with a strong excitement.

'Now Anti, there is no reason for you to do this-’

'Oh I can think of plenty!’

Dark bit the inside of his cheek as Anti’s wild irises darted over his torso, he shivered as he felt like he was being scanned. Anti placed his fingertips on Dark’s sides and stroked with a curious grin, which only grew when Dark descended into gentle laughter.

'Why didn'tcha tell me you were so sensitive?’

Dark’s chest shook as he tried to force away his mirth, but it was no use.

'Fuhuhuhuckihing guehehess!’

Anti cackled at Dark’s frustrated state, he hummed in thought as he moved his hands so they could scratch over Dark’s belly. Dark yelped and flushed as his laughter jumped up and transformed into highly pitched giggles. Anti was shocked, but infinately more gleeful.

'Awww, you’re so cute like this! All giggly and giddy at my touch….’

Dark avoided his boyfriend’s taunting gaze as his flush worsened, his giggles flowing freely as sparks and spirals shot through his abdomen.

'Shuhuhuhut uhuhuhuhup!’

Anti’s eyes widened. This was so much better than he’d first thought, Dark wasn’t just really ticklish…he was embarrassed about it too.

'Why? Don’t you like my voice?’

Anti pouted in mock upset as he skittered over Dark’s waistline, immediatly smirking joyfully at Dark’s rapid bucking.


Dark was blushing forcefully and tugging at his arms, but he was already beginning to tire from Anti’s torture as well as his embarrassingly effective teasing. He glanced up at Anti for a moment, which he immediatly regretted.

'So hot and flustered, I quite like it when you’re like this. All trapped and all mine…to do with as I please…’

Dark let out a strangled noise as Anti’s eyes bore into his teasingly, his teeth gleamed out through his devilish grin as he circled a fingertip round his navel…before dipping it in.


Dark’s laughter bounced through the room in echoing cackles as Anti burrowed a finger into his belly button, swirling and scratching deviously.

'Coochie coochie coo! What a ticklish little thing you are…’

Dark grunted and growled as Anti demeaned him, he tried to glare through his wild laughter.


Despite Anti’s position, Dark’s words still sent shivers through his nervous system as his intimidating demeanour flickered for a moment. But Anti soon smirked and leant over him.

'I might as well make the most of it then!’

Dark squealed harshly as Anti suddenly flew under his shirt and dug into his ribcage, he belly laughed as Anti worked over and in between the bones.


Dark shook his torso about, but nothing could halt Anti’s devious fingers as they rubbed and pinched endlessly.

'Tickle tickle Darky!’

Dark threw his head back at Anti’s childish teasing which, much to his annoyance, only darkened his flush. Anti soon reared up again.

'Oh where oh where to go next?’

Anti pondered out loud as he trailed his hands over Dark’s chest, feeling his own heart swell at the feeling of Dark’s beating rapidly.

'Hohow abohout nohowhehere?’

Anti grinned with a fond edge as Dark spoke imploringly, he let it dim to a gentle smile as he leant over his lover. He kissed Dark’s lips softly which surprised him, but he still reciprocated gently. Anti’s lips however, soon curled into a smirk as he spontaneously rubbed his thumbs over Dark’s hipbones.


Dark squeaked and laughed into Anti’s lips making the latter smirk, he moved his thumbs to the deep bowels beside the bones and massaged slowly. Anti pecked little kisses over his burning cheeks as he teased.

'You didn’t reaaally think I was done did you?’

Dark bucked heavily as Anti’s thumbs teased the soft bundles of nerves, he yipped furthur as Anti’s lips trailed over his cheeks.


Anti was taken aback, was Dark actually begging? He softened his touch and gazed lovingly at him as Dark gasped and took in oxygen heavily, his eyes were lidded as Anti still hovered mere inches above him; Dark nibbled his bottom lip nervously.

'So beautifully sensitive….’

Dark opened his mouth to speak, but closed it with a slight grimace which made Anti snap to attention.

'Hey….hey what’s wrong? Do you really not like-’

'I-It’s not that….’

Anti kept silent as Dark collected himself, there was a moment of silence before the suave man spoke quietly.

'You don’t think this….makes me weak?’

Anti felt his heart shiver at the genuine shame lacing Dark’s voice, he narrowed his eyes harshly as he steadied his voice.

'Now you listen. You are not weak. This….thing…’

Anti flapped his hands about which brought a gentle smile to Dark’s lips.

'Is beautiful. Y'hear me?’

Dark nodded gently as a new smirk grew on Anti’s face, Dark gulped and shivered when Anti reared back up slowly.

'Good, besides…now I know about this…’

Anti traced a finger over Dark’s jaw and flicked it under his chin, humming contentedly when Dark giggled lightly.

’….you’re never going to hear the end of it.’

Dark’s eyes widened as Anti suddenly affixed his lips to the shell of his ear and blew harshly.


Dark wailed as Anti withdrew, licking his lips gently with amazed confusion.

'What? You’ve never had a raspberry before? I’ll have to fix that…’

Dark couldn’t utter a protest in time before Anti blew continuous raspberries over his ears and neck, overjoyed at the deep, desperate cackles.


Anti snickered as he whispered into his ear, nibbling at his earlobe.

'Ohh just wait till I go to your other tickle spots-’


Dark shuddered and grinned nervously as Anti withdrew, smirking as he shuffled down towards his torso. Luckily for Anti Dark was clad in a simple grey t-shirt and shorts, he pushed the fabric up and bent down to kiss Dark’s belly.


Anti felt his chest swell as Dark giggled and hummed, clearly enjoying the light affection as he shut his eyes. Anti snickered against the quivering flesh as he took a deep breath….and blew.


Dark was wrenched from his dazed state as he twisted and shook, the vibrations and shivers from Anti’s lips swept throughout his torso and round to his spine….and he couldn’t escape.

'Mmmmm what a yummy tummy you have, I think I’ll keep it….’

Dark yelped and cackled as Anti knawed and nipped at his tummy, giving special attention to the rim of his navel which rewarded Anti with wild screeches.


Anti snickered before growling harshly.

'I thought you liked my biting Darky….’

Dark stammered and spluttered whilst trying to hide his deliciously crimson cheeks, Anti hummed again as he pecked over the sensitive area. He flicked his eyes towards Dark who was eyeing him nervously, Anti grinned as he took Dark’s wrists in his hands.

'What are you….going to do?’

Dark almost cringed at the way his words wavered as he gazed at his boyfriend, whose eyes glimmered and jumped with joy. He shivered gently, not with fear, but with security. He knew he was at Anti’s mercy….but he was just fine with that. The trust that was built between them was unlike anything else in the world….but he was still enraptured with anticipation.

'Something agonisingly torturous I hope….’

Anti shifted and rested his chin on top of Dark’s knees, the latter fixed his focused gaze on him. However, as soon as Anti’s lips met with his knees and thighs he was lost. Dark utterly melted at the gentle, innocent kisses and nuzzles which lulled him into a state of relaxed oblivion. All the while Anti plotted his finishing move.

The green haired man tightened his grip on Dark’s wrists as he paused at the back of Dark’s knee….and took a deep breath. Dark’s reaction was instantaneous.


His entire body jolted and a scream flew from his throat as he laughed and wailed, Anti raspberried maliciously behind his knees as he slowly moved to nibble at his thighs.

'Such wildness from you Dark, and all from a little tickling….’


Dark was incoherent and slowly beginning to wheeze amidst his insane mirth, in that moment it was all he could feel. There was nothing else in the world except that. Anti could see his ravished state and diminished his torment to mere pecks on his inner thighs.

'What ticklish thighs you have….I think I’ll keep these too!’

Dark giggled and smiled widely as Anti peeked at him and gave him a teasing wink, ecstatic at how he reduced Dark to such a rough mess.

'Buhuhuhut thehey’re mihihine!’

Anti laughed at Dark’s childishness as he still giggled wholeheartedly, he sneered and kissed both thighs warmly before pulling away.

'Not anymore they’re not!’

Anti’s bouncy giggles joined Dark’s deep ones as he released his wrists, but despite that, Dark let them lie at his sides as Anti crawled over him.

'This is mine…’

Anti left a sloppy kiss on his tummy as Dark grinned bashfully, the former crawled closer as he kissed different parts of his body. Anti was blushing just from his unadulterated happiness as he leant forward to smooch Dark’s blaring cheeks.

'These are mine too!’

Dark chuckled, finally back to his regular cool state as Anti’s hyperractiveness swarmed around him, making him buzz internally. He narrowed his eyes before leaning forward and capturing Anti’s lips forcefully, he grasped the t-shirt he wore as he took back a glimmer of control.

'So just so I know….is there anything I get to keep?’

He murmured against Anti’s lips, the owner of which shivered before grinning cheekily.


There was a short silence as Anti’s words sunk through, Dark broke it with a gentle laugh as he muttered gently.

'I think I can live with that.’

They both giggled before kissing again, so passionately and so happily that one would think that maybe they were an ordinary couple. But let’s be real…they were so much more than that.

Whooo boi another long one and I AM HAPPY WITH THIS MY DUDES 😄 tell me if you are too and yeaaah, luv yous xx

Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

universe: Double Trouble universe (Steve and Tony, T2 and S2)

summary: While it seems that everything is going perfect, the truth about each other has to be revealed and change everything

length: 7 762 words

a/n: I am pulling a risky move here, and I hope you won’t kill me, hah! remember that likes and feedback make me happy, and I am very curious what you think about this chapter!


Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

It was funny, how easily a person could adjust to a new situation. From a couple, they became a threesome. From a threesome, a foursome. It was a good, satisfying experience, as they all experienced new boundaries, discovered things they never thought about before and enjoyed a whole lot of exciting opportunities.

There were definitely more advantages than drawbacks, and that was why, Tony often wondered why he had problems when T2 had fell out of the portal for the first time, many months ago. Back then, there were many feelings battling in him, many he couldn’t name anymore, or just didn’t want to admit to having them, and it all didn’t seem to matter in the new situation. He never in his life expected to have three people loving him in a way Steves and T2 did. It was something great, something that made him indescribably happy.

That was why he became so indescribably sad, when he woke up in an empty bed.

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47. Soriel? Can it have some lee!sans?

47. crave

The smell of cinnamon butterscotch pie wafted through the house. The kids were gone so the pie was left unattended by Toriel. Sans wandered into the kitchen only to spy the pastry sitting on the counter. Toriel said to wait until the kids got home, but Sans was craving her delicious pie. One slice couldn’t hurt, could it?

Sans sighed with content as he finished off the slice of pie. He laid back on the couch for a nap.

“Sans? Did you take a slice of my pie?” Toriel called from the kitchen, waking him up. 


“uh… no?”

“Sans.” Toriel spoke warningly as she entered the living room, only to find a messy plate and Sans looking at her guiltily. “Sans! You ate some of the pie!” Toriel gasped. Sans offered a guilty smile. 

“heh… sorry, tori. you’re pies are just way too good.”

“I think a punishment is in order!” Toriel growled. Sans went wide-eyed, completely aware of what she meant. 

“n-now tori, cant we talk about thihihihis! dahahahammit!” Sans broke into giggles as Tori skittered her fingers over Sans’ collar bone. 

“No swearing, Sans!” Tori mock-scolded, her hands slowly moving downwards to his ribs. Sans squealed and bucked, curling into a ball to escape the tickling feeling. “Wow, you are very ticklish!”


“Yes, Sans?”

“STAHAHA- EHEHEHEHE!” Sans’ laughter went high-pitched as Tori started scratching at his spine. 

“Stop? Are you sorry for eating my pie?”


“Okay, then! Just one last thing.” Tori bent down and began nibbling on Sans’ collarbone, eliciting shrill high-pitched laughter. Tori soon found herself laughing along with Sans. “Ohoh Sahans. Yohou really are tohoo ticklish for your own good.”  Tori giggled, watching as Sans’ blue blush appeared. 

“sorry for eating some of your pie, tori. but I’m not sorry for this!” Sans launched at Toriel, seeking his tickle-revenge. 


Supernatural: Protection

This was a request :) Classic Dean tickling Cas.

Words: 1,728

Please Enjoy!

Castiel was an angel, a very strong and mighty angel that would cower before no one, spending his days befriending the Winchesters and watching over them. The key word in that sentence is was. After losing his grace, Castiel didn’t feel at all any of those things, quite the opposite, actually. He felt weak and helpless, always enlisting the Winchester brothers for help. Worst of all in his mind was that he could no longer protect Sam and Dean like he used to. He knew they were in far more danger now that he was human. Cas felt absolutely sad, to use the simplest and most descriptive word.

He spent his days sitting in the bunker while Dean and Sam went on hunts because they were afraid that Cas would get hurt since he was an inexperienced hunter. This worsened how Cas felt because he couldn’t check up on them like he was used to, he could just zap in at any time, no matter where they were. Of course there were phones, but it wasn’t the same. He could ask if they were hurt and they could say they were fine, but not mean it. In person, Cas would be able to heal them with a touch of his hand. Now he could not. They were so many states away by now, and he couldn’t even drive. So Castiel seemed to sulk a little more and sink even farther into the accustomed couch.

It was the day after the boys returned from a shifter hunt up in New York, and they had been catching onto Cas and his morose mood as of late. Dean would crack a joke, to which Sam would laugh at, and Cas would merely stare into the distance. Of course, they accounted that to Cas’s inability to grasp common human phrases and innuendos and culture. Cas would always seem to watch, them, too, which Sam found out about first. It was Dean who took the opportunity to talk with Cas. Sam was up in the library.

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Not Standard Protocol ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

I feel like there ain’t a lotta love for our blue boi google so imma give him some fluff cuz i feel like he’s a lil underappreciated (plez just roll with, this is just blue boi btw so i guess it’s pre-update) AND HAVE MORE DOC IPLIER CUZ I LOVE HIS SARKY ASS

You may not think that a robotic being in human form and a traditional man in the medical profession would get on, due to how someone like Google exists you might assume that someone like Dr. Iplier would be repelled by him. Oh contraire. Iplier would often request for Google to come down to the surgery when he was on a break because he was ceaselessly in awe of the AI-like being.

Not that Google minded. Google actually enjoyed these visits because he benefitted from the doctor’s intel on the human body and its functions. Despite him having access to the whole internet, he sometimes preferred hearing of Iplier’s experiences and personal knowledge. Google also relished the attention Iplier gave him, not that he’d ever admit it. Today was one of those times.

Google was sat patiently in a, surprisingly comfortable, plastic chair as Iplier sat in his own leather one; eyes glittering with curiosity as always.

‘So there’s something I have been meaning to discuss with you…’

Google rolled his eyes with a light smirk, it always started off the same and he always found Iplier’s childish curiosity amusing.

‘Ask away Doctor.’

He watched patiently as Iplier looked up from his clipboard, lips pursing as they always did when he was unsure.

‘I am curious about your nervous system, you’ve told me before that you can feel pain and are able to ‘feel’ physical things-’

‘Your question being?’

Google interrupted, he smirked a little wider at Iplier’s slight indignation. Iplier leant forward with hands steepled atop his thighs.

‘What does your nervous system consist of? Is it biological matter that’s been implanted or some weird, new technical advancement that I won’t understand?’

Google chuckled lightly, leaning back a little and crossing his legs and arms simultaneously. He grinned widely at Iplier who also had a light smile in place, they both enjoyed these interactions.

‘I myself am unsure, most likely the latter.’


Iplier furrowed his eyebrows, he seemed conflicted with what to say but eventually got to his next query.

‘So…theoretically, you feel all things that regular humans do?’

Google furrowed his own brows, Iplier’s previous confusion had dimmed and his tone had changed. It was smoother, and the man’s eyes had narrowed minimally.


Google watched the doctor like a hawk as the man rose from his seat and came over to him, there was a glint in his eyes and Google found himself fidgeting in his seat; he was uneasy. However he stayed put even as Iplier stood directly beside him, smirking lightly but for what reason Google had been unable to decipher.

‘So theoretically, with that train of thinking…that could lead to the possibility of you being…’

Google couldn’t stop a strangled, and glitched, yelp flying from him when two hands squeezed at his lower ribs and withdrew speedily. His circuits were working for answers, why would he elicit such a noise? Searches in seconds drew up results in milliseconds, sensitive nerves, his reaction…oh no.


Google looked up at Iplier who was grinning as he trailed off, and Google now identified the glint in his eyes as a glint of mischievousness; however his identification had come too late. Oh dear. This was not good. Google straightened his posture and went to stand, and he did, but Iplier stood in front him to prevent him from walking anywhere.

‘Doctor I can assure you that there is no logical reason for you to do what you are thinking of doing.’

The medical man raised an eyebrow as Google spoke smoothly…mostly, for a few cracks found their way to his voice. Iplier’s grin widened.

'Who said anything about logic?’

Iplier’s hands latched onto his ribs once again and wiggled quickly, Google’s eyes widened and he let out a choked gasp before a stream of chuckling followed in its wake. He began to twist his body about.

'Th-ehere ihihis no p-pohoint toho thihihihis!!’

Google was angered at the pitiful tone of his voice as he tried to squirm away away from Iplier’s eager fingers, which were deftly squeezing at the former’s ribs and sides. Iplier’s eyes were alight with curiosity as well as mischief.

'Oh I beheg to differ! This is remarkable, I need to investigate this furthur…’


Iplier, to Google’s dismay, ignored his pleading and wrapped his arms round the droid so he could probe his stomach. Google snorted but only giggled at this particular spot, he still squirmed in earnest and was bent double to escape the sensations. Google could feel him losing the slight control of his limbs since his focus was…occupied elsewhere. As you can imagine.

'You seem a bit fidgety there G, you ok-’

'Fahahahaked ihihinsolehehence ihihis unnecehehehessary!!’

Iplier failed to fight back a gleeful grin at the droid’s demeanour, and was taken aback when said droid’s knees buckled causing them both to fall gently to the laminate floor. However, Iplier was quick and decided to take advantage by sitting atop Google’s thighs, the owner of which was lying face down on the floor. Google wondered how he ever came to this, no results came up.

'Here I am trying to ask after your well-being and you just disregard my kindness! That wasn’t very nice!’

The good doctor decided to knead Google’s sides carefully with both hands, making Google buck and cackle. Iplier tweaked and basically tortured the sensitive synthetic flesh.

'Dehehehehesihihihihist thihihihihihis stuhuhuhupihihihidihihity!!!’

Iplier smirked with raised eyebrows as he dug in harder, wiggling and digging making his victim yelp and shake, all control of his own limbs lost because of his diminished focus; he was utterly helpless.

'I don’t think someone as sensitive as you is in a position to make demands.’

Iplier cackled when a deep growl of frustration worked it’s way from Google’s throat.

'Shuhuhuhut uhuhuhup yohou lihihihittl-AHAHAHA NOHOHOHO!!!’

Iplier had taken a chance had absently run a finger down Google’s spine, and his reaction was not akin to a spasm at the simple, yet effective touch. The Doctor smirked as he hurriedly spidered all ten finger’s over the ticklish site.


Iplier was in awe at the wildness and volume of the laughter that the, normally stoic droid, elicited. His voice cracked amidst yelps and squeals and he banged his fists against the floor. His body shook with the sensations , almost like he was actually being electrocuted; throughout this, Iplier was of course being gracious and sympathetic.

’-kind of makes sense when you think about it, the spine being the primary part of the CNS, and with your construction adhering to that-’


Google’s screams cut him off as Iplier scratched over and between his shoulder blades as well as administering scribbles to the droid’s scrunching neck; the owner of which could only shake, and let his voice take centre stage.


Google’s screams echoed and diminished to a deep, hoarse stream of giggling as Iplier went back to pinching his ribs; in all honesty, he felt slightly guilty. Google’s glasses were askew and partially on the floor as the owner tried to maintain his oxygen levels and mental capacity.

'Dohohohoctohohor plehehehease…’

Google mumbled, embarrassed…more embarrassed than he’d ever been, mainly because he’d never been embarrassed before. Iplier saw this, and took a moment to relish in it before withdrawing his torturous fingertips and then himself. He sat on the floor, observing the droid as he sat up.

Google straightened his glasses and rubbed his t-shirt to force away the wrinkles, and remaining ghostly tingles. He did it wordlessly and stoically, Iplier was a little worried that he’d taken it too far, and didn’t bother hiding it.

'G…I uh, I’m sorry-’

'It’s quite alright doctor.’

Google interrupted as he cleared his throat, there was a moment of silence as the droid recovered and ran the experience over in his mental cortex. He looked at Iplier, and could see the guilt in the man’s face…and felt an urge in response. Google, still on the floor, shuffled towards Iplier and placed a hand on his shoulder. It was tentative, since Google was not well accustomed with the concept of comfort.

'It is fine, it was for experimental purposes…’

Iplier grinned lightly, with a hint of bashful mischief as he rubbed the back of his neck.


Google narrowed his eyes, he tried to fix a somewhat annoyed expression but found himself unable to. He stood and held a hand out to Iplier who took it and let himself be pulled up, he smoothed down his creased white coat. Google straightened his posture and fixed Iplier with a hard stare.

'I hope you understand that what has occured in this room does not LEAVE this room…’

Google stepped forward and placed his hand back on the doctor’s shoulder, but his thumb was pressed against Iplier’s collar bone and the grip was…firm. Iplier gulped a little at the hard stare and light smile Google wore, his own cheeky expression gone like it had never existed. Contrasting in the most terrifying perfection.

'Yes, n-no of course. Without question.’

Iplier swallowed heavily and sighed when Google clasped his hands behind his back, relieved that the contact had disappeared as Google paced to the doorway. Until he paused, and out of the doctor’s sight grinned with a hint of malevolence.

'Oh and doctor?

He swivelled and looked at Iplier again who was leant on his desk lightly, Google’s eyes shone with a light burst of mischief as he spoke.

'If you deviate from this agreement, I may come and perform a medical examination of my own.’

Google relished in Iplier’s widened eyes and light flush, he would never admit the satisfaction he felt making people react thus.

'And rest assured…I will be most thorough. Till the next time Doctor.’

He bowed his head before stealing from the room, a grin in place and a light of triumph and intense pride in his eyes, gleeful that despite the events…he’d maintained the upper hand. Iplier however, was scowling lightly and cursing his weakness and embarrassment. That scowl soon morphed into a sneer of determination as he flicked his eyes to the corner of the ceiling, where a mandatory security camera was sitting. Patiently. Iplier smirked, his next actions were clear as he stood atop a chair and took it down. His eyes glittered as he thought:

'Damn the consequences.’

okay WOWZAH that took me a lil while will there be revenge? hmmmmmnYES I THINK SO but will it only be the two of them? who knows, tell me if ya enjoy and stuff and yup….LUV YOUS xx 😁

Don't. Touch. The Tea ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

MY FIRST REQUEST AHHHHHH this is for the lovely @cookiecrunchxox who is super nice and made my day with their compliments and who first entered my askbox as the TEA ANON (that’s legit what i called u in my head NOT EVEN SORRY 😘☕) because of the theme of your request, so here we go!!!

Bim’s morning routine was a simple one, wake up, go to the kitchen, make a cup of steaming tea. Tea was important to Bim because it was one of the few aspects of normality in his life, it set him up for the day and it was vital for getting him out of his drowsy stupour. Bim sighed and rubbed his eyes behind his glasses as he waited for the kettle to boil, no one else was up yet as far as he could tell so there was no hustle or bustle to mess things up.

Bim smiled as the kettled whistled, he poured slowly and relished in the sweet scent of earl grey; granted, it wasn’t everyone’s favourite but he loved it. He stirred and let the teabag sit for a few moments, turning away from the counter so he could grab a paper towel to wrap it in for when he binned it. He swore he averted his eyes for barely a millisecond, but when he looked back…his mug was gone.

‘What the heck?’

Bim mumbled, he rubbed his eyes again but the mug was still gone. He was about to pinch himself in case he was dreaming when a loud splutter made him jump, Bim walked round the edge of the counter and round a corner. Then he sighed. He’d found his tea, which was in the hands of Wilford Warfstache. Said man had evidently just taken a sip going by the intense grimace on his face, as well as the light glare he was giving the mug.

‘How the hell do you drink this?! It tastes like baboon pee!’

Bim decided not to question how Wilford linked the tea to baboon pee, he didn’t particularly want to be put off the rest of his breakfast. He shuffled over, holding his hand out for the mug.

‘Well I like it, it wakes me up. Can I have it back now?’

Wilford hesitated as he looked from the mug, to Bim’s outstretched hand and back again. His lips quirked into a small grin as he looked at Bim, shrugged and started walking away.


…what? Bim was struck by confusion as Wilford started walking away, tea in hand. Bim shook his head and proceeded to follow him, he was not ready to deal with Wilford’s….Wilford-ness at this time in the morning.

‘Wilford give me my tea!’

Wilford turned to face him whilst still backing away from him, his eyes glittered as he took a pointedly large gulp from the mug. Which only made him cough and shiver, Bim sighed exasperantly.

‘You don’t even like it!’

Wilford snickered at Bim’s annoyance, placing his spare hand on his hip with a wide grin.

'Yeaaah but it’s funny seeing you try to be all angry.’

Bim glared at the moustached man which only made him cackle lightly as he backed away furthur, Bim went to lunge for the mug but Wilford lifted it up out of his reach.

'I want my damn tea Wilford!’

Wilford snickered as Bim tried to grab it frantically.

'Ah ah ah! “I want” doesn’t get!’

Wilford sprinted over to the kitchen cabinets, Bim hot on his heels; when Wilford reached said cabinets he smirked and stood on his tip-toes, placing the mug at the very top. Despite them all being derived from the same person, there were little differences…like Bim being just a few inches shorter. Said man sighed, looking from the cabinets to Wilford with a raised eyebrow.

'Wow Wilford, real mature.’

'Thanks, see ya later.’

Oh hell no, Wilford was not getting away that easily. Bim glared and flew at Wilford, who yelped in surprise at they tumbled to the laminate flooring; Bim wasted no time in settling on Wilford’s thighs and pinning his arms with his knees. He was gonna regret this. Wilford told himself he wasn’t worried, but the glimmer in Bim’s eyes meant he had to repress a minute shiver.

'Take the mug down. Now.’

Bim spoke calmly, narrowing his eyes at Wilford who gritted his teeth and smirked back defiantly.

'Make me Trimmer.’

Bim’s lips stretched into a wide grin as he rested his fingers on Wilford’s exposed sides, giggling gently when the man beneath him tensed.


Bim wiggled his fingers which immediatly made Wilford squeak and burst into bubbly giggles.

'AHA! Whahahat ahare yohohou dohohohoing?!’

Bim giggled with a gleeful grin as Wilford squirmed at his touch, he moved up so he could prod and pinch at his ribs. He was delighted at the brand new snorts and crackly cackling he drew from Wilford.

'Hopefully convincing you to get my tea for me, is it working?’

Wilford only laughed as his ribs were played with like piano keys, his eyes were squeezed shut as he could only lie back and accept what Bim did to him. Bim started spidering over his tummy, making him yelp and buck.


Wilford shrieked as Bim hands wormed under his shirt and worked on his belly, tormenting his bare skin very effectively.

'Sorry Wilford, but “Naaa don’t” doesn’t get.’

Bim snickered as Wilford growled and tried to glare through his mirth filled expression.

'Yohohou ahahare sohoho dehehead Trihi-AHAHAHAHA WAHAHAHAHAIT!!!’

Bim was wiggling and burrowing a finger in his belly button relentlessly, smiling innocently as he cupped his other hand to his ear.

'What was that? Did you just threaten me?!’

Bim deepened his voice and grinned at the light shiver Wilford emitted amidst his desperate cackles and squeals, he elected to trace around Wilford’s navel whilst he let the other flutter at Wilford’s neck.


Wilford tried to scrunch his neck furiously, reduced to mere snorts and giggles as Bim made his touch light. Said man sighed, disappointment lacing his voice.

'Gosh, threats AND name calling? You’re really not doing yourself any favo-’

'Fuhuhuhuck yohohohou!’

Bim smirked and laughed as Wilford tried glaring again, but the grin on his face and blush coating his cheeks meant it didn’t really have the desired effect. Bim narrowed his eyes and poked his belly button harshly, causing a loud yelp.

'Hey I’m talking!’

Wilford giggled nervously as Bim stilled his movements, resting his hands on top of Wilford’s tummy as it rose and fell with his breath.

'Now, are you gonna save yourself any more trouble and go and get my tea? This is your final warning!’

Wilford nibbled his bottom lip as Bim spoke reprimandingly, he still had a nervous grin on his face as his mind whirred away. Bim looked down at him expectantly…but was shocked to see Wilford wiggle his moustache and shake his head slowly.


Bim’s fingers curled over his belly, Wilford repressed a light giggle as Bim tilted his head with a teasing smile.

'Are you quite sure about that?’

Wilford bit the inside of his cheek, internally screeching as Bim’s fingertips traced little torturous shapes. And yet…he nodded. Bim smirked.

'I didn’t wanna have to do this…but you leave me with no choice.’

Wilford shuddered and fell into giggles as Bim delicately traced over his torso for a few moments, but Wilford soon noticed that Bim’s fingers were, ever so slowly…heading downwards. He pulled at his arms weakly, despite knowing there was no point.

'Nohohononono Bihihihim plehehehehease…’

He looked up imploringly but Bim only grinned and tutted.

'It’s too late. You had your chance and you just…threw it away.’

Wilford gasped as Bim’s thumbs trailed over the protruding bones of his hips. His most ticklish spot. He locked eyes with Bim who grinned and suddenly vibrated his thumbs harshly.


Wilford screamed and wailed and bucked as Bim tormented his worst spot, Bim was heavily taken aback by the reaction but that didn’t stop him.

'Aww, tickle tickle Wilford! I can’t imagine how bad this must be…’

Wilford had no energy left to even think of a retort as he screeched unintelligibly, cursing his own bitchy stubbornness.


Bim felt slightly guilty, he didn’t want to push Wilford too far so he lessened the intensity. He traced his hips gently, thankfully allowing Wilford to get his breath back whilst still giggling and snorting.

'Ihihihi’ll mahahake yohohou tehen cuhuhups ohof fuhuhuhuckihing tehehea! Juhuhuhust stahahahahap!!!’

Bim giggled with a hint of smugness as he hummed, Wilford gazed at him pleadingly and Bim made his decision.

'Hmmm, I guess you’ve learnt your lesson.’

Bim smiled widely when Wilford gave out an audible sigh of relief, he shuffled off him and stood. Bim offered his hand which Wilford accepted with a bombastic grin, he quickly brushed himself down and waved his hands waywardly.

'Right, tea.’

Bim giggled as Wilford reached up to the shelf, Bim couldn’t restrain himself from giving his side a light poke. Wilford jumped and waved his finger at him accusedly.


Bim held his hands up with a grin.

'Sorry sorry I couldn’t help it!’

Wilford glared half-heartedly before stretching and retrieving the mug, Bim looked on concernedly when Wilford’s face dropped.

'What’s wrong?’

Wilford turned to him with a light, sad pout.

'It’s gone cold!’

Bim sighed and let out a light laugh as he took the mug from Wilford, patting his shoulder gently.

'It’s fihine I’ll just make another one.’

Wilford’s dejected look disappeared as he leant against the counter contentedly, Bim primed the kettle and sorted himself with a fresh teabag. He ran a hand through his hair as he turned back to Wilford, a question nagging at him.

'Hey Wilford, why did you take my tea in the first place?’

Wilford grinned and folded his arms at his chest as he leant on the kitchen surface.

'Well…I always see you drinking like 3 cups a day, so I guess I just wanted to try it.’

Bim smiled surprisedly, mainly at the fact that Wilford had an actual reason other than just wanting to be bothersome. Huh.

'Well for future reference, earl grey is NOT a good introductory tea.’


They both laughed gently, and suddenly Bim was struck with an idea. He clapped his hands making Wilford grin at his exciteable state.

'Ooh, I could make you some normal breakfast tea if you like? It’s the one people usually have first!’

Wilford perked up and nodded enthusiastically at the idea, and so Bim set to work. In my personal opinion, I think this proves the long discussed myth…that tea always has, and always will bring people together.

fricky heck I enjoyed writing that SO GODDAMN MUCH this has made my day, tell me if ya like it annnd yeah 😄 luv yous xx

Revenge is Sweet

“Okay, bye guys!” Phil said, and turned off the camera. He and Dan had just filmed another Bishi Bashi video for their gaming channel, and Dan beat him pretty bad. Not only that, but he was now gloating and teasing Phil. “Not even 3 to 4! It’s 2 to 5!” he sing-songed. “And if I remember correctly, this was YOUR game that I’ve now beat you at twice! HA!” Phil smiled. “Shut up, dude,” he said, punching Dan in the shoulder. But Dan, being Dan, did not shut up. He continued to tease Phil and gloat about his victory. Dan had been winning most of the games they played lately, and he’d been gloating a lot. Phil decided it was time for revenge.
He edged a bit closer on the sofa to his friend. “Really, Dan,” he warned, “you’re gonna regret it.” Dan just smirked and replied, “And what are you gonna do, oh great and powerful Phillip the Loser?” “That’s it!” Phil yelled, and tackled the younger boy, effectively pushing him off the sofa and pinning him to the ground. “What the hell, man?” Dan asked. The mischievous glint in Phil’s eye truly worried him. “I warned you…” Phil replied.
“Dan, would you happen to be… ticklish?” he asked. Dan replied all too quickly with a strangled “No,” and he knew he was screwed. Now it was Phil’s turn to tease. “Are you sure you’re not lying to me? Because I think you are,” he drawled. He began scribbling with his nails over Dan’s belly, and immediately he burst with laughter. “Oh my,” Phil said, never ceasing the onslaught “you were lying. Well, that’s perfect. I’d say revenge was well overdue.”
“Ph-Phihihil! Nohoho, stahahahappp!!! HAHAHAHANOOHHOO NOT THERE!!” Dan cried, as the older boy moved his attack to his ribs. “Ooh, good spot?” he asked, now wiggling his fingers in between Dan’s ribs. Dan gave no answer, just laughed hysterically and shook his head violently. “Oh, I think it is, though,” Phil taunted, continuing to tickle the boy’s ribs mercilessly. “NOHOHO STAHAHAHAPPP!!!” Dan shrieked.
“Fine, I’ll give you a break,” drawled Phil, moving back down to his friend’s sensitive belly. “H-H-HOHOW IHIS THIHIHIHIS A BREHEHEAK?” he yelled in between fits of laughter. “Would you like me to go back to your ribs?” Phil asked innocently. “NONONOHOHO!!” “Alright then.”
He was getting bored, so Phil moved to Dan’s sides, which proved the worst spot by far. He poked and prodded and kneaded into the ticklish flesh, driving Dan completely mad.
“UNCLE!! UNCLE UNCLE UHUHUNCLE!!!” he screamed, tears running down his face. Immediately, Phil ceased his onslaught. “Wow, dude. I figured you were ticklish, but not that bad,” he said. “I… Bloody… Hate you,” Dan snarled, catching his breath. “No, you love me!” Phil replied happily. Dan looked up at his friend, then suddenly he looked very happy, which terrified Phil. “Oh no, mate. Don’t even think about it,” he said, jumping up and sprinting for his room. Unfortunately, Dan was faster. He tackled the older boy, pinning him down and straddling his hips. And soon laughter filled the apartment once again.