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Aw really? How can you not like sweet baby Peter? :') and the prompt was gonna be something about how Peter's still a little shaken about Civil War and overwhelmed and not knowing what to do with himself really so Tony comes to visit and ends up tickling him to turn him back into the happy kid he was when they first met <3 ~ sherl

Hope this works for you, babe! And I dunno, I was never a Spiderman girl *shrugs*

“Kid?” a knock and a quick entry, Tony not hesitating.

“M-Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark, hi! Yeah, I was uh, getting some homework done–why don’t you sit– no sorry, haven’t had time to clean up or anything,” the nervous teen bumbled, scratching the back of his head as he seemed to scramble to put haphazard items away. 

Tony held up a hand, “Hey, don’t worry about it. So, how’ve you been?”

Peter looked up at his idol and glanced to the spider suit hanging in his closet, “Fine,” was the curt answer.

Tony removed sunglasses he had on and hung them on his shirt collar, “No, you aren’t fine.”

Peter sighed, “Did Aunt May call you?”

Tony gave a slight smile to Peter and the teen groaned and slumped onto his bed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Stark. I didn’t think she’d annoy you when you have bigger things on your–”

“Peter,” Tony cut off the rambling, “How are you?” he eyed him.

Peter took a second, knowing exactly what Tony was asking about. He looked at the floor and then folded his legs on his bed, his hands, Tony noticed, were shaking. 

“How do you…. I mean, how are you?” Peter questioned, “Those were your friends. That-That can’t be easy on anybody.”

“Are my friends,” Tony corrected, sitting himself on the edge of Peter’s bed, “We’re…. going through a rough patch.”

Peter nodded, “Right.”

“Your aunt told me you missed class, and that you’re not focusing in anything you sit through. Granted, high school… that wasn’t for me. But Peter, you have to do better. Because I know you are better–”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have recruited me,” Peter snapped. 

Tony let out a breath, not even glancing at Peter, just pondering.

“I-If you knew the amounts of anxiety I get from school alone and now crime fighting and what we did to the others, I….”

“Breathe,” Tony turned his body and rested a hand on Peter’s knee, “Breathe, Peter.”

The teen’s chest began to heave with short breaths, fists clenching. 

“I know you can handle this,” Tony said and shrugged his shoulder, “That’s why I recruited you. You’re brilliant. And I suffer from…. heh, you wouldn’t even wanna know what. So don’t ever think you’re alone in this battle. Not the battle’s out there. The ones we face every day within ourselves.”

Peter’s eyes had filled with nervous tears but he wasn’t crying. He took a slow breath and laid down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Stark…”

“Wanna know how I get away from all the superhero bullshit?”

“How?” Peter asked, seemingly intrigued, “I thought you never get away from it.”

Tony grinned softly, “Told you you were a smart kid. Well, there’s this game I play with everyone else.”

“A… game.”

“Yep. And it’s a total relaxation, happiness-restoring game.”

Peter just looked at the Iron Man, not following quite where he was going with this. But when he felt a curious poke to his side, he jerked.

“Ah! Hey! M-M-Mr. Stark, I think I understand what you’re– haha stop!”

Tony smirked, “You’re not ticklish, are you, Peter?”

“D-Deathly…” Peter swallowed nervously.

“Well, then you’ve already won the game,” Tony announced happily and he wormed his fingers into the agile teen’s sides.

Peter, taken completely by surprise, couldn’t even use his enhanced senses to predict this. Nor do anything to stop it. He was laughing. He hadn’t laughed since before the fight. 

“Stahahahap! NahahaHAHAHA THIHIhihis isn’t f-fahahahahair!” 

“Life isn’t fair. Neither is school, unfortunately, when you’re as smart as you are,” upon digging into Peter’s ribs, Tony discovered that particular sweet weak spot. 


Tony grinned, “Spider’s got sensitive ribs.”


Tony knew he didn’t hear mistakenly when those words spilled from Peter’s lips. Fortunately, the teen didn’t even seem to notice, too preoccupied with wrenching Tony’s devious digits off of his hypersensitive ribs. 

Tony did take his hands away, “You okay, kiddo?” the name of ‘dad’ still had him slightly stunned but he tried not to let it show.

“Y-Yeahahah…. cahan you never doho that again?” Peter sat up, a much more actual childlike expression gracing his freckled face. 

Tony smirked, “No promises,” he stood up, “I should be going, kid. Do you need anything else? Adjustments for the suit?”

Peter shook his head, “No, Mr. Stark–”

“Call me Tony.”

“Tony,” Peter smiled appreciatively, “Thank you. For everything. Get home safe.”

Tony grinned, “Always do. See you later, Peter,” he ruffled Peter’s hair with care before heading out of the tiny bedroom. 

Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

universe: Double Trouble universe (Steve and Tony, T2 and S2)

summary: While it seems that everything is going perfect, the truth about each other has to be revealed and change everything

length: 7 762 words

a/n: I am pulling a risky move here, and I hope you won’t kill me, hah! remember that likes and feedback make me happy, and I am very curious what you think about this chapter!


Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

It was funny, how easily a person could adjust to a new situation. From a couple, they became a threesome. From a threesome, a foursome. It was a good, satisfying experience, as they all experienced new boundaries, discovered things they never thought about before and enjoyed a whole lot of exciting opportunities.

There were definitely more advantages than drawbacks, and that was why, Tony often wondered why he had problems when T2 had fell out of the portal for the first time, many months ago. Back then, there were many feelings battling in him, many he couldn’t name anymore, or just didn’t want to admit to having them, and it all didn’t seem to matter in the new situation. He never in his life expected to have three people loving him in a way Steves and T2 did. It was something great, something that made him indescribably happy.

That was why he became so indescribably sad, when he woke up in an empty bed.

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Supernatural: Protection

This was a request :) Classic Dean tickling Cas.

Words: 1,728

Please Enjoy!

Castiel was an angel, a very strong and mighty angel that would cower before no one, spending his days befriending the Winchesters and watching over them. The key word in that sentence is was. After losing his grace, Castiel didn’t feel at all any of those things, quite the opposite, actually. He felt weak and helpless, always enlisting the Winchester brothers for help. Worst of all in his mind was that he could no longer protect Sam and Dean like he used to. He knew they were in far more danger now that he was human. Cas felt absolutely sad, to use the simplest and most descriptive word.

He spent his days sitting in the bunker while Dean and Sam went on hunts because they were afraid that Cas would get hurt since he was an inexperienced hunter. This worsened how Cas felt because he couldn’t check up on them like he was used to, he could just zap in at any time, no matter where they were. Of course there were phones, but it wasn’t the same. He could ask if they were hurt and they could say they were fine, but not mean it. In person, Cas would be able to heal them with a touch of his hand. Now he could not. They were so many states away by now, and he couldn’t even drive. So Castiel seemed to sulk a little more and sink even farther into the accustomed couch.

It was the day after the boys returned from a shifter hunt up in New York, and they had been catching onto Cas and his morose mood as of late. Dean would crack a joke, to which Sam would laugh at, and Cas would merely stare into the distance. Of course, they accounted that to Cas’s inability to grasp common human phrases and innuendos and culture. Cas would always seem to watch, them, too, which Sam found out about first. It was Dean who took the opportunity to talk with Cas. Sam was up in the library.

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Revenge is Sweet

“Okay, bye guys!” Phil said, and turned off the camera. He and Dan had just filmed another Bishi Bashi video for their gaming channel, and Dan beat him pretty bad. Not only that, but he was now gloating and teasing Phil. “Not even 3 to 4! It’s 2 to 5!” he sing-songed. “And if I remember correctly, this was YOUR game that I’ve now beat you at twice! HA!” Phil smiled. “Shut up, dude,” he said, punching Dan in the shoulder. But Dan, being Dan, did not shut up. He continued to tease Phil and gloat about his victory. Dan had been winning most of the games they played lately, and he’d been gloating a lot. Phil decided it was time for revenge.
He edged a bit closer on the sofa to his friend. “Really, Dan,” he warned, “you’re gonna regret it.” Dan just smirked and replied, “And what are you gonna do, oh great and powerful Phillip the Loser?” “That’s it!” Phil yelled, and tackled the younger boy, effectively pushing him off the sofa and pinning him to the ground. “What the hell, man?” Dan asked. The mischievous glint in Phil’s eye truly worried him. “I warned you…” Phil replied.
“Dan, would you happen to be… ticklish?” he asked. Dan replied all too quickly with a strangled “No,” and he knew he was screwed. Now it was Phil’s turn to tease. “Are you sure you’re not lying to me? Because I think you are,” he drawled. He began scribbling with his nails over Dan’s belly, and immediately he burst with laughter. “Oh my,” Phil said, never ceasing the onslaught “you were lying. Well, that’s perfect. I’d say revenge was well overdue.”
“Ph-Phihihil! Nohoho, stahahahappp!!! HAHAHAHANOOHHOO NOT THERE!!” Dan cried, as the older boy moved his attack to his ribs. “Ooh, good spot?” he asked, now wiggling his fingers in between Dan’s ribs. Dan gave no answer, just laughed hysterically and shook his head violently. “Oh, I think it is, though,” Phil taunted, continuing to tickle the boy’s ribs mercilessly. “NOHOHO STAHAHAHAPPP!!!” Dan shrieked.
“Fine, I’ll give you a break,” drawled Phil, moving back down to his friend’s sensitive belly. “H-H-HOHOW IHIS THIHIHIHIS A BREHEHEAK?” he yelled in between fits of laughter. “Would you like me to go back to your ribs?” Phil asked innocently. “NONONOHOHO!!” “Alright then.”
He was getting bored, so Phil moved to Dan’s sides, which proved the worst spot by far. He poked and prodded and kneaded into the ticklish flesh, driving Dan completely mad.
“UNCLE!! UNCLE UNCLE UHUHUNCLE!!!” he screamed, tears running down his face. Immediately, Phil ceased his onslaught. “Wow, dude. I figured you were ticklish, but not that bad,” he said. “I… Bloody… Hate you,” Dan snarled, catching his breath. “No, you love me!” Phil replied happily. Dan looked up at his friend, then suddenly he looked very happy, which terrified Phil. “Oh no, mate. Don’t even think about it,” he said, jumping up and sprinting for his room. Unfortunately, Dan was faster. He tackled the older boy, pinning him down and straddling his hips. And soon laughter filled the apartment once again.