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How would the UT+UF skellie brothers help their S/O through a panic attack especially if they don't want to be touched.

(Me rigth there <.< I always get more scared for some reasone when somebody touches me in such a situation or in generall when I’m afraid. I once cried because somebody kept touching me on a really high thing (honestly don’t remember what exactly it was, some building or rollercoaster maybe), cause I’m afraid of heights. That was weird to explain :’D)

UT Sans: He tries to put a reassuring hand on your shoulder, realizing that beeing touched is not something you need rigth now. He will sit a bit away from you, to show you that he won’t touch you, but is still there. He will start telling you funny stories he remembers happening to him or Papyrus to try to get your mind of things, talking to you in a calm but firm voice, so you are more likely to hear him clearly.

He will tell you that it’s alrigth to go trough this and asking you how you holding up from time to time, or if you need something. If you can tell him what you need, he will get it for you. Mostly he will try to keep you grounded with his voice, not completly sure if there is anything else he can do to help. After you calm down, he will either get you a blanket when you are cold or a wet cloth if you are to warm, only touching you after you allow it again.

UT Papyrus: He will panick rigth when he sees you are starting to have a panic attack. Sans had a few of his own, but they where rare, and never to severe so Sans was always able to tell him exactly what to do. Also his brother still allowed touch, something he can’t aplly here. He tried giving you a thigth hug, put your breathing got faster and you managed to tell him to not touch you, so he jumped away quickly, putting enough space between you two to not touch you accidentally. 

He will try to remember what helped his brother, talking to you reassuringly, trying to help you with your breathing, sligthly panicing after it doesn’t work rigth away. After your breathing calmed down a bit, he will try to go make you some tee, leaving you alone, and only remembering after the tea almost boiled that his brother always told him to please stay with him until it’s over. So he rushes back without the tea, apologizing for leaving you alone, trying to talk to you in a calm voice, but sometimes failing to keep his voice steady. He will get the tea after you calmed down, almost forgetting not to touch you, but catching himself last second, sitting next to you. He is almost as exhausted as you are afterwards, but he will try to make you feel better for the rest of the day. 

UF Sans: He is a bit at a loss there, usually he is on the other side of such a scenario. So he will kind of awkwardly stand beside you, trying to touch you at first, but after he notices it only makes things worser, so he stops right away. Hes going to get you to a safe place first, because that’s what always helps him, touching you for a moment to teleport you two, imidiatly stopping the contact after you arrive.

He will sit beside you, quickly checking on his phone what else he can do. He tries to find out what caused your panic attack, trying to tell you that things will be alrigth, and in generall try to say reassuring calming things. He will get a bit nervousse himself in the process, so the calmnesslevel of his voice is kind of swaying. He will get some nice smelling, calming tea when you seem to calm down, teleporting back while waiting for the water to boil, so he won’t leave you alone for to long, he is honestly to nervous to leave you in such a situation.

UF Papyrus: Used to helping his brother trough panic attacks, he asks you rigth away what happened and if it’s alrigth to touch you and if you can tell him what you need. He will get you to a safe place and away from whatevery caused it, trying to keep the touching to a minimum, an giving you enough space after you arrive. If you are already in a safe space, he will sit beside making sure you see that he is present and not leaving you alone the entire time.

He will ask you to breath with him, to calm your breathing, showing sudden patience, not loosing his cool even once. He will talk to you calmly, his voice a sudden deeper, calming rumble, telling you how well you are doing when you manage to breath more calmly. He will tell you about his day and some other mundane things, just to give you something to focus on, asking you from time to time if you can tell him what you need, getting it for you if he doesn’t have to leave you alone for it.  After you calmed down a bit, he will get the things he couldn’t get before. After you completly calmed down, he offers to draw you a bath, to either warm you up or cool you down, and asking if there is something else that would help now, if the bath is not something you want. He will make sure to keep enough distance the entire time, until you allow him closer.