The Thighs the Limit

So it would seem legs are in this summer, well, like they’ve always been. This may just delight those of you that have been craving the privilege of showcasing them. At this time you begin the monumental task of shaving your legs and with the word that a particular style of skirt and dress are on the horizon, it’s best to stock up on aloe vera lotion and wax strips. Yes, the ‘split’ is going to be big this year and again I can only think to thank good old Angelina Jolie for the sneak preview. (We all remember the leg trying to make a name for itself). She’s not one to shy away from a split though; she’s done it at the Golden Globes and The Tourist premiere, where it was a more subtle attempt at sexy. Way back when however at the Salt premiere in Tokyo, her dress had us wondering if the split even had an ending it went on for so long. Although she’s not the first to do it, she’s definitely the queen of the split at the moment, bringing it back to life at the Oscars.

Ange isn’t the only celeb to indulge us with her pins however. Rihanna put her stamp on it when she posed up in an emerald silk gown at the Stella McCartney eveningwear dinner during London Fashion Week. It had us all, admittedly in pure envy, ogling her legs which went on for what seemed like days. She wore a similar design at the Grammys but in black and with a plunging neckline that oozed sex appeal. She did it again at the BRIT awards in a spectacular fashion, dazzling in a gold embellished dress and long leather gloves. Although the dresses were simple, apart from the gold number that resembled our nans fanciest Christmas wrap, the slit brought them to life and turned Rihanna into a showstopper.

The thigh high split was also seen on the runways at various shows during Paris Fashion Week. Balmain AW 12/13 had one design that switched up the style slightly with the use of a turquoise velvet material that moved beautifully down the catwalk. It was sleek, unique and one of the best I’ve seen all season. Elie Saab kept it traditional using silk and chiffon fabrics with sequin and lace detailing in a range of colours that dominated much of the collection. It had a romantic vibe that had me falling completely and utterly in love. They’re already hitting High Street stores though so you’ll be able to get your mitts on them soon. There’s numerous colours, fabrics and styles out there to tickle your fancy so I’d recommend stocking up this summer along with the Gillette razors and St Tropez tan. I promise you, au natural isn’t quite in season just yet.