thigh to ankle

ronan and gansey lose a bet to henry and have to dress like each other for a day. gansey’s bright polos are all way too tight on ronan and ronan’s ripped jeans cling to gansey’s thighs but bunch at the ankles because they’re too long and it’s absolutely hilarious. blue and noah can’t stop laughing and adam takes a photo to commemorate, which quickly makes its way around to the whole gangsey and becomes pretty much everyone’s phone lockscreen for the foreseeable future

Voltron Armour Patterns

Okay so, I found it extremely hard to find a pattern for the Paladin armor so I made one of my own. I made this in a laser cut program cause I’m going to be laser cutting this out of EVA foam. I don’t know what the end result of this is yet but once I’ve made it I’ll post a step by step tutorial of assembly and painting and the final result (it’ll be my fav boi Lance).

[this is all size to my measurements, if you use this the ratios will probably be different]

Blue- Jetpack

Green- Chest piece

Red- Arms

Purple- Belt

Orange- Legs

Chest piece (left to right: Shoulder, Front, Side, Neck and Back, Side, Shoulder)


[the tabs fold down to make it 3D off of the armor (the separate triangles are tabs too I just couldn’t fit them in without overlapping) I’ve designed this so that the bottom is slanted cause that’s kinda how it looks in my ref]

Arms (top to bottom: Bicep, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist bit and Hand bit)


[the tabs on the hexagons are to be folded down cause the bits pop out. I’m doing the slit bits as just cut out cause I’m too lazy to do it any other way. This is designed to join at the front so the pentagon/diamond shaped bit can hide the seam]

Legs (top to bottom: Thigh, Knee, Calf, Ankle pieces)

[the legs will need the most shaping, espesially around the ankle]

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite parts of h&l? Like your favorite features, mannerisms, styles (hair, fashions etc.)? When they look soft and cuddly or when they look like they need to drag each other into the neatest closet? Hip pudge and soft tummies? Sharp cheekbones and prominent jawlines? Long hair or shaved sides?

Oh gosh. What a sweet ask. 

Um, I love Harry’s preggo-tummy and his little love handles and the way he says “us” like “uhz” and the way he never ever ever really answers questions and sort of meanders around saying “erm” a lot and dodging like a master unless he’s offering some weird non-sequitur he has to repeat six times because everyone is talking over him, (metal Mario, wiggly, and the Robbie ravage scarf are prime examples.) I love his dimples and when he used to break out by his hairline and his weird Bambi legs and his mermaid tattoo and everything he’s ever said about her. I love his pink pink pink mouth and when he paints his nails and when he grows that pubescent 12 year amount of stubble.  I love his silly sweetness and what an absolute goof he is.  My fave looks are his oversize soft sweaters and his fancy Gucci shirts. I Especially love when he mixes and matches, the 20$ randy’s donut hoodie with a 7k YSL jacket, for example. I love that on the first day of 2017 after the Hell Year ended he told us “be nice, be good.” 

I love Louis’s laugh lines around his twinkly blue eyes. I love how low his center of gravity is and what an amazingly sharp an snappy dancer he is, I love his jazz squares and his hip thrusts an his intense devotion to Grease (The movie). I love his voice, his speaking voice for one, I could listen to him draw out certain words into crystal filaments forever, I love when he says “aaaaauuuuhhh” leading into answer he’s not sure about, I love how he says “thank you, thank you” and “massive,” and of course I love his singing voice so much I can hardly listen to it without clutching my chest and making a wordless and muted shrieking sound in the back of my throat. I love his tummy and his thick powerful thighs and delicate ankles and wrists, like he’s so fine-boned but so strong and I love how he takes up SPACE with that strength, how he stands with his legs spread and his arms crossed like he’s daring people to say he’s not worth it. I love the way he holds his cigarettes, and I love his new haircut. I love that he’s so remarkably kind and charitable and gives so much, that he calls his fans “babe” and “love” and offers them “cuddles.” 

Together: I love the way Louis gently guides Harry by his elbow, with a hand on his waist, always watching where he’s going, leading him and guiding him. I love how Harry’s eyes get soft and hooded when he looks at Louis, like in a sexy way but also in a soft way, the way his gaze flits from Louis’s eyes to his mouth and back again. I love how flustered Harry gets when Louis gives him a hard time, the way he does whatever he says (lyric changes, “is it as low as your voice?” “anything else, Harry?”) and I love how Louis always checks in and tracks these responses, how fucking smug he looks whenever he gets what he wants. I love when they mirror each other, when they fix their fringes at the exact same time or fold their hands at the exact same time. I love how Louis always looked at Harry when he sang his part of 18, and I love that time Harry waltzed across the stage to sing the last bit right back to him that one time. I love how they’re tender with each other and domestic with each other. I love them!!!! I love their love!!!! 

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME!!! did I even answer your question?? oh my god 

Worth It

Summary: reader twisted her ankle and Bucky helps her take care of the injury. One thing leads to another and… well just check the warnings.

A/N: Okay…. So something weird happened last night. I was just doing what I normally do which is look through my drafts and see if I can come up with something for my imagines and stuff which didn’t happen, sadly. Then I just opened a new draft for some reason and just began writing while my mind drifted off to some… things. Basically what I’m trying to tell you here is that I wrote smut.
Yes, I wrote smut and posting it will be my first time posting smut on this blog. I’m feeling kind of anxious about posting this because I don’t know if it’s any good. Either it’s so bad it’s hilarious, cringy or it’s actually something people can enjoy in a non humorous way. I mean I got a little erotically charged (college talk for horny (i love you if you get that reference)) while writing it but I don’t know if other people will. If you want to read it, go ahead and if you feel uncomfortable, don’t.
Feedback is appreciated, especially now since this is my first smut that I’ve posted. You don’t have to go into detail just tell me if it was well written or not, that’s if you want to, of course. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.
FOR THE PEOPLE I TAGGED!! I have no idea if you guys wanted to be tagged in smut posts too but hey, you don’t have to read it! I don’t expect every person to read every single imagine I post. Just skip this one if you feel like it.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 5,622

Warning(s): SMUT, oral sex (both male and female receiving), cursing, unprotected sex (remember to wrap it before you tap it! Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener. Don’t be a fool, cover your tool. Wrap your bate before you mate and all that stuff)

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Good -Jungkook- *smut*

Originally posted by nnochu

Title: Good
Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Plot: Giving Jungkook, heir to the Jeon Empire, the ‘best orgasm of his life’ (and him paying you back ofc he isn’t evil)
Warning: Oral, Jungkook gets blown in front of his dad who doesn’t realise, swearing, petnames, gang au, disapproving dad
A/N: Not requested but controlled by my Jungkook thirst

Namjoon in the gif is me @ life

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Love Is Not A Victory March - Cap RBB

Stucky, M, 14.3k, A03
Canon compliant through CACW
Artist:  SulaMoon
Author: flowerfan2

Thanks to @sulasaferoom for creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to my beta @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this amazing challenge.

Summary:  A few months after the civil war fiasco, Bucky and Steve have started a new life together in New York.  But when Steve gets hurt, all their plans are threatened.  It’s up to Bucky to figure out what to do next.

Bucky feels like a cliché as he hovers next to Steve’s hospital bed, waiting for him to wake up.  He can’t relax with Steve in this condition – fuck relax, he can barely breathe, barely function at all.  Steve is ripped apart and broken and Bucky doesn’t understand how he isn’t dead yet.  Although they are keeping him heavily sedated, Bucky can see the pain etched into Steve’s face.  He’s not sure how to weather it, alternating between pacing back and forth across the airless room and sitting next to Steve and holding his practically lifeless hand.He’s not the only visitor there, of course.  No one is about to leave a recently de-triggered former assassin alone with Captain America, even if Captain America himself would insist that there’s no danger.  But Steve isn’t able to insist on anything right now, and that’s the entire problem. The first time the doctors ease up on the sedation Steve wakes up moaning, a horrid, animal noise that sends Bucky into a blind panic.  Bucky comes back to himself curled up in a ball on the hospital floor, Natasha crouched down next to him, a hand bravely kneading the back of his neck. “It’s okay,” she murmurs.  “They gave him more painkillers.  He’s okay now.” Bucky lets Natasha help him up, but avoids meeting her eyes as he resumes his place at the side of Steve’s bed.  He doesn’t need her pity.  Bucky just needs Steve to wake up.  He can’t fathom what will happen to him if Steve doesn’t wake up.

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Steamy Showers / Clay Jensen smut imagine

Steamy Showers

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: clay jensen smut where you’ve been teasing him all day at school w little touches and whispers that when you two are home later he can’t take it anymore.

A/N: First smut I’ve ever written so I hope it’s good! Decided to change locations a little bit, but it’s still the same idea J. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy! (Oops, this got longer than expected… oh well.)

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word count: 1410

It was a few weeks after you and Clay had your first time together. It went pretty well but it had hurt a little for you. Clay felt so bad about hurting you that you hadn’t had sex again. But you were determined to change that. You had longed for Clay to have sex with you again, but you were too afraid to initiate it or ask for it.

Today was your weekly jog session together and you picked out a sexy sports outfit; short pink shorts, a pink sports bra and a see-through white top. You had it hanging in your closet for some time and you were too shy to actually wear it. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

You heard the doorbell ring and knew it was Clay. You quickly put your hair into a messy bun and ran downstairs to open the door.

“Hey, babe, ready to go?” Clay asked as he was checking his watch. He lifted his head to look at you and his mouth fell open a bit.

“I’m ready,” you smiled happily and closed the door behind you. “Shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

hiii love!! could you do something where harry is going down on you while your work calls and you answer it as he eats you out???

Hi! Thanks for the request sweetie. Dunno know how I lost all my requests all of a sudden, tumblr has been messing around a lot! 

Here’s the blurb, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it👅

#18: Tit for Tat**


It’s right after she completed her fifth conference call since morning, that she is downstairs in the kitchen, brewing herself a cup of black coffee, that Harry enters the kitchen, impatient, and grabs her from behind, pushing his groin behind her. 

“I can’t believe you abandoned me.” He accuses, lips hovering over the shell of her ear. 

She chuckles, soft. “Tit for tat, baby.” 

“Uh-huh?” He spins her in her place, making her face him, further pressing her spine to the kitchen counter. “Well then if I kiss you now, you’d have to kiss me back.” He leans in, grinning. “Tit for tat, I suppose?” 

She grins wide as their lips join, indulging feverishly in a thirst quenching kiss. His hands are all over her, touching her cheek, sliding down to her breast, squeezing, massaging, hearing her moan deep, and down to her hips, where he’s pulling her determinedly against him. 

He’s lips find no home, they are constantly exploring: sometimes over her cheek, her jaw, down to her neck, behind her ear, till they are suckling over the peaking skin of her breasts. 

She feels alive, refreshed from his touch, anticipated for what’s to come. Her breathing cuts short, she is panting as his lips come on hers again, lapping over  one another, leaving all read and swollen. 

He falls to his knees, his eyes lifting to give her a glint of excitement he feeds for his further plans. Her amusement is uncontrollable, peeking out from the toothed grin she carries as she gazes down at him, feeding into his excitement. 

His hands slide down her stomach, cupping her in between her thighs through the pants she wears, watching her roll her head back, eyes shut, her mouth agape and desperate. 

He sees no warning. 

Starting at her jean button, she pops it open, torturously sliding the zip down, lustrous gaze watching her above lose control. Half way through her thighs, the pants come down, when suddenly the loud buzzing adjacent to her brings both the lovers back to earth. 

Harry doesn’t show a change in his position, ready to take her if she wills, but reading the caller ID on her phone screen, she is starting to pull her pants up, trying to answer the phone with her other hand. 

“Harry.” She warns when Harry’s hand comes over hers reaching for her pants, swatting hers away. She’s already picked her phone up, leaving no room to argue with him. 

“Sir.” She addresses the gent on the other side of the call. Harry lips comes on the top of her thigh, dangerously close to her panty covered skin. 

Looking down, she gives him big eyes, pressing her thighs together to not let him in. 

But, he’s stood up, towering her, pressing her against the counter, domineering her actions. The conversation with the head is on on her phone, while to struggle to pull Harry’s hand away from tucking in between her thighs begins. 

Digging his fingers against her clothed skin, he’s determined to get her thighs to open, letting him in. She has her own stand, wobbly but strong enough to not let him have his way through. 

“Pardon?” She hears the head say to her as the sound of her whimper reaches the speaker. 

“Sir, I agree to it, that’s what.” She ushers, grabbing Harry’s wrist tight in her hand. 

Harry eyes glint with a child like mischief; he brings his other hand to fondle her. Trying to grab his other hand too, she almost looses control and whines into the conversation. This leaves her boss silent on the other side. 


“Would you like me to call you later?” 

“No, please, sir.” She says too quick, jumping in fright of her boss’s tone, and Harry’s found the perfect opportunity to grab the back of her thighs and lift her on the kitchen counter, nestling his body in between the very space created between her legs. 

A victorious grin on his face, while she’s left with a sour expression, her eyes turned away from his face. 

She’s  brought herself into the conversation with the mere distraction of his lips on her neck, that is so used to that she hardly shows a feign of a reaction. 

Harry’s utter demand for her increases as he sees her ignoring him, his touch, his needs. No way

Y/N jumps when she feels a pinch against her side, her skin reeling with the feeling of his fingers sliding her panties down. She gulps, almost transferring from the conversation to the situation in the kitchen. 

The coolness of the tiled counter hits her sensitive skin at places, making her feel giddy to sit any longer. Harry pulls her towards him, sliding her to the edge of the counter top, before kneeling down at his spot. 

He looks up at her, somber and all flushed. She feels her stomach settle in knots. 

“No.” She mouths to him. 

“Pardon?” He grins in mischief, ducking his head towards her center, his hot breath on her skin. 

A panicked whimper build in her throat, but she presses her lips together to avoid the pill. Her boss’s words feel faint in the background as her attention goes over to Harry’s lips against her inner thighs. 

Pulling her ankle over his shoulder, Harry finds his nose bumping against her center, lips hovering at a torchorous length. 

And alas, she’s lost her mind. Pushing herself against him, she jitters with the desire of his filthy tongue on her skin. 

Gratified, Harry dips low, touching his lips to her center before he’s begun his work of tongue over her sweet spot. Y/N’s mouth hangs low. Long ago had she zoned out of the conversation with the head of her firm, now the phone just an accessory against her ear. 

Hungry and ravishing in his ways, Harry devouring her in his mouth, sucking and tugging at the spots she enjoys most. Her sweet dripping juice comes rewarding his gracious tongue, tempting his instincts to get to the peak. 

Both her thighs over his shoulders, his hands clutching hard on her skin, he digs his nails deeper into her spongy thighs, cackling his tongue against her clit. 

“The rest if you’d want we can talk through again in the office.” Promising so, her boss puts down the call. 

Deserting her phone on the counter, Y/N’s hand dig into his hair, tugging in her struggle to not lose her senses. Harry moans with the surge of pain coarse from through, amorous and unbeatable in his intention to feast her all together. 

An endless saga of moans and whimpers later, Y/N feels her stomach bubble and she comes into his mouth, dripping as she sits on the counter. 

Rushing from his kneeling position, Harry looks all red and panting, his lips hungrily coming down on hers. There is a madness as he kisses her, his fingers digging in her hair, body pleading for her heat. 

Her hands slide down his tall torso, reaching down to the front of his joggers as she feasts his boner in her hands, moving slowly up and down against it. 

Harry groans against her mouth, grabbing her hair harsher as he deepens the kiss. 

She pulls away, pressing her lips against his jaw, sucking his favourite spot. 

“Harry, you have chose the wrong way to mess with me.” She husks against his  ear, grabbing his groin abruptly, causing him to jump. He shivers at her words, watching her pull to look him eye to eye. 

“Remember, tit for tat, baby.” 

Send in some concepts and blurbs! I’ll answer them!! 


(Request) Reward for the Sweetest

Title: Reward for the Sweetest

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @irenewolfland

I would like for negan to have just the worst day. He’s got a headache and just wants to go to bed. He’s shocked when he finds that the reader is the only one who waited up for him. Instead of letting her leave he invites her to his room for the night. Sweet smut with cuddling at the end please. Usual negan stuff cussing dirty talk.

Warnings: NSFW as always

Note: Back with a request! I hope y’all like this especially you, irenewolfland! Let me know your thoughts please? :)

It was late at night when the Saviors arrived back at the Sanctuary and Negan was damn pissed for how their day went. A ruckus had occurred when they visited a certain community for a collection; turned out that the community geared up to attack them. Guns were fired and many people were killed, a some of Negan’s men included. Instead of getting their shit, the Saviors ended up going home with injuries and dead bodies. This angered Negan a whole lot, not only did he come home empty handed but he also lost his men and weapons as well.

As Negan hopped off the vehicle, a Savior blocked his way. “Sir, Adam didn’t make it. He died on our way back here. What should we do to the body?” He reported, referring to a wounded Savior.

Negan turned towards the Savior with a stoic expression. “Fuck it.”


“For fucking fuckity fuck’s sake, Mike. Have you been living under a fucking rock or are you just plain fucking stupid?! Burn the fucking body, you dumbass cocksucking motherfucker!” Negan yelled in frustration and shoved the Savior to the side as he walked.

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Can’t Forgive, Wanna Forget

Summary: After Mary tells Sam and Dean some news they don’t want to hear, the reader is there to console Dean. 
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2070
Warnings: Smut, angst. 
Spoiler Alert: Set directly after 12x13.

A/N: I think I say this every time, but smut is not my forte, so be kind with your feedback, please! 

Your name: submit What is this?

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anonymous asked:

Camp sex with harry

Glamping was a hard sell when I’d suggested it.  Sure, Harry Styles could get down and dirty with the best of them, but the idea of sleeping in a tent that took him three hours to build while simultaneously trying to keep himself bug bite free was not something he was so jazzed about.  And glamping, in his words, “just seems unnecessary”.

Vacations were hard to come by for the two of us these days.  Since his solo career had launched it seemed like I had been carted from one four-star resort to another.  And sure, it was fun.  But the idea of being out in nature, under the stars, snuggled in a sleeping bag with Harry was just so enticing.  

He’d tried to convince me to let him take me off to The Caymans or St. Croix but once he’d witnessed the look on my face when I’d suggested the glamping, he agreed.

So we were off.  To our 4 night stay in Conestoga Ranch in Utah.  The accommodations we were staying in were actually old covered wagons.  Harry was actually ok with that part.  Because honestly, who in the world would expect to see him staying in a covered wagon in Utah?

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back that azz up

Title: Back That Azz Up
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Lots of daddy kink, dirty talk, public-ish setting, wedding stuff.
A/N: I wanted this to be a drabble, but then it started to turn into a full fic, so I guess it’s kind of in the middle, like 3.6k words. But I’m gonna try to work on some Josh stuff next, because I’ve been neglecting him, whoops.

Originally posted by modestmartian

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anonymous asked:

DID YOU SEE THE NEW PHOTOS OF NICKY INCLUDING A CAMEO FROM HIS NAKED THIGH??!!! HIS HAIR IS CURLY, HIS PALE THIGH IS NAKED, I'M GASPING, AWESTRUCK & IN TEARS: IS THIS HOW OVI FEELS ALL THE TIME?!! trekronorline(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)162279243635 trekronorline(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)162282047945




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The Beauty of the Fawn. {Elriel}

Warning: Smut ahead.

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Saying goodnight to the others, I ducked inside our tent. It was a little bit cramped for an Illyrian, but I didn’t complain. She was lying in the middle of a pile of blankets we pulled from my bed earlier that afternoon, smiling lazily at me as I zipped the hole that served as a door closed. 

“I’ll never get tired of it,” she shook her head, quietly. “I’ll never get tired of the beauty. It surprises me every time.”

It was Feyre’s idea to watch this year’s Starfall out in the woods of Velaris, the Inner Circle alone for the occasion. We sat around the fire until it began, then we all lied next to one another in the grass - Rhysand, Feyre, Cassian, Nesta, Mor, Amren, Elain, myself - and watched the souls pass. No one spoke, but we all held on to one another as we breathed in the beauty, the peace, of Starfall. 

We watched each other for a silent minute before she continued, “I like it out here. It’s peaceful.”

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