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does anyone have recommendations on quality thigh rigs? i’ve been stuck using an  universal one who’s retention strap finally broke, thank god. so now, are there any companies out there that make the actual thigh rig and holster in 2 separate pieces? (this way i can just purchase different holsters for different guns rather than buying a new rig every time)


Double Up

Photos of German police officers responding to the cinema shooting back in June of 2016. I hadn’t noticed at the time but it seems many if not all the officers in the unit appear to have two carry pistols; one on the belt and another on the thigh. There has been some debate as to why they carry two handguns. One explanation was that if they were in a vehicle, the thigh rig pistol would be easier to draw than a belt holstered pistol from the seating position. (GRH)


Paring: Negan x Reader 

Warnings: NSFW, Smut (like really. And I honestly hope it does not disappoint anyone.). 

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Negan had a tough day, a group attacked one group of his men and killed more than thirty on their sleep. Of course Negan acts like they are just soldiers, but have some men that he actually liked as a thing closer to a friend. You was with him in that morning, when Simon brought the news. 

Your relationship with him was complicated, you two love each other, but you don’t want to be just other woman on his fuck-list. But after some time with him trying to win you over, and you working as a Savior but having the pleasure to spend time with him sexually and just enjoying eachother company. You couldn’t hold back the urge you felt for that powerful man. 

When Simon entered the room, you two was planning strategies to make his workers and “helpers” still ‘on line’ and you was trying prove to him that doesn’t have any need to kill anyone, you know that eventually was necessary but not every damn time. 

The news hit Negan, he scratch his beard and asked whose in charge, but Simon didn’t knew. Negan looked at you and you just let a small smile letting him knowing that was okay for him go, and later when he came back, you would still there. And you was. 

He entered the room pissed with Lucille bloody on hands, he looked over you and since you know how pissed and sad he is, you don’t want to make him angrier speaking about how he could manage things differently. So you just hold back the cold feeling on your spine thinking about the people he could had ‘Lucilled’ with. Simply getting up you got Lucille and put aside the sofa, Negan was not a man that let his fears and sadness appear for no one, so since he let you see you just embrace him and let him fell on you whenever he needed, and today seems like just one of those days. When the toughest man you know, cry on your arms. 

You take his hand and led him to the sofa, he sat there and you get to prepare his whiskey and grab a cigar he loves. You give to him and he started taking off his jacket putting on the other side of the sofa. You sit on his side and start massaging his thigh not in a sexual way just a “I’m here for you” way. 

He drank a sip of the liquid and take a smoke of the old world fancy cigar. You just sat there letting him think, you knew that when he was ready he would talk, or at least relief some stress. “33 fucking man. The fuckers killed thirty fucking man Y/N. And you know what is worst? I don’t even know them, but trust me, when I do I will beat the shit out of every single one of them.” His greedy voice made your heart speed up just of the thought of so many slaughter, the one that already happened, and the one that is coming. 

“You think they did that to help so other group? One that work for you?” The question sounded calm, and it was a good thing since that was your intention.

“Honestly Y/N I talked about that shit the whole fucking day, and now I just want to relax. I know we discuss about all the shit, but well if you didn’t wanted to make a peaceful pass for the fuckers I bet all my Saviors would be here now.” He let out angrily, making you sad already, tears in your eyes just as the thought of the death of thirty man, of course the Saviors was in the pristine wild human nature without intention of having to act right, only right toward Negan as he was some kind of new civilization god. But, have some good man over there, man that actually had family here in Sanctuary. 

“Shit, sorry doll. You know is not your fault, you know as well as I do. I’m just… just fucking pissed and sad, and you know I get defensive sometimes, it was not your fault. Is the fuckers fault. And that we know, I’m sorry.” His words sound real and steady, you know Negan’s mind and how he worked, and since he is already stressed was normal let some things out abruptly like that. But since he apologized instantly, he actually didn’t meant what he said about being yours and only your fault. You dry your tears with the palms of your hands quickly. “Is okay, actually I think is my fault, and I’m sorry for fuck the things up Ne, you know I didn’t like all of this.” Your eyes tearing as a waterfall, you didn’t meant to cry and make drama on the situation, Negan was pretty patiente with everything related to you, but you never take advantage of it. 

“Sorry, sorry,” you get up drying your tears and getting away of him to calm yourself a bit. Entering the bathroom you wash your face with cold water to stop the painful tears of remorse. 

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Transition drill with our Ragnarok holster setup as a thigh rig attached to my warbelt. With a check drill when bringing the primary back online. If a threat presents itself during the transition back to the primary, the pistol can quickly be utilized.

Once the stoppage of the carbine is identified, pistol returns to holster quickly, and the primary is fixed.

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