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I understand why lot of people don’t like Holly Blue, but the moment she stepped onscreen, she stepped on the last shred of doubt I had as to whether or not I really am Bi/Pan, and for that she’ll always have a place in my Heart  

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hey y'all, im looking for this fic where dan started wearing thigh highs n shit around the flat and Phil gets v turned on and theres a specific part I remember where dan wore panties (ugh I hate that word) that were black with green polkadots and they said something like touch me and eventually there was smut? thanks dudes!

Here By My Side, A New Colour To Paint The World (ao3) - So one day, Phil walks in on Dan wearing a dress. And after a very confusing discussion, it comes out that Dan enjoys wearing girl’s clothing in private. Phil lets it be known that he’d be fine if Dan wore it around him and slowly, Dan starts opening up and letting Phil into his private world. But what Phil doesn’t expect is to start seeing Dan in a whole new way.

- Emily

We Found Love Where It Shouldn’t Be

Shuu had never imagined himself going into a strip club. He didn’t think he ever would, but after constant pressure from Hori, depsite Kanae’s protests.. He went.

The crowded building reeked of smoke and cheap, sickening perfume; it almost hurt him to breathe. He could see nothing but skimpy clothing and men drooling over half-naked dancers, it didn’t appeal to him at all. As he walked further into the sea of people, he noticed someone walking up to the stage. The person wore a zipped up jacket and sweatpants, and in the dim lighting, Shuu could make out the figure of.. a guy!?

The boy had messy white and black hair, intriguing grey eyes.. It drew Shuu closer to the stage. There was no way this guy was going to strip. But when the male started to unzip his jacket, he knew he’d been proven wrong. The jacket was discarded to reveal toned, pale skin; Shuu hadn’t ever seen skin so beautiful. The boy moved his hips in an awkward sway, that was surprisingly.. hot, really hot. The sweatpants he wore were beginning to lower on his hips, hanging loosely on his waist; dieu, why was Shuu so intrigued?

Shuu was standing dead in his tracks, his mouth open, eyes wide; he swore he was drooling. The boy continued swinging his hips, making Shuu’s breath hitch and his pants tighten. And then.. The boy looked up. There were grey eyes searching his before he could look away, and he was met by a seductive grin; the boy tugged down the waistband of his pants to reveal a bit more of pale skin, almost teasingly. Shuu noticed this and realized: the boy was no longer stripping for the public. He was stripping for him.

Shuu bit his lip, he shouldn’t have been watching, he couldn’t.. he needed to get out. He couldn’t stay, refused to watch any longer; he was actually getting hard from this! The boy began tugging down his sweatpants fully, and Shuu didn’t even get to witness what came next. He stumbled over himself, scrambling towards the door; he was booking it then, he needed to get out.

The next morning, Shuu could barely focus on his work at :Re, his mind kept wandering to the previous night’s events.. The boy’s messy hair, pale skin, grey, intriguing eyes, the way he’d swung his hips.. Dieu, why was he so attracted to that guy? He could barely focus on the coffee cup he was drying.

“Uhm, excuse me, sir.. May I have a coffee?” A soft voice asked, snapping Shuu out of his thoughts. His gaze trailed up to meet the customer, and when it did.. His breath hitched in his throat. It wasn’t, it couldn’t be..

It was him.

The boys stared at each other in awe, Shuu’s eyes wide, almost dropping his cup; the boy was staring with parted lips at him, his heart pounding. Both parties were blushing immensely. Shuu turned quickly to make the boy’s coffee, sliding the cup over the counter when it was finished. He refused to let the boy pay, promising he’d cover it.

“What’s your name?” He asked as the boy sipped at his coffee; he craved to know more, he craved the boy in general.

“Sasaki.. Sasaki Haise,” he replied, setting down his cup. He was red with embarrassment for being caught in his secret profession. But what could he do? The money made enough to support him, and that was the only job he could hold.. He’d take the embarrassment if he was able to support himself.

Shuu slid a small paper across the counter after Haise finished his coffee. “I’d like you to meet me here around nine tonight.. I’d like to be provided with your services.” He explained. “You’ll have off work tonight, I’ll make arrangements.”

Haise tilted his head, confused. Was this guy asking him to.. privately strip for him? He quickly shook his head, waving his hands. “I-I simply cannot, I can’t miss work, I need the mon-”

“Will this be enough?” Shuu took out his wallet, revealing a large amount of strict cash; he was a wealthy man, he needed things to spend his inheritance on. Haise, with wide eyes, nodded- he’d never seen so much money in his life. Shuu handed over the stack and Haise ran his fingers over it, stuffing it into his pocket. His eyes scanned over the nametag attached to the male’s shirt, his gaze meeting that of the coffee shop worker. 

“I’ll see you then.. Shuu.”

Shuu paced back and forth, biting his lip. He didn’t even know if Haise would show up or not. He really hoped he did, he craved the boy in every way possible- 

A knock came from outside the door, and he practically ran over to it, opening it. There he was, Sasaki Haise.. He was dressed in a plain t-shirt and sweatpants, and Shuu welcomed him inside warmly. He wasted no time in leading Haise to his bedroom, sitting on the edge of his bed; a simple hand gesture inquired that the floor was Haise’s. The boy lifted up his shirt teasingly slow, making the larger male growl lowly. He got the hint and discarded his shirt completely, revealing the pale skin Shuu loved so much. 

Everything after that moment was a blur. Shuu’s lips collided with Haise’s, fingers running through his black and white hair; the soft moans and whimpers escaping the smaller boy’s lips edged him on. Haise pulled away to teasingly strip off his sweatpants, revealing his plump thighs and.. Merde.

Adorning Haise’s thighs was pink, frilly lingerie; thigh-highs, if Shuu was correct. The sight was so arousing that he could barely contain a low growl, pulling the boy back into his arms. His hands clutched the smaller boy’s hips, his lips kissing and sucking over the sweet skin on Haise’s thighs.. He could’ve kissed those thighs forever. The noises that came from the boy above him encouraged him further, he wanted Haise in the worst ways.. He would make the boy his.

~ three months later ~

“Haise-kun, come down for breakfast!” Shuu called, laughing quietly to himself as he watched the boy bound down the stairs, grinning. Haise wore nothing but Shuu’s over-sized shirt, wrapping his arms around the larger male. Shuu hugged the boy to his chest, smiling. 

After their night together, Haise continued to offer Shuu his services, and Shuu offered him various dates, gifts, and all of his love in return. The two now lived together in the Tsukiyama estate, and they both were as happy as ever. Haise even had a job at :Re with Shuu; the only person who witnessed the boy strip now was him.

Shuu leaned down, pressing their lips together in a short but passionate kiss, breathing in Haise’s scent. “Je t’aime toujour, Haise-kun.” He whispered as he pulled away, earning a smile from the smaller boy; Haise had heard those words more times than he could count.

“I love you too, Shuu..” He whispered softly, before Shuu captured his lips in another sweet kiss.

They truly had found love where it shouldn’t have been.. Maybe Shuu should thank Hori for making him go to that strip club.                                                    ———————————————

so this was requested by @haises-squashy-ass and it’s pretty lengthy.. i hope you enjoy it! please feel free to send me more prompts!

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AHHH YOU GUYS OPENED THE ASKBOX OMG THANK YOUUUU Can you pleeeeeease recommend cross dressing Jimin fics? Something about Chimchim in a skirt and lacy panties just riles me up omg >.< THANKYOUUUU❤

mmmmmm i fucking love crossdressing and lace mmmmmmm yassss muscular thighs in thigh highs and shit? mmmmmmm

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