thigh apart

Morning Intentions

Anyone feel a smut? Aha.. I was. Nate for everyone:
My eyes snapped open as I felt my shorts being wiggle down. I looked down between my legs to see my boyfriend, Nate lying there. The covers were pushed back, with his toned back visible. I coughed and he glanced up with a devilish smirk.
“Morning,” he murmured before throwing my pajama shorts aside.
“Nate,” I warned. He ignored me though and I felt his warm breath back on my body. He pushed my thighs apart gently with his large hands. I inhaled sharply.
He rested one of his forearms across my waist to prevent me from moving. I rolled my hips a little. He just chuckled as he lowered his face.
He licked a large strip up my heat and nibbled on my clit. My hips tilted up, involuntarily begging for more.
“Little eager?” he teased, nuzzling my clit with his nose as he gave my core another lick. I shivered at the sensation.
I reached my hand down and pulled at his bed hair. He simply chuckled into me, sending vibrations that caused me to squirm under his arm. He didn’t move his forearm from where it held me down.
“I love when you squirm,” he told me as he continued to eat me out.
“Nate,” I softly moaned out his name, gripping onto my stomach, fighting off doing anything worse.
He used his other hand to rub slow circles on my clit as his tongue worked magic, lapping at my heat. I grinded my hips into his head, grabbing onto the headboard behind me. He gave my clit a little nip before plunging a finger into me. This caused me to gasp out and my head to raise up from it’s position on my pillow.
He was watching me, making eye contact as he curled his finger in me, pulling it out slowly only to insert two this time. He made a beckoning motion that made my stomach flutter. My legs moved and wrapped around his back.
“Legs,” he warned me with a meaningful glare. He hated when I grabbed onto him. Well, he loved that he was doing a good job, but he preferred watching me squirm more with him in control. He let me play with his hair though.
I carefully unwound my legs from him, looking apologetic. My hips rolled a bit as I spread my legs again. Nate continued to pump his fingers into me, still watching my face.
My breathing had becoming short and rapid as he continued to pleasure me. I felt my stomach tighten as he bent his head down and nibbled on my clit once more, causing me to release onto his awaiting tongue. He lapped up my mess and I sighed out, still a little short on breath.
He pulled himself off of our bed, his half naked torso making me want to go for round two. I curled my legs back up into me and rolled over onto my side, before giving a little stretch. I knew he was still watching me. I sat up, with my legs curled up behind me and looked at him. He looked so cute with his messy hair and plump lips.
“You can’t just leave me,” I pouted.
“Trust me, I could never,” he promised, standing in front of me.
“I owe you one,” I sighed.
“No you don’t,” he shook his head, leaning down and softly kissing me. He stroked my cheek gently and I reached up to hold onto his face but he stepped away. I let out a sound of discontent and flopped back onto our bed.
“Why do you always leave me a mess every morning?” I sighed, more to myself, assuming Nate was gone.
“Because I love you. I love making you feel good, I love having control, but most of all, I love coming home,” he admitted.
I nearly jumped out of my skin, putting my hand to my chest. He had scared me.
“I love you too,” I murmured, looking up at his soft eyes. He leaned down and kissed my forehead.
“Now I’m gonna go to the studio, but tonight it’ll be us. Okay?”
“Okay,” I nodded. I just wanted to feel him beside me.
“Now go back to sleep angel,” he whispered softly, leaving me.
“How the hell can I after that?” I called after him, sitting back up.
“I dunno, do whatever the hell you want,” he chuckled, pausing in the door way to look back at me.
“I can’t, for one I’m an angel, and I can’t do any hell. Secondly, what I wanna do is leaving,” I teased.
“Aw, lil ma. If only you had good intentions,” he chuckled.
“I do!” I protested, getting out of bed and following him. His shirt I had slept in, covering my butt.
“You look so cute,” he sighed, turning around and giving me a hug. I gave a little smile as he engulfed me in his arms and held tightly. He swayed a bit, before letting go.
“I hope that holds you over,” he teased, grabbing his keys off the counter and giving me one last wave. I gave him a small wave back. I loved him so much.


First full body drawing EVER :D I’m aware that I messed up with some of the proportions, but even so, I’m very happy with how it turned out :)

Once again.
Who taught you
That glorifying anxiety is cool?
To suck your stomach in,
And thrust your breasts out
At the sight of stupid boys
Who don’t even care you if exist;
Once again.
Who taught you
To celebrate your social awkwardness?
That not being able to look
People in the eyes is OK?
And not being able to tolerate
Large groups of people is
A signature of your existential upper class-ness?
Once again.
Who taught you that your self worth is directly proportional to the direness of your neurosis?
That letting men walk all over you
Is something of a positive victim hood; you need it to convince
Yourself that,
Your cocktail of mind altering substances is medication and not addiction;
Once again.
Who taught your that self infliction is remedial?
Standing with your back arched
And your thighs apart
And your soul darkened
Creating an illusion of negative spaces?

Once again.
Who taught you that negative spaces are beautiful?

—  MSD

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Consider this also: Castiel, thighs still being held apart by Dean, leaning his head back against Dean's shoulders and gripping tightly to his biceps while begging to be filled with his cum

btw this is my fave position for cas to be fucked in???? he probably feels so good?? he probably cums so fast when he gets fucked like this???

A lot of y'all need to know that having a big ass and thighs isn’t apart of black (African-American) culture at ALL.

That’s not even what culture is. Idk how many times I need to say this, but black people come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Albino Africans? Most of them still partake in their respective African cultures, because body type and skin color has little to no significance when it comes to the culture you were BORN in. KNOW THIS.

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how they'd give oral jfnfmcmdkd

ni ce! :-(

fucking fight me dan would be incredible at giving oral i just know it he knows exactly what to do with his tongue, and he would look right up at you and smirk while he was holding your thighs apart and going deeper with every lick nice. n ice

phil would be a little more all over the place but it would still feel sooo good like he would smile into your skin and always make sure it felt really good and hold your butt while you wrapped your legs around his head and he went deeper oh o k a y 

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Could you do the facesitting thing with the Mukamis to?

Yes love sorry for the wait, please forgive me.

“Livestock was this what you wanted?” He asked while he flicked his tongue past your folds. Moaning as he tasted your juices. “Your so wet and I’m barely doing anything?” He was smirking, this time he inserted a single finger inside you slowly curling it around and twisting it while sucking roughly on your flower bud.
- Ruki

“M-neko-chan.” He purred, lightly bitting into your thigh was running a film her between your wet glistening folds. Removing his fangs from your leg, he breathed over your heated core. “Remember you belong to me.” He hissed, “Never look at another male like that again.” He growled flicking your flower bud harshly.

He held your thighs apart with his large hands and ate you out like you were dinner. With all the greed in the world he drove his tongue inside you coating it in your sweet wetness moaning as he did so.
- Yuma

“Are…you……this?” He ran the tip of his favorite blade along your thigh near your flower. While he drove his slender fingers inside you curling and twisting them. Watching your hips buck into his hand. “How about…I..give you……more..pleasure?” He covered your flower bud with his mouth slowly and softly sucking.
- Azusa

“Myrcella will never find out…” Trystane claimed as he laid across the older man’s bed, tan thighs spread apart and a tight, pink cunt right between his legs. He brought his hand down on it hard, hips thrusting up from the sensation of smacking his own pussy, eyes shutting tightly. “Your eyes haven’t left my body since the moment you arrived your, and my eyes haven’t left your body. I need you, I’ve been playing with myself every night thinking of you.”

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What are you gonna draw? :0

Nothing specific, just some neutral faceless figures to get better at anatomy since I’m still new. Today I’m trying to focus on legs cause they’re so difficult. Once I get past the thighs I fall apart.


Feel your body closing, I can rip it open
Suck me up, I’m healing for the shit you’re dealing
Smoke on your skin to get those pretty eyes rolling
My thighs are apart for when you’re ready to breathe in
Suck me up, I’m healing with all the shit you’re dealing
Motherfucker, get your mouth open, you know you’re mine

Sam grunted a little, before slowly pulling out of Dean’s womanhood, bits of his semen dribbling out the used entrance. He stood up from the bed and assessed his little cousin’s quivering body.

Dean was in a blissful daze, dozing in and out of the last two ‘sessions’ with her wrists bound above her head and her thighs spread apart that was bruised by multiple handprints. And on her flat stomach was playfully written 'inbreeding in progress’, something that Sam found so hard to resist.

Now that Dean had turned 18, their little experiment can be filmed and showed to sick but horny pervs for money. “Fuck, are you sure that she’s off the pill, Damien?” Sam asked his other cousin, who happened to be Dean’s brother as well as the other partner of this experiment.

“Like a month before her birthday, she insisted on me putting on rubber so we can do this,” Damien smirked lightly. His semen-stained penis now flaccid before Sam’s turn. “This is some old school Jerry Springer shit, she’s gonna have a webfooted brat from our spunk inside her.”

“Technically it’d be from you, we’re only second cousins so my kid would be fine,” shrugged Sam. Damien merely rolled his eyes then got on the bed to untie his sister’s wrists.

“Hey babe…” he smirked once Dean looked at him with sated eyes. “You’re that eager to have a baby?”

“Both of you… So much cum in me,” Dean mumbled tiredly with her hips wiggling a bit.

“What do you expect? You don’t wanna carry a stranger’s kid, and you’ve been fucking me since you were 15. And then Sammy here and Samantha had been doing the same thing as us, and suddenly you got the idea of being a teen mom.”

When you say it that way…“ she pouted but her brother being over there years older simply chuckled and laid next to her.

"It’s Sammy’s wild dream of being a 'breeder’, like in those freaky porn videos,” he pointed out, just as the cousin carefully laid on the other side. “Too bad Samantha doesn’t care much about it, she’s on the pill even during the videos you put up, Sam.”

“No matter, I blurred her face and voice and showed only the lower half of her body,” muttered Sam. “If the company were to know about it I’d be in deep shit.”

“But what about Dean here? You’d do the same?” Damien asked all the while moved to fondle Dean’s small perky breast.

“If she wants to,” Sam replied with a grope of the other and Dean moaned softly. “But nobody knows of her. I’m sure the company doesn’t mind me filming her getting pregnant now that she’s of age.”

“S-Sammy…” moaned Dean.

“Want our inbred babies, Dean?” he groaned softly. “Got cum filled up in your womb by big brother and even bigger cousin, right?”

“Tch, whatever…” Damien rumbled at that meaning. Dean nodded and rubbed her stomach.

“I’m ovulating today, it’s fine, Sammy,” moaned the girl. “Fuck me some more, please…?” she added with a light kiss on Sam’s lips.

“I’m spent, baby. Maybe Damien can do the honor.”

“I’m tapped out myself and I’m beat anyway,” sighed Damien. “Maybe tomorrow, Dean.”

“Yeah I think we should rest for the night,” smirked Sam. “Not like we’re going anywhere, plus it takes about a couple of days to get knocked up so we got time.”

“Okay…” nodded Dean, before her older brother spooned her and settled down. Sam in turn nestled into her hair and plopped an arm over her waist.

“You know… They said that men with longer dicks have better chances of paternity, making them better partners,” he muttered and Damien huffed in slight annoyance.

“I’ll chop it off and glue it to your head like a dick-unicorn if you keep going at it,” he grumbled.

“Heh sorry…” smirked the cousin.

“Oliver Queen, just the man I wanted to see. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.” Malcolm walked along the side of his desk, eyes latched at his son’s best friend every step of the way before he sat on the desk in front of the boy, thighs spreading apart as his dress shoes hooked onto the sides of the chair, tugging him closer until the other’s face was at eye level with his cunt, slacks clinging to it. “I think it’s about time you and I got better acquainted, don’t you? After all, you’re my son’s best friend…” His fingers slid into the younger boy’s hair, licking his lips. “You must’ve thought about being in this exact position once or twice.”

thank FUCK i didn’t get as drunk as i planned tonight and stopped after one drink because he would have overpowered me. he would have been stronger than me and would have been able to do what he wanted and taken advantage of me. it’s so sickening how you think you know someone, but then they get a little alcohol in their system, and suddenly they’re fucking scary. fuck you. i have no doubt in my mind that you would have done what you pleased if i hadn’t been sober enough to stop it. when my mouth says “no”, that’s what i mean. i don’t give a fuck when you say -
- your eyes are saying they want to fuck me
- come on. you want to fuck me.

if i fucking say no, i mean it. don’t try to convince me that i want it. don’t forcefully push my thighs apart and don’t try to tear my dress off when i stand up to leave. and then when i call you out on your bullshit and tell you that you’re being an asshole because i won’t sleep with you, you tell me to “get the fuck out of my room if you’re not going to fuck me”. and then “shoo” me away. i have never felt so disrespected and i’m so shaken by all of this that i don’t want to leave my house for days.

fuck you. no one will believe me because you’re the “cancer survivor” and everything that you get your ego stroked for. i wish you the worst.