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love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes

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IMO, what's worse than thieving customers? Thieving co-workers. We recently found out that two of our workers were stealing money from our safe, and stealing from the monthly shared tips, and they quit before we put two and two together... now we're on high alert with that stuff, and I count the money in the safe every shift. The kicker? One of them asked for their job back 🙄

What they couldn’t steal from their new job? -Abby

Nothing But Thieves Starters

❝'Cos if you don’t believe, it can’t hurt you❞
❝It can never do you harm❞
❝OK, I’ll admit. I’m not innocent❞
❝I did everything and I would again❞
❝Someone took objection to my face❞
❝Take your fight outside❞
❝And my friends were leaving me to die❞
❝A fight broke out❞
❝Our work here is done❞
❝Excuse me while I run, I really gotta get out of here❞
❝People don’t know much❞
❝'Cause I don’t wanna be like them❞
❝Where I could dream and nights were long❞
❝You might kill me with desire❞
❝I broke your heart so carelessly But made the pieces part of me❞
❝'Cause you taught me how to love❞
❝It’s me who taught you how to stop❞
❝I’m sorry, so sorry for what I’ve done❞
❝Maybe I’m bad natured❞
❝I’ve waited for this❞
❝I’ve been waiting so long❞
❝This party’s pretty boring❞
❝I think I better go before I try something I might regret❞
❝What we gonna do in the pouring rain?❞
❝Hanging by a thread❞
❝I don’t wanna know why anyway❞
❝Lets dive into this hole together❞
❝Then I’ll give you one❞
❝No that never gets old❞
❝You send me your regrets❞
❝I know you’re weary❞
❝Take from me, whatever you want, whatever you need❞
❝Please stay with me❞
❝I feel your sorrow❞
❝And I don’t want to be alone, if I’m tonight, I’ll always be❞
❝Sharing secrets with another world❞
❝Press the button and we’ll both be happy❞
❝Information, I’ve been craving it❞
❝Every thought is fighting❞
❝They’re not falling into place❞
❝I don’t feel like I belong❞
❝I’m gonna build you something❞
❝It’s lonely in your heaven❞
❝Darling we should get together❞
❝How do I tempt you out of the city?❞
❝Just let me spend my money❞
❝You can decide if it’s enough❞
❝And we’ll do it all again tonight❞
❝The end is the same for everyone❞
❝Watch me fall apart, trying to please you❞
❝We are all or nothing❞
❝Can you hear it coming?❞
❝I heard my brother crying out❞
❝Won’t let them take it from me❞
❝I told you where to go❞
❝We need another rush❞
❝There’s a hunger in my heart❞
❝It’s full of promise❞
❝I’ll meet you at the divide❞
❝If I get high enough, will I see you again?❞
❝Sometimes I feel like a hostage❞
❝I’m finding it hard to concentrate❞

I used to work at Old Navy and I had my fair share of dealing with bitchy customers, especially middle aged women. One day, I had JUST clocked in and went out on the floor to go take over for a co-worker so they could leave and I became the main cashier. Well, prior to me coming out, my co-worker had checked out this old lady and I had just gotten up to the register when she comes barging back into the store to demand her phone back that SHE forgot due to her own unresponsibility and me, who had seriously JUST gotten there was like “m'am, I haven’t seen a phone up here. Let me ask my manager and who was last up here if they have seen it” Well, we searched and searched and couldn’t find anything. Then, she proceeds to scream at me and accuse me of stealing it and then screams at my manager for not having more cameras by the registers which wasn’t our decision, that’s a company decision. She is throwing an absolute fit at this moment and threatening to come behind the counter and “tear me apart and the whole register” After that, we threaten to call security and she storms out. About 20 minutes later, a man comes in and says that he has the same exact phone as the woman that was in front of him and ended up accidentally taking her phone that SHE FORGOT. Sorry bitch, but I’m not a babysitter that keeps track of your shit, nor am I or any of my other co-workers thieves. Fuck customers. 


Back then, it had surprised Ronan; he hadn’t realized yet that Gansey could persuade even the sun to pause and give him the time.

Dedicated to the lovely @ewarts, happy birthday!