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The game wants us to hate Ryuji so much and I don’t???? get it?????? The whole beginning of the game when Morgana’s the only effin one “guiding” he’s BERATING the poor kid during every battle like “oh ya surprise surprise skull missed a hit cuz he is the literal worst person alive” and I’m so :( cause my boy tries so hard i genuinely don’t know how anyone could not feel bad for Ryuji

And if that’s not heartbreaking enough during *SPOILERS* the whole splitting up thing it’s like…I feel bad for Morgana but we ask him a thousand times what’s wrong and he won’t say and then he gets into that fight with Ryuji and SOMEHOW Ryuji is portrayed as the bad guy?? That fuckin video montage of the like, TWO times Ryuji said Morgana wasn’t as useful as he used to be baffled me because where was the montage of Morgana saying the same AND WORSE to Ryuji??? I can’t remember a single time Morgana said something even semi-nice to Ryuji. I like literally don’t understand how anyone can be like “wow how could Ryuji say that” when it’s VERY OBVIOUS HOW

Even suspending my Ryuji-love for a minute, no one lets Ryuji off the hook like “oh man that wasn’t nice but it’s ok you’re not The Worst.” They act like all he does is be shitty when he’s constantly looking out for everyone EXCEPT himself???? The whole team is like wow fuck u ryuji how could you when it’s clear he feels bad that he lost his cool??? And EVEN WHEN HE APOLOGIES like ok sure not the greatest apology but my boy is TRYING (literally starting yelling HES TRYING at my screen ok) everyone is STILL like “wow fuck u ryuji how could you be so shitty to the cat that hasn’t been nice to you once in the entire game”


(Same group)

Rogue (ooc): I go to the shiftiest looking group of merchants that look like they could smuggle us out of the city.

DM: Okay. You go to a merchant who is advertising their elven rugs, and you notice that through the way they speak and move that they are using thieves cant.

Merchant: “Elven rugs! We sell nice elven rugs here!”

Rogue: (through thieves cant) “Do you offer travel as well?”

DM: *writes and hands rogue a note* Through thieves cant, this is what you can deduce.

NOTE: “They are smugglers, and also sell some ‘dank herbs’”

Rogue (ooc): *screams for a few moments* i’m so fucking glad. This is what my training has been for. Years of learning this secret language. All to learn this.

Players to this day will not take the notes seriously anymore.


character postersblue sargent

“she felt one thousand years old. she also felt like maybe she was a condescending brat. she wanted her bike. she wanted her friends, who were also one-thousand-year-old condescending brats. she wanted to live in a world where she was surrounded by one-thousand-year-old condescending brats.” ― maggie stiefvater, the raven king


The Uncharted Saga

Includes (in this order):

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Uncharted: Eye of Indra
  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

- not my video but i found it on youtube and thought I’d share -

me, sipping hard liquor out of a coffee mug: ronan had been in love with gansey since they met, and even though maggie said adam was ronan’s second secret and crush, the whole possiblity just seems untrue. at least until The dream thieves, where ronan claims to be interested in adam, his whole world revolves around gansey, and his jealousy its too noticiable to everyone else but gansey. Being excluded out of Gansey’s attention, he throws himself at adam in multiple times. Of course she hadn’t wanted to write a romance for ronan until the last moment. and even if she did so, she did it terribly. [finishes it in one hard gulp] im just so tired man

D&D 5E NPC - Leonardo Cadaval - Arcane Trickster

Art by: Kent Davis

Name: Leonardo Cadaval
Race: High Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 11′ / 1.80m
Age: 173
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster) 


Level: 8

AC 17 (Studded leather), Hp 55 (8d8 Hit Die), Proficiency +3, Speed 30ft,

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

languages: Common, Elvish, Thieves’ cant,

Ability Scores:
Str 12 (+1) Dex 20 (+5) Con 16 (+3) Int 18 (+4) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 14 (+1)

Attacks: Dagger of Venom (+9 to hit, 1d4+6 Piercing damage) and Off-hand Dagger of Venom (+9 to hit, 1d4+6 Piercing damage)

Spellcasting: 8th level Arcane Trickster, spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 15, to hit with spell attacks +7)  


Cantrips (at will): Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation,

1st level (4 slots): Alarm, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Jump,

2nd level (2 slots): Invisibility, Spider Climb,

Skills: Acrobatics, Arcane, Deception, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth,

Equipment: Two Daggers of Venom, Studded leather, Burglar’s Pack, Thieves’ Tools, 43gp,

Racial Traits: Darkvision (60ft / 18m / 12sqr), Trance (meditate for 4 hours instead of sleep), Fey Ancestry,

Class Features: Expertise (Arcane, Deception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth), Sneak Attack (4d6), Cunning Action, Roguish Archetype ( Arcane Trickster), Uncanny Dodge, Evasion,


Leonardo Cadaval is a inquisitive but easily bored Rogue who’s taken up magic to enhance his skills.

Ideal: There’s nothing wrong with stealing spells, No one should selfishly hoard knowledge.

Bond: One day I’ll prove to those arrogant students at the arcane institute the meaning of humility.

Flaw: I have a bad habit of stealing from well prepared individuals.
Ebonclad: A 5E DnD Thieves' Guild Setting + 7 New Adventures
A thieves' guild setting for your 5th Edition DnD game! Loaded with new character & GM options and 7 new adventures. Fast delivery!

About this project

Ebonclad is a thieves’ guild fantasy campaign setting designed for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game! It’s perfect if you’re planning to start a new campaign, if you like stories about espionage and spycraft, or if you’re simply looking for a change from the norm.

Inside Ebonclad you’ll find:

  • 170 pages of material accompanied by lavish illustrations and short stories to bring the setting to life.
  • 7 adventures for character levels 1 - 4 GMs can use to introduce new players to the setting, or customize for use in their own campaigns.
  • Tons of character options including new backgrounds, subclasses, feats, equipment, poisons, and spells.
  • Tools for GMs to generate random citizens, valuables they may possess, the contents of their pockets or purses, and ways of determining how connected they are and how they’d react to witnessing crimes.
  • Dozens of new NPCs, from generic stat blocks to specific characters living in the city.
  • Over 30 random street encounters with different customization options a GM can use.
  • New Urban Chase Complications specific to the setting.

Queen Alanna, Northon, and Swifthollow are just a few of the NPCs who bring the Ebonclad setting to life

The setting is easily customized, allowing you to pick and choose which elements you want to use. You can easily adapt it to your game world in progress or use it to begin a new campaign altogether!

About the Setting

In this setting, characters take on roles as members rising within the ranks of Guild Ebonclad, proving their worth and gaining status as they complete missions for the guild. Ebonclad is a 170 page campaign setting available through this Kickstarter campaign in hardcover and digitally bookmarked PDF.

Kintalla, the Silver City. While the city sleeps, thieves are on the prowl…

Themes in Ebonclad

This campaign setting is designed around the following themes of play:

  • Theft. Most of the guild’s income is derived from its lowest-ranking street thieves, burglars, and con artists who blend in with the citizens of Kintalla and prey upon them daily. Recruits won’t gain full membership without proving they have the skill to a pick pocket or the mettle to pull off a heist. The guild keeps its eyes on big scores moving around Kintalla, sending its best agents after the most valuable prizes.
  • Subtlety. The world’s best thieves, spies, and assassins are the ones you’ve never heard of. Ebonclad asks its members to blend in, pick locks, cut purses, and operate from within the shadows. That’s not to say there’s no room for less discreet personnel among the Ebonclad ranks however, as guild enforcers and body guards are every bit as important to protect these spies and scoundrels.
  • Assassination. The guild’s major players are constantly at work, manipulating citizens of Kintalla like moving pawns on a chessboard. Sometimes, it’s necessary to sacrifice a pawn. When such a time arises, the guild sends parties of enforcers and assassins to ensure these pawns never return to the board again.
  • Sabotage. Secrecy is paramount, but some things can’t help but be noticed. Ebonclad carefully plans acts of sabotage to ensure such deeds do not expose its members. Better still is when the dirty work can be pinned on the unwitting; many citizens of Kintalla are locked in the city’s dungeons, serving sentences for crimes they never committed.
  • Espionage. Knowledge is power, and no one understands this better than the brothers and sisters of the guild. The spies of Ebonclad routinely bring information of what’s going on in the city, new scores to claim, new people to manipulate, and new places to explore.
  • The Great Wheel. Members of Ebonclad constantly refer to the turning the “Great Wheel,” a metaphor for how the guild works to manufacture important events within Kintalla and across the world. When the Great Wheel spins, kings are crowned, armies go to war, and nations are forged.

You never know who (or what) lurks behind the corner…

Perks of the life of guild members, such as guild marks and Eboncant - a special form of thieves’ cant

[Read more at Kickstarter]

“Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.”

— Blue Lily, Lily Blue

D&D 5E NPC - Natalia Reed - Human Assassin

Art by: Magnus Norén

Name: Natalia Reed
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7′ / 1.7m
Age: 27  
Class: Rogue (Assassin)


Level: 7

AC 17 (Studded leather and Ring of Protection +1), Hp 26 (7d8 Hit Die), Proficiency +3, Speed 30ft

Alignment: Evil

languages: Common, Thieves’ Cant, Elvish,

Ability Scores:
Str 16 (+3) Dex 18 (+4) Con 7 (-2) Int 18 (+4) Wis 15 (+2) Cha 16 (+3)

Attacks: Shortsword (+7 to hit, 1d6+4 Slashing damage) and Shortsword off hand (+7 to hit, 1d6 Slashing damage) or Shortbow (+7 to hit, 1d6 Piercing damage)

Skills: Acrobatics (Expertise), Athletics, Deception, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Slight of hand, Stealth (Expertise), Thieves’ tools (Expertise), 

Equipment: Two shortswords, Shortbow, Studded leather Armour, Burglar’s Pack, Ring of Protection +1, 15pp,

Class Features: Sneak Attack (4d6), Cunning Action, Roguish Archetype (Assassin), Uncanny Dodge, Evasion,  


Natalia is a asocial woman who cares little for others. She isn’t rude or mean to others but instead ops to ends social encounters quickly and politely.  

Ideal: There’s no reason to take credit for a job well done, just get paid and move on.

Bond: Natalia is seeking the identity of the man who killed her family by immersing herself in the gritty world of contract killings. 

Flaw: Natalia has a birth defect which has left her with brittle bones and severely weakened immune system. She has disadvantage on saving throws against diseases or being sickened.

…Declan was solid where Ronan was brittle. Declan’s wide jaw and smile said Vote for me while Ronan’s buzzed head and thin mouth warned that this species was dangerous.

The 23 Types of Vagabond

In 1566, Thomas Harman published A Caveat or Warning for Common Cursitors, vulgarly called vagabonds, a book that aimed to shine a light on what he believed to be the devious rogues of society. As well as retelling stories of thievery, detailing the techniques of such criminals, and providing a dictionary of rogues’ secret language (“Thieves’ Cant”), each of the book’s first 23 chapters were named after a different class of vagabond, as identified by Harman. 

Those chapter titles soon became the following popular list, as described in William Harrison’s Description Of England 11 years later. 

(Source: The Description Of England.)

The several disorders and degrees amongst our idle vagabonds:

1. Rufflers (thieving beggars, apprentice uprightment)

2. Uprightmen (leaders of robber bands)

3. Hookers or anglers (thieves who steal through windows with hooks)

4. Rogues (rank-and-file vagabonds)

5. Wild rogues (those born of rogues)

6. Priggers of prancers (horse thieves)

7. Palliards (male and female beggars, traveling in pairs)

8. Fraters (sham proctors, pretending to beg for hospitals, etc.)

9. Abrams (feined lunatics)

10. Fresh-water mariners or whipjacks (beggars pretending shipwreck)

11. Dummerers (sham deaf-mutes)

12. Drunken tinkers (thieves using the trade as a cover)

13. Swadders or peddlers (thieves pretending to be peddlers)

14. Jarkmen (forgers of licenses) or patricoes (hedge priests)

Of Womenkind:

1. Demanders for glimmer or fire (female beggars pretending loss of fire)

2. Bawdy baskets (female peddlars)

3. Morts (prostitutes and thieves)

4. Autem morts (married harlots)

5. Walking morts (unmarried harlots)

6. Doxies (prostitutes who begin with uprightmen)

7. Dells (young girls, incipient doxies)

8. Kinchin morts (female beggar children)

9. Kinchin coes (male beggar children)

reading The Dream Thieves again and i cant believe,,, i passed up the opportunity to make a joke about “One hundred white Mitsubishis” with Taio Cruz’s TEDtalk about his fucking Lamborghinis but the youtube poop one.

“With only ONE HUNDRED mitsubishis in his mitsubishi account. and only TWO DOZEN fake licenses in his fake licenses account.“

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My druid grew up in the city, so when anyone asks her about plants she's just like "¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they're green"


this is kind of a tangent but my halfling warlock Middy likes to pretend she knows everything about everything. she’s very proud of how she educated herself. not many street kids from Joule can say they know five languages.

send me a fact about your dnd character and i’ll reply with one about mine!

Persona 5 here we go

Is this for day 1 of pride? Why not… Lol. June 5th. 30 days of pride.

Though Pride month coincides with summer borderlands bingo and Promptio week (june 26 - july 2) so we’ll see what happens this month!

First up is a little Akira/Mishima from Persona 5 because Mishima is my cinnamon roll of the game. Seriously too cute.

I have a lot of pairings I like in Persona 5 so… And its all fresh in my mind since I’m still playing it.

It wasn’t the first time Yuuki had caught himself staring. Even from across the room, and several desks back, he never felt like he had any trouble turning his head to watch the sleep rumpled head of Akira Kurusu.

Teachers never called on him in class, he had for years been plagued by a sense of being nondescript and had a tendency to fade into the background. No one bothered to care where his gaze fell or where his mind wandered…

The sun shone over Akira’s desk and over whatever textbook the relaxed boy was using to cover up whatever it was he was doing. Around him everyone was either talking amongst themselves about their weekend plans or with their heads in their books going over the old material for the review quiz they knew Mr. Ushimaru would give them once he returned from the office. The hardass.

Instead of doing any of that, Yuuki was watching Akira with rapt attention. If he looked closely enough he could see the slight flick of a tail from his desk. How no one else knew Akira’s cat followed him to class each and every day he would never know.

Yuuki thought it was adorable. He wasn’t sure when the cat had appeared, as far as he could tell, the boy had always had this cat. It had to have been within the first few weeks Akira had transferred to Tokyo.

And gosh did he dote on the thing.

Sometimes he wished he was that cat… receiving gentle scritches and those small smiles…

Knowing the cat probably curled up on his futon with him and…

God was he seriously jealous of a cat?

He felt ashamed… for months now he had been harbouring this crush. At first he felt it was just pure devotion to Akira for saving him. Though the other had tried to be sly at first and avoid the topic, Yuuki knew without a doubt that Akira was one of the Phantom Thieves.

He didn’t know how many there was… or if the transfer student was simply acting on his own. But Akira was a terrible liar. With time and gentle pushing, the boy had all but admitted it.

Yuuki wished he could be one so badly. He said as much, let me join you, let me help. Akira had shook his head, eyes hiding behind the mop of his hair and the light glaring over his glasses. “You can’t.”

It had stung. The blunt and brutal rejection. Akira didn’t need him. He didn’t know how he had made Kamoshida confess the way he did. But over time he watched the thief cause a change in countless others, whether it be small time bullies in Shujin’s own halls, or elusive threats like that mafia boss Kaneshiro…

A few days later in Ms. Chouno’s class he watched Ann pull out her phone discreetly. A moment later Akira snuck his own phone out.

The rumours in class that those two were a couple had been circulating for weeks. Sometimes he caught them leaving class together, their body language showing their casual familiarity with each other.

Yuuki knew he didn’t stand a chance. It was so bold of them to throw their relationship around at school, defying the strict rules.

The thief had stolen Yuuki’s heart too.

The only way he could distract himself was to put all of his being into the Phan-site. He’d show Akira how useful he could be. Even if he could never win Akira’s heart… he just wanted to stay close…

“You’re still working on that site, even here? You know this is supposed to be a vacation right?”

Yuuki glanced up from his phone when he heard Akira’s voice. He had been so engrossed in his work he had forgotten where he was.

Ever since the Thieves had taken out Medjed, the Phan-site had exploded. On all fronts. Modding the site had become a full time job.

He was in Hawaii on the school trip. He was rooming with Akira…

How he had managed that… Yuuki thanked his lucky stars. No one else in their class had wanted to room with them. Everyone was still too in awe yet fearful of Akira and no one seemed to know who Yuuki was still… after all of these years.

He could have kissed Ms. Kawakami for denying Ryuji the way she had… if she totally didn’t intimidate the crap out of him for some reason or another. She was kind for the most part, but there seemed to be an edge to her he felt was like a knife…

“How can I relax when the Thieves are more popular than ever? The whole world has their eyes on them. Maybe there’s a request here in Hawaii…”

Akira just huffed and fell back onto his hotel bed. “Just relax Mishima…” he mumbled, slipping his glasses off of his nose and tossed them on the bed beside him.

Brown eyes widened. “But this could be a great opportunity.”

Suddenly Yuuki was pinned in place by grey eyes. He had never seen Akira without his glasses before. His whole demeanor seemed… different. Less quiet and reserved. More… dangerous. It was exciting.

Distantly he remembered that Akira’s cat was not brought to Hawaii with them… they were truly alone…

“The thieves cant do anything right now… This is a break for us too.” Something shone in Akira’s eyes. “Now… turn off your phone and come here. Don’t make me get up and come to you.”

Yuuki’s body moved without him even telling him to. Compelled by that look in those grey eyes and the small smirk on those lips… He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

He couldn’t help the embarrassing squeak as Akira reached out and pulled him in towards his body and down onto the bed with him. Akira’s light chuckle hit his neck as his limbs wound their way around his, thigh pressing close as his other leg sprawled over Yuuki’s thigh, arms tight and Yuuki could feel the quiet strength in the body holding him close.

“Not used to sleeping without a body… “

“A-ah… With Takamaki?”

Akira made a soft puzzling noise as he… was he nuzzling his neck? Yuuki’s brain was short circuiting… he didn’t ever think…

“What about Ann?” he seemed truly puzzled, but continued to nose at Yuuki’s throat, his arms tightening slightly about the body in his arms. “I mean without Mona… he always sleeps close, his little paws kneading on my chest in his sleep… though he would never admit it…”

Akira’s voice sounded distant… as if almost talking to himself but Yuuki listened intently to the way the object of his affection talked about his pet cat as if Morgana (he had gleaned that information from Ryuji once a few months back) could actually talk to him.

Shyly, he reached up to press a palm lightly against Akira’s chest… he could feel the muscles underneath his black t-shirt…

The noise Akira made then was almost a purr. Holy…

“Akira…” Yuuki could barely breathe the other boys name… his cheeks must be scarlet.

“He’d get mad at me for staying up so late so… stay here… okay…?”

Yuuki nodded into the dark curls in front of him. He didn’t have much choice but even then… this is more than he had ever dared to dream…

“As long as I’m useful to you…” he whispered

The reply was so distant, already half under the thrall of sleep; “You’re always useful Mishima… thank you…”

Love the fandom idea of Akira having cat mannerisms. Mishima is so precious.
Organizations Call Out Ivanka Trump Brand Over Labor Scandal
The White House has said all questions should be directed to Trump's brand—which continues to remain silent.
By Aria Bendix

Following news that two labor activists went missing and another was arrested after investigating a Chinese company that produces Ivanka Trump shoes, numerous organizations have called for the president’s daughter to address the situation. “Ivanka’s brand should immediately cease its work with this supplier, and the Trump administration should reverse its current course and confront China on its human rights abuses,” Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, said in a Wednesday statement. “For years, Ivanka Trump has ignored public reports of awful labor conditions at a factory that makes her shoes. Now, she must decide whether she can ignore the Chinese government’s apparent attempt to silence an investigation into those worker abuses.”

Indeed, this isn’t the first time the Ivanka Trump brand has been embroiled in a labor scandal. In April, an inspection by the Fair Labor Association found that workers in a Chinese knitting factory that makes clothing for the brand were being underpaid, receiving just $62 weekly for up to 60 hours of work, or a little more than a dollar per hour. All together, the factory was found to be in violation of two dozen international labor standards.