Your fave is problematic: Brynjolf
  • cute accent
  • one time he went out searching for you when you were missing
  • he can’t sneak to save his life
  • he’s a smooth talker
  • he looks really good in the thieve’s guild armor
  • sorry lass
  • I’ve got important things to do
  • sorry lass
  • I’ve got important things to do
  • sorry lass
  • I’ve got impor

Skyrim: Reluctant Leader by Isriana

A long, long overdue commission for ApolloNight featuring the adventures of a hungry, broke little Bosmer who accidentally became the boss of… well, everything. Poor Hawk - she really just wanted to get some work done. Skyrim factions seem to be big on using the “You Are in Command Now” trope… ;D

The difference between the thieves guild and the dark brotherhood
  • Thieves guild: get the thing and get out. Don't kill anyone,don't get caught,or you are fucking dead to us.
  • Dark brotherhood: kill this guy. We don't really give a shit how you do it. Burn his house down, stab him, kill 50 guards in the process, it's all good! Bye fam have fun
  • <p> <b>Thieves Guild in Oblivion:</b> Steal from the rich, give to the poor, stick it to the corrupt officials<p/><b>Thieves Guild in Skyrim:</b> Harass shopkeepers, steal from the poor, the corrupt officials are your bosses<p/></p>