Thieves’ Guild, by Gamelords

[abridged excerpt from Take a Trip to Haven — The Free City by John O’Neill / Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature]

Gamelords was one of the most innovative and unusual game companies to emerge in the late 70s. […] Their first major release — and the one that really put them on the map — was Thieves’ Guild (1980), a standalone set of rules focused on thieves in an urban setting. Anyone who’s read Fritz Leiber’s Hugo-winning story “Ill Met in Lankhmar,” which details how his heroes Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser first met, understands the instant appeal of a system that allows thieves to live up to their true potential, and includes details on that most secretive of organizations: the Thieves’ Guild.

Years after Gamelords folded, Conan D. Kerry offered a little background on the genesis of both Thieves’ Guild, and the company behind it:

Way before Gamelords was founded, my father ran a campaign out of a bookstore called ‘The Chimera.’ He was always into gaming in just about any form and was quite passionate about it. One of his complaints was that the thief class only had 2 purposes in D&D:

1. Find traps
2. Cannon fodder

He wrote a gaming system that expanded on the thief class, and thus Thieves’ Guild was born. […]

Thieves Guild was designed by Richard Meyer and Kerry Lloyd, and originally released in ultra low-budget format as a collection of loose-leaf, three-hole punched pages with a minimalist, black-and-brown cover.

Even in that rough package it proved popular immediately, and Gamelords supported it with an impressive line of ten supplements (see the complete list here, and a delightful overview of the system at Beyond the Black Gate), published at regular intervals and available by subscription. Here’s a typical magazine ad from the early 80s:

I want to thank Shirley Curry for reminding me I /don’t/ have to just do main missions to enjoy Skyrim.

I’ve been playing as my Redguard mercenary and just doing side missions/bounties/ect so far, and I’m having

so much fun.

Soon, though, I’m gonna join the Companions. Maybe the Dark Brotherhood, later on.

anonymous asked:

How would I go about making something like a thieves/assassin's guild? I want guidelines since they're not merciless killers, but they're still kind of illegal nevertheless.

Well take a look at some other guilds you like, like for example the thieves guild in the elder scroll games, or in novels. Study them and see what aspects you like and do not like and find a way to incorporate them in your own system. But the main thing creating something like this is hours and hours of brainstorming over their moral and ‘legal’ code. That will be the key to making your guild unique. 

Hope this helped!

Your fave is problematic: Brynjolf
  • cute accent
  • one time he went out searching for you when you were missing
  • he can’t sneak to save his life
  • he’s a smooth talker
  • he looks really good in the thieve’s guild armor
  • sorry lass
  • I’ve got important things to do
  • sorry lass
  • I’ve got important things to do
  • sorry lass
  • I’ve got impor

anonymous asked:

the stars have aligned once again and i get to D&D as a player! i want you to know that your blog was the most inspiring this time and i have made a rogue. he is a dwarf named Dirk who was falsely accused of treason and so escaped his city, shaved his head and beard, and went into hiding as part of a thieve's guild in a different city

Yay rogues! Dirk sounds like a blast, have enormous amounts of fun with him, and let us know what happens. Now go roll some dice!


Skyrim: Reluctant Leader by Isriana

A long, long overdue commission for ApolloNight featuring the adventures of a hungry, broke little Bosmer who accidentally became the boss of… well, everything. Poor Hawk - she really just wanted to get some work done. Skyrim factions seem to be big on using the “You Are in Command Now” trope… ;D

The difference between the thieves guild and the dark brotherhood
  • Thieves guild:get the thing and get out. Don't kill anyone,don't get caught,or you are fucking dead to us.
  • Dark brotherhood:kill this guy. We don't really give a shit how you do it. Burn his house down, stab him, kill 50 guards in the process, it's all good! Bye fam have fun