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What would Mcree, Hanzo,and Junkrat do if they found out Thier teenage daughter was going on Thier first date ( some one help these poor daddy's Thier not ready to let Thier baby's go😭

Author’s Note: I’m assuming the reader is the daughter in this situation? Hope this is what you wanted! ^^


  • This man loves you with all his heart, you knew when he found out he’d be extremely skeptical.
  • Though, he respects your decisions, he know’s how dating can go. Having been a Casanova before having met your mother/father.
  • When he meets your date, suddenly, he is all buddy-buddy with them. You find them laughing and making small talk while they wait for you.
  • McCree watches you take off with your date. A small wave a relief passing him when he notices your date seems nervous and clumsy. Assuming it was his first date as well as yours.
  • He doesn’t leave the door till your out of his sight and on your way for an evening of fun. 
  • A pang of sadness hitting his chest as the thought of you growing up.


  • He is silent. Keen eyes watching your date shuffle awkwardly as they wait for you. 
  • He doesn’t need to say anything to seem intimidating. A trait that makes his significant other laugh quite often.
  • You know he means no harm by it. Most likely sizing up your date, checking off the qualities that deems them acceptable.
  • He wishes you and your date a good evening, placing a kiss on your cheek and a well times stare at your date.
  • He loiters around the door quite often. Even when his significant other assures them everything is fine. 
  • “They're old enough to know better.” They assure, placing a kiss on his head. “Stop being so doting.”
  • He can’t help it. You’re his only child, his daughter, and he recalls the way his own brother used to be with girls such as you in their younger years. 
  • A chill runs through his body at the thought.
  • He continues to fret your return more anxious than before. 


  • Somehow he’s managed to get Roadhog roped into this much to your and his significant other’s annoyance.
  • He is extremely over protective of you, no shame and no boundaries. 
  • You hope your mother/father has it under control when they speak to him that “No, they don’t need a body guard. Yes, Jamison I’m sure. They’re a teenager let them live!”
  • He does, however, decide to have a talk with your date.
  • Jamison stands to his full height, towering over the poor sap. “You so far as hurt one hair on my Darl’s head and you’lls get whats comin’ to yah, mate.”
  • He tries his hardest to stay up and wait for you to get back but fall asleep before then.
  • You find him sprawled out on the couch with his frag launcher at the ready. 
  • Shaking your head at his antics, you place a kiss on his forehead while tucking him in. “Gnight, dad.” He mumbles something about you in his sleep and you hide your laughter leaving him to rest. 
  • You know he means well. The stories about his upbringing leaving him so protective of what he has but his methods can be a bit brash.

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How about 17 for the 'I love you' prompt with egobang? (Ngl I picked this one because it reminded me of my datemate and I love them)

[That’s so sweet. I hope I did the prompt justice]

Prompt: When the broken grass litters the floor

The sound of glass breaking and cursing made Dan scramble to his feet, book thrown aside. He tried to peer into the kitchen, but his angle afforded him very little.

“Arin?” He called, walking towards the archway seperating the two rooms. “What happened?”

“Nothing!” Arin suddenly shouted, sounding a bit frantic. “Stay there! I’m fine!” Dan didn’t stop, however, as he stepped into the kitchen to find Arin on his hands and knees, picking shards of glass off the floor.

“Don’t use your hands. You’re going to-” Dan started when Arin let out a yelp. “Hurt yourself.” He finished with a sigh.

“M'fine.” Arin said, sticking his finger in his mouth. Dan knelt beside him, holding out a hand.

“Lemme see.” He said, raising an eyebrow when Arin hesitated. “Arin.”

Arin reluctantly held out his hand to Dan, rolling his eyes. “Dude, it’s nothing.” Dan ignored him, turning his fingers over to check each one.

“Nothing? You have cuts on like, each finger. How did you even-” He sighed again. “What happened?” He gestured with his head to the glass and Arin looked away.

“I dropped a mug.” Arin mumbled.

Dan shrugged. “It’s a mug. Who cares?”

“It was the one with Bob Ross on it.” Arin said, quieter. “Your favourite.”

Dan frowned, glancing back at the shattered pieces. Oh. That’s why Arin looked so ashamed. He’d broken the mug he’d gotten Dan on thier first date. A stupid thing with Bob Ross welding his paintbrush as a sword while he fought the undead. Dan had loved tgat mug for both the hilariousness of it and the memory of that time with Arin. And Arin thought Dan was upset.

Dan stared at the pieces for several seconds, and the entire time Arin refused to meet his eye. Finally, Dan wrapped his hand around Arin’s wrist and stood, tugging him to his feet. “C'mon.” He said, and walked them to the bathroom.

Neither of them said anything as Dan carefully washed Arin’s hand, Arin hissing when the soap hit his cuts. They were quiet as Dan took out the neosporn and bandaids, carefully wrapping up each cut. When Dan was finished, he kissed each bandaid and gave Arin a warm smile.

“It was a stupid mug.” Dan said, kissing Arin’s forehead. “I love you more.”

“But it-” Arin started.

“You can buy me a new one.” Dan reassured, and Arin finally relaxed a bit. “A cooler one, with Snoop Dog fighting Darth Vader or something.”

Arin blinked. “I… actually know where to buy one of those.”

Dan burst out laughing. “Okay, you have to get that for me now.”

“It’s all yours,” Arin said, kissing Dan’s nose. “Sweetheart.”

Dan shoved Arin shoulder lightly and snorted. “Don’t call me that. I hate it.”

“No, you don’t.” Arin said, smirking. “You love it when I call you pet names, baby.”

“That’s you.” Dan retorted.

“At least I’ll admit it.” Arin said, leaning forward to kiss Dan. Dan relaxed into the kiss, eyes sliding shut. Maybe he did like the pet names. Maybe. But Arin didn’t need to know that.

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So my friend invited me to go to the drive in with her and her boyfriend. i went because she diddent want to go alone, as it was thier first date. they cuddled up under one blanket while i sat on the other side of the car with my blanket. lets just say she gave him a hand job. i know because she told me plus i could hear it. she invited me to hang out with her and her boyfriend at the lake next weekend. what do i do?!

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