oh MAN i feel you, mako/ryuko is so cute

it’s like. pretty much every anime i’ve seen where there’s a ‘tough’ character and a cute sidekick type, the tough one takes ages to get used to the sidekick and they act like they don’t enjoy their company blah blah. but ryuko is so open about how much she loves mako, she warms to mako instantly and it’s so wonderful to see such an intense relationship embraced by both characters aaaah my god i’m rambling THANKS SEAB

yeah exactly!! i plan to always keep drawing. no matter how bad i feel about my doodles i keep my sketchbooks so i know i’ve improved. and when you draw something you’re so happy with after so long with not doing anything it feels so much more satisfying

yeah i was thinking wolf but i really want to draw ymir as a wolf too aaa

here’s what i have so far:
mikasa - cat, armin - koala, jean - horse, marco - dog, sasha - pig, connie - hamster, christa - mouse, annie - bird, reiner - bear, bert - ostrich or a giraffe, erwin - eagle, levi - squirrel

i’m stuck on hanji and eren haha