“Hello Mr. Adler” Chapter 1 (Rafe Adler x Reader) [ENGLISH]

Warnings: Language?

English is not my first language, so if you see some mistakes, please tell me! Thank you <3

Word Count: 1126 words

Your eyes went nervously through your room. starring at a few pictures on the wall, but you coudln’t concentrate on anything. Soon you’d expect a call. A job interview over the phone. A few days ago you had received a letter in which you had got a date and time for a phone interview. You had you advertised for a job in Rafe Adler’s ranks. He was looking for something big, you didn’t exactly know what, but he promised a lot of money for the work and you need the money. You had just completed your studies to archaeologist and might be glad to have found so quickly something. Lost in thoughts you looked out the window. The sun was setting already, you could see the different colors in the sky. The vibration of your phone tore you from your thoughts.

The slight humming made you nervous and took your mobile phone in your hand. With the finger you unlocked the screen and took the call. “(Y / N)” you said resolutely and were trying to sound confidently . “Good day Miss (Y / N) here is Rafe Adler, I call for their interview” said the other voice on the phone.

You you held a moment and took the letter in your hand again. Actually you should speak with a lady named Jessica O'Neil, but now Mr Rafe Adler appeared to be on the line.

“Hello Mr Adler! I- forgive me, I am a little perplexed, I expected Jessica O'Neil. "You stutter slightly nervous.

"Ah understand. Now, look i will explain it to you. Miss O'Neil often searched for people for me and as I unfortunately had to realize it was always the wrong Persn. It didn’t fit. Anyway. This time I want to be pretty sure that I can work with the person and therefore I will carry this conversation personally. I hope you understand that and my situation. "He let know you. His cold voice let you almost shudder. Was he really so cold or was this the businessman Rafe Adler himself?

"No, no Mr Adler, I understand it.” You gave him an answer.

“Well,” you heard from him. His voice was like ice that buried itself in your heart. Minute by minute of it was you unlikable. “How much experience do they have with Latin writings?” He asked dryly.

“Um, I speak the language, I can read and understand.” You said.

“Excellent” he let out. You heard scratching a pencil on paper. He seemed all hold key point-like. You swallow, steeling yourself for the next Questions.

It seemed to you, Rafe Adler was a man of few words. He asked objective and concrete terms for details of your experience and your training.

“Miss (Y / L/N), I expect a certain competence and reliability, otherwise I can’t imagine a collaboration between you and me” he said coolly. You was acutely aware he needed someone who was really in the matter and could cooperate well and that you would give him. After all, you needed the money.

“I understand Mr Adler and I think I can satisfying your aspirations and deliver a good job.” you said. You felt your hands were shaking of excitement. The excitement shot through your body and you waited tensely for an answer, of course, for a positive. The seconds of waiting, they felt like hours and suddenly Mr Adler suggested at the other end of the line.

“Miss (Y / N)? Do you hear? "He asked.

"Yes Mr Adler?” You gave back.

“Well, I’ve made some notes about our conversation and I will call you in a few days and give you an answer.” His voice was once again businesslike and cool. Damn, was he really such a cold person? But how can a Person be so cold?

“Of course, Mr. Adler! I’d appreciate a call "you gave back friendly.

"Of course you would,” he admitted dryly. “Goodbye  Miss (Y/L/N)“

"Goodbye Mr. Adler, I wish you a nice day” you said, but you heard already the hooting of the phone. The idiot had already quit the call. What the hell was wrong with him? You threw yourself backwards on your bed and wide out your arms. A strange feeling spread in your belly. Oh great, the job could you forget now. You felt a dislike for Rafe Adler. What an asshole, you thought. Actually you might be glad not to work for an ass like him. If  he was always cold like this and he would be your boss you would throw you from the nearest cliff. In thinking about Rafe Adler, you noticed that your phone vibrates again.. Quick you took it, in your hand and you took the call.

(Y / N)“ you hum annoyed into the phone.

"Miss (Y / N)?” Mr Alder, here again. When could you start? “He said

"Um What? Sorry, I’m just a little confused "you stammered into the phone.

"When you can start working for me?” He sounded a little annoyed.

“Oh, um .. as you like?” You gave an answer.

“How quickly you can pack up and be at the airport?” He said quickly.

“How quic-? Ehm it depends where? ”

“Scotland” he replied curtly.

“Well, I would say ehm two hours?” Murmuring while you already were trying to drag your suitcase out of the closet.

“I book you a flight, more instructions you’ll get from my Driver. He will pick you up and bring you to the airport and someone else pick up from the airport in Scotland and bring them to your hotel. follow further instructions. "said the factual and businessman Rafe Adler.

"Oh okay, so I got the job?” You asked.

“Why do I discuss all this with you? For fun? I don’t think so, "he retorted freezing.

Asshole you thought.

"Oh, how wonderful!”

“Yes, just incredible, so Goodbye and a good flight” and then he hung up.

You sink your hand with your mobile and looked around. You needed some time to let it sink in. You had the job! Just BANG You’ve got it. But why he changed his mind so quickly and called you back? Well, you had now no matter, because you had the job! Joy flowed through your body and you had to grin. Your gaze went through the room as you discovered your suitcase. Suddenly panic spread in your Body. A quick glance at the clock told you had not much time to pack. Scotland!?! So you needed warm clothes. As fast as you can you collected your sweaters and jackets and threw them in a high arc into the suitcase. You had the job, you would finally come to Scotland and earn a lot of Money. A grin you couldn’t hide.


I’ve lived a hundred lives, I’ve loved a hundred loves, and I’ve walked in distant worlds… all thanks to Voltage.


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Seeing that one character for the first time…

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