“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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Of blades and thievery (King Arthur x Reader)

Fandom/movie: King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

Pairing: Arthur x fem!Reader

Warnings: A little violence - small fight scene

Words count: 2 321

Summary: (Y/n) came to Londinium looking for a new life and had to become a thief to survive. When one day a simple job got ugly, the raising gang under the leadership of a lad named Arthur comes to her rescue. (Story under the cut.)

(A/N): Okay, I’m, like, super nervous about this, for a lot of reasons, but I’m also pretty happy with how it turned out… I edited it a few times already and I have the feeling it could be even better, but, well, I can’t wait to post it, so… yeah, I may edit it later as well ;p And I just saw the movie again yesterday, and it’s soo good I would happily go see it a third time, honest! I love this incarnation of Arthur and the movie is by far my favourite one this year and favourite fantasy one since LOTR. Also I have this really, really strong urge to make this into a longer story, but I honestly don’t know if it’s a good idea and how I would exactly pull it off… But if there is someone willing to read this becoming a longer story, let me know! It may push me to write it ;p Okay, but I rambled enough already, I’ll stop here. For any mistakes I sincerely apologize, English’s not my native language and I can only hope a gave characters justice. And if you want to gush about the movie or Arthur or anything related to it, I’m all for it, message me, send an ask, I’ll be here for it!

So, without further ado, enjoy, lads!

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zacharandom  asked:

The next day Shiro finds Lance in a black onsie while Allura is trying to teach the baby to pick locks. "If he is going to be a thief he must begin training at once! When I was his age I could crack a 6 digit combination lock"

Allura:  What do you mean he can’t handle basic training??  He should be sparing on level 3 by now!

Honor Among Tits

You’re a thief and you cross paths with the infamous Yondu. What do you do? Use your tits of course! A03 link here. Thanks to @multi-villain-imagines for taking a ookl at this before I posted it.

   You thought you were a pretty decent thief. It was rare that you got caught. But you remembered the day you did. It must have been an off day for you. You were in the caverns of Ecorth, and you were staring down the end of a sleek, silver arrow. The tip was right at your nose, and you were terrified of making one false move.  The owner of the arrow grinned at you, showing his jagged teeth.

   Everyone in the galaxy knew Yondu Undonta.  People didn’t mess with him or his crew. You were surprised this was the first time you had interacted with him. Ravagers did almost anything for money. Stealing was on that list.

   “Drop ‘em.”

   Sighing, you dropped the bag of Ecrothian crystals. So much for selling them on the black market

   “I mean all of it.”

   “That is it.”

   “Girl, don’t play dumb with me,” He pointed to your chest. “Drop the rest.”

   Confused, you glanced down at your chest.

   Despite your big tits, you were a good thief. For years, you trained to be fit and fast. Eating right and working out had served you well. The only issue really was your breasts. They were just kinda big. However, you used to them to your advantage. This was the first time someone mistook your breasts for crystals though.

   “Um—sweetie, you do know what boobs are right?”

   “I’m pretty sure your tits ain’t as big your head.”

   “Do you wanna take a look?”

   There was a pause.

   “Yer inviting me to touch yer titties?”

   “Pretty much seeing as how you think they’re fake.”

   There was another small pause before Yondu gave a sharp whistle. When you didn’t run away, he walked towards you and reached under your shirt. You giggled slightly as you felt his finger rub against one of your nipples. His eyes went wide. These big breasts were real! Giggling, you pulled up your shirt, so your tits were revealed. Yondu’s cheeks turned purple as he began to blush.

   Then, you got an idea.

,    “Interested in making a deal?” You asked, moving to put your breasts back in your shirt.

   “Aw, c’mon!” You could hear the desperation in Yondu’s voice. “Don’t put ‘em away!”

   God, men were so easy to read. Glancing down, you could already see a bulge forming in his pants. With a grin, you playfully tugged at his belt loop.

   “Listen here handsome,” You cooed. “There is more than enough crystals here for you and for me. But since you’re not feeling that generous, what if I sweeten the deal? Your ship is around here right?  In that ship, I bet you have a bedroom and in that bedroom, a nice soft bed that could hold two warm bodies? If I let you play with me, you let me have as many crystals as I want. How does that sound?”

   Yondu wasn’t an idiot. Some people thought he wasn’t that smart, but it took a lot to make him look like a fool.  However, he suffered from a severe problem, and it was something many Ravagers suffered from; a lack of consistent sex.  Ravagers didn’t, settle down and get married. Some had girlfriends, but it was rare. So when it came to sex, Ravagers got it when they could. It was one of the downsides of the job. Typically, he wouldn’t have taken this deal, but those tits of yours were perfect. So big, so soft and so real!

   “Sounds good ta me.”    
   Yondu threw open the door to his bedroom. Your legs were wrapped around him, and your lips were locked. The two of you only broke away for a minute. Yondu locked the door, not wanting this moment to ruined by one of his boys. He turned back to you and saw you had taken off your top.  He tried not to drool at the sight of your breasts. Damn, how did he end up so lucky? A pile of super rare crystals and sex with a gorgeous woman? He had hit the jackpot!

Growling, Yondu pulled you into his arms and kissed you. It was kiss filled with passion and want. Stumbling backward, you fell onto the bed. You grinned at him as you started to undo his pants. As you did, he removed his coat and pulled off his shirt.  You got a good look at his body and honestly? Yondu was not in bad shape.  He wasn’t skinny, but he wasn’t fat. You could see his muscle, nice and toned. Smiling, you ran your hand over his chest, feeling his scars. Yondu closed his eyes for a second, enjoying the feel of your touch.  He growled again, this time softer. Leaning forward, he took your hand in his. He kissed your fingertips, eying you with his dark red eyes.

Something about his gaze made you feel warm. Initially, you just wanted the crystals and possibly, a quick fuck. Now, you were thinking about how you wanted Yondu and you were excited at the idea of sex with him. Was he handsome? In his own strange way, yes. There was something rugged about him. Was he older than you? Yes, but you had a weakness for older men.

Yondu sucked on one of your fingers,, his eyes still glued to you. Smiling, you watched him as he stopped sucking and began to kiss up your arm. Pinning you down, his lips made their way to your breasts. For a second, Yondu enjoyed the view. While he was a man who would fuck anyone, Yondu did really love tits. It was no surprise that you flashing your boobs had rendered him so helpless. Why? He had no idea why. All he knew was that he loved tits.

“Tell me, how’d ya get ‘em this big?” He asked, grabbing a handful of each breast.

“Just lucky I guess,” You replied. “It kinda runs in the family.”

“Lucky family,” He said, squeezing your tits.

“Oh honey, if you only knew! Big breasts are fun and all, but they can be a pain in the ass. You have no idea how many bras I have to buy.”

“It’s funny you say that,” Yondu kissed one of your tits. “Because youse weren’t wearing no bra when I found you.”

“Guess you got lucky that time.”

“Guess I did.”

Yondu licked one of your nipples, and you moaned. Grinning, Yondu licked a bit more before starting to suck. Again, you moaned and heat began to flow through you. It started at your core and began to fan out,, engulfing your body. Your sex throbbed for him, aching and begging for him. The nipple became hard as Yondu continued, his tongue going back and forth on the nub. You closed your eyes, one hand running down his scarred back as he continued. Your other hand was on the ignored breast, and you started encircling your nipple with your finger. This made Yondu growl, and he batted your hand away.

“Mine,” He said.

“Someone is possessive.”

“Fuck, yeah.”

   Yondu grabbed your other breast and started rubbing the nipple. More moans came from you while you sex began to pulse. Yondu watched you with growing desire. The way you moaned sound so sinful.  Each sound from you made his cock twitch. He was not regretting this deal. At this point, he was willing to give you 60% of the crystals if you’d fuck him again. Mostly, he just didn’t want to share the tits. No, tits this good should belong to him.

   Yondu started to suck on the nipple. He felt you tense for just a second and once more, you began to make noise. Fuck, the noises you were driving him crazy. Like a starving child, he sucked on your nipples. In his head, he thought about the tight clothing you wore all the time. He imagined your tits in a beautiful, latex top.  Yondu could picture it so perfectly, and he sucked with renewed vigor. He only stopped to switch to the other breast and lavish the same attention on it.

   When you pushed him away, he resisted, but he relented when your knee nudged his cock.  Chuckling, you flipped him onto the bed. He stared at you, a bit shocked that you were strong enough to flip him. Most women were too weak to do that. With a grin, you moved down, so you were level with his dick.  It was thick and already engorged. Time to put your tits to use.

   Grabbing both of them, you slipped Yondu’s dick between the mounds.

   “Fuck,” Yondu mumbled.

   You smiled as you slowly started moving your breasts up and down.

   “Oh fuck!” Yondu shouted, grabbing a handful of your hair. “Hot damn!”

   This was something you loved doing to your male lovers; a titty fuck. Watching them lose their mind as your breasts squeezed their dick. It was another way you ended up getting what you wanted. Right now, you wanted Yondu nice and erect so you could ride him like a stallion. Eying Yondu, your grin grew as you sucked at the tip of his cock. He whimpered, his eyes closed in ecstasy. You took more of his length inside your mouth, making him groan. A small drop of precum graced your tongue, but you didn’t stop until Yondu pushed you away.

   “I would let ya do that all night baby,” He panted. “But I’m ready fer the main event.”

   “Already?” You asked, crawling back up to him. “Such a shame. I was hoping you could hold out a bit longer.”

   “Well,” Yondu grinned at you. “I was thinking what if I sweetened the offer? I’ll give ya more than half if ya become my fuck buddy. I call you up, and we fuck.”

   “Let me think. I get to fuck the famous, handsome Ravager captain whenever he needs some tail, and I get more crystals?” You smiled at him as you raised yourself up. “I say you got yourself a deal sexy.”

   You lowered yourself onto his cock. Yondu’s eyes were closed, his hands running up your back. With a grin, you brought yourself down on his dick.

“Fucking hell,” Yondu breathed.

   His hands grabbed your hips, and his nails dug in as he held onto you for dear life. His mind was a mess of lewd thoughts.  God, there was so much he wanted to do to you! So many vile, nasty things, so many positions, so many kinks! His body was on fire as you rode him, his eyes still drawn to your chest. They wobbled as you bounced on his cock.  The slickness and warmth of your pussy encouraged him to participate more. Hands still at your hips, he began to thrust upwards.

   “Oh yes, baby!” You praised him.

   Grunting, he continued his thrusts while you grabbed hold of your tits.  A lustful growl came from Yondu as you started rubbing your nipples. You licked your lips, touching yourself in order to tease him. Fuck, you were good at this. Wetting your finger, you ran it over your hard nipple and moaned softly. Another growl came from his lips, and before you knew it, you were, on your back with Yondu on top.

   “I told you, these are mine!” He rumbled. “Ain’t no one else playing wit ‘em except me!”

   “Mhm, I don’t think so,” You said playfully. “I think I’m going to keep them.”

   “Oh, you’re asking for it!”

   Yondu attached himself to your nipple and began to suck again. He slowed his pace, wanting to make sure he got a chance to play with his new toys. You moaned, saying his name softly as he sucked. Your pussy tightened around his dick and that, in turn, made his balls itch. Unable to hold back, Yondu stopped sucking so he could focus on reaching his climax. Sweat rolled down his face as desperately fucked you.

   “Oh fuck,” You panted. “Ah, right there! Right there!”

   He was hitting the right spot. If just a few more hits was all, you needed. Hungrily he claimed your lips and with a few final thrusts, you came. Yondu soon followed, spilling into you. Shakingly, he pulled out and collapsed onto the bed. You were still for a while, letting satisfaction wash over you.  Then, as slowly as you could, you moved to lie next to Yondu.

   “Not too shabby,” You smiled at him, caressing his chest. “I’m shocked no one has ever told me tales of your sexual prowess.”

   “I don’t like ta brag,” Yondu chuckled, wrapping an arm around you. “So—round two?”

   “Possibly,” You snuggled closer to him. “After a small nap.”

So, rewatching Leverage, and here is a thought:

None of the team’s heists, except a couple of very specific episodes, could ever really be pulled off with three people.  The average con by the fine team at Leverage Incorporated has so many moving parts that they’ll often enough recruit even more somewhat-unwitting help from other people peripherally involved in the case.  Having five people on a team lets them grift from multiple directions and still save somebody to work from the background, lets them come from multiple angles, and means they’ve usually got backup somewhere.

So I’m thinking about Parker, Elliot, and Hardison, post-S5, and what I’m thinking is, their problem won’t be a lack of skill.  Sophie and then secondarily Nate are very much the primary grifters for the crew, but the trio have all got some solid-enough skill there.  Their problem is going to be a lack of bodies.

They’ll try a couple of jobs just the three of them, I’m sure, but after the first or second time that somebody almost gets seriously hurt because Eliot is on the other side of the city doing what ordinarily would have been Sophie’s job, it’s very clear: they need help.

It doesn’t need to be a full partner on the team, of course.  They can just add one or two people to be, like, employees for a bit.  Probationary crew members.  Parker’s all pleased about getting to boss people around.  Eliot Does Not Trust these new people.

So obviously there’s a revolving door of one-off helpers for a while, but what I’m thinking actually happens is, a couple of months in, they’re working a job with yet another really annoying temp, and they discover halfway through that somebody else is working the mark from the opposite angle.  Then they discover that it’s the mark’s fifteen-year-old adopted-for-publicity’s-sake foster kid and said foster kid’s seventeen-year-old sister.

Foster kid does not really enjoy being a poster child for the mark’s Goodness and Kindness Towards Humanity, but they do enjoy the cash.  The two girls have been playing marks since they were eight and ten.  The younger one has a great eye for details, quick fingers, and pulls off ‘sad unfortunate waif’ fantastically well.  The older one fights like a back-alley street brawler who’s won every fight she’s ever taken on the dirty way, and reads people like only a grifter who’s been working since near-birth could.  Before this job, this mark, it’s been a dozen different homes and schemes, mostly successful, in three different states.  The hope is to rip the mark off for enough cash and prizes to flee the whole Pacific Northwest and set themselves up for good.  However you do that.  How do you do that?

Of course, Annoying Temp Of The Week almost blows everything and gets them all caught, and of course, upon realizing what’s up with these two teenage girls, Parker-Hardison-Elliot almost blow everything even harder, going in to save them–but then the girls in their cleverness and gratitude get in there and repay the favor by saving the whole con, taking the mark out, and getting everybody home free.  Even the annoying temp of the week.

So once that guy’s been cut loose with his pay for the job and a ‘don’t call us–we’ll call you’, you get the trio upstairs from the brew pub, surveying these two teenage girls who just bailed them out of trouble and now have nowhere left to go but back into foster care.

“Now what are we going to do with you?” Hardison asks.

“You could keep us,” suggests the younger girl, as winningly as she can.  Three professional thieves with this kind of sweet setup?  Hell yeah.

“Uh, no, we can’t,” says Elliot.

“He’s right,” Parker agrees.  “The kinds of jobs we pull are no place for amateurs.”

“That’s not what it looked like before,” points out the older kid.  She means their temp.  She’s absolutely right.

“No, what she means is, our lives are no kind of place for kids,” Elliot growls.  He knows that’s not what Parker means, but it’s what he means.  They need decent homes and a shot at a real, non-criminal life.

“How old were you when you started?” asks the older girl.  “How did you know you were going to be thieves instead of doctors or lawyers or airline pilots?”

“We could take apprentices,” Parker muses, and that’s when Hardison and Elliot drag her back into a side room for a hurried discussion.

(The words child abuse and child endangerment get hissed around a lot.  Parker, who blew up a house at age seven, does not really get it.  She does however point out that Hardison was ripping off banks and infiltrating federal databases by the time he was sixteen.

“Yes, but I had a Nana who loved me and a safe place to live and a semi-normal experience in high school, Parker,” he points out.  She shrugs.

“I had Archie,” she says.  “He’s the only family I’ve got.  If we try to send them to anywhere safe or normal, they’re just going to leave.”

“We could ask Nate and Sophie,” Elliot points out.

“Dude, Nate and Sophie just got rid of us, you think they want to go adopting a couple of teenage mini-thems?” Hardison asks.  Elliot rolls his eyes.

“I meant for advice, not to–”

“If we send them away, they’re just going to keep doing the same things,” Parker says.  “They’re going to steal, and cheat, and they’re going to get caught, because nobody ever cared enough to teach them the right way to do things.  And they’re probably going to turn out selfish and mean, because that’s what happens to people who don’t spend time around good people.  Especially thieves.  They’re not going to be safe.”

“Oh, as opposed to our safe lives of ripping off multi-national corporations and the mob?” Elliot demands.

“Look,” Hardison says.  “I’m not saying Parker’s right and I’m not saying we need them, but they did save our asses out there on this one.  They’re good.”

Elliot groans.  “Okay, we are setting some ground rules.”)

“Rule number one,” Elliot says to the girls, because he was elected most intimidating actual authority figure by a huge margin.  “You go to school.  Both of you.  That means you enroll in high school and you actually show up.  You do your homework.  Friends, extracurriculars, all that.  You start skipping classes, we will find out.”

“Rule number two, thief training,” Parker steps in.  “I can train you like my mentor trained me.  Hardison and Elliot can teach you other things.  You work hard, you get better.”

“If you want to,” Elliot adds.  “Nobody’s going to stop you if you decide you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a professional violinist.  We’ll help you get on that road too.  And it’s okay to change your minds about it later.”

“We may use you on jobs,” Hardison says.  “When we say you’re ready.  And that means you listen to what we say out in the field, okay, all three of us, because we have a vested interest in keeping you alive and out of prison.  Parker’s the boss but we all have a decade’s worth of experience on you, not to mention we’re the people who were out taking down multinational corporations and the Italian, Russian, Irish–which mobs am I missing, guys?  Anyway, we were doing that while you was still in grade school.”

“That’s also something to keep in mind if you try to rip us off,” Elliot adds.  “We overthrew a country.  We will find you.”

“But you’re not going to try to rip us off,” says Parker.  “Because you want this.”  She knows them.  They’re like her, like she was.  And they are probably planning on how to rip Leverage off once they learn enough–but that’s okay.  By that point, they won’t want to any more.

“We’ll work it out,” Elliot says.  “Might be a little rough going while we figure out how this is going to go, but you’re making yourselves our responsibility now.  We take those seriously.”

“So what do you say?” Hardison asks.  “Are we sitting down and creating you two some shiny new identities and paperwork saying you belong here, or do you not want to see how to do that?”

“We’re in,” the older girl jumps in before Hardison even finishes his sentence.  “We’ll do it.”


Basically I want all the shenanigans where the team accidentally adopts a couple of baby teenage thieves badly in need of guidance and tries to train them up right.  Whatever that ends up meaning.

(None of them are actually sure.)

Fantasy Sentence Starters - Archery Edition

“Draw back, find your target, and then fire.”
“Mind that bowstring doesn’t get wet.”
“This takes more strength than I thought it would.”
“You’re almost out of arrows.”
“I’ve been trying for hours and I can’t even hit the target, nevermind the mark.”
“Hey! Watch where you’re walking!”
“Alright, new plan. Find me a crossbow.”
“Think you can check the tension on this?”
“Your stance is all wrong. How are you ever going to get better if you don’t work on the basics?”
“Screw it. I’ll throw knives instead.”
“We’re firing into the wind here.”
“Archers! Cover me!”
“I swear I have no idea what I’m doing.”
“This? I found it. Watch me make an idiot of myself trying to shoot it.”
“Have you any idea how hard it is to fire arrows while mounted?”
“See, I told you you could do it.”
“That was a difficult shot.”
“The tips are poisoned, so be careful.”

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #152 - The Mask of Zorro

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) The prologue for the film establishes a lot of things well right off the bat.

  • The two brothers of Alejandro and Joaquin/their admiration of Zorro.
  • The conflict of the community.
  • Diego’s conflict with Don Rafael
  • Pacing, fun, and swashbuckling adventure.

It’s always good to have a solid start to your film under your belt and The Mask of Zorro does just that.

2) Governor Rafael Montero - as portrayed by Stuart Wilson - is a surprisingly compelling villain.

He is definitely a man who sees himself as the hero of his own story, which (unless you’re The Joker) always makes for the most interesting types of villains. He has a sense of honor and etiquette to him, but more than that pride and desire for stature. These two contrasting lines explain who he is perfectly:

Rafael [before he is about to hang three men and has the children escorted away]: “Children should never have to see the things we do.”

Rafael [after being asked who the men being hanged are]: “No idea. Three peasants pulled at random from a crowd.”

He sees himself as moral but is willing to murder three innocent men just to get at Zorro. It is a clear and early way of establishing just how villainous Rafael is.

3) Anthony Hopkins as Diego de la Vega, the first Zorro.

Originally posted by iseetheworldinframes

My biggest problem with this film is how it white washes certain characters. I’m grateful that Antonio Banderas is the main Zorro, but Hopkins Welsh heritage always distracted me a little from his portrayal of Zorro.

That’s not to say he’s not good in the role, because he’s damn good. The sense of adventure and fun Hopkins is able to establish at the start of the film, the willingness to do what’s right for the people of California, just creates a sadder juxtaposition later in the film when Diego has lost that. Hopkins is able to play all theses facets of de la Vega well. Nothing ever seems one hundred percent separated from the rest; he’s able to show off the former Zorro’s development masterfully. Later he’ll show off a different kind of emotion, but more on that once we meet Catherine Zeta Jones.

4) Diego and his wife Esperanza are given a strong relationship that the audience is invested in within a minute of meeting them.

Too bad they almost immediately fridged her.

5) Antonio Banderas as Alejandro Murrieta.

Originally posted by manueluv

In most Zorro stories, it is Diego de la Vega who is the main Zorro. This film went against tradition, having an aged de la Vega train newbie Alejandro Murrieta. And I have to say I think that is a decision which works amazingly. Almost as a precursor to Batman Begins (I’m going to be making a fair amount of Batman comparisons, and I’ll say why later), we get to see this rugged and defeated man become the icon the world knows and loves. Banderas brings a roguish/devilish charm to the part which is there from beginning to end. He’s a scoundrel! We get to see him go from someone who is proud and arrogant (and fucking fun to watch) to a more humble servant of the people. He starts his mission in a desire to avenge his murdered brother (who we met in the beginning of the film), and he wasn’t even the favored of the two when Zorro met them as children (Diego having given a token to Joaquin Murrieta) but it is the transformation PAST vengeance which makes him so interesting. And I just LOVE Banderas in the part. He is just perfectly cast as the title character and services the film as well as the film services him.

6) I love this.

Cpt. Love [before killing Joaquin]: “I want you to know I consider this an honor.”

[Joaquin spits at Cpt. Love and shoots himself, depriving him of that “honor”.]

That is like the biggest, “fuck you,” Joaquin can give the guy and I think it’s great.

7) So after one of Rafael’s guards accidentally shoots de la Vega’s wife (and after Rafael kills the guard because he “loved” Esperanza), Rafael kidnaps Zorro’s baby girl Elena and raises her as his own. When we first see Elena with Rafael as an adult, treating him like her real dad only with Diego looking on in secret… 

Originally posted by dailyczj

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

8) The relationship with Alejandro and Diego is established almost immediately upon their encounter in the present day, serving as one of the best parts of the film.

Originally posted by tedywestside

(GIFs originally posted by @tedywestside)

I think - asides from Diego’s devotion for his daughter Elena - it is the strongest relationship in the film. There is a fun banter between the two, and while it’s obvious Alejandro learns from Diego it is Diego who finds some of his humanity/old ways because of Alejandro. I love of a good bromance and I’ll be damned if this ain’t one.

9) The chemistry between Elena and Alejandro (and by extension, Zeta Jones and Banderas) is apparent from the moment they meet and absolutely oozing! There is a very specific scene later on which I’ll analyze which shows this better than any other.

10) Alejandro’s whole first outing as Zorro - where he gets his own horse and has to fight off the guards, letting the world know Zorro is back - is absolutely amazing. It’s well choreographed, features enticing action, and is just plain out fun!

11) So it is right after this scene that I realized this film and Ant-Man have the same plot: A former masked hero trains a thief to take on his mantle for the greater good. The thief falls in love with the man’s daughter, who the man has grown apart from after his wife’s death and wishes to grow closer to.

Originally posted by comicbookfilms

12) Catherine Zeta Jones as Elena.

Originally posted by laurensbacall

If you want to figure out Elena’s character and journey throughout this film, look no further than this line:

Elena: “I try to behave properly, the way my father would like me to, but I’m afraid my heart is wild.”

There is this incredible disassociation of identity between who Elena is and who she has been told she is: she is not the daughter of some proper governor and his equally proper wife, she’s the daughter of Zorro and the woman who loved him greatly and was as wild as her. As the film goes on, she learns that she can be fiercer. That she can give into her wildness and have it be okay. The more she does that, the more interesting she becomes. So throughout the film you start with a proper governor’s daughter and by the end you have a swashbuckling heroine who helps saves dozens of people. And Zeta Jones portrays this development and all facets of Elena’s character marvelously.

13) It is amazing seeing Alejandro as a gentlemen. Banderas is able to portray this new false-side of Alejandro while still keeping it the roguish devil we’ve come to love in the first half of the film. There’s no divide here, Banderas marries the two well.

Originally posted by antonio-banderas

14) Bernardo - the alias Diego takes while pretending to be Alejandro’s servant - is the traditional name of Zorro’s servant in most of the stories he’s featured in and (in a lot of ways) the inspiration to Batman’s Alfred. In fact, Batman was pretty much totally inspired by Zorro. Without Zorro there would be no Batman. Batman - you might say - started out as Zorro fan fiction. A rich man who is sick of injustice and so disguises himself in black with the aid of his servant to fight for the people of his city. That’s both Batman and Zorro.

Originally posted by kane52630

15) Elena’s fierceness is already starting to shine through when she argues how Zorro is a hero for the people. Of course her father has to ruin it with a sexist shit of a remark.

Rafael: “A woman’s grasp of politics, what can I say?”

(GIF originally posted by @fitzsimmonsies)


Originally posted by dailyczj

There is such INTENSE chemistry between Alejandro and Elena in this scene. The passion, the choreography, the energy, it even gets me hot and bothered. They’re both letting out their wild side and showing off just how attracted they are too each other. I fucking love it.

17) The scene at the gold mine…

This is such a heartbreaking and sad scene of abuse and heartache, and the Dons just laugh it off as nothing. Just like buying a crane or something. Their things, not people to them. Alejandro’s former gang member - Jack - sums it up perfectly.

Jack: “I steal gold, I steal money, but you! You steal people’s lives!”

And then after they kill him for this all the Dons laugh as if it’s nothing. It just turns my stomach and makes my skin crawl, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do.

18) The scene where Diego and Elena meet and talk is so sad and so telling. Diego gets to be a father to Elena for a moment, to help her in her moments of doubt and insecurity, even if she doesn’t know it. And it’s the fact she doesn’t know it which makes it so sad but also - by the end of the film - you’re glad that they had this moment together.

19) This makes me want to vomit.

Elena [about her mother, according to her father]: “She was very proper, my mother. Always appropriate.”

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

And it’s not Elena that disgusts me, it’s Rafael. Rafael, the man who claimed to love Esperanza so much he did not really accept her as who she was and insults her memory by lying about who she is to her own daughter. Just so she can fit some macho bullshit sexist image of her he has in his mind. Just so she can be a “proper woman” after death when she wasn’t in live. I’m getting sick just thinking about it.

20) Were you wondering what Cpt. Love did with Joaquin’s dead body? No? Too bad!

(GIF originally posted by @petitetiaras)

He drinks water held in the same jar as Joaquin’s head and hand because he thinks it gives him the strength of his enemy.

Originally posted by sirhumphreyappleby

21) It is after these pair of scenes - the gold mine and the meeting with Cpt. Love - that Alejandro expresses deep feelings of guilt to Diego. He saw unimaginable sorrow and all he can think of is getting revenge for his brother. But it is this guilt, this pain which will propel him to be the true Zorro.

22) Once Banderas get to be the “real” Zorro so to speak, once he gets to put on the mask and after having had the proper training, he has a lot of fun with it. This is one of the greatest swashbuckling heroes of all time and he is LOVING it. And we love watching him because of it. Nowhere is this better seen in the two-on-one sword fight.

Well, maybe the fight with Elena gives a better look at that.

23) The fight with Elena and Zorro is freaking awesome (if at times problematic).

This is comparable to their tango earlier in the film. It’s the passion between the two, their incredible chemistry matching each other. Mixed in with Elena’s growing ferocity and you have an amazing scene. There are just two things that bother: one is that Zorro kisses Elena without asking. I mean the chemistry is obviously incredible there, but I like it when people get asked first. Second is this:

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

This makes me a little uncomfortable, it feels creepy and like an invasion. It’s the one moment in the movie I think has maybe aged the worst.

24) The following horse chase/thief scene always felt a little bit extra to me. We don’t really need it I feel and it could have easily been cut without any issue to the rest of the story. I just…don’t need it.

25) Rafael is smart. He doesn’t underestimate any man who takes up the mantle of Zorro, unlike Cpt. Love. I love a villain who doesn’t underestimate the hero and vice versa.

26) Elena is smarter than Rafael gives her credit for, primarily because he gives her such little credit as a woman. When Diego comes to tell her that he’s her father, Rafael thinks he can just lie to her. But Elena has been putting together small things since her arrival in California: the familiarity she has with Diego, the familiar smell of flowers which only grow there, the woman in the market saying she knew her. Elena is able to figure it out all she needed was Diego to give her the last piece of the puzzle. I love that. And then it doesn’t take long for Elena to accept this truth as she saves Diego from Rafael’s jail.

27) In the climax of the film it is clear: Alejandro is Zorro and Diego is just a father trying to make things right. They’re both seeking revenge, but Alejandro’s revenge puts him on the path to saving the miners while Diego’s revenge (while aiding Alejandro) is more about himself. That’s not to say Diego has become a bad man, quite the contrary. But it is a clear distinction to make at the end of the film. There is no more question as to who Zorro is.

28) This climax is also not only well choreographed, but also is able to move seamlessly between Diego and Alejandro. It is a testament to the editing, direction, choreography again, and screenwriting that it doesn’t feel hacked together. It is just a great scene.

29) According to IMDb:

In Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio’s original draft of the screenplay, Don Diego was not killed, and lived to tell the story of Zorro’s adventures to his granddaughter.

I almost feel like that would have been too safe. I mean killing Diego is like killing Bruce Wayne to anyone who is a fan of the Zorro stories. It carries a lot of weight and ends his story well. It’s not sad. He got his daughter back, if only for a while. And he got to help her (even if just a little) become the woman she was in her heart. The fierce one. The wild one. The brave one.

30) Also according to IMDb:

During the post-production phase, Steven Spielberg and Martin Campbell decided that Diego de la Vega’s death in the arms of his daughter was too depressing. The ending, where Alejandro and Eléna are happily married with their infant son, was added three months after filming had ended.

I think that is a smart choice. It not only provides a nice parallel to the start of the film, but also ends the adventure on a high note.

Alejandro [to Elena about Zorro]: “He has been many different men, but he has loved you as all of them.”

The Mask of Zorro is a fun adventure film in it’s most basic and exciting form. It was mentioned briefly above that Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Road to El Dorado, Shrek, Treasure Planet) wrote the script, and their signature sense of fun and (again) adventure infects every minute of the film. Antonio Banderas is an amazing Zorro and the cast which supports him - with particular shout outs to Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones - is just as good. If you’re a fan of adventure films or any of the actors involved, I suggest you give The Mask of Zorro a watch.

Closure || 1/?

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a.k.a. tiny salad thief and the feels train of reforging Caladbolg.


First page get!  I may rename it (such creative name waow), and it’s going to be a long, melodramatic feels train with Ive and Trahearne, but ayyyy.  We’re going to try and stick to a schedule and see how out of hand this behemoth gets.  I may change the title, but I’ll be putting this out a page at a time, hopefully 1-2 a week unless life happens.  What have I done

Page 1 random facts: Ive doesn’t have the classical glider, but ad infinitum is annoying to draw (multiple times).  In the same vein, Bo is in place of Nevermore since Nevermore would be obnoxious and awkward for any action sequence.  And I’m lazy.  

Additional edit: Bo is slung the opposite way that staves usually are in-game because Ive, although trained to be ambidextrous, is dominantly left-handed.

neminine  asked:

The first person Kirby successfully pick pocketed that wasn't another thief for training purposes was Galacta.

Meta Knight lost his mind when he found out Kirby pick pocketed Nightmare’s personal bodyguard.

I was tagged by super babe @bajablastthirstblog ♥♥♥

Rules: If you can, list the Top Ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals to do the same!

  1. Sugar For The Pill - Slowdive
  2. Three Rings - Grizzly Bear
  3. How Do You Sleep? - LCD Soundsystem
  4. Empire Line - The National
  5. Please Take Me With You - Broken Social Scene
  6. I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses
  7. Watering - Big Thief
  8. Slow Train - Kevin Morby
  9. What The Hell - Chastity Belt
  10. Equal Mind - Beach House

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Mirror, Mirror Part 1

Author: Me! :D

Artist: @rupls

Beta: @phansromance

Summary: Dan and Phil get invited to stay at a historical castle with Martyn and Cornelia. Contrariwise, Daniel and Philip aren’t invited anywhere, but not many people can say no to a highly trained thief and a dragon. But that’s totally unrelated 

Part Two

Word Count: (Total) 57K (This part) 31K

Warnings: Fantasy Violence (specifically there are some dead dogs later), and swearing

Author’s Note:

I have……… been working on this since August of 2015. So it makes sense that not only is it a day late (what are dates?) but it’s also not QUITE done. Lana has been great, but also really busy so xe hasn’t quite finished editing everything, and we’re going to keep working on it! So, if you see any mistakes, or something you would change, feel free to send either of us an ask! Thanks so much for reading!

Dan stretched long and lazily, blinking in the bright light streaming in from the window of his room. He laid in bed for a few minutes trying to suss out how long he had slept in and if Phil was awake or not. Upon realizing the angle of the sun and the distinct lack of coffee smell in the air, he decided he was definitely up way earlier than Phil. Yawning one last time, he threw his legs over the side of the bed and shuffled out into the hall. He took the opportunity to peek into Phil’s room to check on him. He smiled when he saw his boyfriend still snoring away, hair in complete disarray. He made his way to the kitchen where he went to poking about in the fridge to see what he could make them for breakfast. He decided on omelettes after finding some onion and peppers left over from a few days before.

As if summoned by the scent of cooking eggs Phil stumbled into the kitchen. Or well, he would have if he hadn’t run face first into the door jamb. He rubbed his head and grumbled under his breath and properly made his way into the kitchen. All the while Dan cackled at his misfortune.

“Morning, sunshine,” Dan cooed sarcastically. Phil glared and started mixing up his mandatory morning coffee.

“Your eggs are burning,” he said in lieu of a greeting. He smirked behind his coffee cup and watched Dan swear and whip around to try and save his omelette as best he could.

“You’re the worst,” Dan scowled, pouting at his extra-crispy eggs.

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KBTBB Headcannon - Saving pregnant MC

Anonymous Request:  I absolutely love your writing can you do a headcanon where a Heavily pregnant mc gets kidnapped and slightly injured because of the KBTBB guys and they go to save her. pretty please

Awww thank you sweetie! I’m glad you like my stuff ^-^ I’ll be happy to do this one for you! :)


When he’d learned that you’d been kidnapped, time stopped. He struggled to breathe again, thinking about the endless horrible possibilities. Eisuke practically flew out of the hotel in order to find you, enlisting the help of the other bidders. Who were all more than happy to help, knowing it wasn’t just you in danger, but the baby as well. He managed to track you down to an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town and made a quick scheme with the others.  

Without any hint of hesitation, Eisuke walked into the warehouse. The kidnappers all turned to face him, smirking and laughing in amusement as he made his way towards them. You were sitting on the ground, your hands bound in front of you. And even at a distance, Eisuke could see the beginnings of a bruise forming on one of your eyes. He clenched his fists and stormed forward, ignoring the kidnappers laughs. They demanded money and jewels from him in exchange for you safe return, but once he was close enough, Eisuke simply stopped. Looking up at them with an almost sadistic smirk, he snapped his fingers. Bullets immediately scattered down, taking down each of the kidnappers, one by one. It all was over with in a matter of a few seconds. The other bidders stepped out of the shadows as Eisuke then rushed to you. 

He lifted you off of the ground and into his arms, carrying you out of the building. “We’re going to the hospital now __, it’s okay.” 

You smiled sweetly up at him. “I’m alright Eisuke, the baby is too.” 

He pressed his forehead against yours, letting out a struggled breath. “I’m so sorry __.” 


He had gotten the call from the kidnappers saying that they’d taken you. Baba immediately paled and struggled to remain standing. He begged, something he’d never done, for the kidnappers to not harm you or the child you carried in your belly. His child. They stated that it was payback from an old heist he had taken part in years ago, and hung up. Baba went into a complete frenzy to search for you, not resting for one second until he finally had tracked you down. 

He snuck in during the dead of night, his thief training proving to be quiet useful. The kidnappers guarded around the building, and Baba skillfully avoided them. He waited patiently for the man standing guard outside the room he assumed they held you in before he made his move. Once the man walked away, Baba sprang from where he hid and crept inside the room and closed the door behind him. Sitting in a chair directly in the middle of the room was you, tied down and looking utterly exhausted. Baba rushed forward to you and began untying you, motioning for your silence when you looked up at him, looking surprised. His heart ached upon seeing the cuts on your body, suppressing the anger he felt towards the men and sneaking you back outside and away from danger.  

When the two of you got him, he fell to his knees in front of you, pressing his face against your belly and wrapping his arms around your waist. “It’s all my fault.” 

You wrapped your arms back around him. “No it’s not Baba, please don’t blame yourself. You saved me didn’t you?” 

“I’m sorry.” Baba whispered as if he’d barely heard you. 


Inui ran into his office and told him the news that you had been kidnapped. Soryu could barely even process the words, a fear he never knew could even exist swelling up in his chest. Inui told him that it was a rival gang that had taken you, and Soryu’s eyes narrowed into deadly slits. He stood from his desk and grabbed his gun from the top drawer, loading it before heading towards the location the kidnappers had given Inui. 

Soryu burst through the front door, holding his gun in front of him. Three men were surrounding you, duck tape covering your mouth and binding your hands and feet together. Your eyes met with his for a brief moment, a tear of relief trickling down your cheek, the cheek that was already looking bruised. That was all it took for Soryu to begin his rampage. Within the blink of an eye, Soryu had managed to shoot down each kidnapper until one remained, the supposed leader. 

“Mercy!” The man screamed, crawling away. 

Fire danced behind Soryu’s eyes. “Sorry. There is no mercy here.” 

Soryu had been quiet the whole way back home after that, carrying you silently up to the bedroom. He sat you down on the edge of it and suddenly crumpled down to the ground in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his forehead against your pregnant belly. 

“They hurt you.” Soryu whispered, his fingers clenching your shirt. 

You gave him a gentle smile, running your fingers through his hair. “They did. But you came for me like I knew you would. That’s all that matters.” 

Soryu’s grasp tightened around you. “You’re safe now __.” 


He’d received a phone call from the kidnappers one afternoon. At first he’d thought it was just a prank, some stupid joke one of the other bidders had come up with. But that was when they put you on the phone, and you called out Ota’s name, sounding frightened. Ota immediately sprang from the chair he’d been sitting in, shouting at the kidnappers to give you back to him. They refused, saying that it was for some auction they’d been a part of that hadn’t gone in their favor. As soon as the phone went dead, Ota asked for the aid of the other bidders, begging them to help him find you. A rare moment for the other bidders, never having heard Ota beg for anything in his life. But they obliged and helped track you down. 

Ota ran ahead of the rest of them, bursting into the abandoned office where they’d traced you to. The kidnappers, not expecting Ota to charge in the way he had, were completely thrown off. Ota attacked the men, with the aid of the rest of the bidders who followed suit after him, and took them down one by one. He then burst into the door the kidnappers had been standing in front of and found you. You were sitting up against a wall, blood trickling down the side of your head when you looked up to see him. 

He rushed forward then and simply pulled you into his arms, his whole body shaking with the utter relief that you were alive. He jumped slightly when he felt your belly kicking back at him as he held you, another wave of relief washing over him. 

“Are you alright __?”

You nodded, giving him a weak smile. “I am now Ota.” 


He was heading home when he saw the kidnappers shoving you into the car. His body acted of its own accord, breaking out into a dead run towards the car, screaming your name as they took of with you inside. He chased after the car for as long as he could, until the car disappeared from sight. He then ran back to the police station in order to begin tracking you down, fear driving him as he worried for you, as well as the baby you were carrying. 

When he finally managed to find where they were holding you, he rushed over immediately. Armed with his handgun, he charged into the building. The kidnappers were there waiting for him, surrounding you as you sat tied up in a little folding chair in the center of the room. Mamoru’s eyes met yours, a combination of relief and fear swimming in your eyes. 

It was then also that Mamoru noticed that cuts and bruises wracking up and down your arms. A cold rage took over his entire body at the sight. One of the kidnappers fired a gun at him but he simply dodged as if it were the easiest thing in the world, and fired his own gun at him. Once all of the kidnappers had been taken care of, Mamoru came forward to release you. 

“You scared me kid… I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner.” He said to you, kissing your forehead tenderly and placing his hand on your swollen belly. 

One Eventful Night

Sometimes, one event is enough to turn a man to insanity.

Normally this event is a tragedy, of sort, and it only leads to further tragedies… One after another - like a chain reaction.

I was doing my usual duties; as any knight would.

I remember I had woken up bright and early, and it wasn’t to sort out the scruffy mess on my head, but rather to: clear the ground of any obstacles, including pebbles; ensure that each tent was as sturdy as the rest; prepare a fine breakfast - fit for a king - and to ensure that there were no dangers, whether that be a wandering thief or a trained assassin.

After doing my usual duties beneath the blackened sky, I went to go collect milord from his tent - he did tend to sleep in fairly frequently, much to my disliking.

I did not knock, I simply forced my way inside the tent to find milord sitting on the edge of the bed I had made from a fallen tree.

His head was facing the ground, which caused his dark blue locks to fail in front of his eyes; his feet were resting on the floor lightly and his hands were placed calmly on his lap.

Unusually, however, his voice was nowhere: lost.

Normally he would shout at me for not knocking; or tell me to stop making such a fuss, but instead he did nothing.

This put me on edge.

I watched as he slowly stood to his feet, where I identified his right hand trailing around away from just she side of his body.

“Milord?” I questioned, in the same way I always questioned him.

Slowly, his head lifted and allowed his hair to reveal those beautiful, blue eyes; eyes that you could drown in; eyes -

That were now redder than the blood I spill on the battlefield.

“Oh, Frederick… My dear knight…” His voice was dangerously soft. “The milord you once knew is dead.”


“But, do not worry. For, I am here to take his crown - I am just as much a worthy leader as he, but more… Ambitious.” The imposter finished.

I shook my head.

Disbelief? Horror? Anguish?

He was becoming everything he wished his father never did, and I had one duty as a knight: protect.

To protect not only the people, but to protect him.

In that split moment, without so much as an explanation, I shoved my axe through his body.

I watched as the life drained out of those eyes; as his body got weaker, before drawing my axe out, leaving his corpse on the ground…

I had a duty to protect, and protect I did. I protected the people from an unneeded war; I protected Lissa from the agonising pain her older sister once felt and - most importantly - I protected Chrom from himself.

But, I failed to protect myself.

Every night, the images flood through my mind and keep me awake at night; tossing and turning in a cold sweat. I think of all the things I could have done; all the things I should have done…

I have thought of every last mistake I have made; I have prayed for forgiveness and I have even tried the dark arts.

None of it has worked, and I am too weak to end my own life.

So, how about I give them a reason to do the job for me?

One event is enough to drive a man to insanity, and this man has found that event.

This man is already insane.

Frederick is dead.

(Holy crap! This is excellent! Submitted by @virion-x-frederick-is-my-life )

shaelit  asked:

For your pairing prompt, #20 and #33 for Gen/the MoW and Gen/Costis? Doesn't matter which is which, but bromance only for both please. (Especially Gen and the MoW because ew.)

Sorry this took a bit, but I hope you enjoy them!


“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you,” Costis admitted to his king, who was currently stretched out in a state of unconsciousness. There was a bruise blossoming on his forehead. It kept catching Costis’ eye whenever he glanced down.

“Why, Costis,” said the king, who had actually woken up a few minutes ago, scaring poor Costis so badly he nearly fell off the roof they were perched on. “That almost sounded like affection.”

“It wasn’t,” the guard grumbled. Eugenides laughed, then groaned, then muttered a small string of curses.

“Alright, Thief-in-Training, try to avoid knocking me out on the way back down.”


Eugenides had taken to sulking in the rafters lately. It made his father cringe just thinking about it.

The Minister of War was not afraid of heights. Married to the woman he was, it would have been rather impractical. But watching his seven-year-old son, who was so small and so cocky and so brilliant but careless, run along beams and jump across rafters made him ill.

He watched as Gen stood on his 6 inch wide beam, 50 feet off the ground, and prepared to leap to the next one, a good ten feet away.

“Please, don’t,” he whispered. Gen jumped.

He watched as Eugenides screamed through the courtyard, as he threw his sword, as he tore up his inscription notice, as he made a vow to the gods.

“I’m going to the next Thief of Eddis,” Gen declared.

Please, don’t, the Minister thought.

He watched as the plan formed in Gen’s mind, as the Thief prepared to find Hamiathes’s gift for his Queen.

He watched his son slip away in the dead of night, going to Sounis.

“Please, don’t,” he said, too late.

He watched as his son slept, his one hand clenching around his sheets, as his forehead beaded with sweat, as tears slipped from his closed eyes.

“Please, don’t,” Gen begged. “Just kill me.”

The Minister of War bowed his head over Eugenides’ ruined arm, and cried.

Love Sucks

Summary: Love sucks—because you just have to love someone who isn’t Mistsunari Baba, do you? [#7]

Notes: Angst. Special thanks to @tresspadesmaid for making me so pumped to write this! There’s not enough Baba Mitsunari fanfics. At least to what I’ve been seeing or I’m just really blind. But anyways! This fanfiction will revolve around this song (x). It’s a good one and would spoil you the entire story so listen it to when you’re done reading. So yup. Let’s get tissues.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Mitsunari Baba kept that mantra until he has stopped running and he stood frozen halfway at the bridge, underneath the rain. He looked up to the sky. Without his usual black fedora hat, his hair has collected the raindrops from above and he let them dripped down at the ends of his hair strands. His vision blurred and he could no longer make out the greyish clouds in the skies. To his sheer horror, the memory that scorched in his brain has emerged into his view. Your arms. Your legs. They wrapped around his body. The shattering of plates. Shrieks. One strong punch drove into his jaw. 

Baba’s fist still hurt from doing it—and because of that, he came to this one solid conclusion: love sucks.

He gazed at the reflection of the pools rippling and the water running beneath the bridge. Baba didn’t make a sound but his eyes were screaming for help. The rain kept going. The thief felt none of its coldness land on his clothes and skin anymore. He glanced at the figure holding the umbrella up for him. Looking away, a bit sheepishly at that, Baba sighed.

“Mamoru… what are you doing?” 

“I should be asking you that,” spoke the usually lazy detective. Between his teeth was another cigarette. He stood underneath the umbrella with his friend although it was angled in a way that Baba was protected from the rain more. “You didn’t have to come,” sniffed Baba, trying to hide the fact that he has been sobbing like a poor excuse of a human being. Heh. Another reason why love sucks—for turning the best of him into the worst.

“What kind of friend would I be then?”

The kind of friend Eisuke currently is, Baba wanted to say. Frankly, he expected Ota to be the one to talk sense out of him… but he supposed that desperate times calls for desperate measures. He leaned forward against the railing of the bridge, staring at the murky pools of the river yet again. The smooth-talking thief shook his head then, rolling his fingers into strong fists but they kept shaking. For a while, they didn’t speak and just stood at the middle of the bridge with a car passing by from behind. 

“You look like shit, man,” Mamoru blatantly spoke at last though Baba knew it was only to lighten up the dreary mood settling.

“The outside is finally reflecting the inside,” chuckled Baba in a dour tone. Right. He has been through so much shit. He could barely sleep the last few nights. The bags in his eyes were heavy and the dark lines were rather defined. He couldn’t get up from his bed and he refused to see anyone. Although the others have been trying to enter his place to their own accord, he hardly entertained them and just tucked himself deeper under the sheets he hadn’t left. Love sucks so much for keeping him away from doing the things he enjoy. From destroying his existence into pieces before the eyes of his remaining friends.

Baba remembered the conversation you both had again like a heart-attack. 

You were never going to tell him, were you? 

“I love you,” you said through the phone last few nights ago, after the incident. “I really do Baba, please I–”

“No. Stop. Don’t you dare say you do. You think I’d believe you?” Baba choked those words out. He had never thought such words would escape his lips to someone he believed to be the most beautiful human being in the world. 

At that moment, he thought: Love sucks. 

You couldn’t possibly tell him those things so easily when you’re at his place now. This “love” you were insisting was just a lie. It has always been one big lie that people say. The beginning of life? More like the early Christmas present from Death himself. 

Baba hated it so much that he couldn’t bear to see his own best friend the same way as he did. No, Eisuke didn’t call him afterwards. But early morning, he invited Baba to his penthouse for a heart-to-heart conversation. Upon arriving, he felt so unwelcome for once. He felt like he was back again, stealing. His heart walloped his chest faster than ever as he approached the door to his “Boss”’s place. When he arrived, he saw the others. They froze with whatever they were doing before getting up and excusing themselves one by one in respect for the private conversation—but that didn’t matter. 

Baba was heading out of the door. Running.

“You have every right not to forgive Eisuke,” Mamoru quietly said. “Not even to her.”  

“I hate myself,” muttered Baba under his breath as Mamoru sighed with a shake of his head. The thief really did hate himself. Mostly because Baba realized, he couldn’t find the courage or the strength to actually talk to Eisuke—because the moment he sees him, he sees you. 

On his lap. On his mouth. On him. 

When hurt, people’s first instinct was to cry. Or to hit. Baba’s first instinct was to run. Run as fast as he can. Pathetic. Now, Baba hated Eisuke for the things he had fucking done but it was clear that he hated you most of all. Love sucks for ruining a friendship that ran for years. All that’s left now were voice mails and stupid awkward head nods. 

As he retraced his steps with the “love” you both have, Baba couldn’t pinpoint which was fiction and which was fact. When he heard your voice from the phone last night, Baba wanted to ask every single question that awaited on the tip of his tongue: 

Did the late night conversations of the future held no meaning at all? 

Were they just empty promises? 

Who exactly was in your head when you told Baba you loved him? 

But love sucks because those words that were meant to hurt you, hurt him instead. What sucks even more is that you have no idea how much he had been trying so hard to keep his tears together or he’d fall apart. Why did he have to be the only one to feel the pain? Oh, that’s right. He was the only one who truly loved the relationship you both have. 

It was such a shame. 

There was so many things that could have been done. When Baba swore he would do everything for you, he meant it. He’d give up so many things just for you. The stealing, the flirting, the constant teasing—he would have and could have. But love just had to suck. So much. You could have spoken your farewells before you completely turned him into a changed man. Now, he was just a person who used to think that he was doing so well for someone. Despite your lies and the fatc that you’ve been fucking his best friend—Baba still fucking loves you. He fucking loved you. 

His knees then wobbled at the weight of that thought. 

Love sucks.

It hurt to breathe now and it sucks that you wouldn’t know how it feels because you weren’t the one who had to lose one of the greatest thing you have in life… Maybe Baba shouldn’t have left you alone with Ichinomiya at that room. Maybe he should have told you he loved you so much. Maybe he should have looked deeper into your eyes to find the guilt that you never would have said those words back at him completely.

“But I swear this isn’t how I wanted it to be—”

Just stop. You never cared about him. You never will.

That’s why—

“Love sucks,” muttered Baba under his breath. Beside him, Mamoru merely shrugged as he took the cigarette off of his mouth and said, “Only if you knew what you were getting into wasn’t love.”

“I… I always knew.”

… Right. The truth was right there before him… How pathetic. 

But yes. Baba always knew this would happen. Because in the first place, your heart didn’t belong to him. He just stole it like a thief he was trained to be. Baba understood that the moment he noticed how long you’ve been staring at Eisuke—how you’ve tried to get his coffee right multiple times and how your eyes seemed even more brighter at the mention of the millionaire’s name in everyday conversations. Mamoru observed wearily at how your expression changed and his eyes softened sympathetically.

“Why’d you still hold onto her then?” asked Mamoru as they both listened to the rain that was slowing down now.

“Because… I just thought… that if I loved her more than anyone in this world… she would stay.” Baba’s voice was strangled in this sadness he wished was never his to have. “But that’s not enough, Mamo…” His voice was hoarse as he was brought to the brink of breaking. “I’m just not good enough.”

“Yes, you are,” spoke his older friend firmly as he chucked the cigarette onto the ground and stomped on it. “It’s just… you and her aren’t meant to be.”

And from there, Baba bent low and clamped his mouth with his cold hand. For the first time since you walked away, Baba has screamed. He screamed the scream that has been eating him alive. The scream that still held onto the moments you have both shared. Everything that he could have wanted, every single moment he told you he loved you—they were all just make-believe…


Mamoru watched in silence, feeling his heart sink but he kept holding onto the umbrella.

“You’ll be okay, Baba,” Mamoru’s voice cut through the soft pattering of the rain. “You’ll love again… and it’ll be better.”

Baba dropped down to his knees then unable to handle the incredible pain on his chest. Like a lost child, he grasped on Mamoru’s pant leg and sobbed like he has never sobbed before. He’ll be okay though. Mamoru was right. What matters now is… you’re happy. Baba internally laughed as he covered the watery eyes. 

He hoped you got your fucking ballroom floor. He hoped you lived in your perfect house with those rose red doors. He hoped the ring on your left finger would be bigger than what he could have bought… 

Baba just hoped that—his love for you… 

Wouldn’t suck as much as your love for him did.


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